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How to Achieve a Happy and Healthy Home, According to Feng Shui
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This crystal is thought to be one of the most powerful mediums of knowledge retention. Natural quartz crystal is said to represent the purest form of Earth energy and are believed to make conducive tools for student hoping to achieve exam luck. While the crystal can be displayed in the 'Knowledge' area of the study space or bedroom in order to have the crystal resonate with the student's energy. Holding the crystal in the left hand is thought to hold some magical powers. Just be sure that the student takes the personal crystal that they have selected and soaks it in water with rock or sea salt for 7 days and 7 nights to cleanse it.

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The student can hold the crystal in the left palm when studying or even revising and ten the student will be surprised how this one simple exercise will help them retain information for later on. When the scholar is not holding the crystal it can be placed on the desk until the student feels the need for some inspiration - then it should be picked up with the left hand once again. Feng Shui says that the student should wear white whenever giving a presentation.

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The colors anyone wears can have a big impact on personal energy and also on any impression that can be created. Whenever studies requires the student to make a presentation in class or even to interviewers it will behoove to look authoritative. Therefore, wearing the color white lends a certain assertiveness. White is the color most associated with the element of metal in Feng Shui and will convince others of the student's prowess or leadership qualities.

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The color yellow is perfect when there is a marathon study session going on as this is the color of the sun and has an ability to bring uplifted spirits and cheer. Wearing red boosts energy levels and is considerate the ultimate yang color. Therefore whenever the student if feeling lethargic wearing this color most associated with fire will bring the luck of recognition and heat up efforts at success. Speaking of the sun, the symbolism accorded the Three Suns to improve performance at school. When the student is aiming and aspiring to break through a barrier you can capture the sun's energy by displaying Three Suns.

Having this symbolism in a study space helps the student to be propelled to the top tier of the ladder of success. Lastly, the student should never have shelves above their bed. Shelves above the head where the scholar sleeps is not only considered dangerous from a physical perspective but is also dangerous from a Feng Shui angle. Keeping anything on shelves that have been suspended above a bed represents burdens and blockages and make whatever the student wants to achieve difficult to accomplish. The student should dismantle such shelves or can move the bed to another part of the room if it's impossible to remove the shelves.

These easy-to-understand Feng Shui tips that anyone can use to strengthen their education luck can be sued by parents who want to use these cures to benefit children's scholastic luck while teens can use this advice to be motivated to get the best grades possible. Those planning on going to college can also use these Feng Shui formulas as invaluable go-to guides for anyone wanted to improve their luck at school and get better grades.

Students will have excellent exam luck and enjoy fortunate and fabulous friendships through the years. These tips will also share how to earn respect from teachers and peers while also making outstanding decisions for the future.

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Let us know what you'd like to see as a HuffPost Member. Canada U. US News. With the help of feng shui architects R. Chin and Toshi Kasai , Greatist has your how-to guide on creating a happier, more harmonious room — double and single floor plans included! Crazy roommates, noisy traffic, and that growing pile of dirty laundry can all contribute to a less-than-zen living space. The good news? While not all forces are within our control, small changes can help get our chi — and our lives — in order.

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Tangent - I do not recommend reading this particular chapter while you are eating lunch, which is a mistake that I unfortunately made. Aug 22, da AL rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fiction. For example, you could bring the fire element with warm tones, like reds and oranges, or you could have actual fire with a fireplace or a burning candle. We use that one all the time. See Latest Articles. Karen Kingston. Now when I enter my home, I feel more natural, more welcome, more secure and more at peace.

Bed: This is where the magic happens, from a feng shui perspective, too. A properly placed bed is believed to offer security, better sleep and the health benefits that come along with it. Feng shui consultant and architect Toshi Kasai says the ideal bed location is diagonally opposite the door — never with your feet pointing directly at it in Chinese tradition, the deceased are always carried feet first out of the bedroom, and who wants to mimic that?

When in bed, you should have a clear view of the room and door, and have your head against something solid, preferably a wall. Still stirring?

Color Meanings in Feng Shui - Feng Shui Guide to Color

Opt for a sturdy headboard to add a greater sense of security, he says. Desk: Space restrictions may force a desk into the bedroom, but not all study spots are optimal according to feng shui Workplace Cures: Feng Shui Approach.

Pelletier-Rutkowski, J. Feng Shui Services, New England. This gives a commanding view of the room, allowing you to see and think clearly. Also avoid having your back to the door considered too distracting , or against a large window believed to drain strength. Desk too close to the bed? Consider investing in a folding screen to block direct views and reminders of day-to-day stress while in bed. And at all costs, avoid working from bed! Lighting: Ready to call dibs on the biggest bedroom? Early birds may want to choose east-facing rooms, and night owls, west-facing spaces, Chin says, to boost energy during their preferred times of day.

Mead, M. For rooms lacking natural light, nix the fluorescent lights and consider investing in an incandescent or warm-colored desk lamp and a floor lamp to increase ambient light. Window Treatments: A room with a view is a major plus, but be careful how you dress them up. According to feng shui, they can be a source of unrest. Clutter: The first step to a happier home is clearing the clutter — stat! Living in disarray can manifest in stagnant or dead energy, Chin says. In a clear and organized space, energy can flow freely and feelings of guilt and unrest might vanish too, Kasai says.

Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui

Artwork: No Picassos? No problem. Electronics, big and small, can emit currents capable of disrupting sleep though every individual will respond differently. Plants: Even city folks can benefit from a hint of nature in their space. According to Chinese tradition, plants represent growth, prosperity, and good luck. Looking to grow a business or ace an exam? Try a small bamboo plant on the desk or any plant or flower with upward pointing energy for a boost in the right direction. Mirrors are believed to double activity, stirring up more energy than optimal for an area of rest, Kasai says.

The solution: Move floor length mirrors behind the closet door, or at the very least, not facing the bed. This can be disruptive — even startling — and according to Chinese superstition, seeing your reflection alone in bed might make it so for the long haul.

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