Is Helsinki the world's coolest city?
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On holidays, many stores are closed though we need to see how this changes with the new opening hour laws , but at least the central S-supermarket Sokos and K-supermarket Kamppi are historically barely affected by holidays. Other centrally located small grocery stores and R-kioskis have some holiday opening hours, too. In the neighboring cities of Vantaa and Espoo you can also find big shopping malls.

All of these are easily accessible by public transport or by car free parking. The Design District Helsinki area around Uudenmaankatu and Iso Roobertinkatu is full of design and antique shops, fashion stores, museums, art galleries, restaurants and showrooms. Here you can find the most interesting names, classics, and trend-setters. Visit Design Forum Finland at Erottajankatu 7 to get a map of shops and galleries.

Most outdoor markets in Helsinki are open only in summer, but the market halls are open all year round. They are great places to taste Finnish delicacies. Helsinki has a selection of great "underground" record stores with a greatly varying selection of both Finnish and international music. Most of them also sell vinyl 12, 10 or 7 inch. Generally speaking, prices aren't cheap, but the selection may be worth it. Some of the more collectible stuff may even be cheaper than elsewhere.

If you have only a limited amount of time, check out the record stores around Viisikulma , a brisk walk from the city center. In addition to Aleksanterinkatu, various fashion boutiques can be found along Fredrikinkatu, a minute walk south from the railway station. Of course you can also head to department stores and malls like Stockmann, Kamppi and Forum. Helsinki has by far the best cosmopolitan restaurants in Finland, and is a good place to escape the usual diet of meat and potatoes Lunch sets are typically served from to , but the times vary between venues.

Almost every place will have at least one vegetarian option. A surprisingly large number of restaurants close down for a month or more in summer July—August , so call ahead to avoid disappointment. Budget choices are largely limited to fast food, although there are a couple of workaday Finnish eateries in the mix. There are also many other lunch restaurants for students that serve affordable food also for non-students. A good active listing of Helsinki's student restaurants and their menus as well as opening hours can be found at lunchmenu.

During the lunch time, usually from to , most restaurants serves food for reasonable prices. Lunch restaurants and lists in Helsinki can be found at lounaat. Two classes of fine dining stand out in Helsinki: fresh seafood and Russian. During the dark days of the Soviet Union, it was sometimes said that the best Russian restaurants in the world were across the border in Helsinki. For something authentically Finnish and uniquely Helsinki, try Vorschmack , an unusual but surprisingly tasty mix of minced lamb and herring, served with chopped pickles and sour cream smetana.

Finland is the largest coffee consuming nation per capita and coffee breaks are written into law. However, in Finland most coffee is filter-brewed from a light, more caffeinated, roast that is quite different to what the rest of the world drinks. Finns often enjoy a bun pulla or cinnamon bun korvapuusti with their coffee. In Finland commonly espressos and lattes are called "special coffees" and a large number of establishments that make such coffees have popped up all over town ever since the s when they arrived.

One which will give any Italian cafeteria a go for their money is La Torrefazione next to Stockmann. In the more common cafeterias the normal light brew coffee is sold by self-service at the counter even at some more expensive cafeterias there is only a handful of cafeterias serving to the table in Helsinki - this shows how commonplace coffee drinking is considered. Helsinki has plenty of hip places for a drink. The main nightlife districts, all in the city center within crawling distance of each other, are around Iso-Roobertinkatu , the Central Railway Station and Kamppi.

Helsinki's busy gay nightlife is centered mostly around Iso-Roobertinkatu and Eerikinkatu and surrounding streets. Going out is not cheap, and complaining about the prices is a popular Finnish pastime, but compared to say London or New York City the prices aren't that bad. If you are on a budget and intent on getting plastered, follow the Finns and drink up a good "base" at home or hotel before going out on town. Alternatively, you can start the night outside the city centre area and head to the district of Kallio where bar prices are significantly lower and you can find a plethora of drinking places.

In some places you must pay even if you don't leave anything at the cloakroom. The bouncer will be very strict with this as the much of the narikka-money goes into his pocket. If a ticket price is advertised, it usually does not cover the coat check. The drinking age is 18, and this is rather strictly enforced, so bring along ID. Underaged drinking is still a huge problem, and many bars and clubs apply house limits of 20—24 years, but these are enforced less strictly and a patron of younger age will some times be let in if one fits the clientele, especially women.

Information on clubs and live performances can be found in free, Finnish-language tabloids such as City , which can be picked up at many bars, cafes and shops.

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In Helsinki, the most popular nightclubs have long queues starting to form around Get in early to avoid standing, although it can be a nice way to meet people. After around it might be impossible to get in anymore.

24 hours in Helsinki

The larger group you are, the more difficult things get. Look smart! Accommodation is generally quite expensive, but of a high standard. Hotels are usually cheaper on weekends, when business travellers are away. There are quite a few budget hotels in Helsinki, the cheapest being youth hostels. Many student dormitories turn into youth hostels during the July—August school break, which happily coincides with peak season for tourists. The Finnish Youth Hostel Association can provide further information.

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Hotels of national and international chains usually fall in this segment. The upscale hotels are in the city centre and in the western parts of the city. Helsinki is a safe city for its size. However, on weekend nights, intoxicated people wandering around city streets may be an annoyance, especially during summer festivals and on New Year's Eve and April 30, the eve of May Day, which is the most important beer-drinking festival in the Finnish calendar. Warm summer nights always gather a drunken crowd downtown. Intoxicated Finns tend to be rather noisy in stark contrast to sober Finns and admittedly sometimes picking a fight with just about anyone.

Just use your common sense, and steer clear of overly loud groups of young men. There are rare exceptional health hazards, although the extreme cold in the winter should be borne in mind by visitors, especially those planning outdoor activities. Dressing warmly is a must. If you forget to bring winter clothing, you can always visit local shops for appropriate apparel.

Also, watch out for slippery sidewalks in winter. Thousands of people slip and injure themselves every winter! Emergency Social Services can also be contacted by calling the emergency number The crime rate in Helsinki is generally low — Helsinki being maybe one of the safest capitals in Europe — although locals grumble that things have gotten worse since the EU removed restrictions on movement.

Pickpockets target crowds and bicycles are prone to petty theft. Walking in the streets after dark is generally safe and the city center is indeed quite lively until the early hours of the morning. However, it's best to steer clear of obviously drunk people looking to pick a fight, the traditional trouble spots being the frustratingly long queues for late night snack food or taxis.

Getting mugged for money in the streets of central Helsinki is almost unheard of, but you might not want to get into any unlicensed taxis even though the licensed ones are almost always way short of demand during pre-Christmas and summer seasons. A licensed taxi in Finland will always have a yellow box with its number on the roof. The most crimes in city center concentrate around the central railway station and Kamppi shopping center.

Especially in the summer you will encounter Roma beggars from Eastern Europe sitting on the streets in the city center. Most locals would prefer it if you do not encourage them by giving money, and donate to a charity instead. In winter, try to keep a steady footing: despite the use of vast quantities of gravel and salt, pavements can be quite slippery when the temperature hovers around zero and near-invisible black ice forms. Helsinki's bedrock is close to the surface, so new building works invariably involve some dynamite to build foundations, and it's thus quite common to hear explosions around the center.

Blasting is often preceded by a loud sequence of warning beeps, which speed up as they count down. There is no danger to anyone, as the builders are experts and the solid granite bedrock is very, very strong , but now you know where that "BOOM! If you are just passing through and choose Helsinki to apply for a Russian visa , be careful when choosing a travel agency: some may charge a lot extra for "express service" although applying for one yourself at the consulate will take weeks. Much of Helsinki is blanketed with wifi "wlan" hotspots , and the City of Helsinki maintains a handy map.

By comparison, Internet cafes with shared PCs are few and far between in Helsinki, but here is a partial listing. Most cafes offer these services without requiring a person to be a paying customer. Some restaurants will do this as well, but may insist that you purchase something. There are a large number of locations in Helsinki that offer free public wifi for those needing to connect to the office while outside of the country.

Many public libraries have computers and wifi networks so you can get online for free. If you are staying in a hotel, they usually have free wifi in the rooms and a computer in the reception for the guests. Helsinki is a huge city with several district articles that contain information about specific sights, restaurants, and accommodation. This city travel guide to Helsinki has guide status. It has a variety of good, quality information including hotels, restaurants, attractions and travel details.

Please contribute and help us make it a star! Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. Tourist office Random page. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikinews Wikipedia. This travel guide page was last edited at , on 27 June by Wikivoyage user LPfi. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Central Probably half of Helsinki's points of interest are downtown. The Lutheran Cathedral with the surrounding buildings, dating from the early 19th century when Helsinki was made capital of the Grand Duchy of Finland, can be found here.

Westwards there is what can be called the central business district with shopping and dining along the streets of Aleksanterinkatu and Mannerheimintie.

University of Helsinki

Kamppi and Southwest For some great places for eating and drinking, head across Mannerheimintie and continue through Kamppi. As is the case with all Finnish municipalities , Helsinki's city council is the main decision-making organ in local politics, dealing with issues such as urban planning , schools, health care, and public transport. The council is chosen in the nationally-held municipal elections , which are held every four years. Helsinki's city council consists of eighty-five members.

Following the most recent municipal elections in , the three largest parties are the National Coalition Party 25 , the Green League 21 , and the Social Democratic Party The Mayor of Helsinki is Jan Vapaavuori. At 53 percent of the population, women form a greater proportion of Helsinki residents than the national average of 51 percent. Helsinki's population density of 2, The life expectancy for men and women is slightly below the national averages: Helsinki has experienced strong growth since the s, when it replaced Turku as the capital of the Grand Duchy of Finland , which later became the sovereign Republic of Finland.

The city continued its growth from that time on, with an exception during the Finnish Civil War. From the end of World War II up until the s there was a massive exodus of people from the countryside to the cities of Finland, in particular Helsinki. Between and the population of the city nearly doubled from , [51] to , In the s, the population growth of Helsinki began to decrease, mainly due to a lack of housing.

Espoo's population increased ninefold in sixty years, from 22, people in to , in These population changes prompted the municipalities of Greater Helsinki into more intense cooperation in areas such as public transportation [54] — resulting in the foundation of HSL — and waste management.

Finnish and Swedish are the official languages of Helsinki. The remaining Helsinki slang is a regional dialect of the city. It combines influences mainly from Finnish and English, and has traditionally had strong Russian and Swedish influences. Finnish today is the common language of communication between Finnish speakers, Swedish speakers, and speakers of other languages New Finns in day-to-day affairs in the public sphere between unknown persons. Knowledge of Finnish is also essential in business and is usually a basic requirement in the employment market. Finnish speakers surpassed Swedish speakers in to become the majority of the city's population.

As the crossroads of many international ports and Finland's largest airport, Helsinki is the global gateway to and from Finland. The city has Finland's largest immigrant population in both absolute and relative terms. There are over nationalities represented in Helsinki. It is home to the world's largest Estonian community outside of Estonia.

Foreign citizens make up 9. The largest groups of residents not of Finnish background come from Russia 14, , Estonia 9, , and Somalia 6, GDP per capita is roughly 1. Having moved from heavy industrial works, shipping companies also employ a substantial number of people.

The average income of the top 50 earners was 1. The church was designed by architects and brothers Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen and opened in Built directly into solid rock, it is also known as the Church of the Rock and Rock Church.

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Helsinki has comprehensive schools, 41 upper secondary schools, and 15 vocational institutes. Half of the 41 upper secondary schools are private or state-owned, the other half municipal. Higher level education is given in eight universities see the section "Universities" below and four polytechnics. The biggest historical museum in Helsinki is the National Museum of Finland , which displays a vast historical collection from prehistoric times to the 21st century. The museum building itself, a national romantic style neomedieval castle, is a tourist attraction. Another major historical museum is the Helsinki City Museum , which introduces visitors to Helsinki's year history.

The old Ateneum, a neo-Renaissance palace from the 19th century, is one of the city's major historical buildings. All three museum buildings are state-owned through Senate Properties.


You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. Kaivopuisto Park5. The fixtures between the two are commonly known as Stadin derby. Retrieved 19 May For something authentically Finnish and uniquely Helsinki, try Vorschmack , an unusual but surprisingly tasty mix of minced lamb and herring, served with chopped pickles and sour cream smetana. When snow blankets the city in winter and the seas freeze, snowshoeing, cross-country and downhill skiing, ice skating and ice fishing on the many bays are all invigorating ways to keep warm while staying in touch with nature.

Pieces outside of Tennispalatsi include about public art pieces and all art held in property owned by the city. The Design Museum is devoted to the exhibition of both Finnish and foreign design, including industrial design, fashion, and graphic design. Sinebrychoff Art Museum The Design Museum The National Museum of Finland The Military Museum of Finland Kunsthalle Helsinki art venue The Finnish Museum of Natural History Didrichsen Art Museum Helsinki University Museum "Arppeanum" Helsinki is home to two full-size symphony orchestras, the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra , both of which perform at the Helsinki Music Centre concert hall.

The Finnish National Opera , the only full-time, professional opera company in Finland, is located in Helsinki. The Music Centre also houses a part of the Sibelius Academy. Bigger concerts and events are usually held at one of the city's two big ice hockey arenas: the Hartwall Arena or the Helsinki Ice Hall. Helsinki has Finland's largest fairgrounds, the Messukeskus Helsinki.

The Helsinki Festival is an annual arts and culture festival, which takes place every August including the Night of the Arts. Vappu is an annual carnival for students and workers. At the Senate Square in fall , Finland's largest open-air art exhibition to date took place: About 1. Helsinki was the World Design Capital , in recognition of the use of design as an effective tool for social, cultural, and economic development in the city.

In choosing Helsinki, the World Design Capital selection jury highlighted Helsinki's use of 'Embedded Design', which has tied design in the city to innovation, "creating global brands, such as Nokia , Kone , and Marimekko , popular events, like the annual Helsinki Design Week, outstanding education and research institutions, such as the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture , and exemplary architects and designers such as Eliel Saarinen and Alvar Aalto ". Helsinki hosts many film festivals.

Most of them are small venues, while some have generated interest internationally. Night Visions , on the other hand, focuses on genre cinema, screening horror , fantasy , and science fiction films in very popular movie marathons that last the entire night. Another popular film festival is DocPoint, a festival that focuses solely on documentary cinema. Today, [ when? Sanoma publishes Finland's journal of record , Helsingin Sanomat , the tabloid Ilta-Sanomat , the commerce-oriented Taloussanomat , and the television channel Nelonen. Another Helsinki-based media house, Alma Media , publishes over thirty magazines, including the newspaper Aamulehti , the tabloid Iltalehti , and the commerce-oriented Kauppalehti.

Finland's national public-broadcasting institution Yle operates five television channels and thirteen radio channels in both national languages. Yle is headquartered in the neighbourhood of Pasila. All TV channels are broadcast digitally , both terrestrially and on cable. Helsinki has a long tradition of sports: the city gained much of its initial international recognition during the Summer Olympics , and the city has arranged sporting events such as the first World Championships in Athletics and , and the European Championships in Athletics , , and Helsinki hosts successful local teams in both of the most popular team sports in Finland: football and ice hockey.

The fixtures between the two are commonly known as Stadin derby. Helsinki's track and field club Helsingin Kisa-Veikot is also dominant within Finland. HIFK, with 14 Finnish championships titles, also plays in the highest bandy division, [81] along with Botnia The Olympic stadium hosted the first ever Bandy World Championship in Instead Helsinki was the host of the Summer Olympics.

The Olympics were a landmark event symbolically and economically for Helsinki and Finland as a whole that was recovering from the winter war and the continuation war fought with the Soviet Union. Helsinki was also in the first ever city to host the World Championships in Athletics. Helsinki also hosted the event in , thus also becoming the first city to ever host the Championships for a second time.

The Helsinki City Marathon has been held in the city every year since , usually in August. A Formula race through the city streets was held on 25 May While variants of a Keskustatunneli tunnel under the city centre have been repeatedly proposed, as of [update] the plan remains on the drawing board. Helsinki has some cars per inhabitants. The railway connection to the east branches from the Main Line outside of Helsinki at Kerava, and leads via Lahti to eastern parts of Finland and to Russia.

A majority of intercity passenger services in Finland originate or terminate at the Helsinki Central Railway Station.

Helsinki —

All major cities in Finland are connected to Helsinki by rail service, with departures several times a day. The most frequent service is to Tampere, with more than 25 intercity departures per day as of The Saint Petersburg to Helsinki route is operated with the Allegro high-speed trains. A Helsinki to Tallinn Tunnel has been proposed [87] and agreed upon by representatives of the cities. Helsinki's own airport, Helsinki-Malmi Airport , is mainly used for general and private aviation. Charter flights are available from Hernesaari Heliport. Like many other cities, Helsinki was deliberately founded at a location on the sea in order to take advantage of shipping.

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The freezing of the sea imposed limitations on sea traffic up to the end of the 19th century. But for the last hundred years, the routes leading to Helsinki have been kept open even in winter with the aid of icebreakers , many of them built in the Helsinki Hietalahti shipyard. The arrival and departure of ships has also been a part of everyday life in Helsinki. Regular route traffic from Helsinki to Stockholm, Tallinn, and Saint Petersburg began as far back as Over cruise ships and , cruise passengers visit Helsinki annually.

Helsinki is the second busiest passenger port in Europe with approximately 11 million passengers in Peter Line offers passenger ferry service to Saint Petersburg several times a week. In the Helsinki metropolitan area, public transportation is managed by the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority , the metropolitan area transportation authority. The diverse public transport system consists of trams , commuter rail , the metro , bus lines, two ferry lines and a public bike system. Helsinki's tram system has been in operation with electric drive continuously since As of , the city is expanding the tram network, with several major tram line construction projects under way.

These include the trunk line Raide-Jokeri , roughly along Ring I around the city center, and a new tramway to the island of Laajasalo. The Helsinki Metro , opened in , is the only metro system in Finland, albeit the Helsinki commuter rail trains operate at metro-like frequencies. In , the construction of the long debated extension of the metro into Western Helsinki and Espoo was approved. Helsinki's metro system currently consists of 25 stations, with 14 of them underground. The commuter rail system includes purpose-built double track for local services in two rail corridors along intercity railways, and the Ring Rail Line , an urban double-track railway with a station at the Helsinki Airport in Vantaa.

Electric operation of commuter trains was first begun in , and the system has been gradually expanded since. The frequent services run at a minute headway in peak traffic. Helsinki has no official sister cities , [93] but it has a special partnership relation with:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Finnish film, see Hellsinki. For the ships, see SS Helsingfors. Capital city in Uusimaa, Finland. Clockwise from top: Helsinki Cathedral , view of central Helsinki, Sanoma building and Kiasma , Helsinki city centre at night, beaches at Aurinkolahti , Parliament House and Suomenlinna.

Coat of arms. Stadi, Hesa [1]. Location within the Uusimaa region and the Greater Helsinki sub-region. Main articles: History of Helsinki and Timeline of Helsinki. Historical affiliations. Main article: Geography of Helsinki. Main article: Greater Helsinki. Climate data for Helsinki Airport Vantaa normals, records present.

Main article: Subdivisions of Helsinki.