How to Learn English Synonyms and Antonyms Effectively
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Examples of Homonyms. Some Adjectival Problem Children Good versus Well In both casual speech and formal writing, we frequently have to choose between the adjective good and the adverb well. Finn There were two other words that are opposites — comfortable and uncomfortable. Antonyms too add "colors" to your speech or writing. Antonyms, Synonyms and Homonyms. Handy trick: both words end in m.

Do you have any tips to learn and remember synonyms and antonyms? I like your means of methedology. I hope I get a good result. Currently l have learning English language.

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Tips to pass an Antonyms Test

It's always interesting to compare your experiences with people from other countries - if they're your age, you can ask them about their school, friends, family and hobbies. Good luck!

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I hope you meet someone to talk to soon! You can buy this poket dictionary - Oxford learner's pocket Word Skills.

How can this definition of fluency help me learn my target language?

HOW to SPEAK ENGLISH WELL - Know your antonyms. This is an easy to browse, concise guide to help you find the right antonym. Over words in all, . You may master antonym tests and perform well following a few tips as The more words you know, the more will be your chances of getting a good score in and speaking them out aloud, you can prepare yourself well for the antonyms test .

It is handy and useful. There are nearly topics and range of words to help you deal with all difficult situation. When I'm free, I just flip through my pocket Thesaurus so that by glance I come across many new words.

Antonym Examples

That helps me a lot to improve my vocabulary. Great job :D This is very good article, It helped me in very thinks.

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