Mr. Grey vs. The Greys III: The Advantage (short story)

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Names were given to each type in order to categorize and simplify the discussion. Zero stars! Sounds exciting! No, I don't think I've ever encountered an alien. Bailey and Ben: Ben performs an emergency C-section in the hallway during a lockdown and the mother ends up dying. The other characters are barely relevant. Ty , author and blogger Age : 41; started graying at

He suggests not only that the frontier was intact in some places but also that it could be safely visited because heroes resided there to protect innocent travelers. In the forewords he wrote in for The Rainbow Trail and The Lone Star Ranger he explicitly asserted that the frontier character and wildness of the West persisted. Promotional material on the original dust jackets for his westerns echoed those sentiments by relating that his material came from his extensive travel in out-of-the-way places of the West.

In the twentieth-century setting of Majesty's Rancho the West is diminished in area but still challenging. The cowboy hero and college-student heroine leave bustling Los Angeles to find frontier excitement in a remote corner of southeastern Arizona. Earlys imagery appears throughout: prohibition is almost over; Al Capone-style gangsters rustle cattle with trucks at night; and there are much cigarette smoking and use of slang and curse words.

Although the West is predominantly an urban society, much of the public still believes that the frontier has not been completely displaced, arguably because Grey wrote of its survival into the twentieth century. Tourism associations try to fulfill these expectations by funneling travelers to places like Tombstone, Arizona, and Dodge City, Kansas, where the Wild West supposedly lives on.

The current use of Grey's name in Oregon, Arizona, and Utah travel literature implies that tourists believe his West still persists. Grey's formula had none of the sappiness over a disappearing frontier that characterized the writing of Owen Wister, Frederic Remington, and Emerson Hough Bold Grey's interpretation that the idealized West endured, if one looked in the right places, may have calmed public concerns over losing the frontier.

Availability of cheap land can act as a safety valve for burgeoning populations dissatisfied with densely settled areas, but once the frontier is settled there can be tremendous political unrest and social upheaval in a country. Instead of protesting the loss of a frontier, however, Americans celebrated its existence nostalgically through the western genre.

His heroes and heroines often start out from typical backgrounds in the East but change in the West. At first the landscape seems harsh to these characters, but then it becomes familiar and finally benevolent. I find the comment that to Grey "nature is benign if not innocent" misleading Byrkit , In Grey's West the heroes rise to the challenges of nature and benefit from it, whereas the villains degenerate in the face of a brutal land.

Grey's colorful descriptions of scenery and his subordination of characters to the landscape result in his readers' both respecting the places he portrayed and desiring to visit them. He placed emphasis both on appreciating natural beauty and on encouraging interaction with the landscape, a duality epitomized today in the challenge of balancing environmental protection and tourism in national parks.

Grey wrote as though a sacred but somehow approachable spirit resided in the western landscape, as in this example from The Rainbow Trail , :. The Rainbow Bridge was the one great natural phenomenon, the one grand spectacle, which Shefford had ever seen that did not at first give vague disappointment, a confounding of reality, a disenchantment of contrast with what the mind had conceived.

But this thing was glorious. It silenced him, yet did not awe or stun. His body and brain, weary and dull from the toil of travel, received a singular and revivifying freshness. He had a strange, mystic perception of this rosy-hued stupendous arch of stone, as if in a former life it had been a goal he could not reach Here at last, apparently, was the rainbow of his boyish dreams and of his manhood? Grey was one of the first writers to exploit much of the West's desert and mountain landscape.

His desert descriptions are varied and may have produced an unclear picture of what to expect in the arid West. The region is alternatively portrayed as a sandy wasteland, as in Stairs of Sand , a place of wealth, as in Desert Gold , a land that develops latent possibilities into greatness, as in The Heritage of the Desert , a productive area, as in The Desert of Wheat , and a colorful natural landscape, as in Riders of the Purple Sage. In The Vanishing American , he further popularized the desert by calling it a "land of enchantment," a phrase New Mexico adopted as its slogan in the s.

In Grey's West enterprising people could always procure more water to make the desert bloom, an attitude that persists in the expectation of many western urbanites to fuel regional growth. Most of Grey's westerns focus on a cattle culture imbued with individualism, rustling, and justified violence. Even though cowboys were featured in dime novels and The Virginian , critics agree that Grey was the true creator of the cowboy novel Milton His technique was to romanticize the shooting accuracy and chivalry of cowboys, but his heroes also could be dirty, sore, foul-mouthed, and drunk.

The heavy use of cowboy imagery in present-day advertising indicates the widespread acceptance of Grey's approach: the Marlboro Man is the archetype of these advertisements Salter Grey also popularized mineral prospectors, whom he portrayed as driven by powerful forces into the wilderness where they became largerthan-life.

In Wanderer of the Wasteland Adam Larey, after apparently murdering his brother, takes to prospecting in the Mojave Desert, where he gains a reputation as a trustworthy avenger of evil by killing thieves with his bare hands. Unable to abandon a life of isolation, he becomes known as Wansfell the Wanderer and devotes his life to befriending the unfortunate. As a result of the hero worship lavished on cowboys and prospectors, their modern equivalents may have received preferential treatment.

For example, even though the land may be owned by the federal government, ranchers have mostly done whatever they wanted on the western grazing lands they lease, and they expect to continue doing so Marston Ranchers are often observed to act tough and individualistic; might this partly be role playing because of their perceived heritage? Americans may accept these actions because ranchers are part of the beloved western myth. Environmentalists may call for revisions strengthening the fee payment and reclamation provisions of the public rangeland grazing law and the mining law, but I contend that the enduring cowboy and prospector romanticism partially thwarts these demands.

One of Grey's main contributions to the western novel and to ideas about acceptable behavior in the West is his introduction of the professional gunman, a role that was later embellished by Shane and Destry Cawelti Grey's typical gunman is not vile, but rather a lone figure who metes out deadly justice to rustlers and kidnappers. The most memorable characterization is that of leather-clad Lassiter in Riders of the Purple Sage , :.

Jane Withersteen wheeled and saw a horseman, silhouetted against the western sky, coming riding out of the sage. He had ridden down from the left, in the golden glare of the sun, and had been unobserved till close at hand. An answer to her prayer! Does any one know him? The sensational gunplay in Grey's novels became one of his trademarks. He felt he could not express the essence of the frontier West if he omitted the fight or the blood. Vivid imagery of this type has been parlayed into hundreds of movies, books, television shows, and magazine stories.

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Edward Abbey acknowledged Grey as one of his favorite modern novelists; the climax of Abbey's novel Good News borrows the cliff-and-cactus drama from Desert Gold. Cultural groups that were exotic to readers, such as Navajos and Mormons, were a staple of Grey's westerns, and he dealt with them in a thoughtful manner that was far ahead of his time. He usually portrayed Indians as either noble and worthy of emulation or as victims of bad whites.

In Black Mesa a white trader illegally sells liquor to Navajos and poisons their only source of water. The plot of The Vanishing American exposes corruption in the U. Grey originally ended this novel with a marriage of the Navajo and the white heroine, but after pressure from his publisher he rewrote the ending? The brisk sales of this novel in suggest that Grey's sympathetic view of American Indians struck a popular chord, but it would be even more characteristic of the increasingly sensitive views of them since the s.

Grey was one of the first popular writers to discuss Mormon beliefs seriously Coan and Lillard He admired Mormon industriousness and even stated that Jim Emmett, the Mormon manager of Lees Ferry, was the man who influenced him the most Stott But Grey despised the church's treatment of women, especially polygamy. After spending much time among Mormons Grey decided that the younger church members were starting a trend away from polygamy, a shift positively portrayed in The Rainbow Trail.

Nevertheless, he was ambivalent in The Man of the Forest , in which the group is depicted both as suspected abductors of women and as trustworthy outdoorsmen who value justice. For Grey and his readers the West is a place with restorative powers, an escape from the banality and immorality of the older parts of the United States. His heroes and heroines are disenchanted with the ostentation, shallowness, and softness of the East.

In The Call of the Canyon a shell-shocked and gassed World War I veteran feels unappreciated by eastern socialites and opts for a simple life of hard, manual work in remote Oak Creek Canyon of Arizona.


Mr. Grey vs. The Greys III: The Advantage (short story) - Kindle edition by Peter Szilagyi. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. The aliens have flexed their collective muscles and killed Mr. Grey's poor, elderly neighbors, as well as two houses in his neighborhood. The damage is not.

His flapper girlfriend objects to the simplicity of the West, and they separate when he accuses her of not being woman enough or American enough to stay and help him reconstruct his broken life. They reconcile only when she realizes her love of the wide-open landscape and decides to devote her life to ranching and raising a family in the West.

Western imagery also promotes the region as a land of unbounded economic opportunity Vale and Vale Grey popularized this ideal too, often by having his hard-working cowboys reap financial and romantic rewards commensurate with their heroic deeds. The happy-ending syndrome is taken to miraculous extremes in Desert Gold , in which in a span of minutes a Yaqui Indian leads the hero to a gold mine, the source of the only river in the region, and an old box containing a letter that clears the reputation of his sweetheart.

Grey is a place-defining novelist for the West because of his immense and enduring popularity and his embellishment of preexisting western images with graphic portrayals of life in the West. The two new mass-market paperback editions of his westerns released since may further extend his influence. The use of his evocative writings in anthologies that tout the appreciation of western wildlife and landscapes also keeps Grey's imagery prominent. Nevertheless, his effect on western images would have been transient had he not imparted his own distinct sense of the areal and temporal extent of the West of American imagination.

The legends of the West satisfy important needs, but too much reliance on the myth leads to unrealistic views of the West and to misguided behavior. Grey was fairly accurate about the temporal and spatial settings of the topics of which he wrote, but he focused on remote places in a period of time when many aspects of the West, such as its population and resource base, were far different from what they are now.

The better the myth is known, the better its effects can be recognized and, if need be, clarified or revised. Grey's mythical West is too popular and too central to the identity of the West and the United States to be abandoned completely. The goal is to flavor the real West with carefully chosen parts of Grey's imagery. Atheam, R. The mythic West in twentieth-century America. Lawrence: University Press of Kansas. Boatright, M. The beginnings of cowboy fiction. Critical essays on the western American novel, ed. Pilkington, Boston: G. Bold, C. Selling the Wild West: popular western fiction, to Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

Byrkit, J. Land, sky, and people: the Southwest defined. Journal of the Southwest Cawelti J. Adventure, mystery, and romance: formula stories as art and popular culture. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Cawelti, J. Prolegomena to the western. Coan, O. America in fiction: an annotated list of novels that interpret aspects of life in the United States.

Palo Alto, Calif. Estleman, L. The Wister trace: classic novels of the American frontier. Ottawa, Ill. Gable, D. The journal of Arizona History Grey, Z. Riders of the Purple Sage. The Rainbow Trail. Gruber, F. Zane Grey. Cleveland: World. Hackett, A. R New York: R. Hart, J. The popular book: a history of America's literary taste. New York: Oxford University Press. Hutchinson, W. Virgins, villains, and varmints. Kant, C. Zane Grey's Arizona. Flagstaff: Northland. Kimball, A. Kinsey, J. Thomas Moran and the surveying of the American West. Washington, D. Malone, M. Marsden, M.

The popular western novel as a cultural artifact. Arizona and the West Marston, E. Rocks and hard places. She is sometimes called the "Celestial Snake" Serpiente Celestial. People who claim to have been abducted by reptilians claim that this alien type uses fear and force to coerce and intimidate their human captives. Conspiracy theories abound that the reptilian is a malevolent group seeking dominion over not only our world but other worlds all around the universe and that they cloned grey aliens as a slave race and now plan to do the same to humans.

Believers in this theory claim that the reptilians live in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th universal dimensions, where they feed on negative energy and attempt to cause conflict in our world. These alien-humans are apparently able to shape-shift to hide their true identity. Their agenda is to take over the planet by causing worldwide conflict, so as to feed off the negative energy supplied by human misery and occupation, as well as to corrupt humanity with their evil intentions.

The earth-dwelling reptoids supposedly dwell deep underground and in above-ground caves. That night I awoke in my energy body laying beside a reptilian being on a bed with two greys mentally holding me down. I broke lose and attacked, I tried to kill the bastard with my bare hands, then I was back in my physical body feeling the reptilian slam my energy body's head into a wall, I laughed and taunted him. Suddenly my energy body came back, I was whole, elated and triumphant. In every relevant abductee account, the Nordics always have blonde hair with light eyes. The most typical shade of eye color described is blue; however, reports have also described violet, pink, red, purple, and green eyes.

Known to be in great physical shape and extremely attractive to humans, Nordics can easily pass for human when seen from a distance. They communicate with telepathy and telekinesis. The Nordics come from the Pleiades star cluster some light years from Earth. Some of the first stories about these aliens came from Billy Meier of Switzerland, who claims he had several visits with them beginning in the s.

The majority of his information came from discussions with a female Pleiadian named Samjese in the late s and early s. According to his story, their home planet is called Erra, which is in a different dimension than ours. They are an ancient humanoid race that discovered our planet around , B.

Nordics are silent watchers of Earth, and their purpose is to enlighten by providing spiritual revelation and warn humans about behaviors that could potentially lead to catastrophe, including issues surrounding actions by the grey aliens and reptilians. Some proponents say that ideas within the New Age movement were given to us by the Nordics. Orthon [the Nordic alien] was a medium-height humanoid with long blond hair and tanned skin, wearing reddish-brown shoes He communicated via telepathy and through hand signals. Since the advent of the Internet, more and more people have been able to upload videos of possible UFOs.

New technology has given more credence to claims of abductions and alien visitations. In fact, a majority of people on the Earth believe that there is some form of alien life out there in the universe. About half of people surveyed believe that it is intelligent life, according to a global online survey. The online survey, conducted by US-based consultancy Glocalities, was taken by 26, respondents. Nevertheless, the U. With so many sightings each year, it can be hard to take these claims seriously. Nevertheless, there are several accounts that are hard to disprove.

For around 15 minutes, just after midnight, drivers marveled at the sight of strange orange and yellow lights in a V formation over the Arthur Kill Waterway. At first, air traffic controllers denied that any airplanes, military jets, or space flights could have caused the mysterious lights. For weeks, the crew had been tracking objects which appeared at 80, feet, then would plummet to hover right above the Pacific Ocean.

When two FAF fighter jets from the USS Nimitz arrived in the area, they first saw what appeared to be churning boiling water in an oval shape underneath the surface. Then, in a few moments, a white Tic Tac-like object appeared above the water. Commander David Fravor and Lt. Jim Slaight of Strike Fighter Squadron 41 attempted to intercept the craft. However, the craft accelerated away, reappearing on radar 60 miles away. The craft was reported to have moved three times the speed of sound, and twice the speed of the fighter jets.

On November 7, , a total of twelve United employees, and a few witnesses outside the airport, spotted the saucer-shaped craft around P. They say it hovered for about five minutes before shooting upward where it broke a hole in the clouds. Lights were reported by thousands of people between and MST, in a space of about miles km from the Nevada state line, through Phoenix, to the edge of Tucson. Allegedly, two distinct events were involved in the incident: a triangular formation of lights seen to pass over the state, and a series of stationary lights seen in the Phoenix area.

The Air Force identified the second group of lights as flares dropped by A Warthog aircraft that were on training exercises at the Barry Goldwater Range in Southwest Arizona. However, not all of the lights have been explained. Certainly, the information about all these alien beings—greys, reptilians, and Nordics—seems like exciting reading from a good sci-fi novel! Those who have encountered these beings seem very reliable in their testimonies about their experiences.

Many come from what you would call normal backgrounds with good families, education, work, and normal physical and mental medical histories. The idea that unknown aliens visit us here on Earth, communicating and abducting us, seems far-fetched to some and exciting to others.

Bringing clarity and understanding to the situation will help us all in our quest to know just what is happening in our world and answering the timeless question, do aliens really exist? Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. The Nordics are not helpers, it is another deception. I woke up from a terrible dream a few months ago. It was 5 am and i was covered in sweat feeling sick to my stomach.

All i can remember from the dream is being totally confused in my back yard in nothing but my boxers. And since then noticed 2 identical scars on my calf that were never there. I have no recolection of seeing aliens. But that dream has stuck with me since. Yes I belive in Jesus and in God. To me they are Aliens. This is because neither are truly from Earth.

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Except Jesus is half human and half Alien. When i was yonger i had a strange exspiriance with something tall white clothing as lite its head was like oval eyes as humans no ears very little its mouth like ours but small its skin was almost transparent. And told me it wasnt my time to go,but they would watch me grow ,where ever i go they would be watching me.

One time in Ontario Canada, where I was for a family vacation. I saw lights flying around in patterns that would be impossible for modern aircraft to perform. It was late at night and I was looking out the window when I saw three bright lights moving in uniform but in impossible patterns. The phenomenon lasted for just under a minute if I remember correctly. I was never a believer until I saw that. I never saw them again. It would have been nice to have posted Marjorie Fish's star map in comparison to what Betty Hill drew. I have seen this on at least four or five web sites, but in truth the actual comparison doesn't even come close.

Some of the background stars are shown, while others are selectively left out.

I'm really curious about the Nordics - Ive heard variations of all the types you've described. I seen a aliea it was a grey alien in hurt my hand it open window of my caravan it jump one of went can get sleep it going to hurt me in my bed i yell and the grey alien yell it was scary thing but happen to in life. Fun to read about in books and watch on TV and in movies but that's as far as I personally want to be involved…. I most certainly don't want them creeping into my bedroom at night giving me anal probes!

Having said that, I have a story to tell. One bright beautiful sunny spring day about years ago, I was walking down a crowded downtown Philadelphia street about noon, minding my own business, lost in my own thoughts. I was heading west and looking in that direction when I saw an "entity" for lack of a better term , standing on the street corner waiting for the green light, he was walking east toward me in my direction.

ALL the hair on my body stood on end and I felt a great sense of alarm. My heart started racing and I wanted to turn and run or cross the street in the opposite direction. I started looking around at the hundreds of other pedestrians around me to see if they saw "him" and their reaction. Everyone else seemed oblivious to him. By this time the street light had changed and it was his turn to cross the street walking toward me. He was very tall and thin, was dressed head to toe in all black impeccable clothing including a long black trench coat almost to his ankles inappropriate for the weather and temp.

As he approached me I was able to better see his eyes, and something was "different" about them, they sort of quickly "darted" around…like a lizards. His facial expression did not change it was almost like his face was frozen but the eyes bore into me. I could hardly breathe. After "he" passed and was about ten feet behind me, I looked over my left shoulder to watch him walk away. I of course had run across stories and movies about it was but just in passing.

I have only told other people that I feel I can trust about this over the past years. No, I am not crazy and this incident did happen and to this day I am convinced this "person" was not a "person"…. The general descriptions of "Nordics" match exactly the "man" I saw but the man I saw did NOT look kind and benign and "enlightening", he looked sinister, cruel, evil and frightening to me and I still find even retelling the story more than a bit disturbing. Above, I read a comment that the Reptilians can shape shift to look like a Nordic and that is the ONLY explanation that could describe the being I saw, Nordic on the outside but Reptilian on the inside.

Planet Earth is not as advanced as other Civilizations. Contact SETI. Are the earliest egyptian lemurian akashic files Greys? It may be worth noting that aliens as a distinct identity may well exist, but now they are woven into our human blueprint. I could be from Vega, Jaffa Arcturus. I might well have intercoursed with a reptilian and got caught up in a sirian reptilian le mons style war!

The reptilians can shape shift into Nordic-looking beings, and they often do. The true Nordics are not from the Pleaideas. They are from Vega. The Pleaideans look similar to the Nordics, and are often confused with them. The reptilians who live here on earth were genetically modified from dinosaurs, as a slave race, 67 million years ago, to serve intergalactic Star Travelers.

Is it possible that the aliens we call the grays are in fact humans from the future a future where humanity has Terra formed the planet mars. In my dreams I encountered a bein that was clear like water and moved around close to the ground. It moved over my foot, my small toe. The toe is without use anymore. I have had dreams of this nature, one left my hand sore for weeks once because I punched something moving beside me. Actually ive seen greys before they're in a beach near to our house i decided to go outside because it very hot and i heard a noise in the beach after that i saw something tall and thin so i wandered i sneak out after i saw an alien then i ran away because im afraid.

I have had three experiences with Greys sneaking into my dwelling once at 5, then 12, then 15 , observing me like it was the most natural thing in the world, and they abruptly leaving or me losing consciousness. I am also pretty sure I have an implant in my leg, which appeared the same night as the third visit that I know of. The one at Although I was so terrified I felt like I was gonna die of fright. Like a helpless deer in headlights. I am a alien human hybrid, reptoid I had 4 small grays here in my house one night, I went at em with a club and they got it away from me, and kicked my ass, and knocked me out!

Not sure if I totally believe in all of this But there are a lot of things fishy going on And a lot of problems in the world I do sense are world is becoming more corrupt But I also know humanity is moving away from more spiritual enlightening or loving and positive religions do to how they have been portrayed. If we go back to Christ I think we can see through the lies. Over the course of the last 4 months, I had encounters with all of the types. The last month, I have had the most encounters and just started to learn more about the types of aliens and gather more data.

I have a photo of another one too, which is not mentioned. However, if I were to put it into a category it would be Nordic. They are Caucasian and have a nose shaped like a dog and have black streaks down their cheeks, like makeup. The photo includes them holding a blue dog. I have two photos with the number 3 with a circle around it suspended in the air.

The second time was when I asked how many types of them were there. I am glad to know more about Draco. I have an audio recording and the breathing was heavy and the couple of seconds of speech was very deep and robotic. He followed me to my front door. But, did not come in. I know this by the recording. I don't have a picture with the face, but I believe I do with the legs like a spider.

50 Shades Freed recap Chapter Seventeen or “Grey’s Anatomy”

I have a photo where all you see are tentacles like an octopus. I have not seen that one mentioned either. However, it must fall into one of these groups as a subtype. I know this all sounds bizarre and the few people I have tried to share it with have teased and dismissed me. I am a Licensed Counselor. If it was not my experience, I may question more; however, it is just so incredible and otherworldly that I find it hard to digest the reality of it.

I am gathering data through photos and data, so hopefully people can understand better. I have been forewarned of future events and shown about past events when I asked. I was warned there would be a catastrophe in the gulf of Mexico and it would occur at the mouth of the MS and LA border. I did not know exact events, but the elements involved. Later, it came to me and I told my mom, I hope they get the oil rigs out of the water before the hurricane hits the gulf. Then, I flew to LA and fires just started in Calif. When I came back, an oil rig caught on fire in the gulf.

I have photos telling me. I was shown a photo of the UFO after the crash. It was made of glass, which was shattered. Inside, the driver was Nordic or human in his late 50s was fine. A green alien and her mate, green male did not look okay on the floor in the center of ufo. She had one eye open. A blonde woman was hanging over something on her stomach and she looked badly injured if not dead and others were thrown about the UFO.

Well, I did not plan to disclose so much here. I need a scientist to help me piece together the data. I believe in the reptilians.

I think my dreams are connected to them. You see, I often have dreams about snakes. Usually garter snakes or rattlers. In some dreams they frighten me, amaze me, or I can even control them. One I remember well is when they were chasing me. Grey, 7 inches. They chased me through my yard and i just giggled like it was a game. They never hurt me.

I also think I may have some reptilian connection. Though I fear reptiles, I am amazed by them. Nearly obsessed with them. But I believe my connection is way more complex. Once I hit my leg when I fell. Though it hurt like hell I laughed and just jept going about my day. The bruise was big as my knee and turned many unusual colors. But what scared me the most was its look and texture. It looked like I had scales. Like a snakes skin was embedded in my own Every day the scales slowly disapear yet the vruise remains.

Can someone please help me understand why this is happening? I think the only reason the government is hiding the existence of aliens is for several reasons, some aliens know why we are on earth and our purpose, and want to help us transform into our true being, some aliens or all have devices the government has never seen, and the government want to make money.

From everything to technology, weapons etc. If aliens existence were allowed to be proved as fact, the sleeping public would awaken to much deeper facts, and there would be a global spiritual awakening about who really controls it all and who really is good GOD and who is really behind every evil thing done on earth and before earth devil. Unnecessary businesses would close, doctors would be useless, schools would shut down, money would no longer rule, hunger issues would be resolved. I mean the truth will literally set us free.

And the pic looked like what i seen then. This was in California back in the mid 90s. I woke up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, and my mother would always keep the hall light on so we could see at night. I saw this tall man, nearly as tall as the door staring directly at me. He was fit, with very blonde hair, nearly white.

He had the deepest blue eyes, and a stone look on his face, expressionless. His hair was cut short, and he was wearing a bluish purple suit, very regal looking. The color came all the way up his chin. He had on a type of long cape, with golden clasps on both sides. He seemed to walk so smoothly it was like he floated. I remember just staring at him, afraid and unsure what to do. I remember pulling the covers up over my head and staring at him through the blanket, until I eventually drifted off to sleep. I had remembered this experience for so many years, unsure of what to make of it and chalking it up to a very clear dream.

Until recently, while watching TV I saw a documentary about the Nordic Blonde, with a picture that someone else drew, when I saw what looked to be the exact same being that I saw all those years ago! The only difference was the length of the hair. I think about this experience every now and then and wonder why he chose to appear to a little girl, and when will he be back. It sends a shiver up my spine to think I was only a few feet away from one. I saw a gray. It was short for a gray and it was a little darker than you described. It was skinny and it's back was hunched and I only saw it for a split second.

It was almost shadowy looking.

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It's head was luke a rounded triangle. It had long fingers and made no noise when it moved. Are the aliens with three yellow eyes that stalk people or is that Cryptid because I encountered issues with one in my youth. Excellent write up However their objectives do make them seem more human than alien Maybe they once were.

I was a science journalist. Saw UFO at aprox feet over Plymouth, so did many other people. It received about fifty words in local paper.

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  • Gray family!
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  • The Parliamentary History of England from the Earliest Period to the Year - Google Книги.

Realised the whole subject was important at every level. Scientific, political, emotional, religious - you name it - but it was universally ignored - could see no real reason why, Began investigating the subject, Spoken to many scientists and close encounter individuals.

Have since since written book after years of investigation. See 'The Third Explanation' Amazon paperback. Greys and reptoids aka yahwe are cosmic parasides they are like cancer eating away planets, greys made asians by adding theirs to our whites the treat us as cows so there is no need to invade because we bin invaded just dont know about it, nordics aka zeus etc look nice we whites used to look like them but were raped by the yahwe races that is jews mongols arabs we alsa lived in bodies few thousands of years but yahwe shortens our life span, how?

The goverment is lieing to you live with ur own understanding not the ones that are shaping ur time as it is Mr. All aliens are actually demons able to create whatever body they wish at a moment's notice. They really should be called Ufoliens to differentiate them from angels who never use UFOs to visit people. I've read about the reptilians spotted mostly in western states.

Are they docile and vegetarian like bearded dragons, or are they vicious meat eaters like comodo dragons? I find it so odd that these aliens have humanistic features heads, arms, legs, etc. With all the universes, with tens of thousands of planets that might contain some sorts of life forms, why do we asume anything that is intelligent enough to come here has to be of humanoid nature?

Is it possible that these aliens are not from other planets? With our own technology , could these aliens be the new humanoid created by messing with future peoples DNA? Could they have discover time travel to get here from their future dimension? If so, are they trying to gather our old DNA to correct some faulty DNA their future made or could they be trying to improve ours for some reasons?

If they are future earthling, could their grey skins be purposely void of pigmentation to do away with racism? Could the greens bodies consist of chlorophil because they perform more scientific testing on our ancient planets terrestrial and oceanic life forms? We are all wanting answers. There are many questions. Are they good? Are they evil? Are they reall? Or are they our imaginations? I'm 65 years old. When I was 5, I had an encounter. I had gone to bed on night and woke to find myself alone on a sandy foot trail at night. The trail sloped down hill and lead to a still water lake.

Both sides of the lake had various sizes of white pines and dark woods lining the path. I started walking to the lake and kept seeing white softly glowing human like figures looking out from behind the trees watching and following me. I was afraid, rapid heart beat, but unable to produce a sound. I ran into the water and they seemed to disappear.

I closed my eyes and rested in the calm cool water. As I opened my eyes I saw them coming up out of the water about 4 feet in a circle around me. Their were 6 - 8 of them. Themoon was out and their bodies had a whitish glow. A little taller than me, thin but strong looking, no hair, and deep dark eyes. They didn't talk. They kept looking at me - all of them. I have told my story before and no one believes it so I haven't thought about it till I read this site. I know what I experienced was real!

Has anyone ever linked up the fact that grey aliens are the descendants from Mars when you looked at their anatomy one would wonder with the lack of bone and muscle from evolving from a oxygen depleted planet that logics would quantify them as being the real martians. Okay i really don't know who to talk about this so let me just give you a quick run down. If your willing to do so of course. I am contacting many different web sites and asking this same question, looking for advice from different types of people.