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source url Admiring the Abomination : Newt has a somewhat disturbing interest in Kaiju and their body parts. Gottlieb even calls him a "Kaiju groupie". Adult Fear : Raleigh witnessed his brother's death from inside his brother's head and was utterly helpless to stop it. Watching Mako's memory of a Kaiju attack is terrifying, mostly due to watching the little girl run and cry from the Kaiju.

Herc's reaction as he says goodbye to Chuck, because he should have been there fighting right next to his son but due to circumstances, he wasn't. Alien Blood : The Kaiju have toxic blue acidic blood. The art book Man, Machines and Monsters implies that the color was a deliberate choice to make the film more kid-friendly. Aliens are Bastards : Played absolutely straight with the creators of the Kaiju, who send their creations to wipe out all life on a given planet so they can strip mine the place. Alien Sky : The planet of the Precursors appears to have a black hole for a sun.

The official artbook also includes descriptions of several unseen Jaegers and several other bits of in-universe information, fleshing things out further. The official novelization also shows dossier information for the Shatterdome crew, giving details the movie left out. America Saves the Day : Played With.

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The last Jaeger standing is American, but the other equally important Jaeger in the final battle is of Australian origin, with Australian and British pilots. The nuke supplied for the final mission comes from Russia, while the entire operation is led by a Brit. Furthermore, while Gypsy is American, one of its pilots is Japanese. And Mission Control Rejoiced : Much celebration occurs in the Shatterdome after the battle of Hong Kong and after the closing of the Breach , although it's marred in both cases by the deaths of half of the Jaeger pilots deployed, including the new Marshal's son.

This was probably the idea behind the over-the-top characterization, including a hot-blooded rival. At the behest of their Masters.

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It looks trippy on the other side. Answer Cut : When Chuck Hansen asks who was supposed to be his co-pilot after his father got injured, the camera pans over to Pentecost approaching from the hangar gate. Gipsy Danger lost its left arm in the opening sequence, and lost its right arm in the climax. In one of the most brutal moments, Leatherback ends up losing its arm after repeated shots from Gipsy's plasma caster. The ways that Mark I Jaegers stop working are basically "pilots dead", "lost reactor containment, which also killed the pilots", and "something important blew up, which also killed the pilots".

Newer models of Jaegers have an escape mechanism, while Mark I Jaeger have none. Of course, being artificial creatures created by a species literally millions of years old who can travel between dimensions, there are some liberties.

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is a American science-fiction monster film directed by Guillermo del Toro and starring Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day. Pacific Rim Uprising movie available on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD and On Demand from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. Watch Pacific Rim Uprising.

Newt at one point mentions Kaiju having a secondary brain like dinosaurs. Except dinosaurs didn't have secondary brains; the so-called "sacral brain" came from a misunderstanding as to the purpose of an expanded spinal canal over certain dinosaurs' hips. While there is still some question about what this expanded canal was for, it definitely wasn't another brain. The escape pods by which the surviving characters surface after the Breach battle ascend much, much too fast. An ascent from such extreme depth should have taken hours , to allow time for the pods' occupants to safely adjust to the decreasing pressure.

By rights, the survivors should've succumbed to the bends long before they even got out of the Trench, let alone reached the surface. This is not the case if the escape pod is pressurized to atmospheric level, like in a submarine. Given, having a somebody resisting such an ascent is clearly a wonderful feat of engineering.

But again, we are speaking about a film where human-build skyscraper-sized fighting robots Usually, that can't happen. It's all but stated, however, that the reactor was deliberately tuned to be used for a nuclear self-destruct, since setting it off can be done fairly easily from the cockpit. Gipsy Danger's "heart" as Mako calls it is referred to as a "Nuclear Vortex Turbine", which has the functionality of a fission rocket hooked up to a turbine and generator. A rocket is just a slowed-down and directed explosion, so it's not too much of a stretch for it to be suddenly less controlled.

This would also explain numerous other functions of the chest piece, such as a deceleration rocket or a short-range wave-motion gun. This would have made communication problematic during the final battle. Guillermo del Toro and the effects artists admit that huge beings, robots or monsters alike, would move slowly or simply collapse under their own weight altogether , but the Kaiju and Jaegers move quickly to make for fun scenes. Although they are quite slow compared to the giant robots featured in most other anime and movies. Gipsy Danger using a civilian oil tanker as an Improvised Weapon is flatly impossible; it would have buckled under its own weight the minute they dragged it out of the water, let alone started swinging it around like a bat.

As it turns out eight CHs can't quite lift a Jaeger. You would need around , high temperature or wind conditions would render them useless, the failure of any one would bring down the whole net, and coordinating the flight would be a little tricky, especially in dark rainy conditions.

The idea of a winged creature of that size flying by flapping its wings pushes the limits a little. Flying up to 50, feet where there isn't as much air to flap on pushes that even further.

Least of all: when Gipsy Danger's fist is crashing through the building and lightly tapped a Newton's Cradle resting on someone's desk, a single ball starts swinging when in reality all of them would have swayed. A Newton's Cradle is started by picking up one ball on the end and dropping it, not by pushing the entire object. Tendo touts the construction of Gipsy Danger by stating that the hull is made out of solid iron, no alloys.

There's a good reason why tanks, rifles, skyscrapers, etcetera use steel, not iron. Just a few scenes earlier, Pentecost does basically the same by proudly announcing that Crimson Typhoon's armor consists of pure titanium instead of alloys. Large-scale construction projects almost never incorporate pure metals precisely because alloys tend to be one hell of a lot stronger than any of their individual components. The escape pods' design is completely unsuitable to survive the pulverizing pressures around the Breach. The only manned vessels that have ever endured such conditions use a spherical design and much thicker hulls for their pilot chambers, and are accessed through airlocks that would put NASA to shame, not flimsy flip-up panels.

The last Kaiju is able to withstand a point-blank nuclear explosion, and the Jaeger can resist the pressure of said underwater nuclear explosion from a few dozen meters away. That's just not physically possible. Then, after enduring said explosion and still being alive and whole, the Kaiju can be sliced by an oversized sword. Nothing that could impossibly endure a nuke would even feel a thing at being bashed by a few tons of steel.

Asskicking Pose : The first time we see Gipsy Danger in action, the Jaeger does the "punching the palm," ready-for-action pose. Cherno Alpha's unspeakably badass fist punch. Astronomic Zoom : It looks like the start of one at the very beginning of the film As You Know : Newt and Hannibal Chau both know that the Kaiju require two brains, but Newt mentions it anyway for the audience's benefit.

Starting with the first one we see in the Action Prologue , they specifically start targeting the pilots and power sources of the Jaegers. We get to see Gipsy blast a Kaiju in the armpit and then rip off the whole arm and fire several attacks through the wound. Later on we see Striker use the same technique. The first thing Gipsy does against both Leatherback and Otachi is to neutralize their new weapons by physically yanking off the organs containing them, Leatherback's EMP device and Otachi's acid-spitting sacs.

Attack of the Foot Whatever : More like Foot-Whatever — giant aliens suddenly appear from beneath the Pacific to destroy humanity. Audible Gleam : Hannibal Chau's shoes when we're first introduced to him as well as after Chau gets eaten by Otachi Jr. When Newton picks it up, it goes ting! Justified in that the metal jingles like spurs because overlapping metal plates make noise when moved.

Whenever Gipsy Danger deploys her sword. Justified in that the segments start disjointed and attach together, making a sound. Audible Sharpness : Related to the Audible Gleam , every deployment of a blade weapon by any Jaeger is accompanied by a very satisfying sound.

Pacific Rim Uprising

Critic Reviews. Hero Complex — movies, comics, pop culture. Read full review. Stars: Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. LaMagiadeVirue Jul 19, There is a global anxiety about how fragile the status quo is and the safety of citizens, but in my mind—honestly—this film is in another realm. There is no fear of a copycat Kaiju attack because a Kaiju saw it on the news and said, "I'm going to destroy Seattle.

Funnily, this even extends to Otachi's prehensile claw tail; especially noticeable when it grapples with Gipsy in downtown Hong Kong. Awesome Aussie : The Australian Striker Eureka is the most advanced and powerful Jaeger made and has the most confirmed Kaiju kills The Striker Eureka pilots encompass this better than their Jaeger. They have the broadest terrible Australian accent imaginable, and when their Jaeger is disabled they climb outside and take potshots at a Kaiju with flare guns to keep it distracted and away from civilians.

Basically, it's surprising they don't challenge Kaiju to games of knifey spooney. Herc: [grabbing the flare guns] Now, we have a choice here: either we sit and wait, or we take these flare guns and do something really stupid. Hannibal Chau: Like the name? I got it from from my favorite historical character and my second-favorite Szechuan restaurant in Brooklyn. Pentecost: I've never believed in the End Times. We are mankind. Our footprints are on the moon.

When the last trumpet sounds and the Beast rises from the pit — we will kill it. Pentecost: [frowning] In all of my years fighting I've never Well done. Rob Kazinsky: From a very, very young age, Chuck grew up trained to be a Jaeger pilot. Herc was never a father to him. Guillermo del Toro : It is my duty to commit to film the finest fucking monsters ever committed to screen and it is my duty to create the greatest fucking robots ever committed to screen.

Newt: I can't believe what you did to me. I mean, I could have been eaten!

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Hannibal Chau: Well, that was definitely the plan Raleigh: Some things you can't fight. Acts of God.

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You see a hurricane coming, you have to get out of the way. But when you're in a Jaeger, suddenly, you can fight the hurricane. Tropes F to K. Failsafe Failure : There are multiple occurrences, and the most prominent, Mako's first drift, where she gets lost in a memory and nearly blows a hole in the facility, is actually a subversion — a lot of failsafes fail, but Tendo and Herc do eventually manage to unplug the right socket and power the weapon down.

In front of Raleigh. Whose brother was killed by one. Newt: You know [Yamarashi] was one of the biggest Category 3s ever? It's 2, tons of awesome. Tropes L to P. The Last Dance : The Jaeger program has been officially scrapped by all the world's leaders; anyone still in the program is there for only as long as the funding lasts — eight months — and willing to fight till the last Jaeger stops functioning and the last human is dead.

Pentecost is dying of radiation-induced cancer, so him piloting Striker Eureka is his last hurrah since the strain would be too much for him to survive. Last Stand : With everything on the line, humans unite to create the ultimate defense plan that gives them a fighting chance against a threat unlike anything they've ever faced before. Leitmotif : The soundtrack makes good use of this. The Kaiju, Jaegers, and several human characters all have distinctive themes that show up when they appear.

For example, the Kaiju have a dark, imposing fanfare , while Newt gets a jaunty little guitar piece. Throughout the entire soundtrack you get this nice driving riff most prominent in the main theme. From the moment we see the Beckett brothers go into battle for the first time, the weather is inclement: snow, rain, monsoons, etc. Only after Raleigh and Mako score a decisive victory against the Kaiju does the sun finally come out — now that humanity has hope to survive.

Literally Shattered Lives : Downplayed. While grappling with Otachi, its Prehensile Tail wraps around Gipsy Danger's left arm while also trying to snap at the cockpit. Their solution is to vent reactor coolant, which is located just under the armpit, and manages to freeze the tail. Gipsy Danger breaks it to free its arm. Otachi is still able to fight, but is pissed. Losing a Shoe in the Struggle : This happens twice in the film.

In Mako's flashback to her childhood, she remembers being a little girl alone in the ruins of Tokyo. One of her shoes isn't being worn; young Mako is carrying it instead.

Either it's too crushed to be worn or Mako had hurt her foot too badly to wear it. In the present, Hannibal Chau leaves only a shoe behind when he's eaten by a Kaiju. In the mid-credits scene, he cuts his way out of its dead body. His first words when out are "Where is my goddamn shoe?! Just throw a giant robot at them. Then nuke their bosses. Make Sure He's Dead : After downing the Kaiju Leatherback, Raleigh "checks for a pulse" by unloading several rounds into the corpse to the point where its chest cracks open and starts disintegrating.

Pentecost does the same again, no actual tears when he tells Mako she has to protect him on the mission, knowing full well he won't make it out alive. Mass "Oh, Crap! Well, everyone but the Kaidanovskys , who just saunter off without batting an eyelash. Meaningful Name : "Otachi" means "great sword". Three guesses how she dies. Jaeger is the German word for hunter which is pointed out at the start of the film. As a Mark I, it's nuclear-powered.

Alternatively, "Chernabog" is a Slavic deity, meaning something along the lines of "Black God". A sievert is a measurement of radiation exposure, which is what killed Tamsin Siever. Part of the name "Gipsy Danger" appears to be a reference to the 's de Havilland engine and the "Gipsy Moth" planes that housed it. The prequel comic also gives us Dr. Caitlin Lightcap , inventor of the Jaegers' neural interface system.

Hannibal Chau pronounced "chow" gets eaten. Mental Fusion : Of a fashion. The dual pilot system used by most of the Jaegers has both pilots neurally linked in order to heighten synchrony also, as said by Guillermo himself, because the neural strain of directly controlling a body twenty-five stories tall would be too much for a single human. One pilot controls the left side, the other the right.

The Chinese Jaeger Crimson Typhoon bucks the trend by using three pilots to control its three arms. Only two pilots in the world have ever managed to run one solo for any real amount of time and not be horribly brain-damaged. Mentor Occupational Hazard : Pentecost as Mako's adopted father and mentor dies in the final battle. Mildly Military : Stacker's "last hurrah", by del Toro's design he's a pacifist. Noticeably, he stops wearing a uniform and switches to a civilian suit, albeit one that looks a lot like his uniform. The closest thing they have to a command structure is him as "Marshal", then Mako and Herc in unranked secondary roles, and that's about it.


Giant robots, it turns out, can be great levellers. Would it be fair to say that Pacific Rim took the sci-fi world by surprise? But what turned out to be most surprising about Pacific Rim was how incredibly popular it was and still is outside the United States and the usual key box-office territories.

In order to mount something of a fightback, the nations of the Pacific Rim clever, right? These humanoid war machines go by the name of Jaegers and are controlled by a minimum of two pilots, whose brains are directly linked to the machine for complete and total control. Unfortunately, the humans may have done a pretty good job in warding off the attacks of the Kaijus for a while, but as the years pass, their attacks become more frequent and the monsters themselves become more massive and powerful than ever before.

In order to watch over things while the construction of the walls goes ahead, the final four Jaegers deemed capable of doing so are put into battle off the coast of Hong Kong to protect the city. Will the soon-to-be-redundant Jaegers manage to fend off the attacks of the increasingly powerful Kaijus? Will the wall ever be completed? Will it offer and real defence? Can The Breach truly be destroyed or sealed? Release Pacific Rim was released on July 11, , though a bunch of lucky fans were invited to an early test screening in the first week of February.

The guys at Warner Bros. It proved to be an immediate hit in the US, but what surprised most pundits was how biblically successful Pacific Rim would prove to be elsewhere.