Padre nostro che sei all’inferno (Il respiro dellanima) (Italian Edition)

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Lo sai cosa facevano le donne a Stalin? Album track Muerte donde vas? Rebel Aid Muerte donde vas? The Dutchman's Cause Muerte donde vas? The Execution Muerte donde vas? The Journey Muerte donde vas? Nella casa di campagna Nella casa di F. Once Upon a Time Sai cosa faceva Stalin alle donne? After the Party Scusi, facciamo l'amore? From Bed to Worse Scusi, facciamo l'amore? Passion Play Scusi, facciamo l'amore?

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And the solutions, the solutions which could they be? The solutions are confrontation and humility: since none of us can certify with extreme certainty whether it is part of the idiots seen by others who knows or clever intelligent, openness to dialogue and confrontation is necessary and vital, in addition to be self-training.

If we want to save ourselves from idiots, we must first of all be certain that we are not among those who swell our ranks. Personalmente con la Francia e con Notre-Dame ho sempre avuto un Ricordo particolare, quasi quanto un legame di sangue. Per me la Francia e stata Protezione, vita, morte e pure vendetta con senso di Giustizia.

Sento emozioni che mi son difficili da spiegare. Vorrei uscire dal mio corpo e in Francia tornare ma il mio fisico stanco ormai non me lo fa fare. Squilli di un inno di alate speranze di un frutto che matura alla vasta e nostra fioritura di anime in cui freme il lucente avvenir. Innalziamo le mani incallite, che sian fascio di forze feconde. Giovinezze dolori ideali, primavere dal fascino arcano verde speranza del genere umano date ai ciechi il coraggio e la fede.

Non mi hai mai Deluso. Nel fu posta la prima pietra. Per la prima volta si cercava di erigere un edificio nel nuovo stile gotico che fosse unitario e insieme eccezionalmente monumentale. Con m di lunghezza e 35 di altezza sotto le volte, Notre Dame di Parigi supera di molto le dimensioni allora consuete.

Una placca di bronzo, situata nel suolo, rappresenta il punto zero di tutte le distanze, verso tutte le destinazioni, a partire da Parigi. Ha quindi in totale 5 navate, quante fino ad allora ne avevano avute solo importanti edifici come la chiesa abbaziale di Cluny o San Pietro a Roma.

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Esistono solamente persone simpatiche e noiose. Che me ne faccio? Sam, riuscitosi a liberare, prova ad attaccare la donna, che ha la meglio e, proprio quando lei sta per sparare un colpo dal suo fucile, viene colpita alla schiena con un'ascia da Len che, confuso, nei minuti successivi non sa come spiegarsi che non prova alcun sentimento per aver ucciso una persona. Mentre ci avvicinavamo alla riva, anche la vista iniziava ad annebbiarsi. X-Men Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Nel frattempo Toni arriva negli Stati Uniti e si fa portare in Kansas.

Le gigantesche calotte della volta spartita corrispondono a grandi pareti. La facciata occidentale. Tra il e il furono completate le due torri.


Il tema della parete piatta viene ripreso anche nella facciata. Le torri sono collocate su navate laterali doppie, quindi sono molto larghe e stabili. A destra e a sinistra ci sono le statue di Adamo ed Eva che rimandano al peccato originale. La tradizione fu perpetuata nei secoli: per questo motivo, durante la Rivoluzione Francese le statue furono decapitate e mutilate in quanto viste come simboli del dispotismo. Notre Dame est une basilique avec une galerie pour femmes et des doubles nefs. La importancia de un recuerdo, cierro los ojos y siento que mi alma tiembla. Anillos de un himno de esperanzas aladas de una fruta que madura.

Falanges abandonadas de esclavos, respiro del eterno sudor. Queremos redimir al mundo de los tiranos de la ociosidad y el oro. Juventud ideal para dolores, manantiales con un encanto arcano. La esperanza verde de la humanidad da a los ciegos el coraje y la fe. Que permanecen indomable para ahogarse en los ojos del otro. El interior. La fachada occidental. Entre y se completaron las dos torres. En , la decadencia de la catedral estaba tan avanzada que se pensaba seriamente para demolerla. Falanges abandonadas de escravos, descanso do suor eterno. Queremos redimir o mundo dos tiranos da ociosidade e do ouro.

Em a primeira pedra foi colocada. O interior. A fachada ocidental. For me, France was Protection, life, death and even revenge with a sense of Justice. I met my first love, the battles, even despair as honor. The importance of a memory, I close my eyes and feel my soul tremble. I feel emotions that are difficult to explain to me.

I see myself projected into the past and wonder how much is missing, to the day of judgment and my soul is anxious, come or remember the people await you, the free hearts of the workers greet you come or remember and shine to the glory of the sun. Rings of a hymn of winged hopes of a fruit that ripens to the vast and our flowering of souls in which the shining future trembles. Deserted phalanxes of slaves, respite from the eternal sweat. We raise our inveterate hands, which are a bundle of fruitful forces. We want to redeem the world from the tyrants of idleness and gold.

Youths ideal pains, springs with an arcane charm green hope of mankind give the blind the courage and faith. Give flowers to fallen rebels with their eyes turned to the dawn to the gallant who fights and works, to the seer and poet who dies. Notre Dame de Paris, how many times I came to you to find peace and serenity, how many times in you I knelt down to gain strength and courage ….. You never disappointed me. When the rain is mixed with our bitter tears we will realize that remain indomitable to drown in the eyes of the other it is nothing but a silent way to put a stop to eternity.

Notre Dame de Paris is one of the most famous Gothic cathedrals in the world. It is also one of the oldest, being built in the early Gothic style. Perhaps it was the first cathedral in absolute where the flying buttresses were used. They were not foreseen in the original project, but during the construction the thin walls that became increasingly taller and unstable required their use.

In the first stone was laid. For the first time an attempt was made to erect a building in the new Gothic style that was unitary and at the same time exceptionally monumental. With m of length and 35 of height under the vaults, Notre Dame of Paris far exceeds the then usual dimensions. To carry out the project it was necessary to transform the urban planning of an entire neighborhood, but nothing was too much for the cathedral of the capital, in the vicinity of which was the residence of the kings.

Notre-Dame de Paris, more commonly called by the Parisians Notre-Dame, is not the largest French cathedral but is unquestionably one of the most fascinating constructions that Gothic architecture has left in France. A bronze plaque, located in the ground, represents the zero point of all distances, towards all destinations, starting from Paris. The interior. It therefore has a total of 5 naves, up to then having had only important buildings such as the abbey church of Cluny or San Pietro in Rome. Even later, a Gothic church with five naves will remain an exception.

The double aisles end in an equally double ambulatory, and are separated from each other by mighty columns. The gigantic caps of the divided vault correspond to large walls. We did not want to completely open the surface of the walls, but to create a contrast between a thin wall — and therefore much flatter — on one side, and the slender columns and ribs of the vault on the other. This solution made the cathedral too dark, so in the 13th century the windows were enlarged.

In the nineteenth Viollet Le-Duc restored the old form to the windows that run around the cruise. The western facade. The construction of the western facade of Notre Dame began in Between and the two towers were completed. The theme of the flat wall is also taken up in the facade. The towers are located on double aisles, so they are very wide and stable. The impression is that of seeing a triumphal arch that supports a real gallery, symbol of monarchical authority.

On the right and left are the statues of Adam and Eve that refer to original sin. The statues were redone by Viollet-Le-Duc in the 19th century. Below the balustrade is the Gallery of the Kings: a row of 28 statues representing 28 generations of King of Judah, descendants of Jesse and ancestors of Mary and Jesus. These statues were added to the facade in the first half of the 13th century, and soon became family representations of the kings of France. The tradition was perpetuated over the centuries: for this reason, during the French Revolution the statues were beheaded and mutilated as seen as symbols of despotism.

In the nineteenth century they were restored by Viollet-le-Duc. Damage and restoration at Notre Dame Notre Dame suffered many acts of vandalism throughout its history. It was Napoleon who returned it to worship, to host the ceremony of his coronation as emperor. In the decay of the cathedral was so advanced that it was thought seriously to demolish it. It was also thanks to the novel Notre Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo, a great admirer of the cathedral, that attention to the venerable building re-awoke. The restoration program was started in under the direction of Viollet-le-Duc, who also made the famous gargoyles sparking his imagination.

Ribelliamoci allo sfacelo morale. Se SI!

Padre nostro che sei all'inferno (Il respiro dell'anima) (Italian Edition) - Kindle edition by Paolo Scquizzato. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, . No Podrás Olvidar, Aunque Quieras (Spanish Edition), Coping With Trauma .. Ho'oponopono Italiano: Tecniche Ed Esercizi Pratici Per Ripulire La Tua Hawaiano, Padre Nostro Che Sei All'inferno (Il Respiro Dell'anima).

Ve lo siete mai chiesti? Ma noi siamo o non siamo gli unici responsabili del rapporto con gli altri? O , voglio dire , ammettiamo che gli altri , alla fin fine , condizionano il nostro agire con i loro comportamenti? Quanto consapevoli siamo noi del fatto che abbiamo una faccia ingrugnata , una espressione cruccia , un tono aggressivo nel mentre che parliamo con una qualsiasi persona? Cosa vi capita quando incontrate una persona dal muso serioso , dai toni aggressivi o una espressione cruccia? O pensiamo che la maleducazione altrui debba essere punita?

Che le punizioni abbiano mai contribuito ad educare le persone? Un parte di essa o tutta? I privilegi e i vitalizi che hanno Politici, parlamentari e senatori sono unici al mondo. Costi che ricadono sulle spalle dei cittadini, lavoratori, pensionati e del ceto medio. Questi politici non faranno mai una riforma contro se stessi. E le conseguenze di questa situazione ricadono sulla pelle dei lavoratori, dei pensionati e degli imprenditori onesti.

Siamo in tanti a credere che questa Europa meriti una classe dirigente moralmente adeguata alle sfide del futuro. Che siamo apatici a tutto, gli episodi che avvengono giornalmente, lo testimonia la cronaca giornaliera. Il suicidio di tanti capofamiglia disperati non riescono a scuoterci.

Purtroppo in tante di esse, sono dirette da tante vecchie volpi che hanno rivoltato la calza e reclutano amici e parenti, anche se hanno qualche conto da pagare alla giustizia. Fuori i codardi, i maghi, gli immorali, gli omicidi, gli idolatri, gli imbroglioni e chiunque ama e pratica la menzogna! Creo que es interesante detenerse un poco en esta palabra. Somos parte de la sociedad, esto es indiscutible. Costos que recaen sobre los hombros de ciudadanos, trabajadores, jubilados y la clase media.

Se necesita una fuerte iniciativa por parte de los Caballeros para actuar en consecuencia. Ya no somos buenos samaritanos como el samaritano del Santo Evangelio, sino que consideramos una molestia dar una mano a los necesitados. El suicidio de tantas familias desesperadas no puede sacudirnos. De juicio confirma esto. Si esto sucede a veces se debe a los falsos testimonios recogidos. Se sim! Eu acho interessante falar um pouco sobre essa palavra. Mas como nos relacionamos com a sociedade? Somos a sociedade ou os outros?

Mas por que isso acontece? Ou, quero dizer, admitimos que os outros, no final, condicionam nosso comportamento ao comportamento deles?

Somos realmente desapegados ou somos a empresa? Ou pensamos que a grosseria dos outros deveria ser punida? Uma parte disso ou tudo isso? Muitos acreditam que esta Europa merece uma classe dominante moralmente adequada para os desafios do futuro. Are you for a mentally healthy society?

If yes! But how do we relate to society? Are we society or others? We are part of society, this is indisputable. But does society depend on us? Most will answer that the company only partly depends on us, and much on others, for the most part … I imagine it because I too have given this answer to me for a long time. But why does this happen? Have you ever wondered? It happens to come across the most diverse people, and it can happen that I come across an unpleasant person, or that he shows a poor sense of education and insults. Of course, I can do little, I have no control over that person, and at the most, at most, I can choose to avoid that person or, if I have to deal with it anyway, I begin to have difficulties in relationship, because the image that I have of that person, concretely rude, prevents me from intelligent action, and facilitates a rather instinctive reaction to send her to that country.

Then, almost as if to console me, to give me strength, but actually to pity myself in the end, I say: this society … is in disrepair … everything is lost, there are no more values, blah blah blah. But in doing so, basically, it is as if you unload all the responsibility on who I met, because he objectively hinders the relationship between us, but … it is not the whole society!

Two people, you will agree, they are not the whole society. Here therefore emerges that our vision is a rather partial vision of fact, a vision that is often generalized, to the point of investing, in our imagination, the whole of society. But why are we not able to do the same with ourselves? In other words: why does the guy we met represent the whole society, while we, when we analyze our responsibilities, see ourselves limitedly to be able to control the relationship with all the other members of this company? It is clear that this vision that we have is partial, limited, fragmented, fragmented and certainly not total and global.

But are we, or are we not the only ones responsible for the relationship with others? Or, I mean, do we admit that others, in the end, condition our behavior with their behavior? Do others, with their being, their rudeness, influence our action, yes or no? How many times are our answers based on what we are told and not based on what we feel inside?

But is this true, or is it only an artifice of our mind that when it finds itself before an obstacle it seeks refuge, security and then it is not recognized? Are we really detached or are we the company? Does our self really differ from the others, from a Germanic … from an American or a Canadian? How aware are we of the fact that we have a frowned face, a cruel expression, an aggressive tone while we talk to any person? Why are we … sometimes … or never?

What happens when you meet a person with a serious face, aggressive tone or a crazed expression? I believe that all these people are not very pleasant … but then why are we surprised when others do not welcome us with open arms? Perhaps because we are not aware that that day we have a crooked moon or … what?

Or do we think that the rudeness of others should be punished? What punishments have ever helped educate people? While avoiding that person, am I sure she will understand and next time she will be more polite? But are we, then, society or not? Is society a reality or is it an abstraction of the human relationship? The company believes that it is actually THE human relationship, in all its complexity.

It is how we conceive this relationship then, after all. We are individuals, but in fact we also represent society. A part of it or all of it? The privileges and annuities that have Politicians, parliamentarians and senators are unique in the world.

Costs that fall on the shoulders of citizens, workers, pensioners and the middle class. These politicians will never make a reform against themselves. Moreover, governments defend the mafia, the corrupt, those who undermine the morality and the correct management of the economy of the European countries.

This is the dramatic picture that the various European nations find themselves living in, worsened by a political class aimed only at defending itself. And the consequences of this situation fall on the skin of workers, pensioners and honest entrepreneurs. Civil society must rebel against this moral, economic and political debacle. A strong initiative is needed on the part of the Knights to act accordingly. Many believe that this Europe deserves a morally adequate ruling class for the challenges of the future. The future belongs to young people, we give them hope, positive examples.

Thus continuing, the exorbitant taxes borne by the common people, already oppressed by a crisis without a credible principle, are not enough to heal the various public debts. We, as citizens, are witnessing the debacle of nations and, not only do we do nothing, but give the impression that it does not interest us at all, as if what happens daily, takes place Elsewhere, light years away from us. That we are apathetic to everything, the episodes that take place daily testify to the daily news. Missing that solidarity that has supported us for the past centuries.

We are no longer good Samaritans like the Samaritan of the Holy Gospel, but people we consider a nuisance to give a helping hand to those in need. However, to ignore the impoverishment of nations is the culmination of indifference. The suicide of so many desperate householders cannot shake us. It is true that the heads are many and each of them has its own opinion. But here it is no longer a question of ideologies, those that aim at the welfare of nations.

It is done, because both in parliament and in the Provinces, Regions and even Municipalities, there is the possibility of appropriating the public money. I do not say bullshit, because if you browse the newspapers and listen to television news, there is no day that there is no announcement that a former minister, a parliamentarian or an advisor has squandered public money for his own use. The magistracies do their duty, but most of the times the majority of parliamentarians obstruct their work, when they do not deny it, considering them politicized, which is not true, because if there is no definite evidence, no one is condemned, and three degrees of judgment confirm this.

If this happens sometimes it is due to the false testimonies collected. Companies that on principle have no right to be financed by the State, but should finance themselves, with their own substances because they are presumed to be truly ideologically convinced. Unfortunately in many of them, they are directed by many old foxes who have turned over the stocking and recruit friends and relatives, even if they have some accounts to pay to justice.

Blessed are those who wash their clothes to have the right to the tree of life and, through the doors, enter the city. Outside the cowards, the magicians, the immoral, the murders, the idolaters, the crooks and whoever loves and practices lies! Ristabiliamo una Monarchia non Assoluta ma Costituzionale! Mancano servizi che rispondano a esigenze reali, talvolta drammatiche. I rapporti tra le persone sono imbarbariti.

Per uscire dal baratro sociale e spirituale nel cui fondo attualmente ci troviamo non basta assolutamente cacciare i vari politici con tutte le loro cerchie di disgustosi manutengoli e profittatori, e non basta neppure cambiare qualcuno degli obiettivi che si propongono i ceti politici di destra, centro e sinistra.

Un mezzo indiretto ma importante per sconfiggere la corruzione e nello stesso tempo per allargare le entrate statali senza incidere su salari e servizi, sarebbe quello di una tassazione di tutte le inserzioni pubblicitarie alla televisione e negli spazi pubblici. E il discorso potrebbe e dovrebbe continuare. El trabajo ya no tiene derechos, dignidad ni escucha. Las relaciones entre las personas son barbarizadas.

Contribuye a generar lo peor. E o discurso poderia e deveria continuar. Braga Flavio-Cavaleiro de Jesus S. We restore a Monarchy that is not absolute but Constitutional! Europe, after three decades of civil and moral decay, has now come to its debacle as nations and as a society. Work no longer has rights, dignity or listening. Every legality is overwhelmed by the power of the mafia, by the regulation of economic and professional relations through corruption, large or small, and by the costs and times, for many unsustainable, of recourse to the judicial system.

The poisoning of soils, streams and food chains is beyond the guard level. Institutions like the school and the university, fundamental for the countries, are by now destroyed, in the substantial indifference of the public opinion. Cities are suffocated by a senseless automobile circulation, which seizes the streets and poisons the air.

Missing services that respond to real needs, sometimes dramatic. Relations between people are barbarized. And on all this the global economic crisis has come to a halt, which is putting minimum levels of well-being into question for large sectors of the subordinate classes. But jointly responsible for the debacle is also those who vote for any of the internal groupings of this caste, and therefore also those who in the next regional elections will give their vote to one of its lists. A bit of intellectual honesty is enough to take note of the evidence, that is, that if the various castes are the expression of how much worse there is in Europe, the remaining political arc, from the center to the so-called radical left in capable contributes to generating that worst.

The political class of the center, center-left and left does not care in fact to do anything against the collapse of the country, never gives the outside world to the political caste, makes the decisions concerning the collective life to party bureaucrats never elected emerged from squalid power games, it acts only on the basis of opportunistic short-term motivations. The politicians of the center, center-left and left, in short, do not solve any problem, so their false opposition between the various political parties is reduced to a pantomime in which appearance and not reality count, while merits are mortified and hopes dead.

All this contributes to creating individuals who are intellectually and morally degraded, interested in the fictitious world of images rather than in the real problems of countries, and therefore predisposed to appreciate and follow any irresponsible scoundrel able to sell illusions. To get out of the social and spiritual abyss in which we currently find ourselves, it is not absolutely enough to expel the various politicians with all their circles of disgusting maintenance and profiteers, and it is not even enough to change any of the objectives proposed by the political classes of the right, center and left.

What is urgently needed, desperate not to sink more and more is the inversion of logic itself that guides all political choices today. There is a need to stop filling budget deficits by exorbitantly and oppressively taxing work, the professions and the small business, and to begin to withdraw resources from three sources: severely taxing the great assets born of financial speculation and real estate and from tax evasion, eliminating all military missions abroad and the purchase of the related weapon systems, reabsorbing the rents of corruption by eliminating it.

An indirect but important means to defeat corruption and at the same time to expand state revenues without affecting wages and services, would be that of a taxation of all advertising on television and in public spaces. With all these means, immense resources would be obtained, which are needed to create, or recreate, a series of free social services that replace market ones, thereby increasing the availability of workers without even needing to increase monetary remuneration, and reabsorbing unemployment with all the personnel necessary to make them work, against the current logic of producing inefficiencies, reducing personnel everywhere.

There is a need to choose not according to the business and mercantile logic, but according to the logic of re-establishing and protecting the rights of work and health. We need to choose which works to build according to the logic of avoiding further consumption of the territories and to protect their integrity, focusing on constant maintenance and small adjustments to existing infrastructures, and thus blocking all the so-called major works, which only serve to set up contracts, bribes and corruption, often for the benefit of the mafia and organized crime.

And the speech could and should continue. To be able to set up a similar system rectification with respect to current logics, we need to essentially review the political caste regime, with its connections in the media, in the economy, in the state apparatuses. We can talk about the regime when the political system is guided by a single logic, and the bearers of alternative logics are marginalized by institutions and civil society and have no access, if not occasional, to any type of forum.

While Wilhelmine Germany was not a regime: although the real power was firmly in the hands of the dominant classes, the socialists, at least for one phase, of a logical alternative to the dominant classes, were present in parliament and had a thousand branches in society civil. Believers in God and for the Protection of the Church of Peter, we believe in the most absolute way and will work to achieve these goals.

Braga Flavio-Knight of Jesus S. Wir stellen eine Monarchie wieder her, die nicht absolut, sondern konstitutionell ist. Europa ist nach drei Jahrzehnten des zivilen und moralischen Verfalls nun als Nationen und als Gesellschaft in sein Debakel geraten.

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Die Beziehungen zwischen Menschen sind barbarisch. Horthys Ungarn hatte eine Vielzahl von Parteien, aber es war ein Regime, weil die verschiedenen Parteien dieselbe Logik aussprachen. Wir glauben an Gott und an den Schutz der Kirche von Petrus. Wir glauben an die absolutste Art und werden daran arbeiten, diese Ziele zu erreichen. Braga Flavio-Ritter von Jesus S. Les relations entre les gens sont barbares. Et le discours pourrait et devrait continuer. Anche tu puoi partecipare attivamente e non adeguarti al pendolo delle stelle e dei geni. A cosa ho rinunciato o sto rinunciando? Ho abbandonato la realizzazione di un desiderio che avevo nutrito fino a qualche tempo fa?

Noi del S. Per poter creare un sogno devo pormi in un punto zero fatto di presenza, fuori dalle abitudini e generare un pensiero, una immaginazione e emozioni completamente innovative che si sganciano dalla pesantezza del passato. Sai cosa serve per mantenere un sogno speranzoso intatto?

Crediamo sia opportuno, utile e necessario definire per la nostra Sede Operativa un codice di appartenenza, una sorta di codice etico che, come un vestito caratterizzi la nostra proposta politica e di servizio sociale, che mira ad una aggregazione ai valori Cavallereschi. I sottoscrittori di questo Documento Programmatico hanno dato la loro adesione alla presente iniziativa;. Vale la pena tentare di fermarsi e pensarci sopra un pochino.

Reading many posts that call themselves inspired by spiritual research, we see the constant reference to methods and the will to appropriate extraordinary powers. While on the one hand you can understand the desire to get out of an uncomfortable situation, often very painful, perhaps it will be appropriate, to take cautiously into consideration that such understandable desires do not have much to do with the dimension of the Soul and less than ever of the Spirit. I realize that mentioning these things, I move in an often hypersensitive environment, so I stop immediately, limiting myself to remembering that, perhaps, it is appropriate to stop a few moments to meditate on what is happening to us and on what the true origins may be.

Allow me to add only another little suggestion, that is to find our inner self, contact with our soul, it is useless to fantasize about possible, easy, acquisition of extraordinary powers and above all it will be good to be careful in taking into consideration who offers recipes or courses, therapies, etc. It is worth trying to stop and think about it a little bit.

We keep hope because the laws of the Universe lead to this. Es Navidad cada vez que te quedas en silencio para escucharnos. Vale la pena intentar detenerse y pensarlo un poco. Mantenemos la esperanza porque las leyes. Gli empatici sono persone veramente molto dotate. Sono bravissimi a leggere il linguaggio del corpo e non hanno problemi a leggere la mente altrui. Sentono spontaneamente quello che stai pensando, ma non lo dicono e potresti, quindi, anche non accorgertene. Quindi, non provare mai a nascondere le tue intenzioni ad un empatico: semplicemente non funzionerebbe.

Sono nati con il dono di individuare bugiardi, imbroglioni e tutti i tipi di persone fasulle. Lo sentono con ogni fibra del loro corpo quando qualcuno sta cercando di mentire o manipolarli. Se si rendono conto che nutri pensieri simili, cercheranno di convincerti a cambiare il modo in cui vedi e giudichi le persone, ma se continui a mantenere saldi i tuoi pregiudizi, prenderanno le distanze da te. Quando un empatico nota che qualcosa ti disturba, chiede immediatamente se stai bene.

Anche se non reagiscono in alcun modo alla tua falsa adulazione, decifrano le tue vere intenzioni e sanno che stai cercando solo di usarli. I guess when someone mentions the word empathy, the first idea that comes to mind is an emotional, fragile and highly intuitive person. But, you should know that his compassionate nature and his ability to feel more intensely and deeply than others is, in fact, something you should never consider a weakness. The empathists are really very gifted people.

They are very good at reading body language and have no problem reading the minds of others. They spontaneously hear what you are thinking, but they do not say it and you could, therefore, not even notice it. The empathists are considered excellent listeners and problem solvers, because they can feel the feelings of other people as if they were their own. They have a special feature that makes them even more powerful - they are experts in human psychology. It is simply a glance towards a person and they can immediately understand if that person is a liar, hypocritical or evil. This allows them to protect themselves from early emotional manipulation.

So, never try to hide your intentions from an empath: it simply would not work. And if by chance you're thinking of betraying it, you'd better get rid of this idea right away, because you'd immediately get a taste of your own medicine. Here are the 8 reasons why you should never be involved with an empathic person if you can not manage his powerful personality: 1-They are the best lie detectors Whether paying close attention to the "unnecessary" details of a story that a person is revealing or observing his eyes and bodily movements while speaking, empaths are masters of lie detection tactics.

They are born with the gift of identifying liars, cheaters and all kinds of fake people. They feel it with every fiber of their body when someone is trying to lie or manipulate them. So, if you tend to be dishonest or you just have the habit of saying "harmless lies", you should avoid the empathists. Hatred transmits such a powerful negative energy that they can not bear it.

The moment they perceive that someone feels hatred of them, they move away, because they do not want to be influenced by negativity. Moreover, the hatred of others does not hurt them and does not undermine their inner security. They know what they are and negative feelings do not shake them. The fact is that the empathic do not bear superficial people, full of prejudices and hatred towards those who are different from them. If you realize that you are nurturing similar thoughts, they will try to convince you to change the way you see and judge people, but if you continue to keep your prejudices steady, they will distance themselves from you.

When an empathist notices that something bothers you, ask immediately if you're okay. And you're terribly wrong if you believe that a simple answer like "Yes, I'm fine" can convince them that you're "really good". The fact is that you can not hide your feelings and your state from these excellent mind readers. You can tell them you're okay if you do not want to explain why you're worried or sad, but they will feel that what you're saying is not true. They will ask you to share your mood with them, they will offer you an ear and will do their best to help you and support you.

They could behave as if nothing had happened and avoid addressing the topic so as not to make you uncomfortable. They could also behave in a more gentle and humble way than usual in order not to provoke your jealousy. And this is something that they simply hate. Even if they do not react to your false adulation in any way, they decipher your true intentions and know that you are only trying to use them. Regardless of the reason, an empathist knows when a person acts trying to be someone who is not.

And this is something that they do not really like. If you really want to get the attention of an empathic or keep it in your life, make sure you're always yourself and feel confident in your skin. They will welcome you and take care of you for what you are, with all your faults, oddities and insecurities, because there is no one who is more attractive to an empath of someone who proves to be truly himself. Die Empathisten sind wirklich sehr begabte Leute. Wenn Sie jedoch weiterhin Ihre Vorurteile aufrechterhalten, werden sie sich von Ihnen distanzieren.

Und das ist etwas, das sie einfach hassen. Preferisce tenere gli occhi chiusi e la testa per aria.. Io sono responsabile di quello che dico Quali sono le caratteristiche di un individuo intelligente? Prima di diagnosticarti depressione o bassa autostima, assicurati di non essere semplicemente circondato da stronzi. Una persona nasce o intelligente, o stupido non voglio usare il tono offensivo , poi dipende quanto marcata sia la condizione ci sono i leggermente stupidi, come i grandi intelligenti. Ho conosciuto tantissime persone intelligentissime sotto questo punto di vista "accademico", che tuttavia si rivelavano persone piuttosto lente e beote per tutte le altre sfere della vita.

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E' noto come molte persone emotivamente intelligenti riescano ad avere successo in vari ambiti lavorativi e non Stupidity is an increasingly widespread epidemic. Dove sarei andato? Prega per lui. Avrei pregato anche io? Era un vuoto totale, zero. Era terrificante. Mi ricordai che mia madre diceva che non si deve pregare con la mente, ma con il cuore. Per favore, perdona i miei peccati. Volevo pulire la fedina penale. Capii che dovevo perdonare quelli che mi avevano fatto dei torti.

Sapevo che ero con le spalle al muro. Una incredibile pace mi pervase. Tutte le paure si dileguarono. Ero ancora sul punto di morte, ma in pace. Mi ero riappacificato con il mio Dio. Potevo sentirLo parlare. E pochi sono quelli che la trovano. Matteo , Mi misurarono la pressione. Sembrava di essere ancora nel tutto era sporco e decrepito.

Il problema non era lo strumento: il mio cuore non pompava. Con quella pressione, i miei occhi dovevano essere chiusi. Cercavo disperatamente di resistere a tutti i costi. Mi stavo aggrappando alla vita con tutte le mie forze. Quando lo fece, con tutta la forza che potevo trovare, gli bisbigliai che stavo per morire e che avevo bisogno di anti-tossina. Lui continuava a gridare qualcosa, ma io non riuscivo a decifrare nessuna delle sua parole.

Entrammo in una stanza piena di bottiglie ed equipaggiamenti medici. Un minuto dopo ero circondato da dottori, infermieri e inservienti. Alla fine, qualcosa succedeva! Cominciai a scivolare in uno stato comatoso. Non sapevo niente della medusa a scatola e che sulla spiaggia di Darwin, negli ultimi 20 anni, erano morte sessanta persone a causa di questo animale.

Ero adagiato su un lettino. Le gocce di sudore scivolavano negli occhi e il medico inizialmente le asciugava con un panno. Provai a chiamarlo, ma dalla mia bocca non uscivano suoni. Cercai di girare la testa, ma non ci riuscii. Iniziai a sbattere le palpebre nel tentativo di espellere il sudore dagli occhi. Improvvisamente avevo sentito sollievo, la battaglia per rimanere in vita sembrava finita.

Nessuno mi aveva detto che ero morto. Infatti, non lo sapevo. Non era stato come chiudere gli occhi per dormire. Sapevo di essere andato da qualche parte. La Bibbia dice in Ecclesiaste che, quando un uomo muore, il suo spirito ritorna a Dio, Che glielo ha dato e il corpo ritorna alla polvere da dove proviene. Bene, io sapevo che il mio spirito era andato da qualche parte, ma non sapevo di essere morto.

Ero arrivato in un luogo molto vasto, come una sala enorme e cavernosa con un buio pesto. Ero in piedi. Ma non riuscivo a trovarlo. Cercavo di toccare qualcosa, ma non trovavo niente. Mi resi conto che non riuscivo a trovare neanche il mio letto. Mi muovevo, ma non inciampavo in niente. Non vedevo nemmeno la mano che mi ero portato davanti al volto. Faceva estremamente freddo. Aguzzai la vista per capire dove fossi; cercavo di orientarmi in questo nuovo ambiente. Allora mi resi conto di essere senza un corpo fisico, tuttavia ero ancora me stesso.

Sentivo di avere un corpo, ma non potevo toccarlo. Ero un essere spirituale; il mio fisico era morto, eppure, mi sentivo vivo, cosciente di avere ancora braccia, gambe e testa, ma non riuscivo a toccarle.

Mentre mi trovavo in quel buio, un incredibile freddo e pericolo incombevano su di me. Mi sentivo osservato da presenze malvagie che mi circondavano. Io ero solito pensare ad esso come ad un luogo dove si possono fare tutte quelle cose che non si dovrebbero fare sulla terra. Il libro di Giuda dice che il luogo delle tenebre fu preparato non per le persone, ma per gli angeli che disobbedirono a Dio. Non augurerei nemmeno al mio peggiore nemico, di trovarsi in un posto simile.

Non avevo idea di come poterne uscire. Avevo pregato e chiesto a Dio di perdonarmi prima di morire. Questa luce mi infondeva un senso di leggerezza e venni innalzato dal suolo come un granello di polvere in un raggio di sole. II Corinzi Non volevo guardare dietro di me per paura di scivolare di nuovo nel buio. Ero molto felice di uscire da quelle tenebre e la luce oltre il tunnel era di un bagliore indescrivibile. Quella luce vivente mi trasmetteva emozioni forti. La prima ondata mi diede calore e conforto insieme ad amore ed accettazione. Mi chiesi a questo punto come si presentava il mio corpo, che avevo tentato di vedere e toccare nel buio; con sorpresa mi accorsi che non solo lo vedevo, potevo addirittura vedere attraverso di esso!

Ero trasparente. Il mio essere irradiava luce, come se questa fosse dentro di me, quella stessa luce che mi aspettava oltre il tunnel. Alla terza onda luminosa fui pervaso da una gioia completa. Quando, alla fine del tunnel, mi trovai di fronte alla fonte di tutta la luce, la mia vista era completamente riempita da essa. Sembrava un fuoco bianco o una montagna di diamanti scintillanti. Quando scese il suo volto brillava. Ora io ero di fronte a questa gloria incredibile. Avevo meditato su queste parole in quel tempo.