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February 2013
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No doubt a key factor is whether the replication occurs within the same lab or across different labs. Nonetheless, as the psychologist Arina Bones humorously remarked , since so few psychology papers state hypotheses that are later disproved, scientific hypothesising in psychology may be the most reliable form of precognition. Last year, Harold Pashler and Eric-Jan Wagenmakers noted that psychology is becoming " … the public face for the replicability problems of science in the early 21st century, [and] psychological science has the opportunity to rise to the occasion and provide leadership in finding better ways to overcome bias and error in science generally.

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Although some individuals are culpable, psychology's problems are largely systemic. We cannot rectify every issue immediately, but a great start would be to value replication and negative findings by offering researchers the space to publish such findings — not in a dedicated journal for unloved findings but at the heart of mainstream psychology journals.

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Returning user. Familien Dynamik: Systemische Praxis und. In the case of touch, Goldreich and Kanics have found that in early blind subjects there was evidence for enhanced tactile discrimination in a gratings orientation task. Stigmatising language Suicide is a considerable public health issue with ripple effects throughout the community. Steps can be, and are being, taken to make malpractice even more difficult; but the subdiscipline does not deserve the harm to its reputation that may be provoked by the careless implication of unique deficiencies. Psychiatric medication does have its uses, but only if accompanied by clear messages about its limitations — it cannot heal the trauma and abuse that, as a growing amount of research indicates, plays a causal role across all.

With the launch of BMC Psychology on Wednesday, our journal policy is to offer a dedicated open access forum for psychologists to publish work deemed by peer reviewers " … to be a coherent and sound addition to scientific knowledge and to put less emphasis on interest levels. This remit unquestionably includes null results and replications and the more central role they must play within the discipline.

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We cannot avoid the conclusion that psychologists, editors and reviewers have conspired to deny the rightful place of negative results and the importance of replication — psychology's dirty little secrets. We must change. Peer review and scientific publishing Controversies blogposts. Open access. Is it dangerous? From alpha to omega: A practical solution to the pervasive problem of internal consistency estimation Thomas J.

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This is a preview of the February issue of The Psychologist, the monthly publication of the British Psychological Society. To download the. February , Vol 44, No. 2. Print version: page characteristics that make some psychologists more effective. Why are some psychologists better at.

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Psychological and Social Disorders of High IQ

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