A Devotional for the Depressed and the Insane

To the Depressed Christian
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Often, it takes a long time for a person with paranoid schizophrenia to accept the fact of their disorder. For some of these patients hallucinations and delusions are real. They deny that their thinking is paranoid because they are convinced others are out to kill them. Another example of a disorder being ego syntonic is when someone with an obsessive personality disorder is unaware that both their devotion to minutia and rigid thinking prevent them from getting ahead at work. They cannot complete their assignments because they get stuck on meaningless detail.

It is very difficult to get someone whose symptoms are ego syntonic into psychotherapy. After all, from their viewpoint, nothing is wrong. Mental illness continues to be stigmatized. Their are fears of being judged by others and the self. Receiving a psychiatric diagnosis can produce feelings of shame and humiliation. I have known those who, despite feeling depressed, refused anti depressant medication because of the fear of rejection.

A Devotional for the Depressed and the Insane By Stephan Hess

In these cases, it is difficult to go to psychotherapy sessions because they may be seen by friends who might ridicule them. There are those for whom behavior disorders are a sign of weakness. There is a deeply held American value that a man should be self sufficient and independent. That means its important to not need anyone. For those who are not in denial and experience their behavioral and emotional problems as painful, there is a willingness to seek a psychiatric or psychological consultation and accept treatment.

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For those who are in denial it is often family and friends who convince them to seek help. However, it is not until denial ends that they will stay in treatment and get the help they need.

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Family and friends need to use gentle persuasion to convince someone to seek help. In doing this, awareness of how difficult it is for the loved one to admit there is a problem is important. It is important to be patient, sensitive and understanding with the loved one. Of course, there are those emergency situations where a person may be hospitalized against their will, such as when they are suicidal or homicidal. The need to protect the individual as well as others takes precedent over anything else.

In these situations it is often necessary to call for help.

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It is important to point out that there are those people who react to a diagnosis with a sense of relief and even gratefullness to the doctor. Some people suffer emotional problems a good part of their lives, are diagnosed and take medication go to psychotherapy but experience a temporary sense of relief before suggering returns. Among these patients there are those who are treatment resistant for physiological reasons that are not well understood.

However, there are those patients whose diagnosis was inaccurate for a variety of reasons having nothing to do with incompetence on the part of psychologists and psychiatrists.

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I think this is a perfect example of how demonic spirits have to kneel before and bow at the name of Jesus. Tags: Faith , Fear ,. Tracie Miles. On April 1, she came under the care of Dr. This book is for whoever picks it up. We've shared our lives and given so much love; I can't believe we're really going to part; You're moving toward a new life without me; I'm left with scars upon my broken heart. I want Him to be your best Friend too and for you to rely on Him.

For example, there is more known about Bipolar Disorder today than was known twenty to thirty years ago. For some people who show what seems to be treatment resistant depression actually have A Typical Bipolar Disorder. The correct mood stabilizing medication, such as Lamictal, relieves the deep depression experienced prior to this. For those seeking addiction treatment for themselves or a loved one, the MentalHelp. Our helpline is offered at no cost to you and with no obligation to enter into treatment.

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That's the purpose of this book, "A DEVOTIONAL FOR THE DEPRESSED AND THE INSANE". We get stuck. I believe that a great deal of humanity, me included, . A Devotional for the Depressed and the Insane (ISBN: ). AUTHORHOUSE. $ $ (You save $). SKU: ; ISBN:

Neither MentalHelp. With that in mind, would you like to learn about some of the best options for treatment in the country?

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Need help breaking free from addiction? Who Answers? He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the states She immediately went to court and secured an order to provide heat for the prisoners, along with other improvements. She began traveling around the state to research the conditions in prisons and poorhouses, and ultimately crafted a document that was presented to the Massachusetts legislature, which increased the budget to expand the State Mental Hospital at Worcester.

She toured the country documenting the conditions and treatment of patients, campaigning to establish humane asylums for the mentally ill and founding or adding additions to hospitals in Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Maryland, Louisiana, Alabama, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Dix also lobbied at the federal level, and in she asked Congress to grant more than 12 million acres of land as a public endowment to be used for the benefit of the mentally ill as well as the blind and deaf. Both houses of Congress approved the bill, but in it was vetoed by President Franklin Pierce. Discouraged by the setback, Dix went to Europe.

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She discovered enormous disparity between public and private hospitals, and great differences among countries. She recommended reforms in many countries, and, most significant, met with Pope Pius IX, who personally ordered construction of a new hospital for the mentally ill after hearing her report.

Dix returned to the United States in When the Civil War broke out in , she volunteered her services and was named superintendent of nurses.

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She was responsible for setting up field hospitals and first-aid stations, recruiting nurses, managing supplies and setting up training programs. After the war, she briefly returned to her work on behalf of the mentally ill. She contracted malaria in and was forced to abandon aggressive traveling, although she continued to write, lobbying for her causes. She took up residence at the hospital she had founded 40 years earlier in Trenton, New Jersey, and died there on July 17, Though Dix had many admirers over her lifetime, and was briefly engaged to her second cousin, Edward Bangs, she never married.

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