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source link But Haley Stewart is calling a bluff on these cultural norms.

By sharing her own personal journey from the busy lifestyle her family led in urban Florida to a quiet Texan farm, Stewart paints a life-giving picture of how intentional, relationship-centered living is the true key to finding deep, enduring happiness. If you find yourself weary and dissatisfied with your current pursuits and priorities in life, then The Grace of Enough may be the blueprint to intentional living your soul has been seeking.

Throughout the book, Stewart shares stories from her personal experience with learning how to make fulfilling choices and life changes, in the areas of community and relationships, home and nature, and shopping and food.

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Yet the themes and advice she presents are not limited to these two groups. Perhaps aside from the specifically Catholic prayers and traditions, which may still be inspirational to those outside of the faith, the book is filled with relevant, inspirational messages of encouragement and hope for people of all ages, as well as people from all cultural and religious backgrounds. Each chapter is written in the same format: Stewart first shares her own experience with the topic at hand, and then provides a useful list of practical tips for the reader to implement in order to realize a more fulfilling life though intentional decision making.

One in four women has suffered a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss. One in four. And yet, as a culture and in our communities, we struggle to speak openly about this painful reality.

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Far too…. Carl Jung invented the term to describe events that happen at the same time, not because they necessarily have a related cause, but rather because they have related meaning. Just as she was describing the dream, a real beetle banged against the inside of his cabinet window.

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Jung caught it, and discovered it was a golden scarab beetle, unusual for that locale and season. He showed it to the patient, and the event helped her break through and make progress in therapy.

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Jung concluded that events are synchronous because we see them that way; we connect them together and thereby find greater meaning, as he was able to do with his patient. I find this approach to synchronicity much more satisfying than my earlier understanding.

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We are eyes and ears and rational intelligences of the universe, and we are becoming a spiritual intelligence in the universe. We are the universe coming to understand itself. But what of the highest aspect of our evolution, the part that drives us to grow and develop as spiritual beings? Peck gives this creative spiritual drive a name: Love.

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He says,. It is through love that we elevate ourselves. And it is through love for others that we assist others to elevate themselves. Love, the extension of the self, is the very act of evolu tion. It is evolution in progress.

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The evolutionary force, present in all of life, manifests itself in [humankind] as human love. Among humanity love is the miraculous force that defies the natural law of entropy. This love is a gift of the universe, or of whomever or whatever created the universe and its laws and conditions.

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It is nurtured through grace and difficult to put into words. Of all those who understand and try to describe this love, I find Sufi Muslim mystics, in loose translation by Western poets, to be most clear and vivid and true. We have not come here to take prisoners, But to surrender ever more deeply To freedom and joy. We have not come into this exquisite world To hold ourselves hostage from love.

With a clear direction from God, we purchased 86 acres on I at Dixie Farm road to build a new church home. We occupied part of the building as we completed the main auditorium. Grace celebrated the grand opening of our new 10, seat auditorium along with launching a Spanish speaking service and expanding to begin a new church campus in the Woodlands, TX.

As Grace Church Houston grew, we took on a new challenge of adopting two church campuses in the San Diego area with the goal of making each one its own thriving church.

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Steve and Becky Riggle transitioned to the role of founding pastors along with pastoring Grace Woodlands and leading Grace International , a world-wide fellowship of churches and ministries. As one of the biggest mega churches in Houston, Grace Church Houston continues to reach people for Christ.

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New services have been added to accommodate growth. Grace teams serve regularly in the heart of Houston, reaching to the under-resourced with hope and help. We support ministries in 90 nations of the world.