How to Send a Private Message on Facebook
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Next, choose "Unfollow people to hide their posts. This will prevent their posts from appearing in your News Feed. Some days are best forgotten. But sad anniversaries may be difficult enough without Facebook reminding you about them.

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Filling out your Facebook profile gives your friends an opportunity to learn as you type, Facebook will look for people on your friend list that match your entry. RANDI: Click on "about" below your Cover down until you see " family", click "edit", scroll to bottom of family list & fill in add family member in.

Click "Preferences" in the upper right side of the page. You can choose people and dates you do not want to be reminded of. Facebook lets you choose individual dates or a wider period. If you do not want to see political posts, you can add an extension to your Chrome browser. This extension for Chrome looks for keywords related to U. Then it blocks posts containing those words from your Facebook News Feed.

How To Hide Your Friends List on Facebook Timeline

You cannot change the keywords that are blocked by the extension. After the extension has been added, click its icon in your Chrome toolbar. You will see a list of keywords that will cause a post to be blocked from your Facebook news feed. Caty Weaver was the editor. Do you want to fix your Facebook feed? Will you be setting your friends to see first?

Will you be blocking any friends' posts? Share your thoughts in the Comments Section below or on our Facebook page.

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Show comments. Search Search. Audio menu. Learning English Broadcast. Previous Next. February 15, See comments Print. Facebook will also ask you what your date of birth is and they will ask you to fill the rest of your profile such as previous schools and employment history.

You don't have to fill in these additional options and can choose to leave this blank. You can also choose to privatise your age. Remember, the less information you give to Facebook the harder it is for friends to find you. On Facebook, your name, profile and cover photos, gender, the networks you belong to and your user name are always available to anyone who wants to see them or does a search either on Facebook or through a search engine.

You cannot change this, but you can restrict your posts these are pieces of information, jokes, events and shared links that you choose to put on your timeline and your photos to different audiences. Remember if you choose Public everyone can see what you are talking about including people you do not know! To manage your privacy click on the arrow next to the question mark at the top of your Facebook page. Next click on Settings. The following window will open. Note this is also where you will find how to change your security. Step 2: Customising your privacy and choosing who you share personal information with.

Your first decision is on who you would like to share your posts with. There are several options on who can see what you put there. The default setting is Friends — this, of course, refers to your Facebook friends. Many of us know people via our other friends and the Friends of Friends allows us to share posts with them too.

1. Hide Political Posts On Facebook

Rather than the advanced search feature you used to use, Facebook now offers four different ways to find like-minded members:. How to join Facebook. Facebook lets you choose which friends' posts show at the top of your News Feed. Facebook removes the person from that list and deletes the checkmark. You can choose people and dates you do not want to be reminded of.

If you would like to only share with a select handful of people then select Specific Friends — a list of all your friends will appear and you can click on the ones that you want to share with. Only Me - this option is for when you have written something but may not want to share it immediately. Once you are ready it is easy to change the setting to one of the Friends options. There is also the option to Block people.

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Sometimes used if, for instance, you have a friend who may be prone to inappropriate comments or who you no longer wish to share any parts of your life with. Manage blocking also gives you the option to decide who is allowed to send you messages, chat with you and allows you to stop pages see our guide Using Chat or Messenger on Facebook from contacting you.

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To access this on an iPhone first open the Facebook app and click on the three lines in the bottom right hand corner. This will give you access to a variety of details regarding shortcuts and settings.

How to Send a Private Message on Facebook - dummies

Under settings you will see Privacy Shortcuts — click on this. Facebook will now show you what information is held and who can see it. Your real friends will already know how to get in touch with you or when your birthday is. Remember only share your information with people you know, if you are no longer using an app or you signed up for it accidentally then delete it from your profile.

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How to Make your Facebook Account Private

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