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Shut up! It was her nagging, inner insecurities picking on her all morning that had led her to let Cindy, Kathy, and Rosy fuss with her make-up and do her hair three different ways. More like who? Why she had done this to herself for him boggled her mind. She should have just put on her faded and worn jeans and tried for a clean shirt.

Do it, I dare you. I will too. Yeah, change clothes for the sixth time in an hour.

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You really are making a fool out of yourself. Amanda froze as a lyrical chime echoed down the hall. The very idea of which held Amanda paralyzed. Get real. I most certainly do. The argument ended at the front door, her last barrier. Not about to bow down to fear, Amanda jerked it open just as Cody pressed the bell for the fourth time. Flushed with indignation, she barely noticed how well he filled out his blue jeans, the thick muscles of his thighs bulging against the slightly faded denim.

His t-shirt might have hugged and caressed every hard line of his abdomen and chest, but Amanda was immune. No amount of sexy muscles bulging out the roll of his sleeve would undermine her confidence. Not even the way his soft blue tee made his eyes sparkle with brilliance under the rim of his hat could stop her gaze from locking onto his smirk.

Amanda sighed, so much for all the work that went into making her look this good. It seemed they shared responsibility for that disaster, so she had every right to tease him back. Not about to back down from his challenge, she dared to step up and lay her hands on him. Warmed by his skin, the soft cotton trembled slightly as his muscles flexed and hardened beneath her fingers. Looking straight up into his darkening gaze, Amanda tried for her best sultry look. His jaw clenched, and she could tell the answer was no before he spoke.

With a dirty look, she stepped back. Negotiate the terms of the date first. The small motion sent a thrill through Amanda. He obviously disagreed with her genius. Tough shit. What do I need to get my purse for? Women always carry one. The woman was certifiable. Devious, manipulative and completely insane, what other type of woman tried to barter a date for sexual favors?

Totally twisted, and Cody loved it. In fact, the only thing keeping him from seducing her was knowing how badly she wanted it. Cody liked his sex a certain way. Actually, he liked it a lot of ways. He liked to tie his women up, play with them, share them, try them in just about every position he could bend a woman into, but the most important thing—he liked his women obedient. It would take a strong man to train a woman as wild as Amanda. Cody had the strength. Boy, but she smells good…feels even better…damn but she gets hot quick. Okay, it would be a test for him too.

A test of his control and patience. You never know who is allergic. Little Miss Know-it-all always has to do it her way. She put the damn peanut butter in there. Do you know what happened? For the past five hours, all Amanda had done was smile, giggle and babble away like some cheerily chirping bird. Usually such behavior would have spurred him into rushing her home and hoping he never saw her again. Except Cody knew she was intentionally trying to drive him right out of his mind. It was a low-down, dirty trick. Oh, it was chaos, people screaming and sirens. They had to 38 Jenny Penn rush him to the hospital.

Are you allergic to anything? Once they made a hive up in the attic of the salon. Not that the corral below had his attention either. What man could pay attention to anything with Amanda dangling her sandal from her toes? She had graceful feet. High arches turned into dainty ankles and flowed into smooth, tanned lines of beautifully curved calves. The hem of her sundress had ridden up to reveal several inches of the softest looking thighs. His gaze stalled there.

Oh, but Cody wanted to touch. Her skin glistened with the late afternoon heat, making her look juicy. Just as Cody suspected, Amanda was a gloater. Instead, he stood up and bit back a groan when the motion constricted his jeans about an inch too tight over his erection.

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Just as he suspected, she collapsed toward the floor, falling to her knees. It was five minutes before noon, and already the diner was overflowing with customers. Not particularly concerned, Cody bounded from his truck and then had to restrain himself from moving too fast and waking up the ranch dogs. Meyoo84 rated it it was amazing Jan 29, Him and that girl. I realize not every book can be a page turner that you can't put down, but you shouldn't have to force yourself to finish. Again and again, Cody tormented himself with another stroke into her mouth.

Like a preening peacock, it straightened up and filled out, trying to reach not her nose but those luscious lips she was licking. At least he tired to strut. Not an easy accomplishment with a wooden log wedged between his legs. A true sound of amusement and not one of her forced giggles. Damn arrogant woman. She would give him a kiss, yeah right.

He commanded women. They obeyed or suffered the consequences of his displeasure. Very soon, Amanda would learn. The very idea made him smile and relax a little. Cody kept an eye on her as he worked his way down to the concession stand. No other stud better think about taking his seat and trying to charm his Amanda out of her sexy little sundress. That was his pussy, and until he said otherwise, any man who tried to make a move would get hurt.

Forget how possessive and completely out of control he felt right then. Amanda might be more than willing to be seduced out of her clothes by some other cowboy, but she belonged to Cody. Is that you? Her stylish, short blond curls looked disheveled from 40 Jenny Penn the heat and grit of a day spent at the rodeo.

Such beautiful eyes, such a soft voice, so charming and innocent despite everything. How many rodeos had he ridden in, her standing there by the railing, cheering him on? Cody could almost feel her hand stroking over his chest in the sweetest of caresses. The warm memory turned to pain as it dipped beneath his flesh and squeezed his heart in a painful vise. Her hand lifted. I was just having a moment. Finally Cody squared his shoulders and forced a smile.

Marion invited me. Lydia was a good woman. After Sharon passed, Cody pushed for his brothers to offer Lydia a job and a place to live at the ranch. Instead, Lydia served as a constant, almost daily, reminder of his sin. You always find a way to enjoy the weekend. He knew it was hard for Lydia to watch them date other women.

She never said anything, but he still felt like a scumbag. Lydia seemed to understand what he left unsaid and allowed him to turn the conversation in a more comfortable direction. She made a quick exit, saving him from having to chose between leaving Amanda unattended or introducing her to his latest soon-tobe lover. As he watched Lydia walk away, he realized all the enjoyment, tension and excitement of being with Amanda drained away right along with his deflated dick. What the hell am I doing anyway? She was a good time waiting to happen. Cody considered himself to be better than that.

He should do the right thing, return her home tonight and then go back to the ranch and scratch her name off the list. Determined to take control of this situation and his own rioting hormones, Cody turned his gaze up the bleacher seats and froze. His hand squeezed the cup until the lid popped off and cold, sticky liquid oozed down over his fist. There was a man in his seat. Sitting beside her, Tony shrugged as if it was nothing to him, but she knew better. Anthony Black might be known as the straight-laced, serious-minded sheriff of Humble, but she still saw him as the boy who wore his cowboy boots with his Spiderman PJs to bed.

Since the cradle, Amanda and Tony were raised like siblings. As his self-appointed sister, Amanda felt it her duty to tease Tony about his one known weakness. And was it just curiosity making you stare at her all last night? What happened? Some idiot teen get kicked in the head by a cow again? When it came to reality, though, her curiosity always got the better of her. Pointedly, Amanda turned the conversation in a different direction.

It might have worked on a suspect, but Amanda just grinned back. Let a girl have her fun. One of the pitfalls of having a sheriff as a self-appointed brother was he felt an overbearing need to intimidate the men she went out with. This is a free country. That gives me all the right I need. Tony was a decent sort, even if 44 Jenny Penn he was a tad overbearing. It really was sweet the way he tried to protect her. Pointless, but sweet. He knew they would only drive her to find out the truth.

Already he started going all big brother, sitting up straight and waving his finger at her. You are not ready for what they are into. What could Cody be into that would make Tony go all macho? With the sunlight at his back, the brim of his hat covered his face in darkness. He looked ready to go fist-to-fist with Cody. Tony stretched out an arm along her back in a gesture a good deal friendlier than their actual relationship warranted. The response had her scowling as she tried to figure out why she obeyed. A hard, hot hand latched onto her arm.

Before she had a chance to say another word to Tony, he dragged her up the steps before shoving her into a vacant seat and settling down beside her. Nobody touches what is mine. He touched you. There is a difference. Amanda growled. She knew exactly what he was threatening. With no other options available, Amanda decided to go back to giving him just what he wanted. The date had turned into a complete disaster.

Only one person could be blamed for the outcome, and she sat not three feet away, smugly anticipating her end-of-the-date treat. He strongly suspected that had been her intent through their long dinner. The woman had to be a mastermind at the art of seduction. She even knew how to make eating sexy. Instead of ordering a salad and picking away at it like all his previous dates had done, Amanda had demolished not only her appetizer and salad, but managed to fit in dinner and a big piece of chocolate cake to round out the meal.

Then, she asked if he was going to finish his dessert. Cody had stumbled over his response with his shock and lost his piece of pie in the process. Without even waiting for him to find his tongue, she cleaned his plate until only the crumbs on her fork remained. Bringing her little, pink tongue out, she licked the tines clean, hypnotizing Cody in the process. The way her full lips had parted, the way she delicately lapped at the fork and her expression of pure pleasure…Cody had to adjust his napkin for the fifth time during the meal to hide his reaction.

Never before had he gotten turned on by watching a woman eat, but every little thing Amanda did seemed to drive more blood from his head to his cock. He knew what she was thinking. He did. Just the idea of hearing dirty words coming out of those lips had him hard. She did succeed, though, at pissing him way off. I want those pants off and your naked ass in my bed. I intend to be the one playing with it! The way she openly challenged him, tried to command him—all of it was intolerable. Amanda needed to be taught a lesson, a very serious lesson.

Quiet but not still. In hindsight she realized she might have gone overboard. Now she had a very large, heavily-muscled, pissed off cowboy driving her to God knew where with nobody around to help her if he became violent. She knew some basic defense moves, but Cody had an extra foot on her, not to mention about a hundred pounds. The only good defense would have been her gun, but it was safely tucked away in her bedroom.

Out here, Amanda was on her own and essentially defenseless against Cody. Eyeing him like he was a rattlesnake about to strike, she tensed as the truck came to a stop in the middle of a deserted pasture. Not that Amanda believed him in the slightest. She matched his snarl with a shriek, jerking back as he reached for her. With the door at her back, there was nowhere to escape and no way to avoid the man invading her space.

Her hands shot up in an instinctive move cut short by manacles made of flesh and bone. Pinning her wrists together against the small of her back, Cody arched her straight up into his embrace. Before she could offer a protest or hurl any curses at him, his lips crashed down over hers. Like a storm breaking over the horizon, he unleashed the full force of his fury on her tender lips. Sharp teeth nipped at her, making her gasp from the stinging pain. Her defenses weakened and before she could shore them up, Cody invaded.

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Like liquid chocolate, his tongue slid in to plunder the dark recesses of her mouth and intoxicate her with his addictive taste. Demanding, hard and relentless, he ravaged her very soul with the savagery of his kiss. Primitive feminine instinct reared to life as logic and reason were drowned under the desire flooding through her body. She melted into the sensation, feeling the burn of aching need clench the internal muscles of her sheath as thick cream dripped down to dampen her panties.

The pulsing waves echoing from her womb demanded its due, its fulfillment. Just as she began to respond to him, Cody broke the kiss. Amanda clearly got the message when he pushed open his door and disappeared into the night.

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She could hear him moving around, feel the truck shift as he climbed into the bed, see the flash of metal in moonlight as he opened the box back there. Still she hesitated. Now, though, Amanda feared her definitions would change if she stepped out of the truck. Whatever pleasures he bestowed on her, Amanda knew Cody would exact a high price in return. The spicy sensation only fueled her desire. The bastard had her good and trapped by her own arousal. Whatever Cody demanded of her tonight, Amanda would give. Like a moth to a flame, she had no choice.

Decision made, Amanda shoved open the door and stepped out into her future. Cody was there to greet her. Without a word or even a glance in her direction, he dragged her by the arm toward the front of the truck. Releasing her by the headlights, he stepped out in their bright glare. Cody dropped the old, faded blanket he had thrown over his shoulder to the ground. Going to one knee, he took his time spreading it over the grass. It was too low, too breathless to be hers. My will is supreme. She should have seen this coming. She should have been repulsed by it.

He mesmerized her body with some ancient magic. Her breasts swelled, her nipples puckered, and behind the shield of her lacy panties, her pussy quaked to life with a flood of cream. The soft cotton sleeves caressed her arms with a gentle sigh as the dress slid to puddle at her feet. She stood in front of Cody Reese in nothing more than a pair of lavender panties and her low-heeled sandals.

Amanda shivered as his finger traced a slow line down her neck, between the valley of her breasts, over her trembling stomach muscles to hook itself under the waistband of her panties. When his touch halted, he stared at her underwear for a moment before looking back up. She was close enough to see how his eyes had lightened to a golden color. It was less than what she had expected and more than she knew she could handle.

He rubbed the backs of his fingers against the soft skin of her naked mound. Of their own volition, her legs parted. Silently, she invited him to slide his touch lower and give her a more intimate caress. Slowly he began to roll her sensitive nub, making her gasp and grasp onto his arms for support as she swayed on unstable legs. Smooth and wet, just the way I like my pussy. The pleasurable coil of tension tightening through her body moved with a languid, sensual motion.

It left no room for her brain to compute anything other than the basic joy of her building orgasm. His finger picked up speed, making her cry out as everything inside her leapt out of control. She could feel the break of the horizon as the promised land of ecstasy crested inside her. With those few curt words, he held her back from the breaking climax. It took only seconds for her to break down into a quivery, moaning mass. Unable to hold up her own weight, Amanda collapsed into him.

So close, any second now and she would be released. Her protests were only provoked when his finger stilled, his free hand coming to press her solidly against him, forcing her small motions to a standstill. It slipped past her when he gave her clit another slow, rotating caress. Helplessly, she arched forward, her hips following his hand.

In a graceless motion, she collapsed onto the rough, woven blanket. There was no strength left in her body to perform complex motions like standing or walking. It was irrelevant. Instead, he demanded she spread her legs, revealing herself to him in the most intimate pose. Her wet folds glistened with her desire and perfumed the air with the sweet scent of a woman in heat, the alluring odor about drove him out of his mind.

If he did, then she would win. This first intimacy would establish the power balance for their relationship and teach Amanda exactly who was in charge. Licking his lower lip, he sucked it under his teeth as he steeled himself to issue his next command. One day Cody would watch her lick her tits, but not tonight. Instead he had to settle for watching her slender fingers slowly, hesitantly cup her generous globes.

Her tan hands contrasted sharply with the pale perfection of her shapely bosom. His hands itched to touch, but his eyes were mesmerized by the graceful motions of her delicate fingers as they began to move toward her pointed tips. His breath caught, and he could almost feel the moment she brushed her nipples. Amanda gasped, her chest rising and forcing more of her own flesh into her hands. With growing confidence and speed, she began to toy with her nipples, rubbing, rolling, pinching the hardened nubs and forcing husky moans from her throat.

Cody bit his lower lip at the sight of her right palm straightening and hovering over her tit and twirling just the very tip. Kansas Heat 55 He swallowed hard and tried to speak without giving voice to the groan of his own escalating desire. Touch it. He wanted to see everything as her palm came to rest on the sleek skin of her bare mound. One lone finger stretched out to barely part her folds and rest on her clit. She began to rub the sensitive nub, her finger twirling into a rolling motion, matching the rhythm of her other hand on her nipple.

Faster, harder, her moans turned to cries as her hips lifted and her body began to tremble. Cody could clearly see the tiny entrance to her pussy gasping and spasming with the desperate need to be fucked. His cock pulsed and thumped against his jeans, eager to fill the silent call of a cunt in need.

His hand gripped the rigid bulge of his erection. It pressed against his jeans.

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Cody almost enjoyed the pain. For now, he would have to settle for something a little less satisfying, but no less exciting. She set up a rhythm too slow, too shallow to give her what she needed. Amanda deserved something thicker, harder, plunging faster and deeper. Snapping out of spectator mode, Cody stretched along her side, letting the sweet scent of her arousal envelope him.

He pulled her fingers out of the way. So tight, he had to force her muscles to stretch just to fit another finger into her passage. It was going to be sweet hell trying to feed his full length into her when the time came. He would manage, and the result would drive them both insane. Ladies first, Cody reminded himself. He fucked her with his fingers, hard, fast and deep. She screamed loud 56 Jenny Penn enough for the sound to echo across the plains. Her entire body tensed, and he could feel her climax quaking to life. Fully expecting his next order to be ignored, Cody nuzzled her hair out of his way so he could whisper directly into her ear.

Do not come. She was too caught up in the firestorm of sensations raking through her body. He drove the need higher and higher until her body filled with such pleasure the sensation turned sharply into pain. She screamed out her anguish, voicing the words whispering through her. Please let me come! So were his hands suddenly stopping, bringing the cold emptiness of withdrawal. Amanda tried to make sense of it all, but her brain was too far gone to comprehend. When it did, it hit hard and snapped her control completely.

With a scream of absolute rage she turned on the warm, hard body beside her. Mounting him, she ripped at his clothes, trying to dodge the hands coming up to stop her frantic motions. The body beneath hers shifted and they rolled across the edge of the blanket into the grass. Amanda fought him with every ounce of anguish tearing her apart, and still it was not enough.

Arms stretched above her head, both wrists trapped in one of his hands, he held all the control. Let me go! The position brought the hard length of his cock directly in contact with her burning clit. Instead of pleasure, the contact brought pain. The more she struggled, the more the rough fabric of his jeans teased her throbbing bud. So intense, the sensation brought tears to her eyes.

Only by going still and shortening her breaths to shallow pants did Amanda find any relief. I will tolerate no more fighting, cussing or insults from you. You promised to give me my kiss. Instead you humiliate me and leave me in a state of pain. You just gave me one of the greatest shows I have ever seen. What did you do? How about lying to me for starters? You think this was fun for me? Before Amanda could even understand his intent, Cody had her pinned, this time with her arms locked behind back, his arm holding her down and a heavy thigh holding her legs into place.

The loud crack of his palm across her ass shot not only revelation through her, but a streak of white-hot pain. Amanda screamed, and then again as he landed another blow. The two conflicting sensations blurred, blended into a confusing mass of need. Pure, molten lust consumed her, escalating her moans into screams. When he stopped and pushed her thighs apart with his own, she put up no resistance. The soft feel of his lips nuzzling her in a caress as sweet as it was arousing made her moan, tilting her hips up to offer more of herself for his tasting.

Tasting was exactly what he did, a slow sensual dance of lips and tongue. Warm, soft, and velvety, it slid around the edges of her pussy, slipping inward occasionally to lap at her clit with unhurried ease, dipping lower to tickle around the edges of her weeping opening. His lips moved over her in a barely-there caress as he traced every delicate inch of her cunt until they settled in a suckling kiss over her clit. She felt his teeth scrape against the ultra-sensitive bundle of nerves and gasped in a mixture of fear and excitement.

In an instant, the tasting turned into a devouring. Kansas Heat 59 Teeth, lips, tongue, he unleashed an assault on her, making her fingers dig into the earth. Sucking, nipping and kissing sent pleasure spiced with pain sizzling through her system, even as his tongue came to soothe away any hurt. All it did was set her flesh to flame. The ache in her womb to be filled felt like every single muscle in her body bore down in demand for a release to the tension. Cody gave her a taste of what she so badly needed.

His tongue pressed against the walls of her sheath and teased the sensitive surface with the ageold dance of push and pull. Oh, God! It was barely enough, but it would do. Just one more heated stroke inward…NO! Just like before, he stopped short, leaving her a panting heap on the ground. Whatever shifting demons possessed Cody, he pulled her into his lap. Cradled tenderly in his arms, Amanda sniffed, trying to stop weeping. It was all too much. The man was clearly insane, and she was no better off.

She gave into his every demand, enjoyed his punishment, welcomed him back into her body, and even now, cuddling closer into the warmth of his embrace, she felt strangely safe and secure in his arms. There could be no doubt about it. She was sick—a very sick woman. The emotions warring inside left her feeling drained and incapable of latching onto one. For that reason, she allowed him to lift her to her feet and dress her like a lifeless doll. He knew she was pissed, and she had a right to be. He also had some rights. Really, it was more like authority and Amanda had given it to him.

He wanted to though, or at least a part of him did. Hell, Cody could have done all sorts of things to her, but she needed to agree before the lust took over. Parking the truck in her drive for the second time, he felt much better about the future. He knew her game and followed silently behind, willing to play until he heard the door unlock.

You will not come. A second later, she slammed the door in his face without ever once looking back at him. Cody grinned and then laughed as he jogged back to his truck. Yeah, messing with Amanda was fun. No, Cody would be taking one with her.

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Fantasies of just how much fun he could have with Amanda in a shower blurred most of the trip home. Not particularly concerned, Cody bounded from his truck and then had to restrain himself from moving too fast and waking up the ranch dogs. They were good guardsmen and enjoyed the revelry of greeting people. Save a few seconds to lose an hour was not a deal Cody wanted to make. He kept his steps steady and light across the yard. Obsessing over the dogs, Cody had failed to take note of the dark outline of a man tucked into the corner of the porch. I take it your date went well for you to be so unaware of your surroundings.

What he really wanted was to get inside, but he knew if he rushed the conversation, Jace would become suspicious. Jace shot Cody a dirty look. The idea had Cody going silent. When Sharon was around, the idea of family and stability warmed him. With her passing though, the image faded to old and gray. I kept her. No more details you want to share? Cody had better have some good reasons to keep Amanda on their list.

The night was peaceful, and without the sun, almost pleasant. Jace silently repeated her name. It was at the bank, nine years ago. Filled with thoughts of the upcoming proposal, Jace had almost flattened James, the bank guard.

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A cold sensation trickled over him, fueled by the knowledge that danger had arrived. With her hands full of wild tresses, she had fought them back from her face. In a second, she had entranced Jace. Rubbing his chest, Jace sighed. Yeah, he remembered the moment with both awe and shame. Every time he saw Amanda, he felt it. A woman he loved for all her sweetness and gentleness, for her compassion and for the beauty that went beyond skin deep. Not physically, but in his heart, Jace had loved Amanda in every way he wanted. It was five minutes before noon, and already the diner was overflowing with customers.

People were packed around booths and tables with barely enough room to fit everybody. Somehow, though, it all worked out. Nobody ever left The Lunchbox hungry. As the beige rim touched his smirking lips, Amanda wanted to reach over and tip his cup from the bottom up. Spilling hot coffee on Will would have been cruel and fun all at once. That kind of explained her mood since Cody all but dared her to try and have a climax without him.

Pain-in-the-ass bastard. Will was the only person alive to know the truth, the whole truth, about the night she lost her family. That single tragedy had bound them together, merging their grief into a single, shared memory. Nothing could ever break them apart. Kansas Heat 65 Why, then, did she feel so worried? Amanda swallowed and tried to force a brave front. Never particularly outgoing, Will withdrew even more.

Their weekly bowling night faded into the past. Sunday morning breakfast gorging was put on a diet. One-by-one, all the little traditions and rituals binding Will to her like a brother over the years started to disappear. She knew why. Like a true brother, Will might try to keep his secrets, but Amanda knew he had a problem with pills. Will looked down. His hand slapped over his shirt pocket to pop out a pack of cigarettes.

I got to die some day from something. They were both terse with the waitress, salting and peppering their food with agitation. Amanda paused with one ketchup-covered fry halfway to her mouth. You refuse to talk about your sick little affair with Marion Myers. It always worked on Will, even if it never worked on anybody else. She could have sworn her mouth fell open as she stared at him. Will met her gaze with a steady, determined look.

Did you fall and hit your head, Will? I mean where are you going to live? These things take money. Will always got irritable when she started being logical. I only had one goal as a child. It was a common enough goal for most of the younger citizens of Humble.

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They normally went down to Texas or off to Kansas City. Some Kansas Heat 67 place more exciting than a town whose biggest boast was having three traffic lights down its main street. She just hoped he found his way to rehab. Instead, she faked a smile and shrugged. I should get my gun and shoot you, Will McKinney. She hated the way he blatantly forced the conversation in a new direction. Since she was fifteen and woke up to a world without family, Will was her anchor to the past.

An irritating smirk quivered around the edges of his lips. Nick is a low-down, dirty, stubbed-dick, smelly-balled bastard. Will lost his smirk and cocked his head in a puppy-like fashion. It always had her forgiving him for whatever piece of stupidity had pissed her off in the first place. You are going to stay in touch, at least.

His movements were slow and deliberate as he lifted a napkin to wipe away the goop. Amanda watched silently, another red-tipped fry ready. Now she had to drop the fry. If Will had come at her with anything other than sincere sadness, she Kansas Heat 69 could have had an outlet for her anger. But no, the bastard has to go all soft on me. I want to know when you are leaving and where you are going. The day had been long, draining and overdone. Time to crawl into bed and pray for a better tomorrow. It sent her one last obstacle—Cody Reese. Maybe he is. Clenching her keys in a tight fist, Amanda gave the porch a wide berth as she approached her front steps.

Cutting a path through the grass, she avoided the cement path, afraid the clicking might rouse him from his afternoon slumber. Eyes fixed on Cody, Amanda went up the four short steps of her porch on her tiptoes, keeping to the very edge of the steps to avoid any creaking.

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She experienced a well-earned moment of victory as her key slid silently into its hole. To the world, he still looked like he was sleeping. Will had worn her out, leaving her feeling strangely empty. The temptation to distract herself from it was too great for Amanda to be safe with Cody sitting on her porch. Sure there is nothing you want to keep me around for? The bastard knew. The cocky son of a bitch might have control over her body, but not her mouth.

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The hope that it would jar him enough to make his legs fall off the railing was in vain. Dumb to hope anyway. The man rode enough bulls in his time to first place finishes. He certainly had the muscles to hold the swing still without so much as flexing. The sun dipped lower in the sky and shone its bright rays beneath the edge of the porch roof.

The air warmed. The rich scent of leather and man thickened around Amanda, twining around her body and reawakening it to the pleasures she knew in his arms just a short day ago. It was the warmth of his body, the intangible quality of command Kansas Heat 71 emanating over the foot separating them that drew her in despite her better intentions. Then you can go inside, play with yourself some more and just wake up even grumpier tomorrow morning. She wanted him enough to do just about anything. Not about to give him a yes, Amanda went with a silent pout as her answer.

Hearing her words, she liked the sound of them. They emboldened her to lift her chin and speak a little clear. What do you want? There would be no loopholes this time. Amanda could take some comfort in the grin tugging on his lips. I command and you obey, got it? Stupid hormones. They might flood her system with arousal, but her brain remembered the danger of agreeing to his terms. Got it? How about—? We have an agreement. He shook it with a smirk.

Let the bastard smirk. Six orgasms from now she was going to tell him red light and send him packing. I want to make sure you understand my wants before I give into your needs. He already learned something about Amanda. When she felt threatened, she attacked and tried to lure him into an argument. He knew what Amanda really objected to. It cost too much for almost everybody else. It was a place to be seen, which was just why Cody brought her here. When they walked into the brimming dining room, they immediately became the center of attention.

They probably also knew she showed up to the exclusive club wearing jeans and canvas sneakers. He watched in avid fascination as her lips closed in on the tines of her fork. Forming a slight pout, they pulled back and then it came, the most erotic part. Her eyelids would dip, her cheeks relax and, for one beautiful second, a look of pleasure would pass over her face.

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Cody swallowed and forced himself to look away. Yeah, Amanda had sexy down. It was going to be even sexier when it was his cock she was sucking. When the dessert plate was lowered in front of him, revelation hit. Perhaps, just perhaps, Amanda had been right. If she relaxed, Cody might be able to. At least a little. Six, though…six orgasms in a row and she just might be tamed. That was some seriously good food. Score one for Cody. Amanda had to give him this round. The excellent meal made her relax, right up until the waiter had taken the final 76 Jenny Penn plates and poured the coffee.

It was a sign, the time had come for them to move on to her end of their agreement—the sex. Am I really going to do this? Sleep with Cody? Let him have all control over me? Her pussy quivered to life at just the thought. Memories of what had happened in the field haunted Amanda. We did well through the dinner. He said he wanted us to be ourselves and we were. You think you can handle that? All I have to do is follow his lead. With a deep breath, she told herself she could do it as the waiter stepped up to the table. He handed Cody a billfold along with a cryptic assurance.

Amanda watched the stiff, older man work his way around to another table before glancing back to Cody. What was he talking about? Shall we? He came around to help her, at least he gave the appearance. Despite her pledge to be a good, obedient girl, Amanda had difficulty not resisting. She wanted to know where he was leading her, though Amanda suspected she already knew. All the energy inside her had to come out some way. She wanted this, had bargained away her soul for it on her front porch. Now she just had to do it and let go. There was nothing for her to worry about because not a single decision would be hers.

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