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Jump to navigation. Most disturbingly, many warring parties shamelessly target civilians and show a flagrant disregard for international humanitarian law.

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Its report was unanimously adopted on 20 December by the 7 deputies who were present out of 21; the other members had not received their notification because of a postal service strike. This book features a fictional crossover with H. Any operator exceeding the above and or 2. Octobre Oxus and Fulbert use the water-breathing Hictanel to try to take over the world but are defeated by the Hictaner's father, engineer Charles Severac. Christopher Hampton became involved in theatre while studying French and German at Oxford University, and wrote a play in his first year.

Over the past twenty years, the United Nations and its partners have cleared vast areas of land contaminated by landmines and explosive remnants of war. Land that was once dangerous and unproductive has been returned to citizens, enabling them to rebuild their communities. The removal of landmines from roads and airstrips has facilitated humanitarian access to people in need.

The United Nations has provided medical assistance to victims, and educated millions of people on how to live safely during or in the immediate aftermath of conflict. We have also trained and employed thousands of men and women in mine action jobs that support and sustain peace. I thank the brave women and men working in mine action for their life-saving work.

And I applaud the United Nations Mine Action Service, now in its 20th year, for its leadership, courage and commitment to peace. I urge all Member States to keep this issue at the top of the international agenda when negotiating peace, when seeking to prevent harm during conflicts, and when deploying emergency humanitarian responses in war zones. There, she would undergo successful minute emergency eye surgery to correct a debilitating defect.


His adventures roughly take place between and This book features a fictional crossover with H. Wells ' Martians.

In that novel, Oxus and the mad monk Fulbert , grafted shark gills onto a hapless victim, turning him into the Hictaner , a waterbreathing man. After an interval of ten years during which La Hire wrote other novels, the Nyctalope returned in Lucifer There, he was challenged by Baron Glo von Warteck who, from his citadel in Bermuda, tried to enslave humanity with his Omega Rays.

More novels followed, introducing grander villains and more incredible perils, such as Leonid Zattan , evil incarnate, Red Princess Titania , Queen of the Hashshashins, her son Belzebuth , and Gorillard the Mastodon.

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In the Le Roi de la Nuit The King of the Night , the Nyctalope flies to Rhea, a heretofore unknown planet, in an anti-gravity-powered spaceship and there, settle a war between its winged daysiders and ape-like nightsiders. The last Nyctalope story was the novella Rien qu'une nuit Only One Night , taking place in , in which the Nyctalope appears to have succumbed to the charms of collaboration with the Nazis.

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Two more uncompleted Nyctalope novels were finished and published by La Hire's son-in-law in and Louis de Ciserat. Oxus and Fulbert use the water-breathing Hictanel to try to take over the world but are defeated by the Hictaner's father, engineer Charles Severac. The Hictaner marries Oxus' daughter, Moisette. Christiane gets married. He would marry Irena but she dies in July. Submariner Raymond de Ciserat, a son of Louis.

La seconde mission de Sonthonax à Saint-Domingue d'après sa correspondance (mai 1796-août 1797)