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The Four Temperaments
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Strange Humors - John Mackey

He was moreover a philandering husband who fathered two illegitimate children and he channelled his frustrations into other works, including his first opera, Saul and David , which was premiered a few days before The Four Temperaments. Nielsen marks each movement with the dominant temperament Allegro collerico , Allegro commodo e flemmatico , Andante malincolico and Allegro sanguinoso and it is clear that the humours are in a state of flux but with the dominant temperament prevailing.

The opening impetuous Allegro collerico positively bristles with youthful impatience and self-importance.

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For the placid and muted Allegro commodo e flemmatico , Nielsen later wrote that he had in mind a lazy and self-absorbed youth in the countryside. The striking third movement, Andante malincolico , is a deeply-felt lament which oscillates between quiet introspection and outpourings of grief, finally closing in quiet resignation.

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The bouncy and cheerful final movement, Allegro sanguinoso , is in complete contrast; its opening swagger gives way to quiet moments of reflection before the boisterous optimism reasserts itself, ending the work in a blaze of colour. Nothing in all art is as painful as unsuccessful originality. It is like the twisted grimaces of vanity. This attitude is amply demonstrated in his piano compositions which span his musical career. He was not an accomplished pianist but here, musical expression is at the forefront rather than technical displays or a lazy challenging of the limits of the instrument — a well-trodden path taken by others.

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Not for Nielsen were the ever so slight salon pieces churned out by Sibelius presumably for the money to the consternation of his otherwise salivating critics — did Sibelius really write that naff Romance in D-flat? Hint: he did. All is not lost however. The four temperaments still exert their influence in popular psychology — such as the cheerfully irrelevant Myers-Briggs indicators, beloved by shamans of corporate culture.

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At the same time, why not discover for yourself your own temperament sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic or melancholic with this handy on-line quiz. John Mackey and I have known each other for 15 years. Mary Anthony Cox. Over the years, John has built an incredible career as a composer and conductor, and even more impressive, he has continued to self-publish and own everything he writes.

Strange Humors

He is hugely in demand as both a composer and a guest speaker, and he maintains a terrific blog. There are so many pros and cons to self-publishing and traditional publishing; over the next few months we will explore all of them.

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When I talk to composers who are still in college, a lot of them are of the belief that the big goal for a composer is to become published. Where should I send it?

Below is what I tell them. When I was really young — high school age — I thought it would be amazing to be published. I figured that if I could be published by Schirmer some day, their stamp of legitimacy would mean that I was a Real Composer, and people would climb over each other to play my music!

It was a perfect plan! I never actually submitted any material to Schirmer, though, or to any other publisher. The publisher. Clearly, not much has changed.

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Eventually I got an ASCAP check for the performance royalties for that premiere performance — my writer royalty check. Then, a few weeks later, I got another equally tiny check, for the same amount — my publisher check. The composer does not own the copyright; the publisher does. That means the publisher controls all of the rights for the music. Yes, they give half of the earnings to the composer, but they also call the shots.

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Score revision 10/17/ Performance materials available for sale directly from the composer: John Mackey. Rockford Road. Los Angeles. Strange Humors (). Audio & Score. for concert band duration: 5'30" Grade 4 / Texas PML Grade 4. Click to buy: Full set $ Extra 9x12 score $