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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Peek A Boo : It Looks Like The Letter… file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with Peek A Boo : It Looks Like The Letter… book. Happy reading Peek A Boo : It Looks Like The Letter… Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF Peek A Boo : It Looks Like The Letter… at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF Peek A Boo : It Looks Like The Letter… Pocket Guide. But you will still present something in Epen that we can think of as a sketch or plan for your future work. This time, we will try to combine both formats. Students might need to install sketches or concepts. Appointments can be made with Ruth by email before Jan 13 for individual meeting during evening. Ruth will try to accommodate everyone who wants to have individual meetings, but this goes on first come-first serve basis. People will have to be flexible, as individual meetings won't necessary have the same duration. People with whom Ruth did not manage to meet in Sardinia will be first in line next month.

Depending on transport, which is yet to be set up, we can do the letter reading on the way. Transport will probably be around Breakfast will be served at Please be prepared to give your definitions and also present summaries on your chosen texts.

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Ruth will try to acommodate everyone, but this goes on first come, first serve basis and will also be slightly contingent on Ruth's and students energy reserves. People will be flexible, as individual meetings won't necessary have the same duration. Each student will have a faceface upto 30 min with the whole group present on their plans for the outcome of this year's COOP. People will be setting up, presenting and introducing their work in 3 groups. Lets think of these presentations as mini exhibitions with work or some aspect of the work in space rather than presenting on screen.

Exhibition is a broad term and lets approach it as such. It would be good if the people that are in each group could be in touch with each other prior to DAI week regarding what and how they want to present this ie. Each group should decide together on a format. Taking into account the nature of the spaces we may be in it may be difficult to conceive this in the way you might ideally intend it — in which case you might introduce aspects of the exhibitions in their imagined states.

It might be helpful to think of the proposed exhibition as being itinerant, adaptable or versatile. Welcome to Peekaboo! Maria, Tina and I are very much looking forward to working with you over the next months. Monday evening will kick off with a short walk to catch some fresh air meeting point: class room, please be punctual , and then we settle down to watch and discuss a film surprise feature! Isabelle Sully might be joining us. Thursday will be a student lead class. I will contact the three students to do this directly per mail as soon as I have the class list.

Maria and Tina will introduce themselves and I can offer to give you a 30 min. The DAI asks of us to document our research process well. We need to take a bit of time to discuss the why, what, how and who of this. Optional: texts additionally addressing space. If they are saying that they played under The Names. The Names should have been printed somewhere, on the tickets or whatever. When I see people stealing posters, stealing setlists… everything reappears. It was not recorded with him. He wanted, though, especially because there was a brand new studio, the ICP, which is still one of the best traditional studios in Europe.

We were one of the first bands to record there. Again, there was money for creative stuff, because it was very expensive. We went there with our stage sound engineer Robert Van Hove. Michel Duval asked me to do something to pay homage to Marguerite Duras, the writer and filmmaker. Martin did a brilliant job on Calcutta. But that is not entirely due to Martin bein slow ith it. So we come to , which is the great year for you. Which was a great idea!

Crazy times! We could be sitting here until tomorrow if I was to tell you all the anecdotes. Gathering people who had actually nothing in common was a great idea. There were also acts that we were close to, with whom we also shared instruments. But what could we have in common with Paul Haig? We were going to play Les Bains-Douches in Paris, where you had incredible visions of Richard Jobson doing is act with his violin in the swimming pool, with his trousers up because his feet were in the water.

There was electricity, we were afraid that he was going to fry. It was magical. That night at the Bains-Douches, there was going to be a live coverage on France Inter. Bernard Lenoir ran the program. He was the only guy in France who was able to devote two hours to that kind of music. He would talk for one hour about the music, and then there would be fifteen minutes of live coverage. Suddenly, it became very political. Every band, especially Paul Haig, was doing everything to be there on stage during these fifteen minutes.

They wanted to play top of the bill every night, except that night. They wanted us to play top of the bill. It was so silly. It turned out that due to technical problems or whatever, we were on stage during these bloody fifteen minutes. Alas, I have no recording of that. Yes, but we changed it. You know what they were telling us? Michel Duval and Katalin Kolosy? We were good soldiers and we thought it could be interesting, so we started to work on lighter versions. A little back to The Velvet Underground. If they could do it, so did we… But then before going to Paris, we hit Lyon.

We had a huge following there. We playing at the same place where we played one year before with Jo Lemaire, and we stole the show because there were a lot of students, intellectuals who were totally into our music. Much more than into Jo Lemaire. These people knew about us, and after 15 minutes they started to shout for the songs they expected us to play. In the bloody middle of the set, Marc and I conferred and decided to go full impact. Nobody said anything about it, because we were the kind guys. I remember Tuxedomoon was magical on that evening. After the show, we went to Michel and the others and we told them we were going to finish the tour this way.

The people were happy, we were happy. There must be some recordings of The Names go cabaret. No, and the record was to be on Factory Benelux.

And I said that if it could help him, and as he was paying for the whole thing, why not. I should have sticked to a release on Factory Benelux. He was influencing me emotionally, manipulating me… laughs. It was my idea, just as the order of the songs. It was a little snobbish. I sort of lived through that process. Katalin Kolosy was directing that video. I like to see it because people like it.

We are even playing our live-shows with the colours that are in the video. But some aspects were rather awkward. She had to convince me about the rather heavy references to Joy Division. We were playing among the huge furnaces in the cellar of a school building. There were the bricks and the door-effect that were in the video of Joy Division. I found that a little childish at the time. But they were producing it and Katalin was so nice. We did it and were not very concerned. At least ten major people who were crucial to the history of the band say that it is the best song we have.

I have always felt that. It is also one of the most interesting things that Martin did with us. We wanted to go huge with the guitars, with lots of feedback, to go wild and then tame it a bit. The song came from a dream, from a vision of being a father with a child. It was one of my best memories of being in the studio with Martin at that time.

I wanted huge guitars. Marc had this habit of having two or three amps in a row to achieve that. And Martin added to that.

He had at least two amps going full volume. It was unbearable in the guitar booth. And we have this very precious picture of Martin kneeling before Marc. Marc is trying to control the feedback, while Martin is shaking the guitar like a madman. Huge guitars and feedback.

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The things that Marc always loved. We decided to let him free with that this time. And now I am a father, I have kids that are already in their teens. My son will be eighteen soon. Whatever happened in the meantime is of less importance. It was one of the best experiences we had. First, Martin came to Belgium. John Leckie - whom we would have worked with if we would have signed with Fiction - was approached and did agree about doing a session with us. I had a conversation with Martin, then with his wife and then again with Martin.

I resisted the idea of changing producers. It was much more collaborative, not only in terms of recording - the recording was always very collaborative, also in the mixing. I insisted on the mixing being done back to back with the recording. I had very strong ideas about how it should work. And Martin had very strong ideas too. We got together with the same basic aims about the song.

It is still one of the songs that I like most in everything that we did. We are still playing it. There are a lot of things in the song. It was a great experience having Martin here, his wife and manager at that time. It was a very happy session.

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It seems to be like the perfect ending. She is the hugest Bowie fan in Belgium. Well, there might be a competition.