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My resolution thus taken, I lost no time in repairing to Commercy. The resolution was adopted, with only a small opposing vote.


Sense of "a solving" as of mathematical problems first recorded s, as is that of "power of holding firmly" cf. Sense of "decision or expression of a meeting" is from c.


The resolution was adopted, with only a small opposing vote. On the computer screen: active window , avatar , bar The act or process of separating or reducing something into its constituent parts. Sophia was now convinced that her aunt had behaved honourably to her: and she determined to go through that disagreeable afternoon with as much resolution as possible, and without giving the least suspicion in the world to her father. Only two senators opposed the resolution , which the administration later claimed was the authority for a full-scale war.

Meaning "effect of an optical instrument" is from Compare concurrent resolution , joint resolution. Her resolution to clear her parents' name allowed her no other focus in life.

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Compare resolving power. From Santa Claus to outer space, here's what had folks searching for meaning.

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Resolution(s) may refer to: Contents. 1 Common meanings; 2 Science, technology, and mathematics. Mathematics and logic; Measurements; Other  ‎Display resolution · ‎Image resolution · ‎Resolution (film) · ‎Resolution (law). The display resolution or display modes of a digital television, computer monitor or display device is the number of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be  ‎List of common resolutions · ‎Graphics display resolution · ‎Display size.

Music, other music the process in harmony whereby a dissonant note or chord is followed by a consonant one. Photography the ability of a television or film image to reproduce fine detail. General Physics physics another word for resolving power.

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Compare resolving power. A measurement of the smallest detail that can be distinguished by a sensor system under specific conditions. A formal expression of an official body such as Congress, the United Nations Security Council, or North Atlantic Treaty Organization North Atlantic Committee that may provide the basis for or set limits on a military operation.

Switch to new thesaurus. A position reached after consideration: conclusion , decision , determination. Unwavering firmness of character, action, or will: decidedness , decision , decisiveness , determination , firmness , purpose , purposefulness , resoluteness , resolve , toughness , will , willpower. He made a resolution to get up early.

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The meeting passed a resolution in favour of allowing women to join the society. I've resolved to stop smoking.

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It was resolved that women should be allowed to join the society. He showed great resolve.

It is his resolve to become a director of this firm. Meaning "effect of an optical instrument" is from Synonyms for resolution decision settlement verdict aim boldness constancy courage dauntlessness declaration dedication doggedness earnestness energy firmness fortitude guts heart immovability intent intention judgment mettle moxie obstinacy perseverance pluck purpose purposefulness relentlessness resoluteness resolve sincerity spirit spunk staunchness steadfastness stubbornness tenacity willpower decidedness fixed purpose purposiveness staying power MOST RELEVANT.

Disraeli offered a resolution of dissatisfaction in the House of Commons.

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If this resolution be adhered to, then will my father never see me more!