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Genevieve Gaea (Author of Sticks & Stones & Zombies)

I really don't know how to answer it! XD Every character is very easy to carry around that this book never losses it sense of humor. I am thinking of something though I don't have one. Which is cool, that means this book is totally wicked awesome! If there is I love this book so much! The last chapter turns out to be quite different, I came from laughing and laughing then all of a sudden I went some place deeper in feelings for the characters. At the end there is something odd happened, guessing it, that this books had a part two.

I hope so because I actually don't want the story to end like that. But i am quite sure there will be a next installment. I have so many great things to say about this book that I can't even put it in here or maybe I am just out of words. Zombies Don't Cry is clean, clear, smart and absolutely fun to read! Each pages are never boring and surely you won't put this book down! I highly recommend this for the readers-in-love with Paranormal Romance and others who just want to have something new from the YA community!

A well deserve salute for Rusty Fischer! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! View all 5 comments. May 16, Bonnie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I truly did not expect that a book about zombies would make me laugh as hard as it did while at the same time pulling at my emotions. These zombies were still dead, and looked it, they still craved brains but they chose to buy their brains from the all night deli instead of eating the those of their friends.

Zerkers are the zombies that choose to munch on human brains and bite whomever they wish, turning them into Zerkers as well. I loved the fact that there were good and bad zombies, even more I loved that fact that there were rules that the good zombies had to follow, or else! Feelings of being invisible, being constantly overshadowed by a more popular or social friend, fickle friends who are willing to turn on you the second something seemingly better comes along. The dialogue flowed so naturally that I literally flew through the pages; there was nothing at all forced or contrived about it.

The plot, the action and super likeable characters just pulled me further and further into the story. Aug 04, Lea rated it it was amazing Shelves: couldnt-stop-reading , dark , favorite , high-school , paranormal , thriller , kickass , snarky , made-me-laugh , good-boy-book. OK, so-- this book was pretty much fa-reaking awesome. Now, I'll be totally honest-- zombies?

Not so much my fave paranormal creature. But this book-- the story, the characters, the dialog-- I don't know which one I liked more. Zombies Don't Cry was so much fun to read, and I'm really glad I decided to pick this one up as my first ever zombie-themed book! Maddy Swift is just your typical high-school girl. She's not popular, but she's not an outcast, she's not gorgeous, but she's not ugly-- just a OK, so-- this book was pretty much fa-reaking awesome. She's not popular, but she's not an outcast, she's not gorgeous, but she's not ugly-- just an average chick, who happens to have a huge crush on Stamp, the new guy in town.

That is, until the night Maddy sneaks out of the house to go to a party, gets struck by lightning, and wakes up feeling Like, stone-cold, no-heartbeat kind of different. Maddy was so funny-- her snarky attitude had me laughing throughout the entire book, and it was beyond hilarious to read about life as a teenage zombie-- who knew?

Poor preppy Maddy has to turn Goth in order to hide her "zombiness" from everyone, she can't date any "Normals" AKA living, breathing humans meaning Stamp is out of the picture, and she can't even cry about the injustice of it all because-- zombies have no tears! The thing I loved about this book was how Rusty Fischer actually managed to make you able to relate to zombies. They weren't your typical clumsy, lurching, brain-crazed creatures-- they actually had personalities, coherent thoughts, and a conscience well, the good ones anyways.

This is the first time I've ever seen zombies from this kind of human perspective, which was really cool. I mean, I never thought I'd actually be feeling sorry for a zombie! The character dialog is something else I want to point out, because it rocked-- it was just done so incredibly well. I've read quite a few YA books and I don't think I've ever read dialog quite this witty and still have it come across as being natural. There was nothing contrived about it-- and I always notice when dialog sounds fake or like the author is trying too hard to sound "hip" jeez, did i just use the word "hip?

All in all, this book was just so fantastically original and creative. Seriously, I can't even pick what part I loved more-- the fact that Maddie eats lamb brains chilled on ice and seasoned with spices? That there's a Zombie Guide that every Good Zombie has to follow? They're the BAD zombies that eat human brains! Yeah, total win right here. Otherwise, all I have to say is: Read this book. Like, now. Like, really. It was amazing. You are gonna love it, I promise! Dec 01, Lucinda rated it it was amazing. A fantastic Young Adult paranormal thriller that sends Goosebumps down your spine, as you are thrust into a world of living dead!!

This outstanding book is the most exciting read that I have encountered this year, which with its own originality and distinctiveness it takes this genre to new heights. Then unexpectedly there is such a shocking twist in the tale as she turns into a Zombie that as everything changes, the pace quickens, your heart beats faster and the storyline becomes even more dramatic and exciting. Her choice and outcome is connected to that strongest and most remarkable emotion called love, which constantly shapes and defines our future and which ultimately will do with Maddy in her quest to seek out her inner self… This story is an utterly compelling, forceful and powerful read where much dwells beneath the surface as you unveil more hidden within these pages.

View 1 comment. I had wanted to read this book for so long, since the author did a guest post on my old blog a long time ago. I love zombie books and this one sounded really different. Maddie is your average teenage girl trying to get through hi I had wanted to read this book for so long, since the author did a guest post on my old blog a long time ago. Maddie is your average teenage girl trying to get through high school. Her personality and character come through well and her voice is a strong one… one that I liked very much.

Considering what a small town they live in, it makes people think that something very strange is going on. Also, all of the girls are in one of the same classes at school… the very same class that Maddy and Hazel are in. I really liked the way in which Maddy became a zombie. It was original and different and something that I had never read about before. There are apparently two different ways to become a zombie and one way makes you a normal zombie well, normal according to the author and then the other way makes you a bad zombie.

The bad zombies in this book were very predictable from early on and I wish there had been some more mystery surrounding this aspect. I loved the whole way that Maddy realised what she was and what she had to do to survive. All in all, the zombie aspect of this book was very inventive.

Not only was there some new ideas about zombies but there was also a great rivalry going on. The actual ins and outs of being a zombie take up a fair amount of the plot so the action and planning of said action broke this up a little bit. I also liked how there was a small amount of romance in the book. Although I did like this book, I found myself getting annoyed with a couple of characters at numerous points in the book and I wish the characters had been more likeable.

Apr 09, Candace rated it really liked it. This ended up a fabulous read. The characters were great, the writing was awesome and the story line was intriguing. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I'm not a huge zombie fan, but it's mostly just because of the ideas of zombies. I haven't read many zombie books and I've actually enjoyed all that I have. So far. I thought this was going to be a sort of ridiculous funny. And it was. But it got pretty serious, far more serious then I ever expected. It all worked together, but it wasn't what I This ended up a fabulous read. It all worked together, but it wasn't what I would guess would work so I kept being surprised.

I liked the main character, Maddy, and I liked all the side characters as well.

I never knew where things were going with them and they all kept you on your toes. You didn't always know who was good, and sometimes they changed so I was constantly guessing. Were they really bad? Or were they still good? It was surprising some of the places the author took the characters. The romance never really had a chance to get off the ground. Maddy was busy learning about being a zombie and all the rules that go with it.

While also trying to keep herself 'alive', or at least not dead dead or a bad zombie yes, there are good zombies and bad zombies. I look forward to seeing where the romance goes in the next one that hasn't been wrote yet but he's now thinking on writing one. It definitely left off like there's more to come, though it wasn't a cliffhanger.

I really liked the tone that Rusty set with this book. It really felt different and was very well done. I really never would have guessed. I'm anxious to read more from Rusty Fischer and see where he takes things with Maddy in the next book. I really think everyone will surprised how this book goes.

From the ridiculous in a good way funny to very serious. The twists and turns thrown in the path that you may not see coming. Anyway, give it a try! Mar 09, Jodie rated it it was amazing Shelves: own. Rusty has presented us with a real 'stiff' of a story, creating a tale in which you aren't sure if you should laugh uncontrollably or take pity on the main character.

You have good humor and seriousness combined. Putting that combination into one book isn't easy. Rusty has came out with remarkable talent and left me wanting to read more of his work! Maddy is just like you and me. Yet, in her Home Ec class people seem to be dying. Quite weird.

Maddy's best friend Hazel thinks it's cursed. Why else would people keep dying in only that class? As Maddy rushes out one day she accidentally bumps into the new guy Stamp. Nobody ever notices Maddy. They always notice Hazel, yet he does. Later, as Maddy is running she ends up slamming straight into guess who?

Yes again! He ends up asking her out to a party where she just can't wait to see him! This never happens to her! As Maddy is creeping down the road heading for the party to meet Stamp, it's beginning to rain and out of nowhere, WHAM! Lights out, on the ground, she is confused. Is the party not going on? There are no lights on at the house.

Suddenly she realizes it's way later, hours later than it was just a couple minutes ago. And, to top it all off, the is a spot on her head. She realizes she was hit by lightning. How could this have happened? Now the only thing left to do is go back home. Once there, She realizes things just aren't right. She gets on the computer and starts searching for the fact that she feels like she's really cold, no heartbeat, why she can hold her breath for like She's also feeling stiff.

The answer: She must eat brains. Why: She is more than likely a zombie. This girl seriously needs some help! Is this what's happening to everybody? May 07, A Book Vacation rated it really liked it. You need to drop everything and read it right now! Fischer is a very talented writer and I loved his zombie explanations!

Most zombie books are about killing off zombies, but Fischer has created a novel in which the reader obtains an up front view of what it is like to be a zombie, and this was a very refreshing look at such a popular genre! I feel like in movies, and books, we never really get the t Wow! However, Fischer has created a novel in which not all zombies are bad—there are two types: Zombies good and Zerkers bad.

I loved it! Although she has to deal with many changes, such as becoming a zombie, finding makeup and a new look to go with her sunken in eyes and sickly looking skin, covering a hole in her head, and avoiding the Zerkers that want to eat her brains, she remains as positive as possible and even jokes about her situation. Fischer has a wonderful sense of humor that aides his enticing plotline, and this book was, overall, just a fabulous read! Feb 22, Lillie rated it really liked it Shelves: i-own , ya , arc-galley , for-review , medallion , received-for-promotion , received-from-publisher , review-copy.

Yes, I did just say that. Honestly, the thought of zombies kind of creep me out. They're not pretty undead like vampires, and they don't have hot looking abs like shapeshifters. They are not heroes to me. They are the things that you kill. At least, that's what I thought until I read this book. Rusty Fischer made me like zombies, because his have heart and humor, and most of all, they don't eat brains.

Well, they do, but not straight from a human head. Maddy is a great heroine. Though she's more of an outcast than class president, Fischer has given her a sassy attitude, and a great sense of humor. She's smack-dab in the middle of hero and anti-hero, which made her all the more endearing to me. She felt like a real person, and Fischer didn't allow her character to fall into the category of cliche.

I had a great time reading this book, and I have to thank Fischer for opening my mind to reading more zombie novels. Jun 06, Charlotte rated it it was amazing. The cover is totally The cover makes it seem so serious and dark and Twilightly, the book is so NOT. It was hilarious.

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I'm pretty sure that if I wasn't in school while I was reading this, that I would have literally been on the ground rolling around and laughing. That good. Oct 08, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: library-reads , zombie , 4-both-brats. Read them ALL. Apr 30, Alyssa Wallace rated it really liked it. Hands down this was the best zombie book ever. There was never a dull moment, and it even had be laugh a couple of times. I hope to see a sequel! Shelves: humor , young-adult , girl-power , romance , the-wolfs-den-reviewed , action , free-read-borrow , urban-fantasy-paranormal , horror.

Good grades, but not too brainy. Preppy, but not obnoxiously so. And definitely not buying this whole "Cursed Home Ec Class" theory her best friend's pushing on her. Sure, three deaths in three months is tragic, but her dad's the coroner and all of them were ruled accidental. Besides, who can worry about curses when there's a new transfer to drool over?

Stamp Crosby is currently the most sought after guy in the school, so Maddy's a little more than surprised when she's able to snag a private conversation twice in one day. And she's downright shocked when he goes so far to ask her out. Hey, she may not believe in curses, but no one said anything about knocking good luck! Thing is, there may be something to this curse thing. Cause if getting a bolt of lightning to the skull and waking up without a heartbeat is normal But if coming to terms with her new undead status wasn't enough, Maddy's got a father to fool, a Zombie apocalypse to prevent, and a date to find before the Fall Formal!

What's a Zombie to do? It's a habit of mine to search my library for new authors as soon as I learn of them.

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Sticks & Stones & Zombies (The Way The World Ends Book 1) eBook: Genevieve Gaea: Kindle Store. Sticks & Stones & Zombies: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel for Young People of All Start reading Sticks & Stones & Zombies (The Way The World Ends Book 1) on.

And I'm glad I did. Fischer's writing is as fun, witty, and relatable as ever. The chapter titles are to die for See what I did there? They're so clever, I even used one for the blog title. Then there's the story itself. Written in first-person present-tense, Maddy's narration not only covers her actions and thoughts of the moment, but also quips and questions the reader like you're right there with her.

So not only is the action right in your face, but you also feel the emotions and drama right alongside the narrator-turned-friend. Speaking of turn ing, I was fascinated by this book's zombie lore. Some stories have zombies as mindless, drooling, stumbling reanimated corpses. Others might have them originating from living people infected by a virus, and more intelligent, nimble, and rabid. Zombies Don't Cry took it in a completely new to me direction that felt not only plausible, but logical.

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I mean, you hear of people getting struck by lightning and surviving, but now you might wonder just how 'alive' they really are. Whether they were alive or undead, the characters were pretty amazing. Maddy may not be the smartest, most assertive, or bravest heroine overall, but she definitely had her moments.

She's got a lot of snark, even if she doesn't always say everything out loud though, most times she does , it's a lot of fun being inside her head. Some of the secondary characters like Maddy's fellow zombies were a bit dry at first, but eventually I warmed or cooled up to them. The villains gave me just enough mystery to make me want to know more, enough creepiness to make me want them nowhere near me, and enough action to make me believe they were a real threat, all without being over-the-top.

Really, the only character I was disappointed with on the whole was Stamp, which was a bit unfortunate since he's a good chunk of the romance. He was pretty great to start out with, but Maddy's zombification takes over for a good chunk and Stamp becomes overshadowed. So I guess I'd say the romance isn't the book's strong point. I mean, yeah, there's a lot of pining over the guy, and caring what he thinks, etc. So anyone with aversions to zombies making out, I wouldn't worry about that for this book. As with any book, yes even ones I love, there were some things I didn't like.

This book had small things here and there that I found slightly distracting. Like there's one time where she says she's been a zombie for only 48 hours pg , but it's only the next afternoon, so 16 hours tops. And there's this huge deal made about needing to meet with the Zombie Council guys within 24 hours of being turned, which they do, but she's still reprimanded Then there were the Zerkers.

As with any villain, you need an origin story, and to a point I could follow how Zerkers in general came to be. An electricity-born Zombie First Degree bites a Normal alive human and passes on some of their electric charge, making the victim a Second Degree Zombie. Now, this is where it gets tricky This becomes especially confusing in the later parts of the book I mean, okay, I read it first and still enjoyed the story, but around chapter 4 I was able to accurately predict the ending.

Cause the prologue takes place at the end of the story. In fact, the epilogue picks up exactly where the prologue ends, it just adds names where the prologue omitted them. So, unless you need any more reassurance that Zombies Don't Cry - A Living Dead Love Story does in fact contain zombies and romance, I think you'll be fine skipping the prologue until after the story proper.

But besides the disparities with time those couple chapters, some unclear Zerker info, and a slightly spoilerish prologue and those might just be because I'm detail oriented and over-think things , I really didn't have much to complain about. If anything, I just want to know more!

I don't know if this planned as a series-starter or if it's a stand-alone novel. Without the prologue and epilogue it works really well by itself, but the epilogue, especially, draws out the possibility and for some readers, a NEED for a sequel or two. Personally, I'm for a continuation of Maddy's story, but I know the author has a lot of other works on his plate, so I don't know if a sequel is in the cards. I'll be sure to update once I hear differently. Girls will probably find the book a bit more relatable, but I think even guys will find Maddy's humor irresistible.

Language and sex aren't issues, but violence and mild gore come on, it is zombies we're talking about are prevalent, so probably no younger than middle school, but more relatable to high school readers. In short anyone with a brain should check out this book. Approximate Reading Time: 5 hours Apr 08, Novels On The Run rated it really liked it. Rusty did that very, very well.

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I even felt sad. As the reader we were doing it together. Having to hide the truth of what you had become from your friends and family. Not easy. Goths are hot!! Well , Stamp thinks so. I loved the chapter titles, they were young and fun. Hubby is. Yes , I have sat through those movies I was converted, kinda, when hubby and I got a date pass, which is incredibly rare, and we went to the movies.

Rather different ends of the movie spectrum. He won. What I am trying to say, is even if you are not a zombie fan you will really like this book. Rusty has written it very well. Sure there were the scenes with bone crunching, nummy, num, num action biting.

The gym scene with the Fall Formal and the bathroom with the girls, I thought were awesome scenes , but I now look at Zombies in a different light. Even though Dane has yellow teeth, etc He is a very caring character. I am Team Dane all the way baby. I loved his character. Sure he looked like a zombie, but he was such a nice guy.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I kinda forgot what Dane was. Zombies with feelings Dane had them and they were hurting Hazel, well , hmmmm They are the bff we have known for years but we put up with their flaws until one day Dhalia was well written, Rusty made me loathe her character. Slow vs. My favorite parts of this book had to be the smaller insertions, including the ongoing debate of fast vs. There is also a great deal of zombie art in this book with the artists comments on what they were conceiving and thinking about when they created a particular piece.

I have always felt that in many zombie movies the police and military are treated with limited respect-they are made to be less than competent so a zombie apocalypse is that much more likely. This book presents a fair and balanced view of how the police, SWAT, and the military might actually respond. Good stuff for a real zombie zealot but the author still acknowledges the excitment that goes along with the fantasy that is zombies. Perhaps this book peels back too many layers of this onion in exposing what is realistic and possible but the author says more than once in the book, as a reminder to the reader, that we are talking about zombies here, the modern variation concocted by George Romero in Night of the Living Dead, not something we have ever really seen or that has ever actually really existed This is the book for the zombie fanatic.

Perhaps a little too dense and complex for the casual zombie observer, someone who digs the occasional zombie flick or book. But if you really are fascinated with everything zombie in all its gory incarnations, if you can imagine hunkering down in a bunker cleaning your guns waiting for the undead to break down your reinforced doors, then this book is a great read.

Jul 08, Natalie rated it liked it Shelves: she-blinded-me-with-science , zombies , speculative-fiction-and-sci-fi , media-popculture , dystopian-visions. Entertaining, interesting, and covers pretty much every aspect of the medico-legal and law enforcement angles of a potential zombie plague outbreak, which I liked. However, it was so riddled with editing errors that I wanted to take out my red marker and start having a go at it. Snell's zombie novel "Roses of Blood on Barbwire Vines.

After seeing so many other spelling and editing errors, that actually made me laugh out loud. To give Maberry credit, he did his homework and his research, and he's obviously a devoted and passionate fan of the zombie genre. He interviewed plenty of legal, medical, and law professionals in addition to zombie writers and zombie film actors. It's a book worth reading if you're a serious zombie fan. Sep 30, Erica Quinn rated it it was amazing. So cool in fact, that I have dogearred a bunch of pages so I can remember to go back and use some of the quotes for the project I'm writing as part of my postgrad degree at UofEdinburgh.

I have some novel ideas about how I can use Zombies as a hook to make learning fun for 7 to 11 year olds. Admittedly, it might be stretching the connection a bit thin, but I think that a make-believe Zombie Apocalypse could very well be the catalyst needed to make it impossible for the kids to forget their experiences learning about geography, geology, natural history in Glasgow, and the local history surrounding the new school site. If escaping a zombie apocalypse requires drawing on critical knowledge gained during the academic sessions, then I've got a ready made and hella exciting method of assessing whether they "got" what it was I was trying to teach them.

View 1 comment. Nov 20, Rick rated it really liked it Shelves: horror , non-fiction. If you are a fan of zombies, this book is for you. The author goes into great detail about how the authorities would respond to a zombie outbreak, if such a thing ever happened. He is not just shooting from the hip either. He interviewed hundreds of experts in various fields and then breaks down that information step-by-step. A great read, though there were some parts where it got a little dry.

The book did have some minor typos here and there, and one huge typo attributing the First Amendment t If you are a fan of zombies, this book is for you. The book did have some minor typos here and there, and one huge typo attributing the First Amendment to Lyndon Johnson, instead of attributing the Freedom of Information Act to the former president. The author seemed to have been let down by his editor s. But, as an editor, I know how very easy it is for something like that to slip by under deadline.

None of this detracts from the amazing job done on this book, which includes snippits from leading zombie authors, artists and more, plus zombie art. May 30, Michael Roop rated it it was amazing Shelves: conspiracy-theories. This is the first book I encountered by Jonathan Maberry. After this I was hooked on his works. Originally I was going to use this book for a research paper in speech for the spring semester of school, then something happened.

I realized what Jonathan Maberry has done with this book. A scenario was posed and extensive research around the scenario was was revealed. I went on to make a helluva grade. This book is fantastic. This is a must read for any zombie apocalypse survivalist theorist. Plus o This is the first book I encountered by Jonathan Maberry. Plus on the up and up Can't beat that with a stick. Jul 05, Peta rated it really liked it. Awesome book!

I started reading it not having a clue what it was but was quickly became so engaged in the 'how would things actually go down' information in he he book. I loved that the author consulted with people in different industries to discuss such things. I would say this book is a must for anyone preparing for a zombie outbreak or horror film enthusiasts as there are lots of film references in the book.

Mar 22, Holly rated it liked it Recommends it for: zombies and their fans. Shelves: zombies. Funny, quirky, but not as good as the Zombie Survival Guide. Still worth a read though. Aug 28, Lisa rated it it was amazing. Check out my artwork on page ! Filled with tons of amazing facts. May 16, Kathryn rated it really liked it. Lots of useful information in this book. Said with tongue in cheek. Every fan of the zombie genre needs to read this book.

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I don't know if I can make that statement any more clear. With these four books in tow, you should find yourself more than prepared to make it through the zombie outbreak that hits your neighborhood or perhaps the world. Should you not survive, these books should provide hours of "what ifs" and entertainment fo Every fan of the zombie genre needs to read this book. Should you not survive, these books should provide hours of "what ifs" and entertainment for you.

I highly suggest that anyone who plans to take on any type of zombie project book, story, game, or film read this first. Maberry has done more research on this subject and interviewed more experts than most of us could ever imagine. He included a huge amount of material that debunks several zombie possibilities while giving ideas on how this type of outbreak might actually occur.