The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ (Eastern Philosophy and Religion)

The Aquarian Gospel for Yogis
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Vintage Paperback Books Paperback Books. Product Description Product Details This visionary text professes to tell the complete story of Jesus' life, including the "lost" years, during which he traveled and studied in Tibet, Egypt, India, Persia, and Greece. First published in , this mystical work is the cornerstone of a Christian denomination, the Aquarian Christine Church Universal, and it offers intriguing, controversial assertions about Christ's message.

Jesus was conceived by a human father, author Levi Dowling states, and by effort and prayer rendered himself a fit vessel for "the Christ" — the model for human existence and ultimate salvation. Dowling, who devoted forty years of preparation to the task of transcribing this volume's contents from original Akashic records, further asserts the reality of reincarnation and its culmination in the perfection of the human soul.

Tracing Jesus' life from his birth in Bethlehem to his ascension from the Mount of Olives, Dowling offers complete details concerning the savior's years among monks, wise men, and seers throughout the Orient. Her vision was probably influenced by the Masonic imagery of her grandfatherbuilding the White City in the West was equivalent to rebuilding the Temple of Jerusalem in a new location, and not just in the West but in the microcosm, the interior of the soul. Frank was an alternative physician, as we would say today, and a passionate advocate of physical exercise regimens, numerology, and the tarot.

The Priestess gave through Harriette the teachings Curtiss published as the Blavatsky-inspired work, The Voice of Isis, in which Curtiss had referred to cycles of fulfillment. This, she pointed to a few years laterin , after The Aquarian Gospel was widely knownas a reference to the Age of Aquarius.

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Or, more properly, to the Age of Aquaria, for by that time Curtiss had become the voice of Aquaria, the Holy Ghosts name in the New Age, as she explained, following Dowlings own gospels declaration that the Holy Spirit was feminine. Those sources included the writings of French occultist Eliphas Lvi aka Alphonse Louis Constant, , whom Dowling quoted in lectures he gave at his Los Angeles home, demonstrating that he had absorbed from him a predilection for magic, Kabbala, and astrology, probably through Arthur E.

Waites translations of Levis works. Levis residences in Chicago, St. Louis, and Los Angeles, also call to mind two New Thought advocates of the time who triangulated their careers on these three cities. The first was self-made publishing entrepreneur, Charles Francis Haanel, who pioneered self-help seminars for business executives, who learned the same mix of pantheism and personal empowerment that people today still pay to hear under a variety of names. The other New Thought leader of the time who was active in the St.

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Supporters of Dowling argue that within theosophical thought, figures such as Meng-Tse, Matheno, Miriam , Moses , Elijah and Vidyapati exist in an ascended state. Although New Age is generally tolerant of almost any world religion or philosophy, it is opposed to the "narrow-mindedness" of Christianity that teaches Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal salvation. Water is the true symbol of purification. The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ. Prophet publishes the Pearls of Wisdom. I n a book appeared on the shelves of American bookstores that was destined to garner interest throughout the world, so much so that today it has gone through more than seventy editions in America alone. See details for description of any imperfections.

Louis-Chicago-Los Angeles triangle was William Walker Atkinson, who was intent on Eastern-based methods of self-realization, including yoga. Nevertheless, he was also an enthusiastic student of the Western Occult crafts of psycho-magic, as he called it, including clairvoyance, psychometry, telepathy, crystal gazing, astral travel, and divination. He was a tireless writer and publisher of books on the subjects of character power, creative power, desire power, faith power, memory power, personal power, reasoning power, regenerative power, perceptive power, the art of salesmanship, the secret of success, and the grandly-titled Mastery of Being.

Instead, thoughts are things and, conversely, one might say, things are just thoughts, and so may be changed by changing ones thoughts. This is because the world and its weal and woe is created by our minds, and the body is only the instrument by which the mind acts. With this conviction, one may hope for the perfection of mind over matter and for the healing of the body through right thought.

He had, in fact, become a New Age mystic dynamo, the center of grand expectations, based on the initial popularity of The Aquarian Gospel among spiritualists, occultists, and New Thought devotees. He called himself Levi dGuru, undoubtedly thinking that nom de plume was humorous. It included prohibitions against tight clothing, sexual impurity, tobacco smoking, impure language, and the use of drugs and alcohol. It included admonitions to engage in deep breathing of ozone-filled air, proper willing, and forceful thinking, daily outdoor exercise, bathing, controlling ones temper, masticating each bite of food twenty times, keeping regular waking and sleeping hours, and keeping regular times for eating, for defecation, and for ones devotionsthat is, meditation.

This meant that one should practice concentration of magnetic force upon yourself and others at least two hours a day. Levi now equated his term Biopneuma with the Holy Spirit, adopting an overtly Gnostic view that encouraged entering The Great Silence to be filled with the Biopneuma in order to become an Illuminate.

To achieve this, Levi recommended the recitation of a formula that he said he had repeated to himself for forty long years. Then the clouds had parted and the glory of the Lord had shown forth and the Mysteries of the Ages had been revealed and had become as an open book. It was Wisdom! It must be mine; Light! I will see the true light; Ilumination! I will attain unto divine illumination, through Jesus Christ, my Lord. Eva had become the organizations National Scribe.

Membership was open to individuals around the worldOne dollar a month qualified a member to receive an insignia button and monthly mimeographed lecture notes of an ongoing series of teachings that Levi continued to record from the Akashic record. It included material on Kabbala and on other complex systems of Biblical allegory.

Bestselling Series

It is this same force, mechanically concentrated, that gives us our electric lights, runs our street cars and elevators as well as the human and animal body. But this secret cannot and will not be given to the race as a WHOLE until selfishness leaves man in a greater state of freedom than he now lives in. MAN must find the secret of the way to live in sweetness, Peace and plenty without owning even as much as the clothes on his back. Then want, sickness and death will leave the land and all mankind shall be richer than the richest today, without a single earthly possession that he can call his own in the way that man owns things today.

TODAY this secret is occasionally given to advanced natures of sweetness, learning and unselfishness. But it is always transmitted in exchange of feelings and not by words, and those who do receive it never tell of it. Nor do they ever die like common mortals. Nor do they remain. We state further, that regeneration as it is taught in the world today is a mistake and will NEVER do the things it is believed to do. Sex was made for regeneration as well as for Generation, and, in fact, sex would NEVER have been made for the purpose of begetting species.

Its value is yet unknown to modern man. In twos Gods are, in twos man came, and in twos we must return. The secret of secrets is hidden in sex, and this secret man must learn. Nevertheless, one can imagine the old Sunday School master using the same methods and accounting and lesson plan books, the same blackboard techniques, the same weekly lectures mailed to paying subscribers, but now directed not to young students of the Bible, but to adult students of sex magic. Entrepreneur that he still was, he hopefully divided the world into councils, provinces, and chaptersthe Pacific and the Atlantic, for example, and assigned these territories to individuals to cultivate.

In payment for the Atlantic franchise of the Brotherhood there were commissions for new members perhaps in a pyramid recruitment system the Aquarians acquired The New Age magazine. Aquarian member Frank J. French edited it. If recruitment was organized in a true pyramid form, it was in the same multi-level marketing pattern that would manifest itself in the later, very typical conjunction of New Thought create material success, health, and wealth through mental power and the New Age.

Levis associates in the Aquarian Commonwealth included, first and foremost, Eva, who was his amanuensis. Levi may have first produced The Aquarian Gospel by automatic writing that is, written by his own hand while he was in trance , which Eva would have then transcribed on the typewriter. Or, he may have voiced the work in trance, with Eva taking it down in writing.

Or, he may have simply written down drafts of the manuscript in his normal conscious state at night, and simply given them to Eva in the morning, explaining to her that he had been inspired. In any event, she also produced the. The core members of the Aquarian Commonwealth included three spirit mediums who had already a longstanding reputation in spiritualist circles for their writings, their trance mediumship, and their abilities as spiritual healers.

By this time they had all moved to Los Angeles. All three had supplemented their spiritualism with a study of occultism, comparative religion, Theosophy, and New Thought, and had written and spoken in public about the harmony of all of these. Colville had a long career in trying to reconcile various forms of esotericism, most particularly spiritualism, Theosophy, and New Thoughtall under the principle, he said, of the supremacy of mind over matter.

As an example of this reconciliation, he believed that the Ages metaphysical movement, was in fact the second coming of Christ. This, he believed, happens in ourselves when we are true to our inner light. And, he argued, it was something not comprehended by Christians after the first century or so, who degenerated into extremes and then put the second coming of Christ far into a remote period.

In The Garden of Eden, the problem of universal religion is presented for solution. His Onesimus Templeton, a psychical romance, was advertised as occupying the neverland between fact and fictionThough this work is professedly a novel, it abounds in short essays and sparkling dialogues exploratory of the Spiritual Philosophy and all things related thereto.

Another of his books, Dashed Against the Rock, would also have to be shelved in the fiction-as-fact section. This book by Colville was a scientific and mystical novel, dealing with spiritual laws and the latest attainments in practical science. Actually, it was essentially a promotional piece for Colvilles friend, con man and crank inventor of perpetual motion machines, John Worrell Keely.

It contains authentic interviews with John Worrell Keely and introduces in popular form amazing information concerning Natures mysteries. Having James Peebles associate himself with the Aquarian group was particularly auspicious because of his place in the forefront of the spiritualist movement.

He was also an earlyalthough eventually disgruntledassociate of Theosophist founders Blavatsky and Olcott. He also contributed a couple of articles to The Aquarian New Age Magazine, but by June, he had dissociated himself from the group, excusing himself on the grounds that his own writing and lecturing commitments left him little time to participate in their affairs.

Peebles was a friend of Edgar Lucien Larkin, an astronomer associated with the Lowe Observatory, who was also recruited into the group of budding Aquarians. Observatory in Californianot to be confused with the nearby Mount Wilson Observatory. Whereas the latter is a great scientific institution, the Mount Lowe Observatory was operated as a tourist attraction by the Pacific Electric Railway in connection with their Mount Lowe Inn.

Larkin showed visitors the stars through a small telescope until in the s the telescope mechanism broke down and the Inn burned. It was first published by Olivers mother in Los Angeles in , and so was more or less contemporaneous with The Aquarian Gospel and added to the lore passed among the members of the Aquarian Commonwealth. This work of speculative fictionanother of the primary sources for the New Age movement, whose adherents have often tended to regard it as more than fiction described a hidden Lemurian village still in existence down a secret tunnel in the center of Mount Shasta.

Professor Larkin was supposed to have invented a spinthariscope which allowed him to view this hidden village. It was the catalyst for a human evolutionary or millenarian jump into the New Age. Spences book described a meeting of sages around that sacred object. The meeting served as an initiation and a commission ceremony. Another enthusiastic member of the Aquarian Commonwealth was Harry Gaze. He was a New Thought advocate of self-healing and the author of the ambitiously-titled How to Live Forever; The Science and Practice, first self-published in , and then published in Chicago by sexologist and womens rights activist, Alice Bunker Stockham.

At the time he joined the Aquarian Brotherhood, he was writing Life, Youth and Success, Constructive Psychology from A to Z, an Alphabet of Affirmation, and teaching classes in esotericaincluding one to advanced students only on sexual secrets autogenetics. He would later publish a few childrens books, meant to teach their young readers about the joys of creating a magical wonderland with ones imagination, in the same way, one could say, that adults needed to learn how to benefit themselves from creating their own myths and fairy tales. Gazes childrens books included The Goblins. William C.

Watson, a physician, and James M. Ex-Christian preacher Dowling was particularly effective in attracting other disaffected Christian clergymen to his organization. James Peebles had been a Universalist minister before he turned to spiritualism. In other words, after thirty years of strenuous life the man [Jesus] had made his body fit to be the temple of the holy breath and Love took full possession.

And indeed his devotees said that he had spent forty years in the Great Silence. Levi, in his course on Biopneuma, made clear that, on the authority of his personal experience, the power of telepathic control over another person was one of the real results that meditators practicing his techniques could expect to achieve. Nevertheless, it is difficult to imagine Levi Dowling as a yogic athlete.

In , during the time he had just finished channeling the spirit of Jesus the Christ in the wee hours of each morning, Levi gave a deposition to an examiner for the Pension Bureau in applying for a military pension He had just turned sixty-three years old. At the time, he was not quite 5 11 and weighed two hundred and twenty poundsnot exactly the picture of a tantric adept. In the summer of , the Aquarian Commonwealth advertised to find members to establish a communein a kind of joint stock projectin the San Gabriel Valley, in parcels of the Etiwanda Vinyards.

Levi, the Transcriber of the Aquarian Gospel, the advertisement read, has personally inspected this property, and believes it to be an ideal homestead site, and the opportunity of securing the lands most excellent. The activities of the Aquarian Commonwealth multiplied rapidly.

In January , the Aquarian College of Teachers and Healers opened, offering correspondence courses, as well as weekly lectures and instruction leading to two degreesthe A. Doctor of Aquarian Philosophy, and the A. These degrees trained Aquarian Ministers and Aquarian Healers. In May, the First Aquarian Congress of North America was held in Los Angeles mostly at the Dowlings house, with resolutions passed and officers ordained and a fundraising campaign launched. Watson, Levi has gone into semi-retirement in the mountains of the gem of the Ocean, Catalina Island, where he may more easily complete the transcriptions from the Akashic Records of the gospels of Enoch and Melchizedec and other parts of the Sacred Books of the Aquarian Age.

Overwork while he was in Chicago and the rigors of the return trip over the Rockies took their toll on his heart. Levi Dowling, the Aquarian Hierophant, stepped behind the thin curtain that separates the here from the hereafter on August 13, His body was cremated. Under the title Leva, the account read, she will, by the help of the Eternal Masters and the direction of the Holy Spirit, take up the work. He and his mother published two volumes of Levis collected lectures, Self-Culture; a course of lessons on developing the physical, unfolding the soul, attaining unto the spiritual and Complete Course in Biopneuma: the true science of the Great Breath.

The ideas of the New Age and The Age of Aquarius and the cosmic pantheism and theosophical syncretism that were an integral part of Levis book, however, all gained a life of their own and spawned countless reincarnations. Eva Dowling, after a short illness, died in Los Angeles at the house in which she lived with her son on January 9, Pierce, officiated at the funeral services, which were conducted at their home.

Eva, like Levi, was cremated, but at the Los Angeles Crematory. She bequeathed her son Leo her half-ownership in the house and lot at South Figueroa Avenue, which she and her sister Adelle jointly owned. She left sufficient assets to defray the expenses of her last sickness and death, he told the Bureau of Pensions examiner. Leo also inherited from her the rights over The Aquarian Gospel and Levis other books. These included compilations of his Kabbala-filled lectures in which Levi had organized the events in the life of Jesus as described in The Aquarian Gospel according to a kind of Midrash around the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Leo marketed these works until he died in Los Angeles in August It began almost immediately after the first publication of Dowlings book. It was written by a Utah phrenologist in and published in Los Angeles. It reproduced great gobs of The Aquarian Gospel in its text. Dowlings text was cut and pasted, in part or in full, into a plethora of New Age books, from the time of its publication to the present.

Numerous translations of the book have been published over the years. They surfaced in the s through the s in psychic literature by such channelers as Edgar Cayce and Elizabeth Clare Prophet and in the travel writings of eccentric explorer and Theosophist Nicholas Roerich. Even as early as , a group in Manchester, New Hampshire, calling itself the National Astrological Society, reformed itself into the Universal Church of Aquarius and offered its acolytes instruction on becoming magi. Their terminology and ideas did not begin to pervade the larger culture until the counterculture eruption in the late s.

The entry point of The Age of Aquarius into the larger culture was the series of astrology columns that Gavin Arthur wrote for the San Francisco Oracle during its heyday in Public discussions that Arthur conducted with astrologer, Theosophist, and avant-garde musician Dane Rudhyar during this time, on the subject of when the. Aquarian Age would begin, also contributed to the spread of the idea. In the years since then, the Aquarian Age has replicated itself into the farthest trivial recesses of world culture. It has appeared on everything from massageparlor matchbook covers to Japanese Anime characters.

It further expanded into the wider culture with the publication of Marilyn Fergusons pop sociology book, The Aquarian Conspiracy, which drew together, as part of the Aquarian Age, various sociological, spiritual, and political phenomena, and solidified the image of the New Age as a cultural movement. The Aquarian Gospel has stimulated wave after wave of what might be called the Further Adventures of Jesus, as avatar of the Cosmic Christ principle and the modern-day dawning of the Aquarian Age.

Birdsong in Eureka, California. Jesus home was off planet, so to speak, and he and other Christs have manifested here to act as catalysts for human evolution. Jesus, according to one baroque variation on this theme, was an n-dimensional being projected into simpler four-dimensional space-time.

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He was a quantum fluctuation, yielding zero-point energy. The Aryan Race and The New Cycle The growth from the germ of the notion of a millenarian New Cycle, after it was grafted onto notions of race and human evolution, occult histories and priestly conspiracies, has produced some strange fruit over the past hundred years.

In Germany, Nazi theory and practice looked for the evolution, through controlled. In Southern California, the Heavens Gate cult, convinced that the Aquarian Age would begin with their ascension to a higher level, committed suicide en masse in , expecting to be teleported a la Star Trek onto starships that they imagined were trailing the Hale-Bopp comet.

The leaders are a couple, Dr. The Aquarian Gospel continued to live on, synthesized with plenty of other sources, in Elijah Muhammads writings. In this way, The Aquarian Gospel has conveyed to later generations a message of racist evolution as part of its subtext. Levi Dowling, who thought, perhaps, that his Aquarian Gospel would provide a basis for a unifying, inclusive form of Christianity, beyond dogmas and creeds, would undoubtedly have been surprised at the uses to which his scripture has been put.

But the unity that he envisioned required the acceptance of a conspiracy theory in which all orthodox forms of Christianity had to be subverted in favor of an esoteric form. And conspiracy theorists are hardly known for their ecumenism or tolerance, even when the conspiracy is merely an Aquarian one. They should not have been surprised. To achieve a unity of culture and religion, the New Age downplays or denies the distinctive truth claims of each culture and religion it uses.

Each is welcomed into a multicultural universal brotherhood as long as it appears dressed as a simplified, disembodied, and spiritualized version of itselfthat is, as long as it accepts being made merely relative. Impervious particularity of form is a scandal. The various races of peoples and their religions are melted down and refashioned into a super-race and a super-religion.

All must yield to the New Order of the Ages, which dissolves distinctions in its universal solvent, its Philosophers Stone, its elixir of youth, its permanent revolution. All contrary evidence, all protest, must disappear behind a willing suspension of disbelief, into a vision of a new utopia cleansed of dissonant elements through an alchemy applied by the play of the dialectical imagination.

Woe to those, Black or White, Christian, Jewish, or Buddhist, whose distinctive claims or discrete identities resist this transmutation. But the Coming Race and its ueberreligion, whenever it is conjured, always betrays marks of what the conjurer has pretended to make disappear.

It never really escapes its origins. Its imagined future is always a parody of the present. Its materialized spiritwhen examined closelyalways resembles the conjurer who has called it forth. Frederick Fairfield, the editor of The New Age Magazine, subscribed to the mailed typewritten manuscript teachings that Dowling offered for sale to the Aquarian Brotherhood.

He glowingly reviewed a collection of them, entitled Truisms of the Great Masters, in his magazine. Included in his comments was this: It is full of meat, but all of Levis writings are, for that matter. Where does he get the goods? I dont care, do you? I believe he has access to the sources he claims. But what matters it? Is truth something that somebody says? No, truth is something which I discover. And your truth is something which you discover.

If some man says something which appeals to you and calls forth a truth which was sleeping within, then be thankful, and offer praise to the Giver of All Truth. Truth is always Internal. Truth is always Recognition.

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Truth is always Self-Evidence. This is the message of the New Age.

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It deliberately brackets objective truth. It makes truth entirely subjective. It recommends the willing suspension of disbelief as the highest form of knowledge.

The True Story Behind the Aquarian Gospel

It dotes on the play of youth rather than yielding to the authority of elders. Readers of Munchausenesque stories of Western seekers traveling to Tibet can say that these are revelations of veritable events, but when faced with massive evidence to the contrary, can also say that they do not care whether any of it actually happened. The protagonistsand the authorsof occult fiction present themselves as moving through a world of discoverable evidence, common sense, and testable structures of objective truth. But that is as much a sham as the robes covered with luminous paint that spirit mediums don in materialization sances in the dark.

When the lights are turned onwhen contradictory evidence is presentedthe mediums turn against those who have exposed them, saying that what they were presenting was simply an entertainment. Those who have exposed it, they say, have not comprehended the spirit in which it was offered. They have not understood that truth resides in the imagined world created in the performance, not in the stage machinery that produced it.

The view that the real truth lies in what appears, not in what occluded little minds offer as objectively realprovides both method and content to occult fiction, in which the villains internal and external are those who do not understand this view. By the time Theosophy appeared in the s, self-described advanced thinkers regarded Christianity itselfinsofar as it had not progressed to the self-destruction of its own authorityas having betrayed the revolution or even the Protestant Reformation.

That revolution aimed at making immanent the highest spiritual truth, which is that truth is a hall of mirrors, all of which reflect back onto the inner ineffable self. The universe is a whispering gallery of sounds singing our own name. The second volume would be entitled The Philosophy of the Aquarian Age.

It would comprise the postulates upon which all religions and true philosophies are founded, together with a full report of the great work of the Seven Sages of the Aquarian Age. It would be a collection that included the canonical gospels but also a great mass of heterodox and apocryphal writings. The third volume, The Aquarian Key, would be a book of ethics giving in detail the duties of every man to himself, to every other man, to inferior life, to angel, to cherubim and to God.

The trilogy would present Christianity as only one limited manifestation of a higher truth. Jesus is only the Christ of the Piscean Age. There are many other Christs. They are all fragmentary reflections of a higher truth that resides in the self. Its narrative has Jesus spending his youth in India. The sage Lamaas reveals that Jesus read the Sacred Books [of the East] with interest and that The Gospel of the Buddha of enlightenment was his delight. One day, a Brahmin asks him if there is yet a power in Brahmic faith or Buddhic faith to save the world?

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ

Jesus replies: 7 All truth is one. Through his appointed messengers God gave this truth to man, and out of it man formulates his doctrines, creeds, and ethic laws. They formed some postulates, drew up a form of doctrine, made a creed and then declared, What we have written is the secret Doctrine of the gods. Their lights are darkness for the people of this age.

The world needs higher lights; and they will shine. Dowling has Jesus say: 23 An old religion cannot be reformed; when one disturbs its postulates, its doctrines and its laws, it goes to pieces, like an ancient fabric in a gust of wind. But is this really Jesus speaking? It certainly is Gnostic hierophant Levi Dowling, trying to break free of the chains of historical contingency. And it is the spirit of the Age of Aquarius, articulating its progressive religion. Truth is subjective and relative. It is an industrial light and magic show: Journey to the stars, but always follow your own feelings, and may the Force be with you.

Eva S. Dowling, in Levi H. Fowler, , The second editionfrom which all subsequent ones derivewas published in Let us acknowledge, however, that keepers of the millennial Aquarian Age flame, have found various systems of exegesis in order to explain the dawn of the Age of Aquarius as occurring anywhere from two hundred years ago, to six hundred years in the future.

But, according to some, it has already died, killed either by Hells Angels at Altamont or by Charles Manson or by Marshall Applewhite, or at the moment that a child of hippie parents registered as a Young Republican. Affidavit of Mahala L. Weaver, December 4, ; Levi H. Dowling , Case File Application Mansfield, Ohio: A. See also, A. Millenial Harbinger Bethany, Va. Basin, , , , Lisbon post office, Allen township: The Disciple Church was first started at Lisbon; but before it was completed it was taken down, and the material was conveyed to Kendallville, where it was used in building the present churchWeston A.

Goodspeed and Charles Blanchard, eds. Battey, , part 2, William Worth Dowling , b. Ohio m. Julia, b. Rebecca, b. His other siblings included Josephine E. William W. Glosser , Miranda m. David Lash , Melinda m. Horace Taber , Matilda C. John W. Berry , and Mahala L. Samuel Weaver. Louis , October 7, The article is unsigned, but on a copy that Eva Dowling submitted to the Bureau of Pensions and is now in her pension casefile, she has written that it was authored by William Worth Dowling. Its final sentiment, too, makes it clear that he wrote it.

Goodspeed and Blanchard, eds. Dowling, Who Was Levi? More biographical details are in the article, In Memoriam: Dr. A brief biography of Dowling is in J. Gordon Melton, ed. Eva Dowling, Who Was Levi? The Aquarian Gospel , 7. Professor Isaac Newton Demmon m. George P. Alexander , Roselda A. William T. Holsinger and Linus Pike , Josephine m.

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First published in , this mystical work is the cornerstone of a Christian Philosophy and Religion Books; /; The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ ( eBook). The full title of this book is "The Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus, the Christ of the Piscean Age," and the .. 'When you have purified your hearts by faith, the king will enter in and you will see his face. Buddhism and the precepts of Buddha.

Glosser and William Palmer , Gertrude J. Milton L. Blaney , Lenna , and Elwood F. Demmon ca. Isaac N. He published on library matters and bibliography. Dowling, Emigratus. Samuel E. Dowling, personal deposition, August 31, ; Levi H. Dowling, Emigratus, says this study was supplemented by further studies at a college farther East. Bodenhammer and Robert G. Barrows, eds.

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Published Cincinnati: J. Church, For example, he published all by the Christian Publishing Company in St.

Who is Jesus - The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ

Dowling] St. Louis: n. Louis January 14, Louis March 25, : The Morning Watch Indianapolis August : The Christian Standard Cleveland October : For notices of his other published material, see The Christian Standard January 11, : 13, and April 25, : January : November : Dowling, ; also Nathaniel S. September : A copy of the card, Have I Been Baptized?