The Critical First Years of Your Professional Life

The Critical First Years of Your Professional Life
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Join Kobo & start eReading today Everyone at my firm, The Dilenschneider Group, knows that when she asks for something that request comes directly from me. If you are looking for a new job or trying to land an account for your fledgling company, pay close attention to the personal assistant. Make sure you know his or her name. While waiting to see the boss, find out something about her. Are those photos of her children and spouse on her desk? Are there framed certificates indicating awards the firm has won? Does his screensaver feature a cat? Ask questions and get to know this person because ultimately she will weigh in on you with her boss.

You can bet that after you leave, the boss will ask her "What do you think? I believe in following up every meeting with a handwritten note that puts forth two or three ways that I can contribute to the company.

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Everyone sends emails and there is no harm in sending one as well. But while your email may wind up in spam, your personal note will get read. Send a note to the personal assistant as well commenting on something you learned about her.

How To Succeed In The First Years Of Your Professional Life

You want her to be receptive when you make a follow up call. She has the power to put you through to the boss or arrange for a time when you can talk. If you are happy with your job and aren't looking for a new one or thinking about starting your own business, my advice is the same. Make sure that every personal assistant in your company knows who you are and what you have accomplished.

Know their names, the names and accomplishments of their children, and the dog's name.

Stop by and say hello when you don't need anything. Send a congratulatory note to her when her boss lands a new account acknowledging her contributions. Administrative assistants are the power behind the throne. Court them and your name will come up for promotions and plum assignments.

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Ignore them at your peril. Always remember that personal assistants are not just secretaries. They are the boss' eyes and ears.? Dilenschneider, author of 50 Plus! He is founder of the Dilenschneider Group, a corporate strategic counseling and public relations firm based in New York City.

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Pinterest Reddit. Usually, new hires tend to jump into the deep end and start coming up with plans and strategies to get the job done, but it is critical to first listen before you start talking. The first was grasping an understanding of the product, the second was developing an ap preciation for our core target audience and learning about their consumption behaviour, and the third was meeting as many people as possible in the organisation and building meaningful relationships.

Through this exercise, I had the opportunity to understand the work from a product perspective and the importance of understanding the connection between the product and consumer. My worst mistake I learnt that the first few months in any position should be only a listening tour. By this, I mean investing time to observe and absorb the workings of the organisation.

The first one is about thinking big and taking bold decisions. As the famous saying goes, plan as per where the puck is going to be and not where the puck is today. My biggest innovation I never considered anything that I did to be my best work. My limits were constantly being pushed so that I never stopped growing and never stopped learning. There was always scope for improvement.