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Despite the warnings of Damiana and Paulino, Marina suffers her first love disappointment because of Alberto. Don Luis realizes the problem that Marina can become and asks Alberto to forget about her, otherwise he will take care of disappearing her. Prudencia meets with Marina in the church and decides to approach her.

Marina is surprised to perceive that Prudencia is a good person and both feel a strange connection that invades them with joy and peace. The riding lessons between Paulino and Vanessa continue. In a fit, Paulino decides to approach Vanessa and both kiss with great passion. Vanessa realizes her mistake and tries to run away on a horse, but when she does not know how to ride, she falls and hurts her ankle. Vanessa's birthday arrives and Alberto decides to surprise her with the engagement ring she so desperately wanted.

Both Vanessa and her mother Susana jump of emotion, since in less than a month she will become Mrs. Vanessa decides to find Paulino to find out if she is the reason that he is leaving the ranch.

Paulino confesses his true feelings and lets her know that he has never fallen in love with a woman before. After listening to his relief, Vanessa asks Paulino not to leave the ranch. Alberto can not stop his impulses and ends up confessing to Marina that he is in love with her. Marina is excited to learn that Alberto corresponds to their feelings and together they decide to fight for that great love they feel. During the town fair, Marina wears her beautiful earrings and Angustias manages to see them. When noticing that they are Prudence's earrings, Angustias becomes restless and questions Marina to find out how she got them.

Alberto is upset with his father for being so cruel to Marina, so he demands that he apologize to her. Don Luis takes the attitude of Alberto as a lack of respect and warns him that if he does not keep his word to get away from Marina, he will take charge of disappearing her. Alberto goes to Isauro's office to find out if Marina has any chance of recovering her sight. Isauro receives him in a rude way and asks him to stop looking for Marina, since she will never be able to see again.

Angustias does not measure the risk and faces Don Luis to defend Marina. Without telling him the truth, Angustias asks him to respect Marina, since everything he does against her will be returned and his conscience will soon demand it.

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Susana pressures Vanessa to insist on marrying Alberto, since their economic situation is serious and they can soon live in misery. For Susana, the Ocaranza are her only hope of regaining her social status, so she asks Vanessa to reconquer Alberto's love and not let him go with Marina. Alberto decides to fulfill his promise to take Marina to the city for an eye care specialist for a review and to have the ability to see.

Marina is reviewed by Dr. Isauro takes revenge against Marina and reveals to Don Luis where he can find her. He also tells him the details of the secret relationship that exists between Marina and Alberto. Damiana refuses to leave her home without Marina and struggles with Zacarias.

Due to the force, she falls and suffers a spectacular accident. Susana devises a plan and advises Luis to prevent Alberto from leaving the ranch, to achieve that he must show a more human side and not harm Marina any more. Alberto decides to formalize his relationship with Marina and asks in front of everyone to accept being his girlfriend.

Marina's visit to Alberto's house was a success, both Susana and Luis were amazed at her beauty and education. Alberto thanks his parents for giving his girlfriend the opportunity to enter the family.

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Concerned about her son, Prudencia decides to intervene by asking Marina to stay away from her son. Given this situation, Marina has no other choice and ends her relationship with Alberto. Marina and Alberto try to say goodbye, but their love is so strong that they decide to surrender and be oneself.

Alberto does not miss the wonderful moment and asks Marina to become his wife. Prudencia confesses that she spoke with Marina to ask her to stay away from the Ocaranza. Upon hearing this Alberto is disappointed in his mother and asks her not to get into his life again. With Yola and Baldomero witness Alberto and Marina agree to join their lives.

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Buy Una Mirada Al Cielo: Prepárate Para Abrir Una Luz De Esperanza Hacia El Maravilloso Mundo Celestial (Spanish Edition): Read 3 Kindle Store Reviews. Una Mirada Al Cielo: Preparate Para Abrir Una Luz de Esperanza Hacia El Maravilloso Mundo Celestial (Spanish Edition) [Claudia Guadalupe Olivas, Porfirio.

Prudencia approaches Marina to apologize for her bad attitude. With the help of Vanessa they plan to humiliate her so that Prudencia realizes that she is not a woman for her son. Luis takes Marina by force and takes her to Dr. Sotero's house. Isauro finds out that Marina got married and claims to have betrayed him. Resented with her, he decides to kidnap her. Obsessed to erase Alberto's caresses, Isauro keeps Marina sedated and tries to take advantage of her.

Ramona manages to observe them from outside the room and is surprised to see them together in bed. Angustias and Damiana reveal the truth about Marina's origin and ask Prudencia for forgiveness for having kept that great secret for years. Now Marina knows that she is an Ocaranza and that her future will change. Alberto makes a deal with Luis and asks him to give Marina all the privileges she deserves as his daughter or else he will set up a scandal so that they will find out that he is not his heir. Marina finally dares to confess to Alberto that Dr. Sotero sexually abused her.

Filled with rage, he decides to go and look for him to brutally beat him in front of everyone in town. Isauro becomes the victim in front of Ramona and manipulates her into believing that Marina is only trying to hurt him. His plan is for her to testify in his favor so that he can avoid the authorities and not be imprisoned.

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Susana visits Isauro at the hospital to offer her help and find a way to send Alberto to jail. While Marina is informed by the legal doctor that no evidence of rape was found against her. Luis explodes when he finds out and refuses to accept her as his daughter. Marina receives the news of being pregnant and Alberto reacts in the worst way to think that the baby is not his. Alberto insists that Marina perform a test to confirm who is the father of her son.

La Cima del Cielo

Marina is disappointed by his lack of confidence and begins to feel that her love is not as strong as she imagined. Given the terrible behavior of Alberto, Marina decides to give up everything and go to Mexico City without saying anything to anyone. With the help of Damiana, she will try to get ahead to raise her son alone.

Six months have passed and Alberto still does not know where his wife is. Toribio and Baldonero already live in the city and, without imagining it, they manage to reunite with Damiana and Marina.

El cielo (Spanish Edition)

What kind of a camera do you have? I'm going inside. Have you bought the tickets? His arrival pepped up the party. We lived in the country for many years. Yesterday they fired seven employees.

After six months Alberto is reunited with Marina and tries to solve his problems. Unfortunately nothing has changed and both decide not to be together again. Luis recommends to Marina that she get rid of her son or else she will lose Alberto's love.

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She rejects his proposal and makes it clear that she does not need the help of any Ocaranza to raise her baby. Alberto believes that Marina no longer has an interest in saving his marriage, that is why he decides to continue alone and rebuild his life by dedicating himself exclusively to his profession as a doctor. While he was singing in the street Paulino is reunited with his friends from the village and he proposes that they live together to be able to get ahead in the city.

Alberto comes back to Vanessa now that his relationship with Marina has failed. Both decide to try again and announce to their families that they have retaken their courtship. Marina enters labor in the middle of the market and Damiana must intervene. As a good midwife, the baby is born without complications. Susana dares to confess to Luis the strong attraction she feels to be with him. Both decide to let themselves be carried away by desire, as long as their relationship is secret.

Tired of suffering humiliations, Paulino decides to renounce the love he feels for Vanessa, leaving her with a broken heart. Ricardo cites Marina in his office and proposes to start a treatment to recover her sight. Marina offers to pay little by little for Dr. Video Gallery. Our Blog Talk Now.

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