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Extreme Couponing: Do You Really Save or is it a Waste of Time?
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Sherri W. OMG, this class is awesome and so is Kim. It is well worth the money spent. She knows so much and is patient when sharing it all. You will not regret taking this class. Deena M. I took her class today and wow! What a wealth of information she gives. Rhonda M. I took her [Kim Bermans] course 6 days ago and I already saved more than what the course costs! She was so helpful and patient with me! I highly recommend learning how to coupon with her. I was so confused by the lingo before I took her class.

Kim was so patient and ensured I understood everything before the class ended. I just wished I took her class earlier! Patricia N.

Couponing for Beginners: 11 Tips That Will Save You Thousands

I have been saving so much money since I took her couponing course. I highly recommend Kim C. Berman class. It is a great investment. She expends a lot of personal 1 on 1 time for an extremely reasonable price that pays for itself in return. She is up to date on the latest big chain stores and superb on figuring out the most complex coupon deals. If you are seeking the experts of experts, Kim is definitely the person. I promise there are no regrets to her course. She also makes it lively and personable.

She also lends herself as being a lifelong resource. Best wishes and enjoy the passion of couponing. Karen F. Update 3 Months after taking the course: Not only does Kim instill comfort in potential enormous savings, peace of financial mind, and joy in the actual savings. She also teaches individual the value of the dollar, items, and the coupons. Young men and spouses together can put items in their home they were unable to provide before. I am sure that families are able to have a Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanza they were unable to have before.

If you have a financial setback due to college loans, financial stress, or any reason. Kim will steer you on the right track. I vote her as the most influential person in my life and perhaps the decade. Submitting Kim for a Nobel Peace prize I can dream big. My most humble gratitude to you! Melissa B: Take Kims class! Kims class opened up TWO wonderful chapters in my life!

Mine was one on one and I could ask her any question and she had the answers! Shes an awesome person. Her class is worth a lot more than what shes charging to take it…. Shes teaching you how to change your life for the better. Not only does KIm instill comfort in potential enormous savings, peace of financial mind, and joy in the actual savings. I vote her as the most influential person in my life and perhaps the decade Tessa F: I just finished my class with Kim. Thanks Kim for your time and hard work…. She should of been a teacher cause she made everything so easy to understand and was just so patient with me.

We kept having technical issues with my Skype but she was so understanding. The time just passed by even tho we both had migraines. She helped me forget about the pain and helped me learn so much. She really is the best person you could ever find to help you learn how to coupon.

I made a coupon friend for life with Kim. Thanks so much. She makes sure you get it. I feel confident starting my couponing journey thanks to Kim. She gives you all the right tools, and information. She made it easy to learn the information, although it was so much information its going to take some time to retain and put it ALL to use. Kim worked around my schedule for me to be able to attend, which I am beyond grateful for!! I also had technical issues, and she stopped the class until I was able to get back in. Before her class I had already saved more than what I paid for the class just by reading the files available to me.

Now, I cannot wait to see what I can do. I cannot Thank Kim enough, my family is grateful as well! Very friendly, informative and full of energy! The resources she provides are amazing!!!! I am so excited to start using all the information that she provides on the graduate page. Well worth the money, and you can message her anytime. I learnt so much from her class yesterday! Even if you have been couponing for years she has knowledge and tips that will blow your mind. I am looking forward to growing my stockpile thanks to all the new tips I learned! The nominal fee for her class will be back in my pocket from my savings from my shopping trip to Kmart tomorrow!

Berman…She will always be at my finger tips when I need her….. I look forward to my next trip and all the wonderful savings….. I learned so much about couponing and am so excited to put into action the things Kim taught me. Wow — I had NO idea how much was out there to save money! Thank you so so so much!!!! Excited for my first trip soon!! Kim was very informative and knowledgeable. I recommend everyone take her class. I was clueless!! Thank you. I would get so frustrated I would just quit.

Ivy , Watch for my coupon rounds, I post them almost daily with the latest coupons. I find a wide variety of coupons — you would probably find a few you can use. You can always try emailing the manufacturers of the products you do use to see if they will send you coupons. June 23, at pm. I was probably about 3 and my mom was pushing my through the grocery store in the cart. Sure enough it was for the right item. My mom said it was so cute she had to get it for me. June 24, at pm. My kids always tell me we can go to Chuck E. Cheese because they find those coupons in the paper, lol!

June 21, at pm. Can you use a coupon, for ex that is oscar mayer with fruit lunchable to buy an oscar mayer without fruit. I get confused about which coupons I can use with all the varieties of one product. June 20, at pm. I too am just starting out with using coupons. Ive used them several times, but never when doing anything other than fast food and cigarettes yes I know, nasty habbit.

I did read that you can use a coupon on products on sale, I was wondering if that includes cigarettes? Ive never been the one to actually try to buy them, it has been my husband, but hes tried twice now, and has been told both times that they are not allowed to do that anymore, but wont say why or who tells them that. I have been couponing for about 2 months now, but one thing still confuses me every time!

This one confuses me every single time! I loved your artical so much, i shared it on my blog!!!! I am so new to couponing, I clipped my first coupon this last Wednesday, and bought my first 10 papers today!! June 19, at am. I was just wondering if anyone knew what this means and what in the world are the limitations to such a coupon?

I know the barcode is pretty much the rules to the coupon but why would they do that? Thanks Mica. Mica , You always go by the wording on the coupon — not the barcode. It is directed to the retailer to prevent them from submitting for double the coupon value. June 16, at pm. June 16, at am. I am in love with the idea of how much money can be saved on grocery shopping by couponing. Can anyone help me? Jess , Printable coupons are very popular, also I like free homemailers and coupons you find in the store like blinkies and peelies.

June 15, at pm. Love this site. The matchups are a great resource. I LOVE this website. Reading this helped, my mom discouraged me from getting to involved with couponing, because none of the stores where i live double coupons. So thats why i just spent maybe, 15 minutes thinking and clipping coupons from my sunday paper.

I know. Just look for the higher value coupons and you will still get great savings. June 8, at pm. Thank you so much for this site first of all: just wanna let yall know that I started collecting my coupons a couple of weeks ago and today finally got the supplies and started my binder. But my husband and I will be driving to Bryan Texas to shop at the Kroger there. How many shopping trips do u normally make in a month? And even if we can only go to Kroger once a month and do our other shopping at Walmart or HEB that will be fine I suppose.

Again thanks for all of the great tips and advice. I am just getting started on couponing. We live in a small town with not many coupons in our paper. Where do I get the coupons from? If you have any tips for me, that would be great. Stephanie , I would stick with printable coupons and homemailers. June 8, at am. June 2, at pm. Just a little confused on how to go about starting!! June 4, at pm. Andi , That is a great question! I find sales and look for the matching coupons typically. I am very new to couponing. I have found the same coupons for the same products over and over again.

My Sunday paper just had the circulars for the stores in it. Is there a website that I can go to and get coupons for things I use like Bounty and Scott, Kelloggs, Kraft ect and not have to download a toolbar? I know on some you have to download there printing program that is fine just not the toolbar. OBTW thankyou so much for this post.

Thankyou for cluing me in and thanks for the help in advance. Erin , Sorry about no coupons in your paper, there were no coupons on Memorial day weekend. Most printable coupon sites will require you to download a coupon printer because that is how they limit you to printing coupons per computer. May 31, at pm. May 30, at pm. Thanks so much for intro info!! Used coupons sporadically before but was inspired to actively look for them after watching Whackos-R-Us.

I may be between jobs and living off my Army Reserve pay but really?!? Who hordes 97 bags of croutons?! I thought limit at least 1 manufacturer coupon per purchase?

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May 30, at am. I have been watching the extreme couponing on TLC. I have one question. I am seeing the people in the episodes buying cokes and packages of meat. The are using in store coupons and manufactured coupons when the item goes on sell in order to stack the savings, How are they getting that many coupons for those items.

Professional Couponing Course Information Request #couponing #couponclass #extremecouponing

I cant believe they are finding that many coupons. Are they downloading them and printing them out. I thought there were limits on how many you could print at a time an on a certain computer. Please let me know how they are doing this. To get multiple insert coupons is pretty easy though — dumpster diving, clipping services, and asking friends are a way to get multiples fast.

June 14, at pm. Stephanie , Hi Karen-Stephanie. Can I print 5 coupons? Lee , You can only use 1 of each eCoupon but most printable coupons can be printed twice most stores will allow you to use as many as you have. U did answer on of the questions i did have about when to give the coupons so thanks!

I am so nervous though and excite , i so wish i had someone who uses them to join me on my first trip on using them!!! May 28, at pm. I am a mother of 4 boys one with special needs there fore, I am a stay at home mom. I have already save a ton of money. I have taught my friends and family pretty much everyone i know how to coupon. May 28, at am. Hi thanks for the info.

It took the tlc show to prov to her that its worth the time to be organized and to use coupons. May 27, at am. My wife just shook her head at me when we checked out at RiteAid. We invested I was like a little kid in a candy store. Our cashier was super she helped me all the way through my first timeout.

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May 26, at am. May 26, at pm. Tami , I think any printer is fine. I used to have a really cheap HP printer and that was fine. Ebony Walton , go to coupons. Good luck. I live in VA and a lot of stores do it here up to 99 cents! How do I get coupons on things I need to buy.

When I go to a website, it directs me somewhere else then somewhere else. Finding coupons is not that easy. Please help! Steffanie Martinez , go to coupons. I live in VA and a lot of stores double coupons here but I have noticed that their prices are wayyy up then regular stores!

Alexandra , eCoupons are coupons that are electronically loaded to your shopping card and automatically deduct at checkout. You cannot combine them with your paper coupons though because they are both manufacturers coupons. Stephanie , awww thank you stephanie now im sad lol. May 24, at pm. I am new to this and I have a few questions. In a store will they take as many coupons as you give them as long as they are one per product, correct? Unless the store doubles coupons? Brooke Nail , Yes, the store will take as many coupons as you have as long as they are used properly one per purchase, no expireds, etc.

Some stores that double coupons will only double a specific number per transaction. For instance, our Tom Thumb will only double 1 like coupon per transaction. May 22, at am. I am just starting at couponing. I am sophomore in college and money is tight between books, school supplies, and general fees. After having to abandon my meal plan, I took up the idea of couponing. Your advice and information really helped me grasp the ideas and concepts of couponing. May 21, at pm. Are there any other websites besides coupon bug that will load coupons directly to a safeway, albertsons, or other store card?

May 22, at pm. May 25, at am. Stephanie , Oh ok! Thanks for answering! Hooray for coupons! My last and first couponing outing! Target trip was great. I bought everything on clearance or with a coupon and on sale. Until I got in line and some cashier not mine was talking about those "crazy coupon ladies"…so I was looking at my cashier and she was laughing at the story that other cashier was telling! I was so annoyed I didn't check her scanning and she missed two of my coupons because she was too busy laughing at me trying to save money. Well I will laugh at her when she pays full price for anything!!!

JennyCakes , wow! I love extreme couponing but it is def giving couponers a bad look! I buy what I need and thats it! Im not hoarding my house with rolls of TP thats just insane! May 19, at am. Lee , Sometimes it is a good deal, sometimes not. Hi Stephanie, Let me first say thank for sharing your knowledge to help others.

It is truly appreciated. As a brand-newbie, I am still trying to wrap my head around how to get the most savings out of a single coupon; especially after reading the rule — You may not use two coupons on one item. For example, I would like to try the Downy liquid fabric softener. I understand that I can wait until I find it on sale in the store and possibly combine it with a store coupon but it seems that I only have a savings benefit on a single bottle. How are people purchasing ten and twenty bottles of detergent with just two coupons?

Lee , Well, they buy 10 or 20 because they have 10 or 20 coupons. Not all coupons limit you to 4 per transaction. May 17, at pm. Question here in my city. Can I use these 7 coupons for the 10 body washes for a low price? I am very confused on the math. Also I think my KS will double the coupon they doubled one of mine the other day. Any help is great help. I am new to couponing with 6 people and 4 pets to feed. Im going broke. Also would love more help on how to do this at a bigger level with food. Melissa , Yes, you can use all of those coupons. May 16, at pm.

I just watched Extreme Couponing on t. I would love to use coupons to get free stuff. How do you get started? Can you help? Liz , Printable coupons may be your best bet. May 12, at pm. May 12, at am. I got the Pepsicom insert from my paper last week but I have a question with regard to a coupon that comes from this insert. It may be a stupid question but I am still learning and I am afraid to make a mistake.

Is so confusing!!! I need to get this because I have 3 coupons like this and I do not want to miss the deals for this week. May 9, at pm. First I want to say thank you for the insightful website. I am new to this and eager to learn all I can. My question may sound stupid but I am new to this so here goes. May 11, at pm. Missy , No, you can only apply 1 coupon to each item. May 7, at am. Stephanie, I love your site and have started clipping coupons this week. Here is my question. I buy groceries for a family of seven my son is unemployed so I help them with food The largest part of my grocery list includes meat and fresh produce.

I rarely use boxed products like hamburger helper because of my sensitivity to food additives. How do I find coupons for fresh produce and meats besides the store sales? I would love any insight you have for this. Thanks in advance. May 5, at am. May 4, at am. You said you can use 1 coupon per item but can you stack coupons if you have a manufactures coupon and then the store you are at has an in store coupon for the same product can you stack those 2 together? May 2, at pm. Cross checking the sales and making a list. I need to get a binder to stay organized.

May 1, at pm. I have never used coupons before but would love to start. May 1, at am. I am trying to learn everything that i need to start using coupons because I do not work and my husband check is not enough for our family. Does it means that i have to buy 2 cereals from the 4 that the coupon is showing? Thanks for answering my question.

I have a lot of coupons that state this exactly thing. Is so confusing for me because I am just starting. ALso do you recommend me to wait a few weeks until i have a pile of coupons or to go to the store and use all the coupons that i currently have? Thank you for your help. Mar , It depends on what the coupon says I usually ignore the picture. If it gives you a list of which ones you can buy then stick to those. I recommend you use your coupons immediately BUT only use them on sale items or products you would already be buying.

12 Costco Shopping Tips You've Never Heard Before!

April 29, at pm. I have just really become interested in couponing through a friend. I know nothing about it. I do use some cloth, but the laundry around here is crazy. With that factored in, does anyone know what I could reasonably expect to make as a goal to feed a family of 10 and then include all other items such as laundry detergent, soap, tp etc.

I will only be able to start with the basics and hope to get better at it as I go. June 14, at am. Rebecca , Rebecca, My sister-in-law is delivering her 8th child next month. She has a website that may give you some tips. She amazes me! April 29, at am. Im trying to start couponing but it seems stressful and almost not worth it.


How can a. And from all the printable coupon sites im finding they are all the same coupon and when i print them off from seperate sites they all have the same barcode number. You have to wait for a good sale. CVS, Walgreens and Target are all great couponing stores.

April 28, at pm. Heather S , No, you can only use 1 coupon per item. April 23, at pm. I just started couponing this last week. I was very nervous to use my first coupons. With your site it gave me some great ideas of what to buy at the right price, and I even got some products free. My husband was so excited as well and is going to help get everything organized so that we can keep saving.

Thanks for such a great site! April 22, at pm. Just found your site, liking it. Used all four coupons. April 20, at pm. Can you print multiples of the online printable coupons? Jessica B. April 19, at pm. I was just reading through your site, which is amazing!

I have recently started trying to use coupons, but I seem to be hung up on some things. Are all coupon websites the same? I mean I go to one site for coupons and another site has the exact same coupons?? Also how do you save money when most coupons require you buy two boxes of something. So I am suppose too spend 6. A little confused, could you please help!! Christy , Yes, a lot of printable coupon sites have the same coupons. I post a coupon roundup almost every day with the newest coupons.

The really good ones usually are only available for a short time. April 19, at am. April 13, at pm. I want to know, how people has binders of coupons if coupons expire so quickly? Natalie , You add new coupons to it weekly and pull out the expired ones every so often. Letting coupons expire is okay, if I used every coupon I clipped, I would go broke! April 13, at am. On the same topic of cereals…. April 9, at am. I have a question. April 9, at pm. Tressa , You can still use the coupons.

April 8, at pm. So I just started getting coupons together yesterday and I am a little lost! I know that if I have 10 coupons I can get 10 products and use them and our store doubles almost all coupons but how do all of the other coupons work? I have heard of like 3 different kinds. Manufacture, store and?? Please help me out! I am on state help and I have 2 kids I want to do this so I dont have to have help from the state and so I can teach my family how to be great shoppers too!

Brenda in AZ. I just started and just printed off a bunch of coupons and a thought just occurred to me. And do they have to be printed in color? But even color prints can be copied in color. Tressa , Most printable coupon sites use a software that will prevent your computer from printing more than 2 coupons. Most printable coupons also have various things on them that will tell on you if you copy the coupon dots show up in the background or the word VOID might appear if you copy it.

April 7, at pm. I love this site!!! My family eats tons of food for a family of three! I want to go to the store right now!!! Robyn , Most stores will take printable coupons but some will not. April 7, at am. Can you use a coupon that has more of a discount than the products price examlpe: if a product is say 95 cents and the coupon is for a dollar off? Some stores will allow you to either use the coupon and get the overage or they will adjust the coupon down to the price of the item.

April 6, at pm. I absolutely love your blog and am sooo happy I found this. I have always used coupons but usually only like 1 or 2 at a time because I was always wanted to make sure I wouldnt have any problems when I was rung out. Like many other people on here, I am new to couponing as well and I know that some stores around where I live will not accept printable coupons. Do you know of any mass merchandise stores such as walmart or kmart that accept printable coupons?

I am also very confused on when coupons are able to be doubled, and if so how many of them are able to be doubled. I want to be good at this with some time and practice, hopefully I can get the hang of it. Thank you for all of your tips and helpful information, it is very much appreciated!!

For double coupons, you need to find out which stores near you will double just call and ask them. Okay so I want to start saving some money.

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7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Couponing. By: Cassie Howard. Last Updated: Jun 27, Advertiser Disclosure. 11shares. Facebook · Twitter. I've yet to find someone who doesn't like to save money, and couponing is a great These are five things I wish I knew before I began my couponing journey.

I have no idea where to start and have no idea what I am doing!!!! For example I am looking at buying some pampers diapers. I have several manufacturer coupons for this item. Which I believe I can only use 1? Lorraine , Hi, a purchase basically means items or group of items. So the coupon is just saying you can only use 1 coupon per package and only 4 of that type of coupon TOTAL instead of say March 23, at am. Are the ecoupons that I load onto my Kroger card, considered store coupons? Meaning, can I stack a loaded coupon for.

Your site has been a huge help to me!

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March 28, at pm. March 22, at pm. Thanks so much for this website! I should do that! So, after the initial shock of the TLC craziness…. I decided to forge on. Two days of looking at ads and clipping coupons…. That is, until I stumbled upon your website! I am now reassured that I can save money without looking like an obsessed hoarder!

Thanks, Deb. March 19, at pm. I think couponing is awesome, BUT, as a former cashier a drug store I have to say that it does sometimes keep employees from giving equal service to other customers. Who get angry. They will be way less annoyed if you give them a heads up when you walk in the door. Most will be happy to correct any mistake esp. March 18, at am. Hey, Stephanie! Can you explain how a B1G1 coupon might work with a B1G1 offer? March 21, at pm. March 11, at pm. March 10, at pm. I really found this blog very interesting and I am very excited on learning how to use coupons.

However, today I did what this blog said and used two toothpaste coupons on two toothpastes at wal-greens and they only validated one. The manager told me I could only use one coupon for toothpaste for the whole purchase. I was totally bummed. What do I do in this situation? Did I do this right? Vanessa , You should have been able to use both.

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Each toothpaste is a purchase, so using 2 coupons on 2 toothpastes is using 1 coupon per purchase. March 9, at pm. I have used coupons here and there, mostly from Better Homes and Gardens magazines. I love to save money when I can, its an adrenaline rush to me.


November 7, at am. Some areas of the country have NO stores that double, so you might be in that area. I'm a broke college kid out on my own. Kim will steer you on the right track. The best deal you can possibly get is to use your coupons on items that are already discounted.

I am in love! I want to know how they get all of those coupons and deals; I want their secrets! March 3, at pm. I use coupons every time I walk in a store, but sometimes buying the store brand is still cheaper. I have 3 kids and they eat ALOT. March 2, at pm. Oh, I see. To use two coupons for one item one must be the store coupon. Got it! Thanks for clarifying that. Limit ONE coupon per item — no matter what the value is or where the coupon came from aside from store coupons of course.

March 2, at am. I am not new to using coupons but I certainly had no idea that I could be saving even more! Anyway, my question is where do you get all these great coupons? I clip from my sunday paper and do get some online but it seems to me that over the last several years that the newpaper coupons have dwindled! Debbie , I get all my coupons either from the newspaper or online printables. Just watch the printable coupon roundups I post because there are usually awesome coupons every day! March 1, at pm.

February 28, at pm. It seems almost all coupons you have to purchase 2 or 3 of that product to be able to use the coupon. It is just my husband and I. Also why is their 2 bar codes and 2 different numbers on coupons? Linda , No, you have to buy what is specified on the coupon. Have any suggestions? This is usually a promotion only found at grocery stores. Some areas of the country have NO stores that double, so you might be in that area. February 23, at am. First, thank you for all of your tips. I am excited about saving some serious cash. I would think you can since they are scanning two items.

Kristin , That is up for debate. It shows up as invalid. So far, the cashiers have manually over-ridden the register, but it takes several minutes. Is it common to have this happen with coupons that you print yourself? Also, thanks so much for your work on this site.

Every little bit that can be saved certainly helps! Tiffany , I have occasionally had internet printables beep at Walmart, but typically they scan fine. LOVE this blog! I am new to couponing and your information has helped me a TON! Keep it up! LOVE the Target coupon portion! Now for my question s. Do you have to wait until you have a certain amount and how do you know how much you have? This portion of it is very confusing to me. How did they use it? January 27, at pm. You save and use them just like your other coupons.

I happened upon your site last night and am hooked. I, like others have mentioned, recently became turned onto the idea of couponing. I feel like when I have used coupons in the past I end up spending more at the grocery store, I am thinking that is because I have not been using them correctly.

Migadeen , I have a post coming up soon that talks about stockpiling, but basically you buy a lot of the things you know you will use when they are at their lowest price. You CAN use more than one coupon! I go through it about once a month and pull out the coupons that have expired. January 22, at am. January 21, at am. I just found couponing today. This is a wonderful site! January 20, at pm. Coleen , No. You can only use 1 coupon per item, even if that coupon also attaches to another item. One of our local grocery stores, SuperS, refused to honor computer generated coupons.

The checker said that the home office set the policy. Any other ideas? Lynne , Lynne, ask to see a written copy of the coupon policy next time. They should be able to provide one if this is indeed their policy. January 17, at pm. Found this site and added it to my favorites. You did great saving on your new dryer! January 17, at am. Nothing looks like THAT great of a deal. It fries my brain. Maybe the answer it out there…. This is how I did the free toothpaste and I hope it helps and I can make it easy to understand.

I had a. I had 3 of the. January 15, at pm. Any suggestions? Anyone have any suggestions for finding coupons for fresh fruit or vegetables or store brands? January 6, at pm. January 7, at am. In order for a coupon to double, you must use it at a store that doubles coupons. January 5, at am. December 30, at pm. My mother lost her job and were living on child support from my father. I am trying my best for my family to figure out ways to save money.

December 31, at pm. May 27, at pm. Stephanie , It seems the Lord is using you to help others. Thank you for all your help. God Bless You. Can you use 1 coupon on 1 box of cereal and have another coupon for another box of cearal and still save? MrMcmigedy , Yes! December 9, at pm. I am having great success with couponing and we are thrilled with the savings I regularly achieve now. However, with so many IPs and even ones coming in SS lately having specific stores on them, does that make them a store or manufacturer???

December 11, at pm. Catherine , I know what you mean! Seems like coupons are getting trickier to read! Though some stores may make a fuss about you using a coupon with another stores logo on it. There is one exception to this rule: catalinas. March 14, at pm. March 15, at am. They will scan in just fine. October 29, at pm. My sister does it and really really well. Moarjorie , Husbands seem to be the hardest to convince! I suggest starting with all the free sources for coupons first if your husband is skeptical of buying a newspaper.

My husband was skeptical at first, but decided it was worth supporting for all the savings. By the 2nd week of watching the bank account grow instead of shrink, he was sold! Perhaps you could challenge your husband to a time period challenge! If you do and you will you get supported on your multiple paper subscriptions and splurge on an item you have been wanting — or better yet to me eat out that night!

September 12, at pm. I started couponing for the first time ever about 4 months ago. Any suggestions on how to use coupons more efficiently and see my OOP expense go down? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! September 14, at pm. Julie , Hi Julie. I completely understand your frustrations. There are a couple things to watch — try to branch out and try new things and not be brand loyal to too many items.

I hope this helps you and keep trying! Ok so I have a question. If I have a coupon for buy 6 yoplait get. Can I use 6? June 5, at pm. Heather , No, you can only use 1 coupon per item — and that coupon applies to all 6 items. The store doubled it and I got the toothpaste free.. April 21, at pm. Margie , Margie. You did it just right! You always want to maximize your savings the best you can, and since you got the toothpaste for free, you did just that.

Then you wont have to purchase toothpaste again for a long time, or you can donate it out, whichever you want. My philosophy is, if you can get it for free, why only get 1,2,or3. Why not get 30, 50, or I can always store products or donate them. Hope this helps. Would I need a coupon for every 3 purchased. I am new to couponing and have a question for all you professionals!

I am really unclear on this. Can I use both coupons for the deoderant and the bodywash? May 18, at am. March 25, at pm. After recent months I have no choice but to find ways to save. I appreciate the post because all of this can sound like a foreign language to me. March 24, at pm. HI Great posts! I too am learnign this coupon game.

Yes, game. My family is all involved trying to beat each other on bargains. I have been diligent in trying to get coupons on line, in stores, from newspapers and do not come near to this kind of savings. Kate , It takes time and practice! Once you get a nice collection of coupons and get the hang of finding the best deals, you will start to see consistent high savings! Well, if you have a lot of coupons.. How do you keep up with the favorite stores, their sales, and the coupon exp.

Kate , It is okay to let coupons expire. February 27, at am. I am really nervous about my first shopping trip with coupons today. I have printed many coupons and looked at the sales ads and think I am just going to venture to Krogers first and then read more tips today before I do more shopping and go to Walmart.

My big questions is reading how everyone saves at CVS and Walgreens. I am curious how that happens and what all it entails.

A College Girl's Guide to Couponing - Healthy Liv

I have never thought of shopping really there becuase they seem so much higher than other places, but it seems that is where you get really good deals. Do you go there and get their store ads or is there a place you can get them online before you venture out? I am still learning the lingo, but I do have the list of abbreviations handy and catching on.

I just wish I would have done this much sooner, but better now than never right?