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Where has he come from? So an extraordinary story begins. Violet and the Pearl of the Orient by Harriet Whitehorn A wonderfully old-fashioned story of a count, a countess, a stolen, very precious jewel, and a girl with the detective skills to uncover the truth.

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Emil is robbed on the train on his way to Berlin and this disaster is the trigger for a great adventure. He makes friends and together they set a trap to catch the thief. The Death Cloud by Andrew Lane First in a series of books set in the nineteenth century and imagining the exploits of the teenage Sherlock Holmes. Good for mystery-loving readers aged eleven or over. Another one for the top of the age range. Young Houdini by Simon Nicholson This book imagines Houdini, the famous escapologist, as a young boy trying to get started in his unusual career.

Action-packed and great fun with a big mystery at the heart of it to be solved by Houdini and his friends. Search this website. Quick book search. Haunted by her own past relationship with Hutch — he was the only one who accepted her freshman year — Devon decides that Hutch could never have killed himself and sets out to find his killer.

But then his mother loans him out to a neighbor, and Jack finds himself typing obituaries of the strange and wonderful people who founded his small town. This funny and mysterious semi-autobiographic mix of fact and fiction is fast-paced and immensely entertaining. Sheridan, the owner of the theater. After Cat sees Mr. Sheridan hiding a valuable diamond, she and her friends decide to help safeguard the treasure. Set in s London, England, this thrilling mystery will keep readers glued to the pages. When the lonely girl discovers a beautiful doll, Maria, hidden under the floorboards, she hides the doll from her godmother who prohibits play, beautiful things, and talk of love.

This mysterious and creepy novel is enthralling. Jennie is haunted by both her dead brother and Will, and suffers a recurring sensation of being choked. The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge Ages 14—up On the surface Faith Sunderly 14 is a dull and proper young lady, but she is secretly a budding scientist consumed with curiosity. Her father, Reverend Erasmus Sunderly, unexpectedly moves his family to a remove island to escape a scandal that threatens to destroy his reputation.

Though the intellectual talents of girls and women are deprecated in Victorian society, Faith helps discover a mysterious tree that feeds upon lies, rewarding the liar with amazing visions. When her father is found dead, a presumed suicide, Faith is determined to clear his name and expose his murderer. Clare can retrieve memories and emotions by touching objects, her mother can read minds, and her brother is a medium. When a tourist is found murdered, Clare is eager to help the police. When two more people are murdered, and her brother becomes a suspect, Clare realizes she needs to find the truth quickly before she becomes the next victim.

Steeplejack by A. Hartley Ages 13—up Ang Stonga 16 works as a steeplejack, cleaning and maintaining the towers and spires of Bar-Selehm, an alternative 19th-century South African city. A secret government agency hires Ang to find the killer, sure that the murder is connected to the theft. This intense thriller is the first in the Alternative Detective series.

Blank Confession by Pete Hautman Ages 12—up Shayne Blank, a year-old stranger, appears at the police station to confess to a murder. This gripping story is told from both the viewpoints of Mickey, narrating the back story, and Detective Rawls, listening to the confession. Snappy dialog, skillful pacing, and great characters make this exciting mystery hard to put down. The Black Book of Secrets by F. Higgins Ages 10—14 Young Ludlow Fitch, fleeing a terrible past, arrives in a peaceful village. The vaguely Dickensian late s atmosphere is the perfect backdrop for this historical fantasy.

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The Bone Magician by F. Higgins Ages 10—14 Young Pin Carpue is left to survive on his own in the crime-ridden city of Urbs Umida when his father, a suspected murderer, disappears. Pin gets a job as a corpse watcher, standing guard in the morgue for three days to ensure that the deceased really are dead and not just sleeping.

There he meets the Bone Magician who claims to be able to reanimate the dead to answer last questions from the living. This dark and funny fantasy is a companion volume to The Black Book of Secrets.

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This non-stop adventure is part mystery, part classic horror story, and all thriller. Polluted air is blamed for the cholera epidemic, but Eel and his mentor Dr. Snow believe the disease is being spread through a local water pump. This exciting tale mixes mystery, science, medicine, and history. Bunny—Detectives Extraordinaire! Bunny, a fedora-wearing pair of neophyte detectives, to track them down. This hilarious and witty adventure story, narrated by Mrs. Bunny and translated from Rabbit by Polly Horvath, is hopefully the first in a series.

The Reformed Vampire Support Group by Catherine Jinks Ages 12—up The members of this group know they must admit their addiction and conquer it before they are staked, so they attend the hated meetings every Tuesday night. When one of the vampires is destroyed by a silver bullet, the group of misfits bands together to find the killer. Plot twists and character development combine to make this murder mystery a winner.

Heather was crowned May Queen at the first May Day celebration in 25 years.

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Until this year the May Day celebration was not held, cancelled after Birch Markle killed a woman and disappeared into the forest before vanishing. Nothing but Ghosts by Beth Kephart Ages 12—up Katie 16 and her father are grieving the recent death of her mother. Her father, an artist who restores paintings, tries to lose himself in his work while pondering what color would be used to paint regret. With her fellow teen worker Danny, and the help of the town librarian, Katie researches town history to solve the mystery and distract herself from her own grief.

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Tabitha Crum, whose parents plan to abandon her to an orphanage, has only one friend — her pet mouse Pemberley. Tabitha, who loves mystery books and plans to work for Scotland Yard when she grows up, finds the competition perfectly suited to her talents. Audie has a pet cat named Minivar, a good friend, and plenty of books to read, but longs for adventure.

This clever historical mystery is the first in a planned series. Before disappearing, Amanda told each person a different story about her past and gave each a different animal totem. After witnessing a fatal motorcycle accident where the dying stranger seems to recognize her, Molly begins to remember pieces from her blackouts. Chimpanzee had baked to sell at the Mango Market. A perfect blend of mystery and humor will appeal to young readers eager to tackle a short chapter book.

Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart Ages 12—up Jule and Immie are two orphans who look similar but have very different lives. Jule is a fierce fighter and a master of disguise, determined to do just about anything to escape her past. She meets a handsome traveler who flirts with her, but refuses to give his name, so Emily calls him Mr. One evening Jack goes to New York City, a place he has not visited since his mother died there eight years ago.

The ghosts are suspicious of Jack, who becomes increasingly uncertain if he himself is dead or alive. This intricate adventure is a magical combination of modern characters, New York history, and classical mythology. Precious believes him and sets out to track down the real culprit.

6th Grade Spy by Marcus Emerson

Striking woodcut illustrations present a colorful view of the African setting. She is last seen standing on the edge of the Coronado Bridge, a common suicide spot, before disappearing. With her new friend Jackson, Sarah searches for the treasure that is said to be hidden in the house, discovering that the house is full of ghosts and memories of the past. The two are drawn into a mystery that spans generations, a mystery only Sarah can solve before tragedy strikes again. This haunting gothic tale is the first in a planned series.

Rebecca feels out of place at the snooty prep school. In fact, to the rich girls she is nearly invisible. Rebecca befriends Lisette, a ghost who has haunted the cemetery since her mysterious death years earlier. This atmospheric ghost story captures the rich history of New Orleans, and doesn't shy away from issues of race, ethnicity, class, and culture.

Trash by Andy Mulligan Ages 12—up Raphael is a year-old trash-picker in an unnamed 3rd world Latin American country. One day he finds a leather bag containing a wallet, a map, and a key. Raphael and his two friends are soon involved in exposing political corruption and abuse of the poor as they puzzle out a secret code and follow clues to a hidden cache of money. Realistic details of the lives of desperate children living in the dump provide a sobering background to this gripping adventure tale. Malcolm and Matilda Clifton are old friends of their mother Juliet, who died recently.

The Cliftons welcome Aila and Miles, but the rest of the town is not happy to see them. The Quinns discover that eveyr seven years, beginning with the year Juliet was born, the town residents lose something, like the ability to smell the flowers or see reflections. No one knows why the Disappearances happen, but they always suspected Juliet was somehow responsible.


As the next seventh year approaches, Aila follows a sequence of literary clues her mother left behind, hoping to solve the mystery of the Disappearances. Lost Boy by Linda Newbery Ages 8—12 Just after moving to Wales, Matt imagines a car crash and finds himself next to the grave of a boy with his initials. Soon he is involved in trying to solve the mystery of three lost boys while trying to fit into a village with well-kept secrets. Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver Ages 14—up Though completely different, sisters Dara and Nick are inseparable until the accident that left Dara scarred and created a rift between them.

Nick tries to recreate their bond, but Dara vanishes on her birthday.

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Age Level: 9 - 12 | Grade Level: 4th and up. Nolan is the leader of a group of 6th grade spies that have been given the mission of catching a cheater. They've. Ages 9–12 Petra and Calder, two bright sixth-graders, join together to find a missing This suspenseful mystery explores themes of the struggle between good and evil, . as exciting as the first book in the series: Missing on Superstition Mountain. .. It's and Agent K, a British spy, reveals his secret techniques in a.

At first Nick thinks Dara is just trying for attention, but the disappearance of another girl cause Nick to fear that something has happened to Dara. Alternating perspectives from both sisters before and after the accident along with blog and news reports from the media fill in the mystery. Suspicion falls on the other Jack, the nimble and quick one, but his alibi holds up so Detective Dumpty heads off to the Spratt house to question yet another Jack, before visiting the beanstalk to interview another suspect.

This funny companion to What Really Happened to Humpty? Musical interludes punctuate the goofy narration, just right for readers ready to take on short chapters. Bright digital collage illustrations add to the fun. The pair are hired by a clueless butterfly to find her missing diamond pencil box. Full of insect humor, puns, and nifty similes, this classic mystery will keep young readers glued to the pages. A graphic novel with a film noir look, this is the first in the Joey Fly, Private Eye series.

They also hope to find their parents along the way. Unfortunately they are competing against the rest of the Cahill clan, many of whom are less than honorable. Riordan created the story arc for the series; authors will write also for the series. This fast-paced book has plenty of suspense, danger, and puzzles.

She Is Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick Ages 12—up Laureth Peak 16 is blind, but her father has taught her to look for recurring patterns in events and numbers.

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When her novelist father goes missing during a trip to Switzerland doing research about coincidence, Laureth is concerned. This mystery thriller narrated from the perspective of an observant blind person is enthralling. Younger sister Aerin, still consumed by grief, posts a request for help on the Case Not Closed CNC online forum that specializes in cold cases.

Seneca Frazier 18 and Maddy Wright 19 answer, and join Aerin in the hunt for new evidence, uncovering secrets that Helena was concealing. As Red as Blood by Salla Simukka Ages 13—up Lumikki Andersson 17 visits the darkroom at her prestigious school in Finland and finds thousands of Euros covered in fresh blood. Living alone in a studio apartment far from her home and parents, Lumikki has been totally focused on studying rather than making friends, but the gruesome discovery leads to an alliance with Eliza, the spoiled daughter of a local narcotics officer, as they try to trace the origins of the money.

This intense mystery is the first in the Snow White Trilogy. Friday Barnes, Girl Detective by R. Ignored by her parents, theoretical physicists.

Friday reads detective novels and watches Agatha Christie films. With the reward earned by solving a bank robbery, Friday sends herself to an exclusive boarding school. She shrugs off the taunts of the pampered students and begins to solve a series of crimes ranging from disappearing homework to a Yeti who haunts the nearby swamp.