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www.stringrecordings.com/img/suspense/londres-visite-guide-french-edition.php Haemogregarina damiettae was previously described form Acanthodactylus boskianus in Egypt, and the description was base only on the blood stages with no data on the tissue stages. In the present study, both blood and tissue stages were encountered. The blood stages were found to be confined to the erythrocytes and none in the leucocytes.

The erythrocytic stages could be differentiated into small and large forms. The cytoplasm of the mature gamontocyte was finely granular and faintly stained with Giemsa, while the nucleus was relatively large and occupied about one third of the body length and was formed of a network of chromatin filaments. Infected erythrocytes were hypertrophied and their nuclei either longitudinally stretched or split into two fragments. The tissue stages were observed in the lungs and hearts of the infected lizards. The merogonic stages were evident as multinucleated ovoid to subspherical bodies enclosed by parasitophorous vacuoles.

Abdou, M. Chemical treatments still constitute the main method used to control desert locust during the invasion phases. In addition to their relatively high costs, these pesticides are not target specific in the majority of the cases; they can have negative effects on the biotic and abiotic components of the ecosystem. The goal of our study, conducted under natural conditions, was the assessment of the ecological effect of ethyl chlorpyrifos and fenitrothion, the most widely used organophosphate pesticides in desert locust control in Niger.

To assess the impact of pesticides on the relative abundance of lacertid lizard Acanthodactylus boskianus and Acanthodactylus sp before and after treatments, we used the method of pedestrian transect. The experiments were carried out in a randomized complete block design with three replications.

The experimental plots had an area of 16 ha each, the treatments consisted of ethyl chlorpyrifos at the rate of ga. Unsprayed plots were used as controls. Ineach experimental plot, two lines of m length and 10 m width were used as area of counting. These lines of counting skirted one of the diagonals of each plot. The results demonstrate the noxious effect of ethyl chlorpyrifos and fenitrothion organophosphate pesticides on lizard. We recorded the first decrease of population at 9 days after treatment.

The first decrease of the lizard populations was noted in the phase I DAT. We also recorded the first dead or moribund lizards between 9 and 21 days after chemical treatment. It was also observed; the chemicals had a delayed effect on the lizard. In the last phase days after the treatment no death or moribund lizards is noted in all plots treated and untreated.

Abel, E. Der Beutegruch wird durch die Nase aus ca. Es gelang, andressierte Eidechsen nach Steinen usw. Die Nase darf daher als Alarm- und Leitsinnesorgan bezeichnet werden. Abrahamyan, M. The patterns of seasonal and daily activities of two parthenogenetic species of lizards Darevskia armeniaca, D.

El cuaderno azul de El Cairo (Spanish Edition)

Abrahmsen, B. Abramjan, A. Parthenogenetic lizards of the genus Darevskia as an evolutionary model. Several parthenogenetic lineages occur within the lizards of the genus Darevskia Sauria: Lacertidae which are endemic to southern Transcaucasus. High level of heterozygosity, cause by thein hybrid origin, is one of the crucial aspects of thein evolutionary potential, as well as the asexual reproduction.

Heterosis on one side is in the opposition to the outbreeding depression and genetic uniformity of the clones on the other side. Aim of this work is to evaluace if these aspects influence viability of parthenogenetic species and differ them from the sexual ones. We chose the amount of asymmetries as a measure of developmental instability, which we studied on three meristic characters.

We also evaluated the pattern of asymmetries in lateral blue spots, which are of signaling importace in lacertid lizards. Absence of males may have perhaps the greatest influence on coloration, resulting in loss of symmetry in the blue spots. To test this hypothesis, we compared the developmental stability of bisexual and parthenogenetic lizards of the genus Darevskia.

We assessed asymmetries in three meristic traits: ventral, preanal, and supratemporal scales. Our results suggest that the amount of ventral and preanal asymmetries is significantly higher in clones compared with their maternal, but not paternal, progenitor species. However, it is questionable, whether this is a consequence of clonality, as it may be considered a mild form of outbreeding depression as well.

Moreover, most ventral asymmetries were found in the bisexual species Darevskia valentini. We suggest that greater differences in asymmetry levels among bisexuals may be, for instance, a consequence of the population size: the smaller the population, the higher the inbreeding and the developmental instability.

On the basis of the traits examined in this study, the parthenogens do not seem to be of significantly poorer quality. Abreu-Acosta, N. Raillietiella morenoi sp. The new species belongs to the sharp-tipped posterior-hook type. The annulus number, morphology, and dimensions of copulatory spicules and the dimensions of anterior and posterior hooks separate Raillietiella sp. The host character of endemic protected species of G. However, more studies are required to state the variability of this species and its possible distribution in other species in the Canary Islands, as well as in other Gallotia spp.

Abu Alsaud, L. Tall Sufan, a 1. From the Ottoman-Turkish period until modern times it was in agricultural use. However, in recent decades, human activities have destroyed sections of Tall Sufan. The surviving features include a fortification system, a pond, an aqueduct, a watermill and several dry-stone terrace walls, cylindrical weigh oil press, silos, and burial caves. This article describes these structural elements and compares them to similar sites in Palestine.

In addition, it provides information on coins recovered during the — campaigns. Abu Baker, M. In the course of the faunistic inventory in Wadi Ramm Protected Area, a total of 34 species of reptiles representing nine families Gekkonidae, Chamaeleonidae, Agamidae, Lacertidae, Scincidae, Varanidae, Leptotyphlopidae, Colubridae, and Viperidae were recorded from different habitats in Wadi Ramm and its closest vicinity.

Three species Lacerta cf. Habitat preferences for collected species are included. Abukashawa, S. Ackermann, G. Report about an observation of juvenile Podarcis muralis as potential prey of Euscorpius sp. Acosta, P. Se describe un comportamiento previamente no observado en el lagarto de Boettger Gallotia caesaris.

Varios ejemplares de la subespecie G. This study reports on the seasonal, sex, and age differences in the diet composition of a population of the lacertid lizard Podarcis milensis inhabiting an arid sand dune on Milos Island Aegean Archipelago, Greece. Stomach contents of animals were analyzed and compared with prey availability data.

The most important prey types were Hemiptera, Coleoptera other than Tenebrionidae , spiders, and ants. Other prey items included plant material and insect larvae, both constantly consumed throughout the year. Differences in the taxonomic composition of the diet were found between males and females and between juveniles and all other classes. The greatest similarity of diet composition between the sexes and ages examined was during summer. The foraging patterns observed are discussed within the context of the specific study system: an insular, low productivity, sand dune ecosystem.

Adamopoulou, C. Book of Abstracts: Lazar eds. The reproductive strategy of Podarcis milensis exhibits some peculiarities when compared with other congeners. Males and females attain sexual maturity at a min- imum body size of 47 and 42 mm SVL, respectively, both at an age of about one year. Podarcis milensis has a ver y small clutch size, with a mean of 1. Both sexes exhibit a pro- longed reproductive period extending from Januar y to August.

Field body temperatures Tbs , activity cycles, and preferred body temperatures maintained in a laboratory thermogradient Tsel were studied for Podarcis milensis, a small, endemic, lacertid lizard occurring in Milos Archipelago, Greece. Daily activity patterns range from unimodal winter to strongly bimodal summer. The species actively thermoregulates, and effectiveness of thermoregulation for the month of August is high, 0. The thermoregulatory behavior, microhabitat utilization, and activity cycle of this population are all discussed in the specific context of our study system: the harsh thermal environment of an insular sand dune.

Hart Hrsg.

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Alle Tiere kamen aus Museumssammlungen und waren im Sommer gefunden worden. Lo Cascio eds. Adema, J. Algyroides moreoticus, Lacerta agilis, Lacerta graeca, Lacerta oxycephala, Lacerta trilineata, Lacerta viridis, Podarcis melisellensis fiumana, Podarcis muralis albanica, Podarcis peloponnesiaca, Podarcis sicula campestris, Podarcis taurica ionica, Podarcis taurica taurica. Adnagoluv, E. Adnagulov, E. An annotated list of amphibian and reptile species of the Russian Far East is presented with due account of modern data on the taxa systematics.

Adolph, R. Aellen, V. Aengals, R. Afonso, O. El caso de los lagartos gigantes canarios. Oral Communication. Afonso, T. It has been moulded by the human activity since the primordial times and its characteristics rely directly on the continuity of the traditional ways of management. The results suggests that there is no impact on the population of the species studied due to the intensity of the grazing, although there has been noticed a change in the behaviour and usage of the micro-habitat by them, when exposed to the different intensity levels.

The lizards seem to prefer simple structured micro-habitats being the main difference between the species in the usage that they give to its physical elements.

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Afrasiab, S. Basrah province is situated at the extreme south of Iraq, it has an interesting reptile fauna Squamata and Serpentes and represents a land bridge between three different zoogeographical regions Oriental, Palaearctic and Ethiopian. This situation gave Basrah province a topographic specific opportunity for raising its own faunal diversity including reptiles; in this study Basrah province was divided into four main zones: the cities and orchards, marshes and wetlands sabkha , the true dessert, the seashore and Shat Al-Arab. Forty nine reptile species were recorded including snakes, sea and fresh water turtles, and Lizards; brief notes and descriptions for the rare and important species were provided and supported by Plates.

Afsar, M. Interactions between the environment and internal regulation drive the biophysiological dynamics of lizards. Although diurnal lizards are usually heliothermic, they can sometimes be active in the absence of sunlight. Here, we report, for the first time, a case of nocturnal behavior aided by the artificial light in the spiny-tailed lizard - Darevskia rudis Bedriaga, — a species that normally exhibits diurnal activity.

In this study, 29 reptile and amphibian species were recorded in 25 diff erent localities in the Sultan Mountains. Of these, 5 were anurans, 1 was a tortoise, 1 was a turtle, 11 were lizards, and 11 were snakes. A chorotype classifi cation of the species recorded in the Sultan Mountains is also given. Die Angaben entsprechen dem derzeitigen Kenntnisstand und beruhen in erster Linie auf Literaturrecherchen, z. Acanthodactylus arabicus, A. Agarwal, I. We describe two new species of the lacertid genus Ophisops based on a series of 19 specimens from semi-arid habitats in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan in northwestern India, provide a description of Ophisops microlepis sensu stricto, and a key to Indian Ophisops.

Ophisops pushkarensis sp. They differ from O. These are some of the only known endemic reptiles in these semi-arid landscapes and indicate that many other such habitats may harbour endemic biodiversity. Aim India is dominated by tropical grassy biomes TGBs , traditionally considered seres or degraded forest, with low diversity relative to the restricted, ancestral wet zone.

It is unclear if Indian grasslands and other open habitats are anthropogenically derived or native, old-growth habitats; without a clear timescale of grassland evolution. One way to understand grassland evolution is to study the diversification in taxa restricted to open habitats.

We use a dated phylogeny of Ophisops to address questions related to the origin, diversification and inter-relationships of Indian and Saharo-Arabian Ophisops, and ultimately the origin of Indian grasslands and open habitats. Methods We generated up to base pairs of aligned sequence data one mitochondrial, two nuclear genes for Indian lacertids and reconstructed phylogenetic relationships using maximum likelihood and Bayesian inference. We use a fossil-calibrated timetree, diversification analyses and ancestral area reconstructions to test the hypotheses of origin and relationships with Saharo-Arabian Ophisops.

Species diversity in Indian Ophisops is grossly underestimated, with 26—47 candidate species. Ophisops began diversifying in the late Oligocene with significant rate shifts in the late Miocene-Pliocene and Pleistocene within the SBC. Main conclusions Our results are consistent with an ancient origin of grassland taxa and TGBs in India. Ophisops dispersed into India from the Saharo-Arabian Realm in the Oligocene with a back dispersal in the Middle Miocene, a novel biogeographical pattern.

Indian TGBs are old-growth ecosystems that need urgent conservation attention. Agasyan, A. Downloaded on 10 October Version Available from: www. Downloaded on 11 October Starting from the knowledge that in the reproductive period the Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide VIP is widely distributed in Podarcis sicula testis, we studied VIP expression and the localization of the neuropeptide and its receptors in the testis of the Italian wall lizard P. By Real Time-PCR, we demonstrated that testicular VIP mRNA levels change during the reproductive cycle, showing a cyclic trend with two peaks, one in mid-autumnal resumption and the other in the reproductive period.

By in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry, we demonstrated that both VIP mRNA and protein were widely distributed in the testis in almost all the phases of the cycle, except in the early autumnal resumption. Our results demonstrate that, differently from mammals, where VIP is present only in nerve fibres innerving the testis, an endotesticular synthesis takes place in the lizard and the VIP synthesis changes throughout the reproductive cycle. Finally, the wider distribution of VIP in lizards with respect to mammals leads us to hypothesize that during the evolution the synthesis sites have been transferred from the testis to other districts, such as the brain.

Agnese, M. Our results demonstrated that in Podarcis sicula the VIP sequence is highly preserved and that this neuropeptide is involved in lizard spermatogenesis and steroidogenesis. Aguado de la Paz, S. Primero, utilizando como modelo la especie I. Nuestros resultados indican que I. Por otro lado, en I. El grado de melanismo en I. Aguado, S. Thermal constraints may limit the physiology and behaviour of ectotherms because of the high thermal dependence of metabolic functions.

Semicontinuous monitoring of body temperature Tb in the laboratory indicated that the preferred temperature range for this population Tpref was lower than those found for most lacertid lizards, and field body temperatures of active animals in summer were even lower than Tpref. Overall these results, together with distribution of field operative temperatures Te , indicate that I. Laboratory experiments in contrasting thermal environments showed that even under thermally restricted conditions, lizards achieved their Tpref by modifying their thermoregulatory behaviour, principally through changes in space use, basking time, and body posture.

Our results suggest that thermoregulatory behaviour may play an important role in coping with global climate change, hence predictions of the effects of climate warming on lizards inhabiting cold habitats should take into account the buffering role of behavioural thermoregulation. Aguilar, F. This study aims to characterize and compare the population structure of Madeira wall lizards, as well as its role in the trophic web of various areas of Selvagem Grande.

These areas were designated according to the type of relief, size of seabird colonies and vegetation cover, in two different Cory shearwater nesting seasons egg incubation and offspring feeding period. The abundance of lizards in different areas and in both seasons was estimated using capture-mark-recapture. Lizard droppings were also collected, to identify contents. Samples of species belonging to the Selvagem Grande trophic chain were collected for isotopic analysis.

Both the highest abundance of lizards and the highest vegetation cover were found in areas with small seabirds colonies. The isotopic basis of the trophic chain varied significantly among areas and is probably influenced by island topography and seabird inputs. Comparing signatures between geckos and lizards of the island, allowed the characterization of niches occupied by each species, being the differences justified by their diets.

In areas with larger seabird colonies, seabirds or nutrient inputs brought by them were extremely important for the diet of T. The lizards with smaller differences in their isotopic niche between seasons were found in the areas with most seabirds, while the highest isotopic niche differences occured where resources were fewer.

Isotopic results validate the dropping analysis, indicating consumption of seabirds during the bird offspring feeding period. Results obtained in this study suggest that the pressure of lizards on seabirds colonies is variable along the island. In contrast to what was expected, in areas with more vegetation there was a reduced impact on seabirds, despite higher abundances of lizards.

Lizard monitorization should be continued to assess population trends as vegetation recovers after the eradication of rabbit and domestic mouse. Ahl, E. Ahmadzadeh, F. Valakos eds. Lacerta media has wide distribution range and is an important lizard fauna element in agro- ecosystems and river closed humid areas.

The aim of this study was to provide reasons for high population size of this species in agro ecosystems. So, this study was performed in the farming areas in Meshkinshar, Ardabil province of Iran from to Based on extensive field research, it has been mainly found that Lacerta media is the most abundant reptile species in mentioned habitats and it just inhabits areas that are much closed to water. Our results also showed, animal is hidden by dense grass vegetation cover especially male that has green color.

They use old hallows of mice and other small vertebrates for hiding and egg lying. In spring they are seen on cultivated filed boundaries on stones on sunny days. As specific result, they are found in apple orchards more abundant than other cultivated fields. It seems that permanent food accessibility insects and fewer predators are most reasons. Finally, Lacerta media is interesting species to study from a conservational point of view because of its unusual frequency of occurrence as parallel with human activities. Timon, a small genus of lacertid lizards, includes four species distributed in two separate ranges in the western and eastern part of the Mediterranean Basin.

Phylogenetic relationships between the two groups have not been resolved, and the taxonomic situation of the two subspecies of the eastern representative of the genus, Timon princeps, is not clear. Based on the high genetic distance between the two subspecies of T. Divergence time estimates based on other lacertid species suggest that the separation of the green Lacerta and ocellated Timon lizards took place around 12 My ago, and that the Eastern group underwent speciation around my ago, perhaps associated with the uplifting of the Zagros mountains.

As expected given this ancient divergence and complex paleogeography, considerable levels of genetic diversity are recovered within both taxa, with geographically close individuals showing very divergent haplotypes. A variety of different methods are available for investigating the effects of past climate fluctuation on biota. The results of both analytical approaches are here combined to better understand the influences of past climate changes on the fragmented distribution pattern of the lizard genus Iranolacerta that currently occurs in the northwest and central Zagros Mountains of Iran.

While Iranolacerta zagrosica is restricted to few localities and cannot be modeled, the potential distribution of Iranolacerta brandtii suggested a large region of unfavorable habitat between northwest and the central Zagros Mountains populations. From the phylogenetic perspective, both species display deep genetic separation likely predating the Pleistocene. However, limited genetic diversity across this divided range of I.

Deeper genetic divergences were, nevertheless, uncovered within the northwest population. Since no recent geological events explain these results, the most likely explanation for such a distribution pattern is due to past climate fluctuations. Both sources of evidence suggest that during the early Holocene the northwest and Zagros populations of I. Further studies may identify potential glacial refugia for other species in this biodiverse region. Aim The ocellated lizards of the genus Timon, comprising six species that are distributed across continental Asia, Europe and Africa, offer an interesting model to study the evolution of ecological niches through comparative phyloclimatic analysis.

Our study provides insights into the evolutionary history of the ocellated lizards and helps to understand the role of climatic niche evolution during the speciation process.

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Location Eastern and western margins of the Mediterranean basin. Methods A dated molecular phylogeny was estimated based on three mitochondrial and two nuclear genes. Using multivariate statistics, species distribution models were developed to characterize the Grinnellian niches of all species. Subsequently, ancestral environmental niche occupancy of each taxon was reconstructed using niche occupancy profiles.

Niche divergence among species was quantified by computing multivariate niche overlaps via twodimensional and n-dimensional approaches. Results Phylogenetic analysis supports that the ancestor of Timon diverged into the eastern and western groups following multiple vicariance events that shaped the current distribution pattern of Palaearctic lizards. High complexity in the ecological niche evolution between the Mediterranean and non-Mediterranean climatic regions was detected. The generally low niche divergence among members of the eastern group and the remarkable climatic divergence within the western group highlight an important role of temperature seasonality in a Mediterranean and Atlantic climate context.

The results also suggest niche conservatism in terms of microhabitats described by vegetation cover. Main conclusions The ocellated lizards provide an interesting example of a vertebrate radiation where niche shift with or without vicariance and niche conservatism alternate in different niche axes shaping current biogeographical patterns.

Aim Diversification and rapid radiation are well documented in lacertid lizards. Niche conservation is frequently observed among related taxa, whereby niches will not change much during speciation events. Here, we investigate the relationship between environmental niche divergence and phylogenetic relatedness in a widespread group of green lizards, the Lacerta trilineata group.

Location Eastern Mediterranean, Anatolia and adjacent regions. Methods A dated phylogeny based on three mitochondrial genes was contextualized using species distribution models of all genetically identified lineages in the Lacerta trilineata group. Based on this analysis, ancestral climatic niche occupancy was reconstructed using niche occupancy profiles. Niche divergence among lineages was quantified by computing multivariate niche overlaps. Results All taxa are associated with humid areas, but there is extensive variation in their climatic niche breadths and positions, which accord with the main phylogenetic split in the group.

Our results suggest divergent niche evolution within subclades and convergent evolution among clades, which implies only a limited degree of niche conservatism regarding annual variations in temperature and precipitation. In contrast, niche axes — mainly reflecting precipitation patterns of the coldest quarter — show a greater difference among clades than within clades, and therefore a higher degree of niche conservatism. Main conclusions Based on estimated divergence times between taxa and geological events in Anatolia, our results can be explained by fragmentation of the range of a hypothetical ancestral species, resulting in different adaptations of subclades either to humid continental climates or to more Mediterranean climates.

Our study highlights deviations from classical niche conservatism theory due to significant niche shifts among sister taxa. Diversification and rapid radiation are well documented in lacertid lizards. Niche conservatism is frequently observed among related taxa, whereby ecological niches remain mostly stable during speciation events. A dated phylogeny based on three mitochondrial genes was contextualized using species distribution models of all genetically identified lineages in the Lacerta trilineata group.

All taxa are associated with humid areas, but there is extensive variation in their climatic niche breadths and positions, which accord with the main phylogenetic split in the group. Based on estimated divergence times between taxa and geological events in Anatolia, our results can be explained by fragmentation of the range of a hypothetical ancestral species, resulting in different adaptations of subclades either to humid continental climates or to more Mediterranean climates. While traditionally species recognition has been based solely on morphological differences either typological or quantitative, several newly developed methods can be used for a more objective and integrative approach on species delimitation.

This may be especially relevant when dealing with cryptic species or species complexes, where high overallresemblance between species is coupled with comparatively high morphological variation within populations. Rock lizards, genus Darevskia, are such an example, as many of its members offer few diagnostic morphological features. Herein, we use a combination of genetic, morphological and ecological criteria to delimit cryptic species within two species complexes, D.

Our analyses are based on molecular information from two nuclear and two mitochondrial genes, morphological data 15 morphometric, 16 meristic and four categorical characters and eleven newly calculated spatial environmental predictors. The phylogeny inferred for Darevskia confirmed monophyly of each species complex, with each of them comprising several highly divergent clades, especially when compared to other congeners. We identified seven candidate species within each complex, of which three and four species were supported by Bayesian species delimitation within D.

Trained with genetically determined clades, Ecological Niche Modeling provided additional support for these cryptic species. Especially those within the D. Due to overall morphological resemblance, in a first approach PCA with mixed variables only showed the separation between the two complexes.

However, MANCOVA and subsequent Discriminant Analysis performed separately for both complexes allowed for distinction of the species when sample size was large enough, namely within the D. In conclusion, the results support four new species, which are described herein. This may be especially relevant when dealing with cryptic species or species complexes, where high overall resemblance between species is coupled with comparatively high morphological variation within populations.

Herein, we use a combination of genetic two nuclear and two mitochondrial loci , morphological 15 morphometric, 16 meristic and four categorical characters and ecological eleven newly calculated spatial environmental predictors criteria to delimit cryptic species within two species complexes, D. Phylogenetic analyses of the molecular data confirmed the monophyly of D.

However, each of the complexes comprises several highly divergent clades, especially when compared to other congeners. We identified seven candidate species within each complex, of which three and four species are supported by Bayesian species delimitation within D. Although the species within one complex lack clear diagnostic features, they can be well separated based on morphological variables when sample size is appropriate. Ecological Niche Modelling provided additional support for the identified species and niche overlaps between them are generally low, especially in the D.

The oriental green lizards of the Lacerta trilineata group are widely distributed in Greece, Anatolia, the eastern Mediterranean, the southern Caucasus, and the Zagros mountains in Iran. We studied their phylogeography using three mitochondrial markers with comprehensive sampling from most representatives of the group.

Their phylogeny and divergence times implementing fossil-based molecular clock calibrations were inferred using Bayesian methods, and haplotype networks were reconstructed to assess how genetic diversity and current distributional patterns were shaped. According to our phylogenetic analyses, the group constitutes a well-supported monophylum containing several distinct evolutionary lineages with high haplotype diversity.

Vicariance might explain the divergences within most lineages that have accumulated by range restriction and expansion of populations as a result of Quaternary climate oscillations and glacial refugia. However, niche divergence appears to be a major force promoting speciation, and large scale distributional patterns between lineages were shaped earlier by multiple, independent dispersals out of Anatolia during the Pliocene and early Pleistocene. The results of the present study also suggest that the group is in need of a taxonomical revision because the identified lineages and genetic diversity are not congruent with the currently recognized subspecies.

The oriental green lizards of the Lacerta trilineata group are widely distributed in Greece, Anatolia, the eastern Mediterranean, the southern Caucasus andthe Zagros mountains in Iran. Their phylogeny and divergence times implementing fossilbased molecular clock calibrations were inferred using Bayesian methods, and haplotype networks were reconstructed to assess how genetic might explain the divergences within most lineages that have accumulated by range restriction and expansion of populations due to Quarternary climate oscillations and glacial refugia.

However, niche divergence seems to be a major force promoting speciation and large scale distributional patterns between lineages were shaped earlier by multiple, independent dispersals out of Anatolia during the Pliocene and early Pleistocene. Our results also suggest that the group is in need of a taxonomical revision, as identified lineages and genetic diversity are not congruent with the currently recognised subspecies.

In this study a total of 29 Eremias strauchi strauchi specimens 10 males, 16 females and three juveniles , collected from different localities in northwest of Iran were examined. The study was based on morphological features including color pattern, morphometric measurements, pholidotic characters, as well as ecological and biological observations especially habitat, reproductive biology and distribution.

Habitat features and new distribution localities were documented. Egg characters of Eremias strauchi strauchi such as shape, size, number and color are reported for the first time. Also, some other new information on this species has been given. The Northwest of Iran, covering the three provinces of Ardabil, East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan, is a special area that, due to its particular geographical and climatic conditions has a rich biodiversity. The present study was conducted with the aim of studying the habitat, substrate type, feeding, conservation and distribution of lizards in this area from to now.

Our results have revealed that there are 20 lizard species belonging to 13 genera and 5 families in this area.

Lacertid lizards have the highest species diversity with 12 species. We also found that high ranges of habitats with a different substrate types are inhabited by lizard species. He lives in London. At Leeds he studied with Martin Bell, who encouraged Szirtes as he began to develop his poetic themes: an engaging mix of British individualism and European fluency in myth, fairy tale, and legend. Szirtes's attention to shape and sound, cultivated through his background in visual art and his bilingual upbringing, quickly led to his successful embrace of formal verse.

In an essay in Poetry magazine defending form, Szirtes argues that "rhyme can be unexpected salvation, the paper nurse that somehow, against all the odds, helps us stick the world together while all the time drawing attention to its own fabricated nature. Bridge Passages was shortlisted for the Whitbread Poetry Prize. Reel won the T. Not surprisingly, Vulturescu was born, and lives, in the north of Romania—the province of Satu Mare, where he works for the cultural administration. He is similar to Akhmatova and Mandelshtam, in that his images are meant to literally represent his meaning, in contrast with symbolist poetry Blok or Bely in which meaning is separated from reality and interpreted through a symbol.

He moved to a more nihilistic, European style toward the end of his life. His short story 'Sightings of Bono' was adapted into a short film featuring Bono U2. The play was remounted in in the theater Xavier Villaurrutia. He has also written for television, including the comedic series Topsy Turvy , Taxi Station , and Sweepings. In addition to writing poems in Italian, Pascoli also composed in Latin and won a number of international awards for his classical verse. He is more like Frost in his particular combination of lyrical transcendence and dark sensibility, and for the fact that every Italian school kid memorizes his terrifically musical poems.

And like Pound, he modernized the Italian language for contemporary poetry, revolutionizing classical standards that poets upheld into the nineteenth century through a new use of dialect and natural speech. He was the author of numerous books of poetry, including his famous Myricae and Canti di Castelvecchio , from which most of these translations have been culled.

Pascoli died in Tavares has no right to be writing so well at the age of One feels like punching him. Ellen Jones edits the Criticism section of Asymptote. She is currently researching literary multilingualism in contemporary English and Spanish fiction at Queen Mary University of London. She holds an M. She works as a cultural critic and translator, and is now finishing her first novel. She lives in London. Since he has lived in Copenhagen. He has published nine volumes of poetry and two collections of short prose pieces in Poland; three books of poetry, a book of poetic prose, and an experimental novel translations in Denmark; and selected poems in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

He has also published a selection of plays. The subjects that are closest to his heart are the Algerian cultural identity and memory as they are being mestizoed and woven between Orient and Occident, especially under the impact of the experiences of exile and migration.

He was born in Shiraz, Iran, in the early 14th century. His ghazals excel both in musicality as well as in intricate wordplay. Because of both its incredible style as well as its deft philosophical treatment of such themes as death, love, and divine worship, his verse has had a lasting and pervasive influence on Persian language and culture. An accomplished mandolin player, Hagiwara was the author of six books of poetry, as well as collections of essays and aphorisms.

When he was fifteen he passed the entrance exam to the prestigious Beijing University, and at twenty, he started teaching philosophy and art theory at China University of Political Science and Law. Between and , he wrote about poems and several epics.

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He committed suicide in March by lying on a railroad track at Beijing Shanhaiguan. Born in Vietnam and raised in Wisconsin, he currently lives in Gainesville, Florida. He received his medical degree in Following his graduation, he spent many years working in Europe and the Far East. His expertise is in cancer genetics. Turuncu Orange-colored , his latest and sixth volume of poetry came out in His poetry attests to the possibility of a lyrical experience in a world where all sorts of "cancers" threaten the world and living beings.

He was born in Singapore and can trace his ancestry to Wenchang province in Hainan. He began writing xiangsheng sketches in the s, and in the eighties moved on to full-length and short plays. He has published three volumes of xiangsheng and a collection of plays for the stage. He became resident playwright of the Cameri Theater in Tel Aviv and also worked with Habimah, Israel's national theater. Levin wrote fifty plays, thirty-four of which habe been staged. His work includes comedies, tragedies, and satiric cabarets, most of which he directed himself.

In addition, he published five books of short stories and poems, and a book for children. He received numerous theater awards both in Israel and abroad—most notably at the Edinburgh Festival—and his plays have been staged around the world. Levin was awarded the Bialik Prize in His work has been translated into forty-two languages. The most recent of his many honors is the Franz Kafka Prize. Daoud studied Arabic literature at university and worked as a reporter throughout Lebanon's civil war.

He is the editor of the 'Nawafidh' cultural supplement of the Beirut daily al-Mustaqbal and the author of two volumes of short stories and eight novels, four of which have already appeared in English translation. He is widely respected throughout the Arab world, and his work Sunsets was longlisted for the Arabic Booker Prize.

She lives in Buenos Aires. Her first book, Niederungen , written in , was banned by the censors. Continued political persecution drove her to emigrate to Germany in , and since then she has published a number of books of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. All her writing reflects her experience of political oppression and exile, exploring their effects on the individual. La pudeur ou l'impudeur , Guibert's only film, follows the last months of his life in plenary detail. His posthumously published journals, The Mausoleum of Lovers , are among his most esteemed works.

Since she has lived in Rotterdam. Her first collection of poems, Tussen gebaren en woorden Between Gestures and Words was published in ; since that time she has published thirteen more collections of poetry. Roland Holst prize. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake of , he has also written and performed dramatic monologues throughout Japan, and in August , he was joined by translator Motoyuki Shibata and other writers for a two-day 'summer school' on literature held in his hometown, Koriyama.

She was a renowned novelist, short story writer, poet, playwright and diarist, and the subcontinent's first woman pilot. The subject of several critical studies, she is now recognised as a leading name in 20th century Urdu literature. A prolific writer whose work spans many different genres, including poetry, fiction, drama and newspaper columns, her eccentric personality — she claimed she would go to a planet called Marduk in her afterlife — attracted more public attention than her work. She died in , and while she had already received some public recognition, many of her important books were already out-of-print by then.

Her popularity has grown since then, and all of her books have been published in new editions. Some of her work has also been translated into Italian, French, Spanish and German. He started writing poetry in , later publishing Japanese Futurist poetry and manifestos in numerous coterie journals from to A tuberculosis patient, he often failed to make ends meet for his common-law wife and child, passing away on July 20, He was twenty-nine years old.

Authors he has translated from the Chinese include virtually all major contemporary novelists. Yan Jun is a Gansu-born, Beijing-based performance poet, writer, and self-professed "improviser and sound hypnotizer," who curates the monthly music events at the Beijing contemporary art centre UCCA and is one of the principal organizers of Mini Midi , China's annual experimental music festival. During the s as a major contributor to the influential Literature Quarterly, Huang was hailed as a representative of hsiang-t'u wen-hsueh, the "nativist literature movement" that focused on the lives of rural Taiwanese people.

In more recent works he has turned his attention to urban culture and life in Taiwan's growing cities. A new collection will be forthcoming soon. Two years in a row he has been invited to perform at the Murbid Poetry Festival in Basra, a gathering of the who's who of Iraqi poets.

Since , he has worked as a freelance journalist, writing for the online paper Modern Discussion , a media outlet that publicizes important dialogues about secularism and human rights.

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Furthermore, the First Modification to the German State Treaty on Gambling allows the federal states a great deal of discretion in relation to the framing of the state transposition and implementation laws. Read Croacia, mapa de carreteras. Arrested for distributing anti-Nazi leaflets, he was deported to Auschwitz in It is considered that he studied law, that he was a member of the lower nobility engaged in service to Queen Isabella, and that he fought on the side of the Catholic Monarchs against the army of the Nasrid Dynasty in the Granada War These differences include both additions and omissions in N as well as variant use of lexical items. Free Mallorca, la isla de los escritores Libri d'autore.

He grew up in the city of Chernovtsy Ukraine. In his writing and dissident activities led to KGB pressure to emigrate. Since his writing has appeared regularly in leading Russian literary magazines. Igor Pomerantsev lives in Prague.

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Petersburg Military University, which he left in order to pursue his career as a writer. He was as a result sentenced to a period of hard labour in the Taiga, working on what was literally a road to nowhere. He regained his liberty in the chaos accompanying the fall of the Soviet Union. His work has won numerous awards and is marked by a simplicity of diction and an emotional honesty.

She has degrees in philosophy and has also worked in journalism and films. Her tenth collection, Urcarea Muntelui Climbing the mountain , was heavily censored on its first appearance in , and reappeared in its full form only after the change of regime. A courageous critic of the former political masters of her country, she has also been forthright in her responses to the new order. Her innovative and often radical body of work—including short stories, poems, radio plays, dialogues, aphorisms, essays, prose poems and one novel—has been awarded more than twenty prizes, including the Georg Trakl Prize , the Franz Kafka Prize , the Austrian State Prize , and the Joseph Breitenbach Prize together with W.

Sebald and Markus Werner, They are among the most widely read and quoted books in the Russian language. Prior to that, Ilf wrote hundreds of short stories, essays, editorials, and war dispatches. He wrote those early pieces without Petrov, and they remain mostly obscure and untranslated. Ilf was born in Odessa in and died in At age fifteen he was deported to Auschwitz, then Buchenwald, and finally to a subcamp at Zeitz, to labor in a factory where Nazi scientists were trying to convert coal into motor fuel.

Upon liberation in he worked as a journalist before being fired for not adhering to the Communist party doctrine. After a brief service in the Hungarian Army, he devoted himself to writing, although as a dissident he was forced to live under Spartan circumstances. Nonetheless he stayed in Hungary after the failed uprising, continuing to write plays and fiction in near—anonymity and supporting himself by translating from the German writers such as Joseph Roth, Freud, Nietzsche, and Wittgenstein. He remained little—known until , when he published his first book, Fatelesseness , a novel about a teenage boy sent to a concentration camp.

It became the first book of a trilogy that eventually included The Failure and Kaddish for an Unborn Child. He lives in Budapest and Berlin. She lives in Vilnius. Three of her novels have been translated into English, and two into Dutch. Ingrid Winterbach is both a writer and a visual artist. She is married to the painter Andries Gouws, lives in Durban and has two daughters. Since his articles, translations and short stories have appeared regularly in leading Romanian magazines and literary anthologies. In the same year, he moved to Berlin to pursue his literary interests and to study at the European College of Liberal Arts.

He now lives in Bucharest, but spends most of his time travelling and working on his first novel. Nemirovksy died in Auschwitz in During the s, he wrote poetry, literary criticism, and short fiction in Spanish. Here he reinvented himself as an Italian writer, producing a steady stream of poetry, fiction, drama, and criticism in Italian. He was also a prolific translator from English, French, and Spanish. His only book to be translated into English is The Temple of Iconoclasts La sinagoga degli iconoclasti , ; Venuti's translation published by David R.

Godine, Other translations have appeared in such periodicals as World Literature Today , Words Without Borders , and Unsplendid , where her experimental translation of Giacomo Leopardi's "A se stesso" was published in He holds a Ph. His first collection was called Alt under kontroll Everything Under Control , although it clearly isn't. Since , she has been a regular contributor to the popular Slovak daily, SME.

He has worked as a researcher and photographer for organizations including the United Nations and the International Crisis Group, for which he is currently the Sudan Senior Analyst. This chapter pays tribute to his late father. In his life time he published a book of poetry, Flugur Flies in , as well as several other plays, poems and short stories in various journals and periodicals. He studied literature and philosophy in the capital and fled, first to France, then to Belgium, with his first wife, after the German annexation of Austria in Arrested for distributing anti-Nazi leaflets, he was deported to Auschwitz in Upon his return to Belgium, he learned of his first wife's death from a heart ailment.

He supported himself as a journalist for the Swiss-German press before publishing his writings on Auschwitz, At the Mind's Limits , in Several other books followed, including the philosophical essay "On Suicide" and the novel Charles Bovary. Louis where she is currently a junior writer-in-residence. She is from Vermont. At first neglected because of the strong erotic themes of his poems, Schade was for more than fifty years a prominent figure in the Copenhagen literary world and brown-bar life, together with his "muses" — the many girls he loved.

He received the Seoul City Literary Award in Born in Taoyuan, Taiwan, in , Jing was educated at Chang Geng University, where he earned a general doctor's degree. In , he passed his exams to qualify as a psychiatrist and started practicing in a hospital in Taipei. In , he began posting his first poems on BBS.

By the time he set up his blog, "The Thief Who Steals From Jing Xianghai," in , he had already acquired a loyal following as a result of his well-received debut collection, A Wanted Man , which came out in Celebrated by the poetry reading masses these exist in Taiwan , Jing has been included in the annual anthology The Best Taiwanese Poetry almost every year since and is easily the best-selling as well as most acclaimed Taiwanese poet of his generation. They co-represented Ireland at the 51st Venice Biennale in and have exhibited extensively both in Ireland and internationally. His short story collection, Alaskan , edited in part by J.

Salinger, received a gold medal in the eLit Book Awards as the best short story collection in the nation. His stories, poems, interviews and essays appear in over periodicals. Learn more about the author at his website. Born in Des Moines in , Taylor has lived in France since He is the author of three novels and six plays. His second novel, Montecore published by Knopf in , won several literary awards, including the Swedish Radio Award for best novel of the year.

In Invasion! Khemiri's work have been translated into more than fifteen languages and his plays have been performed by over 40 international companies. She investigates issues of ethnic and nationalistic identity along with current and past ideologies among the youth in the Basque Autonomous Community in Spain. She is also interested in contact-induced phenomena and how language policies may affect the use and acquisition of minority languages such as Basque. Julia Sanches is assistant editor at Asymptote. Brazilian by birth. She was runner-up in MPT's poetry translation competition, winner of the SAND translation competition, and has translated work from the Spanish that has been published in Suelta.

She works as a freelance translator, a private teacher of English and Portuguese, and a reader for Random House Mondadori. She is currently learning her sixth language and living in her sixth country. She graduated in Classical Philology from the University of Barcelona and got her Master in Translation studies from the Pompeu Fabra University , where she is now doing her PhD focused on the reception of classical myths in Catalan literature. She obtained her B. She is currently a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh.

The thesis employs spatial theories drawn from Henri Lefebvre and Merleau-Ponty for studying the re-creation of 'lived space' in the works of three Romantic poets: William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Joanna Baillie. Her translation of the short story "People are strange" by Christos Ikonomou will appear in the first translation issue of The Stinging Fly.

Her interests include children's literature and poetry. Yardenne Greenspan is a fiction writer and translator, born in Tel Aviv to a bilingual family. She serves as an English-language manuscript reader for the Israeli publishing house Kinneret Zmora Bitan. Sayuri Okamoto is an independent curator and translator. She holds M. Agata A. And, there's no better way to do that than through all the literatures of the world.

Now, she works as an editor and a publisher at a publishing house in her city. Casiana Ionita is a translator and consultant. Bojana Gajski was born in Serbia in She is an English teacher and a literary translator. So far she has translated eight novels and numerous short stories and she's worked as a primary and secondary school teacher for twelve years. Also, she feels really weird writing about herself like this.

Julia Sherwood was born and grew up in Bratislava, then Czechoslovakia. After studying English and Slavonic languages and literature at universities in Cologne, London Czech and Slovak literature and Munich she settled in the UK, where she spent more than 20 years working for Amnesty International. She travelled widely in Eastern and Central Europe and the former USSR following the changes in , deepening her knowledge of the languages and literatures of the region. Since moving to the US in she has worked as a freelance translator from English, Czech, Slovak, German, Polish and Russian into Slovak and English, and administers the Facebook group Slovak Literature in English translation which includes information on translations of Czech literature.

Beatriz Leal Riesco is a critic of contemporary art and film, a freelance writer and lecturer focusing on world cinema, and an independent film curator. Mariya Voynova was born in Lviv, Ukraine in She she's got a master's degree in Computer Science and has been working in the Information Technologies since.

Besides that she studied psychology and photography and she is a member of Ukrainian Photographic Alternative group and co-founder of "4in1" group. She moved to the United States from Ukraine in , though staying an active member of local cultural life. She has participated in many exhibitions in Ukraine as well as one in Stockholm. Mariya has started studying Swedish recently. He lives in Barcelona, Spain. He has received numerous awards for his poetry and translations, including grants from the French Ministry of Culture and the Civitella Ranieri Foundation.

He is considered an expert in Latin American colonial literature, especially in El Inca Garcilaso de la Vega , and a prominent member of the Peruvian s literary generation. In he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. She is the author of five volumes of poetry, and she has won two prestigious Swiss literary awards: the Ramuz Prize for Errer mortelle and the Schiller Prize for Hangars.


She works as an editor and scholar at the Centre de Recherches sur les Lettres Romandes at the University of Lausanne. She is the author of five volumes of poetry and has won two prestigious Swiss literary awards: the Ramuz Prize for Errer mortelle and the Schiller Prize for Hangars.

She made her literary debut in with the novel Stigninger og fald Rise and Fall , which was nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize. A year later, Klougart was awarded the Danish Crown Prince Couple's Stardust Prize, the committee calling her "one of the most important writers, not just of her generation, but of her time. After the military coup of , he remained in exile in Europe, denouncing human rights abuses, which by August of that year involved the personal loss of his son, Marcelo, and his pregnant daughter-in-law, who were "disappeared" during the military dictatorship.

Recipient of numerous prizes including the prestigious Premio Cervantes, Gelman is considered to be one of Latin America's foremost poets. Having worked as a journalist and a translator in Argentina, Spain, France, and Italy, he is presently living in Mexico City. She graduated from Vilnius University in and spent most of her life in Vilnius. She published over twenty books of poetry as well as translations, books for children, and plays.

She worked as an editor for several leading literary journals in Lithuania. Her poetry has been translated into several languages, including English, German, and Russian. Her work has garnered numerous prizes, including the Lithuanian Writers' Union Prize in and the national award of the Gediminas Cross in Acapulco, is a Mexican poet, essayist, short story writer, and novelist, as well as the frontman of the rock band Madrastras. His work has been translated into various languages, including German, French, Portuguese, and Catalan.

He lives in Brooklyn, New York and online here. He was killed in Sarajevo at the age of 24 in August by sniper fire only three months before the Dayton Peace Accords brought an end to the fighting. Her poems have been translated into French and Italian. She is currently working on her next collection for HarperCollins, an account of the Mahabharata war in 18 voices.

Guldager's fiction has a characteristic simplicity and clarity, and her novels, various collections of poetry and short stories have earned her much critical acclaim as 'one of the most original voices of contemporary Danish fiction. Guldager's works have been translated into Swedish, Norwegian, and German. He is from Sacramento, California, and is not Lebanese or Mexican. After time at the Ibero-American Institute in Berlin he decided to immigrate. For his visa, he opened up Redwood, a cocktail bar in Berlin's Mitte district.

She lives in Seoul and teaches creative writing at the Seoul Institute of the Arts. Action Books, , and Princess Abandoned Tinfish, In his poetry Kim focuses on human physicality and the relationship between the body and the violence inflicted upon it. He believes that fear and compulsion are integral parts of the human body. Because of this, Kim has been described as "an observer of minute and microscopic details. He is the recipient of the Kim Soo-young, Hyundai, and Midang literary awards, among others.

He has written and translated over 10 books of poetry, essays, and plays. His work is heavily anthologized in Korea. He has been the recipient of many prestigious awards. In his poem "The Pattern Of The Knee" won the Writers' Pick for best poem of the year, an award judged by peers in the field of poetry. Kim Kyung Ju lives in Seoul. Action Books plans to publish a forthcoming English translation of her poems. She participates courtesy of the Literature Translation Institute of Korea.

She is currently working as a columnist for a Busan newspaper and as host of a poetry-themed radio program. He is revered in Japan where he has been awarded major literary honors including the Rekitei Prize for Young Poets and the prestigious Takami Jun Prize. His inspired work as a writer, editor, performer, organizer, and critic has altered the landscape of contemporary Japanese literature.

Nomura's work is iconoclastic—at once playful and heady, saturated by his interest in philosophy, Japanese shamanism, music and art. He has published over 30 works of poetry and fiction. He is the author of several essay collections about literature and culture, and he has a new book coming out this fall about representations of the war in Afghanistan in Danish literature and art.

He is a writer, musician, and poet who has a rare mix of both cult and mass appeal. He started playing music in high school under the stage name Machizo Machida, and he made his vocalist debut in the punk band INU, which won acclaim for their first album Meshi Kuuna! Machida currently lives in Atami, Shizuoka, with seven cats. He is a world-famous figure, and has published more than volumes of poetry and other writings, including the monumental, volume Maninbo Ten Thousand Lives series.

His work has been translated into every major language. A new edition of his Zen poems What? A full selection of his poems, Songs for Tomorrow , was published by Green Integer late in His Himalaya Poems are to be published soon by Green Integer. Click here for his website. Born in Tainan in when the country was under Japanese rule, Kou received his education in Japanese. While many Taiwanese writers who wrote in Japanese made their literary debut during WWII, Kou began writing in Japanese only after the war ended, at the age of His output includes haiku, tanka, modern poetry, novels, and criticism, but these works have remained unpublished for decades ever since public use of Japanese was forbidden in Taiwan in In , Kou founded the Taipei Haiku Association and started publishing private editions of his works, despite censorship under the Nationalist Party's rule.

Since the publication of her first collection of short stories in , she has been listed among the best contemporary writers of Central Europe, and much of her poetry has been widely translated. She was recently awarded the Laureate Prize, one of the highest recognitions in Hungarian literature. Her poems have strong connections with Hungarian and other European poetic traditions she translates French poetry. Her debut novel, Amba , is a national bestseller and was published in English under the title The Question of Red. She has worked as a reporter and a literary editor, and serves as an Executive Board Member of the Vietnamese Writers' Association.

She has published six collections of poems and three books for children in Vietnam, and has won several major prizes for poetry. Green Rice , a bilingual collection of her poems with translations by Martha Collins and Thuy Dinh, was published by Curbstone in She currently resides in Brussels where she translates for the European Commission and contributes a weekly column in the newspaper Abc.

He worked for some years as an editor until , when he became a freelance writer. He has written five novels and won numerous prizes, including the Best Translated Book Award in Fiction for Satantango. For more about him, visit his extensive website here. A chapbook of his work has been translated into English by American poet Linh Dinh, excerpts of which were published in the journal Soft Targets. She has been involved with documentary filmmaking, arts and media education, and grassroots activism for the past decade.

His first play, Che! His essay on the Haitian earthquake www. In Copenhagen, he is associated with www. His work has appeared in a variety of places, including Ceriph , the Quarterly Literary Review Singapore , the anthology Love Gathers All , and his own site, which can be found here. He is also a translator of classical poetry into English; his translated work also includes The Song of Songs and the Laozi Daodejing.

This Mortal World , his first collection of poems, is in press. The Complete Poems of Yu Xuanji is available for download in ebook format here. After studying philosophy, history, and psychology she spent two years working in a factory and participated in the May movement in Paris. He has been called a "Postmodern Chekhov. His work circulated through samizdat and underground readings in the "unofficial" art scene and found wide publication in the late s. Rubinstein lives in Moscow and writes cultural criticism for independent media. He is active in the pro-democracy movement in Russia.

She has consistently challenged her readers to confront sociocultural issues and taboos that range from gender, sexuality, ethics, and domestic violence, to government atrocity, identity politics, and rampant consumerism. In , she received the Chevalier de L'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres award from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, and in , one of her short stories was adapted into an award-nominated theatrical production performed by Tanztheater des Staatstheaters Darmstadt, Germany.

He moved to Sweden in to study contemporary Swedish literature at Stockholm University. In , he published a book of poems in Swedish called Visions in Water , and subsequently published Escape , Return , You Are My Home , and Origin , among other poetry collections. He is a critic of the Chinese regime, for which he has been imprisoned, and the majority of his writings are banned in China.

From to she directed NYU's M. From to she directed the NYU M. In she was selected as a Guggenheim Fellow for poetry, and in Spring she was awarded a residency at the Millay Colony. In he arrived in Cuba, a land he would come to embrace. He went on to study journalism before returning to the refugee camps of Tindouf, where he collaborated on Sahrawi National Radio. He has also published a collection of his own, Los versos de la madera He lives in Barcelona.

Acclaimed especially for his poetry and his criticism, the talented Lin also wrote fiction and essays of great wit and imagination, the best of which call to mind Ballard and Robbe-Grillet. Unfortunately, some of the latter has been left to neglect. His award-winning short stories have explored life in China's state-owned companies and bureacratic offices, but his most celebrated novel, My Name is Liu Yuejin , tells the story of a migrant worker who has his bag containing all his worldly possessions stolen in Beijing.

Liu's cold humor, his broad familiarity with the many facets of urban society, and his modern sensibilities have made him a favorite among Chinese readers. He is currently working on a book about ethnic minority cinema in China. He devoted what little spare time he had to writing a series of increasingly bizarre novellas, mostly centered around the character of Mr. As a general, his literary activity was rather awkward publicity, so he published the majority of his manuscripts under his wife's name Eleonora Sztyrmer.

Along with his active work in the literary sphere, he is a prominent voice of Spain's political left and recently helped found the party Open Left Izquierda Abierta. He has been writing and publishing in Granada for over three decades. He won the Cervantes Prize in He was born in in Gera, a town in the eastern part of the state of Thuringia in the former German Democratic Republic. He underwent training as a mason and a carpenter and completed mandatory military service.

After studying in Halle and Berlin, in he became the literary director and occupant of the Peter Huchel Museum outside of Potsdam, the most recent caretaker in a line extending from the poet Huchel himself who permanently left the GDR in to the poet and translator Erich Arendt. Seiler has published over six volumes of poetry, short-stories and essays. He is the recipient of the Boldest Experiment of the Year award from the Moskovsky Komsomolets daily for Kitchen ; the Moscow New Drama award for the futuristic comedy Titus the Irreproachable ; and the Russian Anti-Booker award for experimenting with new avenues in drama.

In Afisha magazine, Russian critic Yelena Kovalskaya named Kitchen one of the top 20 plays in Russia in the first decade of the century. It was published in the Performing Arts Journal. He is a painter as well as a poet and has also published fiction. He lives in Songzhuang, outside Beijing. He belongs to a generation of writers who came of age in Havana during the island's "Special Period" of severe post-Soviet economic crisis.

His poetic prose operates in fragments and reflects influences ranging from international literature to readings in history and philosophy. Dedicated to the slow development of his books, Morales has earned many of his literary awards for segments of larger works in progress. His novel La espiral appeared in His recent works include: Antologia della poesia basca , three volumes of Spanish Contemporary Theatre , Fire and Embers.

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New Indigenous Mexican Poetry, ; Dalla antica parola parola alla nuova. Ventidue poeti messicani d'oggi, ; 34 Trentaquattro poeti per il XXI secolo catalane, ; Fly high word. Sixty years of poetry in Italy, from the neovanguard to the Present three volumes, and Con fuoco il of Blood.

He has been translated into a dozen languages. In he was awarded the "Catullo Award" in the city of Verona, for his dissemination of Italian poetry abroad. Desde forma parte de Poetas contra la Guerra. Jochen Kelter born in in Cologne, Germany. He moved to Switzerland in and worked teaching in Switzerland and France. He lived on the southern edge of Lake Constance and maintained between and another address in Paris.

He was President of the European Writers' Congress between and Between and he published 13 books of poetry. He has also published novels, short stories, essays and translations from English, French and Italian. He is a member of the German PEN and has received several awards and distinctions. Jochen Kelter perlentaucher. Isabel Crooke Ellison Born in England she came to Colombia where she finished her studies in archeology.

She married the anthropologist Horacio Calle Restrepo and in became a nationalized Colombian. During seven years they were dedicated to anthropological investigations, especially among the Murui-Muinane Indians of the lower Putumayo region. Then she studied medicine and after graduating from the School of Medicine, Juan N.

She now lives in Barichara, Santander, where she dedicates a great deal of her time to writing and illustrating her books. Alain Borer was born in Luxeuil, France in He is a poet, art critic, essayist, novelist, playwright, lecturer, writer-traveler as well as a recognized specialist on the work of Jean Arthur Rimbaud, having written a biography and numerous essays about the great French poet.

Rimbaud in Abyssinia, , is already a classic book about Rimbaud, on whom Alain Borer has spent around 30 years of study. He has published, among others, the books of poems: Bestiary, ; Blue Zone, ; Letter-Mother, Terje Dragseth born , lives and works in Kristiansand, Norway. I Sing My Body Electric. Dane Ts Hawk was born in Denmark in He is a poet, writer, actor, composer, bandleader and saxophonist. He is recognized as one of the most outstanding musicians of modern jazz in Scandinavia. He studied with saxophonist and composer John Tchicai and with composer and arranger Bob Brookmeyer from to Long term partner of the vienna poetry school sfd , both as a teacher and co-operator, frequently conducting collaborations between the sfd and the Schamrock-Festival and -Salons.

Augusta Laar knew sfd founder Ide Hintze very well, early on she participated in several sfd classes and subsequently began teaching her own classes there, which made her an intimate companion and partner of the vienna poetry school. The 3. Schamrock-Festival will host about 50 poets and artists from 18 countries, it will take place on October Poetry, edition art science, St.

Wolfgang ; "99 love poems". Poems and vinyl records, Gedok Munich ; "weniger stimmen". Poetry, with accompanying CD, edition selene, Vienna He is a poet, a columnist and an editor. Along with the poet Jan Wagner he edited the comprehensive anthology of young German language poetry Lyrik von Jetzt. Krystyna Dabrowska born in is a poet, translator, and essayist. Her translations include poems of W. Williams, W. A Discourse on the Essence of Jewish Existence and. She is a poet, photographer and composer. Following her doctoral studies with Larry Sitsky, Judith continued to study composition with Emmanuel Nunes in Paris in From to she worked on a project with Larry Sitsky to preserve the Australian compositions.

Judith has worked as a guest professor at the American University in Cairo and as an occasional interviewer for the Department of Oral History of the National Library of Australia. She currently teaches composition and musicology at the University of Southern Queensland. Website Blogg. Carl A. He is a distinguished scholar.

Classical philologist, essayist, university professor and leading researcher, he is especially known for revealing the contribution of sacred plants to the classical world. Gordon Wasson, Stella A. Kramrisch and Jonathan Ott, Wikipedia CV bu. Berito Kuwaruwa is an indigenous leader of the U'wa Nation in Colombia. He creates from orality and is a shaman to his people. From a young age he has persistently fought in defense of his nation. For his international campaign to demand that multinational oil not drill the ancestral lands of the U'wa people, he won the Goldman Environmental Prize in Like other ancient cultures, the U'wa consider the oil the blood of the Earth and see its extraction as matricide.

Onani Meg Carver was born in the United States in She belongs to the Ojibway Nation. She learned traditional medicine directly from her grandmother, one of the last guardians of this wisdom in the Great Lakes. Textos LinKedin. Kalle Laar Sound artists, author of radio plays, dj. Exhibitions and performances, e. Known for his work "Calling the Glacier", a telephone connection to a melting glacier, first presented a couple of years ago at the Venice Biennial. Development of an archive on vinyl records and contemporary history. Among others lectures on sound and art, sound and power, and vinyl history.

Lectureships on perception and sound, e. Savina Yannatou was born in Athens, Greece, in She is an outstanding singer who has dabbled in various genres Greek songs, in collaboration with leading Greek composers, medieval, renaissance and baroque, opera and contemporary music as well as vocal improvisation. She has given concerts throughout the world.

She studied singing with G. She also completed postgraduate studies interpretation and communication at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama London , on a grant from the Mousigetis Foundation. Her professional singing career began while still a student, from her first appearance on the radio program "Lillipoupoli" on Greek National Radio 3 directed by the composer Manos Hadjidakis. Savina Yannatou has come from very diverse musical genres. First "entechno" "artful" , later focused on medieval, renaissance and baroque music and in the early 90s discovered a love of vocal improvisation.

At the same time, she began her collaboration with a group of musicians based in Thessaloniki, which at that time founded the "Spring in Salonica" group. Savina Yannatou also composes her own music and songs like "Rosa das Rosas", published in , as well as music for theatre the most recent was Medea, for the Greek National Theatre , video art and dance. All these works have made possible her participation on more than 25 LPs and CDs. He is an essayist, editor, translator, university professor and diplomat. He graduated in Classical Philosophy Greek and Latin.

Master in Contemporary Philosophy French and German from the Sorbonne University, he is a career official of the Ministry of Education in France and educational and cultural promoter, a specialist in education policy and international cooperation. He has lived in Paris since During the 80's and 90's he was a correspondent and contributor to several Latin American and European newspapers. He earned the title of Knight of Arts and Letters of France for his contribution to French cultural service. Oficial Website nelsonvallejogomez.

Formed in , they incorporate different rhythms in their repertoire of traditional and contemporary Latin American music, as well as the voice of great Latin American poets and their own compositions. Julian is an arranger, director and producer of folk music as well as a virtuoso guitarist. She has also worked with various musical groups of various genres and has been a music teacher in Bogota. Home Menu Festival It is a spiritual process for the transformation of the collective conscience and the qualification of culture.

They will participate 80 poets and invited from 35 countries of the five continents. Anthology This is the anthology of poems of 1, poets who have been in Medellin, representing countries on five continents, and who have read their poetry for a loving and fervent public. History 28 annual Festivals since , in which 1. You can read here a summary of what happened, year after year. It was held between the 16th and the 19th of June,