Fifty Ways to Play: A Beginner’s Guide to Unleashing your Erotic Desires

36 Fetishes Every Gay Man Should Know
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A self-made man with his fingers in a variety of successful businesses, Jace Kennedy lives for the challenge and he always gets what he wants. Before we jump into this list of sex education books I would like to tell you a bit about what this list is and what it is not. First of all, it is by no means comprehensive. This list was made with adults in mind; it is not a list of sex education books for kids nor is it a list of books on how to talk to your kids about sex.

This list also does not include books on dating or relationships, save a few, and I intentionally have not included memoirs. It is broken into primary categories while fully acknowledging that most of these books fit into multiple categories. Sex shouldn't be satisfying, it should be mindblowing. With this simple and accessible guide to BDSM Sex should set you on fire, so that an unrecognisable shade of yourself comes alive in the smoulder.

That's the Fifty Shades of Grey philosophy - and if you, like the millions of other readers around the world, are ready to free your inner goddess, unlock your sex life and discover new heights of pleasure, Fifty Ways to Play is the key you need. From turning your bedroom into a 'Red Room of Pleasure and Pain' to exploring the fine art of Japanese rope bondage, these 50 edgy and erotic adventures make incredible sex incredibly easy. This is BDSM - for nice people. Discover all the different types and the pleasure they provide.

One of the best parts about Christmas is the food. Before visiting the family, share a naughty moment on Christmas Eve with any of these edibles! Christmas is the perfect time to reconnect with your partner. Turn the Christmas carols up loud and enjoy one of these gift packs! Secret Santa is a chance to anonymously embarrass your colleagues, so why not grab the opportunity by the balls with these funny and borderline offensive Secret Santa gift ideas!

By Holly Williams 7 months ago. Comfort, firmness and pleasure packed into two desirable densities. If you're hanging out for the last season of Broad City, what better way to pass the time than with some inspired sex toys? When it comes to backdoor bling, there are a few variations of anal toys you need to consider. Find out all the variations within!

How to Give Women the Sex They Really Want

The holiday season is just around the corner, so it's time to start organising your Christmas gifts! Here's some fun and quirky ideas to get you started Sometimes it's too hot to even cuddle in the summer, here's a few ideas for a cool climax! Effortless penetration in the palm of your hands? Here's everything you need to know about thrusting vibrators! One of the most thrilling ways to use adult toys, here are 8 that provide a discreet yet pleasurable time! Laughing is great, orgasms are great, it makes sense to the mix the two! No hen's party is complete without a pair of edible undies made from candy.

But edible undies haven't always been so sweet! In fact, the 1st piece of edible lingerie was made of licorice-flavoured film that was traditionally used to wrap turkeys! Read more. By Jade 8 months ago. If you're on the look-out for a toy with a little more WOW factor, here's some that you've probably never heard of! By Georgia May 8 months ago. Rope play is an underrated concept in the world of bondage. Here's 5 reasons why anyone should consider bringing some raunchy rope into the bedroom! By Orin 8 months ago.

Worries about a sore tongue or that pesky gag reflex are no more. Sub in any of these adult toys for an amazing oral experience! From being worn by victorious Knights of the Elizabethan era, to empowering a woman to make history as the first person to drive a car. Garters and suspender belts are so much more than decorative lingerie worn by brides. Every man desires long-lasting, hard erections: so why not achieve them? Here's why you need a cock ring or three in your life!

A Brief History of Vibrators. Vibrators have really only become a popular phenomenon in the past decade or so, thanks to better technology and less stigma surrounding them - but where did vibrators originate from in the first place? Whether you're a Halloween lover, or just need something a little spooky to spice up your sex life, these toys are guaranteed to have you screaming for more!

The teddie has been many things to many women. In the 60's it was the go-to lingerie item women were doning under their corporate power-suits. In the 80's the teddie returned to favour as sleepwear. Nowdays the teddie is as versatile as it is fashionable. Anal beads are all about a raunchy release. Additional vibrations will make the entire experience so much more satisfying, here's 10 of the best! Want to be able to leave your toys around the house without guests taking a second glance?

These super-discreet toys are incredibly unsuspecting for all your privacy needs! Tired of replacing your toys' batteries every time you want to use them? A USB vibrator might be just the thing you need in your life! Beginners Guide to Glass Dildos. If you're lacking a glass dildo in your collection, then you're in luck! Here's everything you need to know about them and which ones to buy!

Internal vs External Vibrators. What type of vibrator is the right fit for you? Keep reading to get the low-down on internal vs external vibrators! Ensure good things cum to those who book flights, with any of these 5 adult toys! If a bit of light bondage is a bit of you. Then you'll love light bondage wear, here's 5 of our favourite pieces!

Looking to add a little luxury in your relationship? Check out 5 of our most expensive sex toys for couples! Top 5 Vibrating Sex Toys for Men. No matter if you're single or not, vibrating toys can be the perfect addition to any man's bedside table. Here's a list of our top 5 to get you started! Don't let a low budget ruin your mood!

Here's some wallet-friendly vibrators to keep your spirits high! These are hands down literally! Beginners Guide to Metal Dildos. An introductory guide to metal dildos and what makes them so great. Stainless steel never sounded so sexy! As the designer who breathed life in to the modern babydoll design, it's a term she got used to.

We explore the best babydoll lingerie on ATMS. Travelling with BDSM toys has the potential to be stressful. However with the correct preparation, all your concerns will vanish! Need something that really packs a punch? Wand vibrators boast powerful vibrations and strength, perfect for both massages and in the bedroom - check out our top 5! Here's what makes Maze lingerie unique.

Top 5 Sex Toys for Lesbian Couples. If you're a lady-lovin' gal, be sure to check out these top 5 sex toys for lesbian couples! Shower sex has a mixed reputation. It needs to be done right. One way of improving the experience is by incorporating a toy! So strip off and get off with these 10 adult toys! By Orin 9 months ago. Ben Wall balls are your new best friend! With a surprising amount of health and sexual benefits, you need to pick up one of these best-sellers ASAP!

By Georgia May 9 months ago. Sometimes the best part of an orgasm is knowing it's for the environment. A sustainable future never looked so sexy! The best anal training kits for those striving towards a Bachelor of Backdoors. A pleasurable graduation is guaranteed! Top 5 Budget-Friendly Dildos. Low on cash but need your next fix? Don't worry, we've got you covered with a range of budget-friendly dildos!

Top 6 Best-Selling Vibrators for Spring. It's time for a change this Spring - check out these 6 best-selling vibrators for the new season to brighten things up! Nothing screams Winter louder than having a drawer full of dull black tights, all with pulls and loose stitches. By Jade 9 months ago. The freezing cold of winter has finally past and the new season of beginnings has arrived. Here's six adult toys to give a shot this spring! The final aspects to consider before delving into your first BDSM experience!

By Goddess Leia 9 months ago. All that tieing, adjusting and repositioning in bondage play makes for amazing sex. However sometimes our desires might entail something a little less demanding. Here's 8 toys for the nights when you're a bit low on erotic energy! The difference between BDSM and physical, sexual, or mental abuse is consent.

Here's how to effectively negotiate a BDSM scene! Anal play is not often associated with visual enchantment. For those searching for beautiful backdoors, these are the anal stimulators for you! Whether sharing your bullet with a lover or having a sensual solo session. Remote controlled bullets enable new levels of intimacy and pleasure.

Here's 5 of the best! Is latex something that's causing you trouble? Latex free condoms are the solution to all your worries. Why should anyone have to miss out on the action! By TJ Dosanjh 9 months ago. Bondage Discipline Domination Submission, What is it? Silicone is the preferable material for many buyers. Find out what makes silicone an exceptional material for adult toys through these 8 popular choices! Here's 5 intergalactic themed adult toys!

By Orin 10 months ago. Too often we associate BDSM play with darkness. There are many different fantasies within BDSM. Whisper-quiet bullet vibes have revolutionised vibrating panties. By Jade 10 months ago. From beads to butt plugs to vibrators, there is a toy out there to suit any user. What toys complete an anal stimulators wardrobe though?

By Laura Ferguson 10 months ago. Technology makes our lives easier. Even when it comes to masturbation! Here are 4 toys created for mind boggling male pleasure. How do you clean adult products? The answer changes depending on the kind of toy bought. What cleaner is required will differ from masturbating sleeve to vibrator, from glass products to silicone.

Spring is here. What better way to celebrate this season than by treating yourself with a dildo sex toy? Whatever colour of the rainbow is preferred. Sex in the great outdoors just got better, here are 10 sex toys to keep your outdoor orgasms discreet, intense and as raunchy as ever.

Sex toy pleasure shouldn't end because you're travelling. Here are ten of the best sex toys that are space friendly yet packed with pleasure! Looking to choose the perfect vibrator sex toy to spice up your sex life? You might want to try out one from this range of vibrator adult toys. Unleash the Beast: 10 Animal-Inspired Vibrators. What better way to choose the perfect vibrator than looking to the animal kingdom for inspiration? Many of these toys use various animals to ensure that the humans purchasing them will be able to give in to their wild side a little.

What better way to celebrate the advent of warmer weather than steep yourself in the frisky fun that nature is having? Here is a list of 15 Spring inspired adult products to get you excited for the warmer weather. Best Adult Toys for Bath Time. Whether you are a solo bather, or one that encourages sudsy fun with your lover, there are so many options for water-based fun. Here at ATMS, we have put together a list of our favourite products for such adventures.

Love Lingerie? We all rug up in gloves during the winter, but have you ever thought of adding a pair of mittens to foreplay? If you love lingerie, and enjoy the ticklish touch of texture play, gloves are a must-have! Top 10 Hottest Adult Toys of What adult toys have the most buzz surrounding them this year? Check out our list below. Adult toys can provide so many different ways to enhance your sex life. If the promos dropped so far are anything to go by, it is going to be a ripper! When life has you up against the wall, suction cup dildos are your saving grace.

Here's five ways beginners can kick start their pleasure when using a suction cup dildo. No need to stuff your toys in the bottom of your closet, some sex toys can remain perfectly unnoticed in plain sight. Masquerade masks had the purpose of hiding identity whilst being free for expression. This is why they make such good bondage masks! Here are 5 of the best masquerade bondage masks that hide anything but pleasure. Crotchless lingerie. Adult toys come in a range of prices, but which one is best for you?

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Erogenous zones are everywhere and many adult toys are designed to explore these areas. Wanting to keep your desires discreet? Thin walls in the flat?

23 Kinky Sex Ideas: Very Freaky Tips To Spice Up Sex

Or getting up to some things in public? Luxurious Sex Toys. A luxurious insight into LELO and their beautifully crafted sex toys. By TJ Dosanjh 11 months ago.

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Brand Spotlight: We-Vibe! Couples Vibrators. Read on through to see how We-Vibe can spice up couples play for you today! There is so much more to lingerie than just bras, panties and G-strings. By Laura Ferguson 11 months ago. The terms whips and floggers are often used interchangeably amongst adult toy enthusiasts. But what are the differences? And what are the benefits that comes with each difference? Let's crack down on the specifics!

By Orin 11 months ago. An Introduction to Dildo Floggers. One of the few sex toys that get to live a double life. Dildo Floggers can be used as A dildo or a flogger. Double Penetration Rabbit Vibrators allow vaginal, clitoral and anal stimulation all in the palm of your hand, here's the best 5!

Double penetration anal toys are best enjoyed when your partner is still one of the phalluses. Here's the top 5 best double penetration anal toys with a cock ring attachment. Top 5 Fleshlight Girls Most Popular! Now those fantasies of spending a night with your favourite pornstars are only a click away! Which girl will you choose? The greatest double feature in the entire anal toy family. Vibrating cockring double penetration is the ultimate way to involve both partners in double penetration play. Ever wondered why people wear packing dildos?

If you're interested in packing some heat, here's everything you need to know! Bulging at the seams with confidence and comfort. Large packers are unique for their ability to give an aroused aesthetic. Here's everything you need to know when considering packing large! Top 8 Vibrating Nipple Clamps. Different, to their siblings, vibrating nipple clamps focus less on pinching and more on vibration.

Fancy some trembling tips? Here's your top 8! Beginner's Guide to Inflatable Dildos. So you've got the bouncy castle, the blow up bed and celebratory balloons. You're missing one thing, an inflatable dildo! Here's a beginners guide to complete your puffed up pleasure. Ever think about your fave sitcom characters having sex? Well, I do and I have some recommendations for them. Fox tail butt plugs are a staple in the kink scene. Cheeky, clever, adventurous, the fox encourages us to think outside the box, hence the fox butt plug!

Here's your top The Best 8 Jewelled Nipple Clamps. Nipple Clamps are an underrated piece in bondage play.

Best 8 Butt Plugs: Bunny Tailed. In many myths bunnies act as guides between earth and heaven. This might be why bunny tails make for popular butt plug fandangles. An Introduction to Heavy Nipple Clamps.

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Heavy Nipple clamps are the ultimate in nipple clamp pleasure. Dangling like wrecking balls, these clamps make the most of gravity to take users to the extremes of pleasure pain.

1. Leather

Top 10 Bondage Tapes for Beginners. Bondage tape is a great start for any BDSM newcomers.

Versatile and harmless, pleasure awaits you at the end of the role. For some leather is an extremely arousing material. However, the real stuff is can be on the more expensive side. Bed restraints are one of the most practical pieces in BDSM play. With the ability to tie up or tuck away at a moments notice they are a staple in discreet desire, here's five of the best! By Orin one year ago. Why We Choose Realistic Dildos.

Other than look, what sets them apart from the rest? All is explained in the realest article you'll read in yonks. By TJ Dosanjh one year ago. The delicate art of oral sex just got better! Here are a few things you can try to have your partner begging for a kiss down low. A Beginners Guide to Sex Swings. So the push and pull of life has brought you to this article. It's fate! Sex swings are great for various reasons and here's all you need to know to put better sex in motion! Costumes are a great way of adding variety to the bedroom.

Here are ten different types of costumes that will get your partner aroused at the drop of a hat! Ultimate Guide to Bondage Masks. Ever wondered why some people wear masks during sex? Likely to organise halloween in advance.