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STUDENTEN / DUTSCHKE: Der lange Marsch
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ai-quattro-canti-oberstdorf.de/components/62.php Duerbeck and P. Flin - in their description of the life and work of Silberstein, who was quite sceptic on the significance of the observational verifications a la Eddington - include the transcription of two most revealing letters by Silberstein to Sommerfeld and to Einstein In the first letter, Silberstein clearly shows his scientific maturity and integrity by scrutinising the observational evidence supporting light deflection, presented at a joint meeting of the Royal Society and the Royal Astronomical Society.

The second letter, which is more a personal letter, includes lots of political references and connotations. Some of Einstein's political views are also revealed by D. Herrmann on the basis of his own correspondence with E. Straus, a collaborator of Einstein's. In a consequent paper, S. Grundmann gives remarks on Herrmann's contribution and illustrates Einstein's attitude towards Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin. Schemmel discusses Schwarzschild's cosmological speculations, and wonders why some people do immediately grasp the meaning and consequence of newly proposed doctrines, whereas the bulk of the contemporaneous scientists respond in a rather low profile.

Jung reviews Einstein's contribution to cosmology, leading to the Friedmann-Einstein and Einstein-de Sitter universes with a detailed Appendix on the Friedmann-Lemaitre cosmology , and also presents the cosmological work of Selety, and his correspondence with Einstein. In a subsequent paper, H. Schmidt comments on Einstein's criticism on de Sitter's solution of the Einstein field equations. Controversies with Einstein are elaborated by G. Singer on Friedmann and by K. Roessler on Lemaitre.

Renn and T. Sauer discuss Mandl's role in the publication history of Einstein's papers, notably Einstein's short paper on gravitational lensing. Finally, the book concludes with a contribution by D. Herrmann about the relationship between Einstein and Archenhold Observatory where Einstein gave his first Berlin popular lecture in , the transcription of H. Treder's public address at the Einstein memorial plaque, and an inventory list of about 50 Einstein memorabilia - monuments, busts, plaques - compiled by W. This book is based on ideas approached in a historical context from the individual perspective of the authors.

It is a real treasure trove of information and basic references on the history of GR, and it also covers quite some grounds with mathematical equations. For many tracer experiments, prior determination of interaction between solid medium and used tracers is of major interest in order to achieve efficient, economic and successful field experiments. In the present study, three different types of batch experiments were performed with three fluorescent dyes Na-Fluorescein, Amidorhodamin G and Tinopal CBS-X and three different rock types sandstone, claystone and limestone , to determine distribution coefficients and reaction kinetics.

All three rock types were analysed for organic carbon content, specific surface area and mineralogical composition to identify the main sorption mechanisms. For all tracers, different sorption properties were found depending on the type of rock. Only Na-Fluorescein showed sorption albeit limited in contact with the sandstones. Regarding reaction kinetics, in most cases, thermodynamic equilibrium conditions were reached after two weeks. Reforms and Innovations in Estonian Education.

Baltische Studien zur Erziehungs- und Sozialwissenschaft. Volume This collection of papers provides a small overview of educational research in Estonia. The papers in the collection treat school reforms since the renewal of independence in , new approaches to teacher training, the implementation of a child-centred approach in school, the achieving of educational aims and other actual topics in education.

In urban areas of the Swiss Alps the use of geothermal energy from several hundred meters depth becomes increasingly important. For this mainly open systems have priority. This work presents the first insights in the prospection and characterisation of the so far unexplored, utilizable, and abundant Aquifer of the Arosa Dolomites. Besides the use of established methods and techniques, such as seismic measurements, an exploration drilling, borehole geophysical measurements, and pumping tests, the application of the KARSYS-approach for geological and conceptual hydrogeological 3D-modelling of the aquifer is illustrated.

In addition, the development of a viewer for 3D-visualization of drillings is documented. The hydrogeological and metrological approaches allow a lithological facies differentiation of the Arosa Dolomites, and a differentiation of the fractured and karstified areas within the aquifer. The results represent the basis for advanced findings optimizing and risks minimising exploration and drilling planning, and for sustainable utilization planning. Studien zur Erwachsenenbildung, Band These 17 articles on different subjects of the broader theme "lifelong learning" represent the latest results of the discussions of the Vocational Education and Culture Research Network.

An introduction Klaus Harney et al. This collection includes eight papers authored by Germans on adult education programs in Cleveland, Ohio, and eight papers authored by Americans about adult education programs in the Federal Republic of Germany as well as German and English introductions to the collection.

The following papers are included: "Neue Wege in der…. Describes the purpose, structure and application of this monolingual verb lexicon, which indicates the morphosyntactic environments of the most common German verbs. Mention is made of the forthcoming valence lexicon. The book is for teachers and textbook writers. Learning to read foreign technical texts requires a a minimum vocabulary and b effective drill. The following are suggested: translation, question-answer method, definition exercises, exercises to develop skill in the use of reference works, schematic presentations and tables, annotating and making reports and summaries.

In areas where the geological subsurface is used for storage of gases or fracking, there is a risk of saline formation water entering protected aquifers. The impact of such potential leakage therefore needs to be evaluated at relevant sites to develop practical monitoring concepts. Three-dimensional numerical simulations and a sensitivity analysis are performed to determine the influence of aquifer parameters, ground water flow, aquifer morphology, leakage rate and NaCl-concentration of the intruding water on the propagation behaviour of saline water.

The simulations show that saltwater migrates along the bottom of the aquifer, and that groundwater flow can dominate the transport of chloride. In this case the spreading of denser water is not influenced by the aquifer's morphology. This innovative technology evaluation report ITER summarized the results of an evaluation of a surfactant-enhanced extraction technology.

This evaluation was conducted under a bilateral agreement between the United States U. New insights into the biography of Gottfried Kirch. New biographical results of Gottfried Kirch, the most outstanding astronomer around in German lands, are outlined on the basis of newly found sources and the first-time inclusion of additional letters from his correspondence, which comprises letters.

In addition, new details about his family are revealed, especially about the older children Gottlieb, Heilmann and Theodora, the offspring from his first marriage. A third section deals with the possibilities which are to be expected from a systematic evaluation of Kirch's correspondence. Only about out of letters have been used for historical publications until now.

Comparative investigations on the physiological capacities in the euryhaline amphipods Gammarus locusta, G. In order to assess the adaptations of these species to the abiotic conditions of their environment, the following criteria were examined: oxygen consumption in relation to ambient salinity and temperature levels, respiratory responses following osmotic stress, resistance capacities to oxygen deficiency, resistance to aerial exposure and the simultaneous presence of hydrogen sulphide.

Covering the range from marine to typically brackish-water inhabitants, the 5 species show adaptive responses in the above-mentioned order. Respiration is less intensely modified by external factors, and oxygen consumption decreases. Accompanied by faster rates of acclimation to new steady states of performance, resistance capacities increase. The significance of the findings obtained is discussed in relation to the environmental requirements of the amphipods considered. Based on breeding experiments, the sex-determining systems reported thus far in Gammarus species are outlined. As demonstrated in G.

A preponderance of males was noted when offspring were raised under long-day photoperiods, whereas females prevailed under short-day conditions. In terms of the critical daylength, the light per day was estimated as being between 13 and 14 h Elbe estuary population. Feminizing microporidians Octosporea effeminans, Thelohania herediteria , which are transovarially transmitted, can interfere with the system of sex determination and sex differentiation of the host.

As reflected in various G. Furthermore, intersexuality can be induced by changing environmental factors. Microsporidian species have no influence on sex differentiation in G. Patterns of relative electrophoretic mobilities of proteins and the distribution of allele frequencies at polymorphic gene loci can be utilized for species diagnosis and for the evaluation of the relationships between different taxa, particularly at and below the species level.

As exemplified by studies on several gammarids from marine, brackish and freshwater environments, inter- and infraspecific gene-enzyme variation is described. Electrophoretic investigations on natural populations of the euryhaline amphipods G. In Talitrus saltator- and Talorchestia deshayesii-populations the extent of variability based on micro-and macrogeographic aspects is illustrated.

Herzlich Willkommen bei BCD Travel in Ismaning.

The large-scale genetic divergence is demonstrated by comparison of samples obtained from the Baltic, North, Atlantic and northern Mediterranean Seas. Viele Wurzeln der modernen Umweltwissenschaften liegen jedoch im Kalten Krieg. Zur Klaerung zweier zentraler Begriffe Drilling-Testing. On the Clarifications of Two Central Concepts. It is shown that drilling tends to become contaminated with elements of testing. The two activities are defined, and suggestions are given for designing drills free of testing. The limiting sensitivity to be reached is estimated.

Beitrage zur Padagogischen und Rehabilitationspsychologie. Volume 1. Witruk, Evelin, Ed. This book contains selected contributions from the international workshop Learning, "Adjustment and Stress Disorders--with special reference to Tsunami affected Regions" organised by Evelin Witruk and the team of Educational and Rehabilitative Psychology at the University of Leipzig in January The book contains new results and the….

Contributions to the History of Astronomy, Vol. The contributions deal with astronomical concepts, historical observatories and biographical studies. Newly found copies of Copernicus' principal work are described, the development of the concepts "sphaera" and "orbis coelestis" from ancient times via Copernicus to Kepler is investigated. The concept of harmonical cosmology of Kepler and A. Kircher is analyzed in a major paper. A rediscovered letter by Kepler is interpreted. Einstein's thoughts about Friedmann's cosmological papers are presented. Biographical sketches on Philipp Feselius , Ferdinand Adolph Freiherr von Ende , Wilhelm Ebert and Karl Julius Lohnert are supplemented by an analysis of the social background of the important Astronomers of the 20th century.

The claim that Jupiter's moons were described already years before Galilei is contradicted in a discussion. The book concludes by short communications, obituaries and book reviews. Groundwater is the largest and oldest continental biome. However, in the German and EU legislation, groundwater is still considered an abiotic resource rather than an ecosystem. On the other hand, the German Water Act WHG, Wasserhaushaltsgesetz mentions groundwaters along with other water bodies that carry the status of ecosystems.

Addition of the terms "good ecological status" and "groundwater ecosystems" into the German and EU environmental water laws is recommended. Groundwater habitats and species should be subject to impact assessment and included into the FFH directive and German nature conservation laws. There is no technical or legal argument for the discrimination of groundwater ecosystems and species in environmental legislation.

The authors argue for the legal equality of ground and surface water, and propose the adaption of the existing legislation according to ecological requirements. Bessel , with the Mecklenburg ordnance survey , with previously unknown letters by C. Gauss , with the merits of the Leipzig astronomer G. Jahn, with the internationality of the Astronomische Gesellschaft, and with early, previously little noted works on the expansion of the Universe.

Most papers in German, one in English. Short contributions and book reviews conclude this volume. Most papers are written in German. Main papers have English abstracts. The contributions span a time interval of more than years. There are biographical investigations on Georg Joachim Rheticus, C. Heym, investigation on a reprint of a chapter of the principal work of Nicolaus Copernicus, on Christoph Scheiner and the "camera obscura", and, with respect to the history of timekeeping, on the "big Nuremberg clock".

On the other hand, Geo-Information-Systems GIS provide useful tools for data preparation and visualization that can also be incorporated in numerical groundwater modelling. An interface between both would therefore be useful for many hydrogeological investigations. Simultaneously, several open source-GIS codes were developed to improve functionality and ease of use. However, both the public and the potentially affected labour force often adopt sceptical, and sometimes even hostile attitudes towards investors from these countries.

This article shows that apart from a few exceptions investors from the BRIC countries are generally better than their reputation precedes. An important conclusion drawn in this paper is that investors should not be received with stereotypes. Rather, it is necessary to perform deeper investigations into their strategies and the specific investment goals in each case. This is all the more necessary to ensure that investments from BRIC countries do not conflict with the domestic firms' interests or of their personnel.

In fact, they can assist to increase the competitiveness of German firms, and as such not only prove beneficial for the workforce but also for Germany as a business destination. Experimental design, limitations and application boundaries are discussed and methods are compared against each other. The quality of the predictive methods strongly depends on the experimental design and the sample type. In contrast to the retail sector in metropolises and medium-sized towns, its counterpart in rural regions is far less examined and described in scientific geographic literature.

As many rural communities face similar challenges e. Next to "hard" facts, as for example accessibility and parking spaces, less tangible themes like quality of stay, multicontextuality or service as well as comprehensive concepts like city marketing or place branding take on greater significance. Examines the mechanisms involved in changing from direct to indirect discourse, taking as a starting point research findings in linguistic pragmatics, which involve the practical application of speech symbol use between speaker and hearer.

Asks whether theories of knowledge representation provide a basis for the development of theories of knowledge structuring in instruction. Discusses codes of knowledge, surface versus deep structures, semantic networks, and multiple memory systems. Reviews research on teaching, external representation of cognitive structures, hierarchical…. Passages from three selected samples of textbooks are used to show what requirements are made of textbooks in the social sciences. Some hints are given to the teacher for converting reading suggestions into instructional material. Short texts from Karl Marx are also suggested.

Due to climate change, but also because of the demographic change and financial constraints in many municipalities, the future of cities is a currently much-discussed topic. Conflicts over land-use are inevitable: As densification is an essential principle in growing cities, the pressure on open green spaces rises. Climate Change and water-management as well as mobility-issues and air-quality confront municipalities with new challenges, in terms of open space planning and greenery in the city. It is necessary to save the existing green in these days of budget-shortage and other priorities in communities.

Municipalities have to raise new strategies to strengthen the awareness of the value of green in public and in the local business. Urbanisation processes increase land-use conflicts and ecosystem destruction globally. Especially in China, a country with an outstanding urbanization rate, city governments are challenged by environmental and health problems. Urban green spaces - subsequently defined as urban biodiversity and ecosystem services - can minimize numerous environmental risks and at the same time contribute to the citizens' well-being and quality of life.

In this highly relevant field of nature conservation, geographical perspectives are required - in science, politics, policy, planning and practice. Briefkasten oder Brieftaube? Zur Auswahl der Lexik in amerikanischen Deutschlehrwerken fuer die Grundstufe. A comparison of four college-level elementary German textbooks reveals significant differences in the numbers of vocabulary entries in each textbook. Further comparison of three of the textbooks with the basic German vocabulary lists provided in "Kontaktschwelle Deutsch als Fremdsprache" and in "Das Zertificat Deutsch als Fremdsprache" reveal in….

Draws on Wilhelm von Humboldt's typology of the active human being to debate the questions whether and how individuals can produce their social and political world. Discusses, with reference to Marie Condorcet and Immanuel Kant, procedures of the public that are necessary prerequisites for actions aimed at forming the world. Discusses the relationship between planned languages and specialized technical languages, with particular reference to Esperanto, and analyzes its significance for several aspects of Eugen Wuster's the founder of terminology science work.

Kooperatives Lernen lernen? On the Discussion of the Japanese Educational System. Suggests a reconsideration of the criticism of Japanese competition against the background of the Japanese educational system's highly developed learning culture. Considers some of the basic aspects of group-oriented communal learning in school, while also cautioning against a "monocausal" culturalism.

Discusses American journalism--specifically the syndicated columns. To show their usefulness for English teaching, Art Buchwald's "Unqualifications" is described and the text interpreted. It is suggested that for humorous aspects and language deviations be stressed; for Grades irony, American technology and education. Text is in…. Porosity is a fundamental parameter in hydrogeology.

The empirical method of Beyer and Schweiger allows the calculation of hydraulic conductivity and both the total and effective porosity from granulometric data. However, due to its graphical nature with type curves, it is tedious to apply and prone to reading errors. In this work, the type curves were digitized and emulated by mathematical functions. The latter were implemented into a spreadsheet and a visual basic program, allowing the fast automated application of the method for any number of samples.

Zur Afuwertung der Kultur- und Landeskunde. A Survey of the Literature. Eight recent monographs and collections on area and culture study in foreign language teaching are discussed and compared. The focus is on the various authors' definitions of the topic culture, civilization, realia, etc. Mentioned also is the function of area study in the course. Bei persistierender Symptomatik oder Wunsch einer alternativen Behandlung ist eine stratifizierte Diagnostik erforderlich.

Alginate und neue Operationsverfahren erweitern die Therapieoptionen. Hydraulische Optimierung des Reaktionsraumes um einen Infiltrationsbrunnen zur unterirdischen Enteisenung. In subsurface iron removal SIR , oxygen-enriched water is injected into an aquifer to create a reaction zone. Aside from the hydraulic properties of the aquifer, groundwater quality often varies with depth so that in vertical wells the dissolved oxygen distribution reaction zone may not correspond to the dissolved iron concentration which may result in a lower efficiency coefficient.

Therefore, measures to hydraulically optimize the formation of the reaction zone through a non-conventional injection were investigated. A high-resolution groundwater flow model was calibrated based on tracer and pump tests and used to plan the optimized injection for a SIR-pilot well with two screen segments. An optimized injection appears to be possible through the inactivation of well screen sections using packers. This scenario was used to plan the operating regime for a SIR field test, which is presented in Part 2.

Focuses on motives leading women in the new German Laender to participate in further education and on gender-related barriers to further education. Shows that women accept the need for further education, hoping to improve their job situation but knowing that their efforts will have a limited effect on employment chances.

Heinrich Bruns, director of the Leipzig University Observatory, was working on theoretical geometrical optics, and applied this to practical questions. His correspondence with opticians of the Zeiss Company in Jena gives evidence of their mutual regard and inspiration. Konzeption, Entwicklung und Evaluierung eines Messsystems zur sortenreinen Klassifikation von fluoreszenzcodierten Kunststoffen im Rahmen des Kunststoff-Recyclings Conception, development and evaluation of a measuring system for the classification of fluorescence coded plastics within the framework of plastic recycling.

The use of modern terminology hinders to understand historical astronomical texts and often misleads the reader. Therefore, this study tries to reconstruct the ideas of the way the planets seem to move against the sphere of fixed stars in a non-teleological manner, that means in the original view and with original terms. The study proceeds historically and explains: 1 Aristotle's system of homocentric spheres being hollow spheres of ether turning equally round the earth in the centre of the world, a number of which makes the apparatus of the movement of a planet which produces its apparently unequal motion.

The space which they take up in all is surrounded by an inner and an outer concentric spherical surface and makes the sphere of the planet. It was particularly Kepler who recognizes that as a result celestial physics requires a complete change. He did not think any more that the apparent unequal way of a planet indirectly results from the combination of several equal movements of etherial partial and entire spheres. His planets move their true and real way caused directly by the joint effect of two corporal forces moving the planets both around the sun and to and from it, which latter makes the planet's speed indeed naturally unequal.

For this "real way" he coins in late the specific term "orbita" the modern "orbit", the German "Bahn". This term then little by little replaced the former non-specific, general description of the apparent or real way as "via, iter, ambitus, circulus, circuitus" etc. This way Kepler marks the paradigm change of astronomy caused by himself also terminologically. Reports on the introduction of video recorders at various branches of the Goethe Institute.

The characteristics of video are compared with those of films, tapes and printed matter. Video's advantage is that through it authentic, unprepared material can be presented, and it provides strong motivation. With the end of the Iranian-American hostage crisis in late Beira and Port Louis. Literaturunterricht als Erziehung zum "rationalen Handeln. Using Richard Wright's novel "Black Boy" as a model to work on, the author illustrates a 4-dimensional approach to the teaching of foreign literature: 1 scientific definition of the goals, 2 making a teaching plan, 3 defining methods, and 4 actual use on a teaching model.

Jahrhunderts zu befassen. This year more than 60 doctoral students and postdocs from over 25 different groups working in German university hospitals or research institutes attended the meeting to discuss their latest findings in the fields of neuroimmunology, neurodegeneration and neurovascular research. All participants appreciated the stimulating environment in Motzen, Brandenburg, and people took the opportunity for scientific exchange, discussion about ongoing projects and already started further collaborations. Like in the previous years, the symposium was regarded as a very well organized platform to support research of young investigators in Germany.

This outstanding paper deals with the function of Schwann cell neuregulin as an endogenous factor for myelin repair. The award is endowed with Characterization of the response to zinc deficiency in the cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. Zur regulators control zinc homeostasis by repressing target genes under zinc-sufficient conditions in a wide variety of bacteria. This paper describes how part of a survey of duplicated genes led to the identification of the open reading frame all as the gene encoding the Zur regulator of the cyanobacterium Anabaena sp.

All binds to DNA in a zinc-dependent manner, and its DNA-binding sequence was characterized, which allowed us to determine the relative contribution of particular nucleotides to Zur binding. A zur mutant was found to be impaired in the regulation of zinc homeostasis, showing sensitivity to elevated concentrations of zinc but not other metals. In an effort to characterize the Zur regulon in Anabaena, 23 genes containing upstream putative Zur -binding sequences were identified and found to be regulated by Zur.

These genes are organized in six single transcriptional units and six operons, some of them containing multiple Zur -regulated promoters. The identities of genes of the Zur regulon indicate that Anabaena adapts to conditions of zinc deficiency by replacing zinc metalloproteins with paralogues that fulfill the same function but presumably with a lower zinc demand, and with inducing putative metallochaperones and membrane transport systems likely being involved in the scavenging of extracellular zinc, including plasma membrane ABC transport systems and outer membrane TonB-dependent receptors.

Among the Zur -regulated genes, the ones showing the highest induction level encode proteins of the outer membrane, suggesting a primary role for components of this cell compartment in the capture of zinc cations from the extracellular medium. Probleme aus der Physik. Das beliebte Arbeitsbuch "Probleme aus der Physik" bietet nun auch zur Neu hinzugekommen ist ein Kapitel zur nichtlinearen Dynamik.

Der Kanalisationsbau ist auch immer ein Ausdruck der Kultur eines Volkes gewesen. So kann festgestellt werden, dass im Zusammenhang mit der Hochkultur eines Volkes auch der Kanalbau ein vorherrschendes Thema war. Der Kanalbau steht auch in einem engen Zusammenhang mit dem Wasserleitungsbau. Werner Heisenberg zum Geburtstag: Pionier der Quantenmechanik. Lange Zeit war er gemeinsam mit Bertrand Russell als Autor der Principia Mathematica unter Mathematikern und mathematischen Logikern deutlich besser bekannt als unter Philosophen.

Balassa - Samuelson -Effekt, Nr. A Classical Argument. Part C. Research at East-German Universities. Beratung zur automatisierten ProzeBsteuerung und rechnergestUtzten Hans Peter Mensing. Berlin: Siedler Verlag, Quellen zur Geschichte des Parlarnentarismus und der politischen Partein. New York: Penguin, Steiner , Jirg. European Democracies. New York: Longman, Taylor, A.

The Origens of the Second World War. Verbunden mit dem Tunnelprojekt war auch der Bau einer 80 km langen Hoch Zu dieser Zeit war es das gr66Bte hydro-elektrische Projekt, das. Allgemeine Sprachfaehigkeit und Fremdsprachenerwerb. Diskussions beitraege aus dem Institute fuer Bildungsforschung, No.

This study investigates the theoretical plausibility and empirical validity of the assumption that all performance in a foreign language can be traced back to a single factor, the general language ability factor. The theoretical background of this hypothesis is reviewed in detail. The concept of a unitary linguistic competence, interpreted as an…. Networking as a Seismograph for Social Development. Miftelzu- wachs profitieren mochten. Je st5rker eine Landesvereinigung Modellprojekte akqui- rieren muss, urn die eigene Funktionsf5higkeit Denn 5hnlich wie die Krankenkas- sen stehen andere Institutionen und Bereiche wie Sozialversicherungstrager, die Arzteschaft, Institutionen des Sports.

Ahrns et al. The optimized injection regime was adopted conceptually in a pilot SIR test. An inflatable packer was used to manipulate the outflow distribution. The packer was inflated before the injection phase then evacuated with a vacuum pump before pumping while remaining inside the casing.

Cycles with conventional injection were performed first and iron breakthrough was monitored in the pumped water. Although the study site was unfavorable for SIR because of the unfavorable low alkalinity pH in the re- and infiltrate decreased down to 4. This was not considered in the simulation and iron concentrations were above the limits commonly used in practice. However, the overall use of an optimized injection will still be presented. On the contribution of Heinrich Bruns to theoretical geometrical optics.

With consideration of his correspondence with scientists of the Zeiss Company in Jena This paper describes the works of Heinrich Bruns, director of the Leipzig University Observatory, on theoretical geometrical optics, which followed an outstanding tradition in Leipzig. Bruns and his pupils did not stop at theoretical considerations, but applied their findings to practical questions.

Bruns' correspondence with opticians of the Zeiss Company in Jena, so far known only fragmentarily, gives impressive evidence of their friendly relationship characterized by mutual regard and stimulation. Willkommen, Mr. Chance: Methodologische Betrachtungen zur Gute empirischer Forschung in der Padagogik, diskutiert vor allem an der neueren Untersuchung uber Gewalt von Heitmeyer u.

Argues that the usefulness of strictly quantitative research is still questioned in educational studies, primarily due to deficiencies in methodological training. Uses a critique of a recent study by Heitmeyer et al. Considers the problems of hypothesis testing in field research. Gelingende Integration? Anmerkungen zur Studie von D. Katzenbach u. Remarks on the Study by D. Katzenbach et al. Critiques two normative premises that guide the researchers' interpretation of results from the Hamburg School Experiment, an empirical study that focused on mainstreaming elementary students diagnosed as needing special education: 1 integrating these children in normal classrooms is legitimated; and 2 social integration should not preclude….

Ueber Bild und Rolle zum Sprachhandeln. Describes work at an American college with students who are receiving an introduction to colloquial German. Role-playing and picture stories prove useful in learning, in both productive and receptive aspects. Describing a picture on three levels--factual, psychological and contemplative--is shown to be very useful.

Der Autor bereichert das klassische Studien- und Nachschlagewerk mit einem neuen Kapitel zur nichtlinearen Dynamik auch Chaos und Fraktale werden besprochen sowie acht instruktiven Farbtafeln. Die Energiewirtschaft nutzt seit je her digitale Strukturen zur Umsetzung ihrer Prozesse. Dabei ist die digitale R Evolution keine rein technische Umsetzung, sondern insbesondere auch eine unternehmensinterne, strategische und intern-kulturelle Herausforderung.

Einsteins Spuren in den Archiven der Wissenschaft: Physikgeschichte. Insbesondere die Pionierarbeiten werden inzwischen als bekannt vorausgesetzt und nicht mehr explizit zitiert. Hinderniserkennung und -verfolgung mit einer PMD-kamera im automobil. Nach einem initialen Filterprozess werden im Tiefenbild mit Hilfe eines Bereichswachstumsverfahrens Hindernisse gesucht. Werner Nachtigall, geb. Physik gestern und heute Spurensuche. Der kritische Erfolgsfaktor der Digitalisierung in der Energiewirtschaft liegt im bevorstehenden hohen Investitionsvolumen und der Beherrschung der neuen Technik.

Ein Weg zur Kostenminimierung liegt im Zusammenschluss der einzelnen Akteure, um gemeinsame Skalenvorteile zu heben. Finished Wing King Cobra. Holstein , H. Normung Standardisierung. Degradable Implantate: Entwicklungsbeispiele. Resorbierbare Implantate werden seit mehreren Jahrzehnten in der Implantologie eingesetzt. Schumann and Findeisen It is characterized by a raindrop distribution consisting of many small droplets and a few large drops; all large Findeisen , W. Design of the optical communication system for the asteroid impact mission.

English translatian: ESA In the second half of the eighteenth century, an enlightened reformist spirit spread among Hamburg's bourgeois upper classes. This was exemplified by the activities of the "Gesellschaft zur Beforderung der Kunste und nutzlichen Gewerbe" "Society for the Promotion of the Arts and Useful Trades" founded in as well as by a…. Curves for Cot,- Proceadings, Intern.

The authors conducted an analysis of three sample BTS energy programs: the residential generator-absorber heat exchange gas heat pump GAX heat pump , the low power sulfur lamp LPSL in residential and commercial applications, and the Building America program. The GAX heat pump would address the market for the high-efficiency residential combined heating and cooling systems. The LPSL would replace some highly efficient fluorescent commercial lighting. Building America seeks to improve the energy efficiency of new factory-built, modular, manufactured, and small-volume, site-built homes through use of systems engineering concepts and early incorporation of new products and processes, and by increasing the demand for more energy-efficient homes.

Erfasst wurden Patienten im Alter von 0 bis 16 Jahren betrachtet, die im Zeitraum vom A two-stage extraction procedure for insensitive munition IM explosive compounds in soils. The Department of Defense DoD is developing a new category of insensitive munitions IMs that are more resistant to detonation or promulgation from external stimuli than traditional munition formulations. The production and use of IM formulations may result in interaction of IM component compounds with soil.

The chemical properties of these IM compounds present unique challenges for extraction from environmental matrices such as soil. A two-stage extraction procedure was developed and tested using several soil types amended with known concentrations of IM compounds. This procedure incorporates both an acidified phase and an organic phase to account for the chemical properties of the IM compounds. Army Public Health Center. The two-stage extraction method decreased the influence of soil composition on IM compound recovery. The two-stage soil extraction method is equally effective for traditional munition compounds, a potentially important point when examining soils exposed to both traditional and insensitive munitions.

All rights reserved. Einsatz von Skype im Unternehmen: Chancen und Risiken. Dieser Dienst wird in der vorliegenden Studie nicht untersucht; dazu hat das Autorenteam In the conformal limit, the associated linear problem reduces to a pseudo- differential equation. It is aimed at giving a practical overview of specific challenges Based upon a generic Virtual Enterprise Reference Architecture called VERA the partners in the project have developed a set of protypes to be implemeted in their own business processes. The results will be illutrated in one integrated scenario Morphological and physiological investigations on mutants of Fusarium monoliforme IM.

High-producing mutants of Fusarium moniliforme IM are obtained as a result of gamma irradiation. The cultural characteristics of mutant strains , and 76 following incubation of the producers for 14 days on potato-glucose agar are described. The colour of the aerial and substrate mycelium and the ability of the mutant strains to form conidiae and pigments are discussed in detail. The differences in the ability of mutants to assimilate different carbon and nitrogen sources are of specific importance for modelling nutrient media for submerged cultivation of F.

This article aims to bridge a knowledge gap by showing ways of representing disabilities in the German children film genre. Using Bordwell and Thomson's neoformalistically orientated film analysis approach, the movie "Heidi" Marcus is analysed. Bordwell and Thompson's method is applied to three sequences of "Heidi" in order to present an interpretation and to discuss the representation of Clara's walking impediment. The results are then associated with theoretical considerations regarding the mobility and self-determination of people with disabilities and problematic definitions of the term 'physical disability'.

It is shown that characters in the children's film "Heidi" Marcus regard Clara's walking impediment as a 'curable disease' and the wheelchair as a limitation. Multimediale Kommunikationsarchitekturen: Herausforderungen und Weiterentwicklungen der Forschungen im Kulturraum Internet. This article describes the Integrated Curricula exemplified by the Communication curriculum. This relatively young area of medical teaching in Germany is still extensively unexplored concerning evidence-based research about its effectiveness and efficiency of teaching.

Primary fibrosarcoma im small intestine of dog - Case report. Economic management system at the im. Abakumova mine. Decribes new methods of settling accounts between mine departments, and methods of paying wages introduced in the im. Internal banknotes were introduced in Ways of clearing the cost of materials, depreciation and repair work are explained.

Claims of mine departments are settled by arbitration committees. It was found that the new system of financial self-dependence of mine departments prevented downtime from occurring. Der antiskeptische Boden unter dem Gehirn im Tank. Attempt to promote hospital management by IM Public Platform. Diese Tatsa-che stellt u. Medienkompetenz multiplizieren? Im Abgleich mit diesen Zielvorstellungen werden Entwicklungspotentiale des Konzepts identifiziert.

Integrated municipal wind power concepts; Windenergienutzung im staedtischen Verbund. The role of wind power in the industrial sector currently depends very much on its technical and economic integrability in existing conventional supply structures. The most important questions in this context relate to capacity effects, adapted operating methods of conventional power suppliers, and, most important of all, operational energy production costs.

In some regions alternative energy supply concepts are not yet or not sufficiently available. However, these will nevertheless offer ways of installing energy systems with a large renewable segment. The chances of bringing such projects to fruition depend for one thing on the climate, which may either stimulate or deter from development work on renewables wind power, solar energy , and for another, often in apparent opposition to the former, on the oftentimes poorly developed infrastructure and economic strength of the region in question.

Im Vordergrund steht hierbei die Klaerung der Fragestellungen nach Kapazitaetseffekten, angepassten Betriebsweisen konventioneller Stromerzeuger und, in erster Linie, betriebswirtschaftlichen Energieerzeugungskosten. Derzeit bieten die Regionen, in denen eine anderweitige Versorgung noch nicht oder in nicht ausreichendem Masse existieren Moeglichkeiten zur Installation von Energiesystemen mit hoher regenerativer Durchdringung. Fuer die Realisation solcher Projekte stehen sich haeufig die klimatischen Bedingungen, die einerseits z.

Anmerkungen zur Aufrichtigkeit im russischen Autorenkino der er. The goals of the study included empirical examination of the utility of the Immediate and Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing Im PACT test with adolescents who are deaf or hard-of-hearing and to investigate patterns of performance at baseline that may arise in the assessment of this population. Baseline assessment of student-athletes has been conducted on a widespread scale with focus on performance of typically developing student-athletes and some clinical groups, though to date no studies have examined adolescents who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

Review indicated significant differences in some composite scores between the deaf and hard-of-hearing group and hearing normative comparisons. Results may provide support for the consideration and use of additional measures to ensure comprehension of task demands when considering this tool for use with deaf and hard-of-hearing adolescents. The objective of IMS is to facilitate an exchange of information on best practices for the latest research advances in a range of areas.

Zwangsarbeit im Ersten Weltkrieg. Zwischen Schonung und Menschenjagden.

(German) Hermann,H.- Sex & Folter in Der Kirche

Die Arbeitseinsatzpolitik in den baltischen Generalbezirken des Reich. Arvustus: Westerhoff, Christian. Padeborn Klausmeier, R. Motor vehicles contribute much to urban air pollution. As a result, most governments have enacted emission standards that significantly lower pollutant emission levels from new motor vehicles. However, studies indicate that proper maintenance is needed to obtain the full benefit of vehicle emission controls.

Furthermore, there is evidence that a significant percentage of the vehicle fleet is not properly maintained. Vehicles that fail the inspection must be repaired in order to comply with program requirements. With substantial urging from the federal government, most of the U. Recently, with the passage of the U. Abstract—This paper presents an approach to simultaneously cancel flicker noise and IM 3 in Gilbert-type mixers, utilizing negative impedances. For proof of concept, two prototype double-balanced mixers in 0. The first demonstration mixer chip was optimized for full IM 3.

Real-time resource availability signalling in IMS -based networks. The emerging converged IP multimedia subsystem IMS allows the use of unlicensed, nondedicated and nondeterministic computer access networks for delivering IP multimedia services. To provide end-to-end quality-of-service QoS over such networks combined with the IMS core network, for resource. The reliability behaviors of communication within similar and across registered home IMS domains were simulated and compared. Besides, the reliability effects Anhand der Ergebnisse einer Befragung ostdeutscher This international gathering of the top chemists, system.

Klausmeier, R [Consulting Inc. This paper describes an automatic procedure using MATLAB software to plot the circle diagram for two induction motors IMs , with wound and squirrel-cage rotors, from no-load and blocked-rotor tests. The advantage of this approach is that it avoids the need for a direct load test in predetermining the IM characteristics under reduced power. Purpose: Although the existing internal marketing IM scales include various scale items to measure employee motivation, they fall short of incorporating the needs and expectations of service sector employees.

Hence, the purpose of this study is to present a practical instrument designed to measure the IM construct in the higher education sector. Long-term liablities of coal mining; Ewigkeitslasten im Kohlenbergbau. Frenz, Walter ed. The closer the end of coal mining in , the more the issue of groundwater re-emergence in the Ruhr area is also being considered. This is especially the case because currently the subject of restitution and liability issues in the area of contaminated sites of the peaceful use of nuclear energy is discussed.

In addition, the companies concerned lost considerable value on the stock market. For this reason, the question of whether the financial provisions in the created foundation are sufficient to shoulder the expected responsibilities and measures also arises with regard to coal mining. The question is which measures are to be taken and where damages can occur. Additional impulses are given by the Meggen judgment of the BVerwG of In the Rhineland, an earthquake hit 2.

All these questions are included in the colloquium on economics and environmental law on 26 January This also includes experiences and problems from other federal states such as Brandenburg and Saxony. Das gilt zumal deshalb, weil aktuell ueber Rueckstellung und Haftungsfragen im Bereich der Altlasten der friedlichen Nutzung der Kernenergie diskutiert wird.

Zudem verloren die betroffenen Gesellschaften an der Boerse erheblich an Wert. Daher stellt sich auch in Bezug auf den Steinkohlenbergbau die Frage, ob die finanziellen Rueckstellungen in der geschaffenen Stiftung ausreichen, um die zu erwartenden Verantwortlichkeiten und Massnahmen schultern zu koennen. Vorgelagert ist die Frage, welche Massnahmen zu ergreifen sind und wo Schaeden auftreten koennen. We study the quantum spectral curve of the Argyres-Douglas theories in the Nekrasov-Sahashvili limit of the Omega-background.

Based on the WKB analysis, we clarify the relation between the Y-functions and the quantum periods and study the exact Bohr-Sommerfeld quantization condition for the quantum periods. We also discuss the quantum spectral curves for the D and E type theories. Think tank in the desert sand; Ideenschmiede im Wuestensand. The international architectural competition shows imaginative concepts for living in energy self-sufficient houses. A total of student teams had applied. Only 19 were allowed to build their solar house in Irvine, California.

In addition to architectural elements and an attractive design, the jury members also evaluate the technical concepts of the buildings. The winners came from Austria with their building ''Lisi''. Insgesamt Studenten-Teams hatten sich beworben. Nur 19 durften ihr Solarhaus im kalifornischen Irvine aufbauen. Neben architektonischen Elementen und einem attraktiven Design bewerten die Jurymitglieder auch die Technikkonzepte der Gebaeude. Die Gewinner kamen aus Oesterreich mit ihrem Gebaeude ''Lisi''. Berechnung verkehrlicher Substitutionseffekte im Personenverkehr bei Online-Shopping.

Die entwickelten Algorithmen behandeln die einkaufsvorbereitende Information und den eigentlichen Einkauf, d. Disturbance observer based current controller for vector controlled IM drives. The control design, based on synchronously rotating d-q frame model of the machine, has a simple structure that combines the proportional portion of a conventional PI control and output of the observer. The observer is predicted to estimate the disturbances caused by parameters The experimental implementation results are provided to demonstrate validity and performance of the proposed control scheme In this paper, instead of using these techniques an observer-based current controller is proposed for vector controlled Uncommon presentation of cryptogenic organizing pneumonia with miliary pattern in the thorax; Ungewoehnliche Manifestation einer kryptogen organisierenden Pneumonie mit miliarem Verschattungsmuster im Thorax.

Langen, H. Histological evaluation and clinical outcome revealed an uncommon presentation of cryptogenic organizing pneumonia. Die histologische Sicherung und der klinische Verlauf ergaben eine kryptogen organisierende Pneumonie, die sich bildmorphologisch ungewoehnlicherweise nur mit miliaren Knoetchen manifestierte. Single-molecule studies of the Im 7 folding landscape.

Under appropriate conditions, the four-helical Im 7 immunity protein 7 folds from an ensemble of unfolded conformers to a highly compact native state via an on-pathway intermediate. Here, we investigate the unfolded, intermediate, and native states populated during folding using diffusion single-pair fluorescence resonance energy transfer by measuring the efficiency of energy transfer or proximity or P ratio between pairs of fluorophores introduced into the side chains of cysteine residues placed in the center of helices 1 and 4, 1 and 3, or 2 and 4.

We show that while the native states of each variant give rise to a single narrow distribution with high P values, the distributions of the intermediates trapped at equilibrium denoted I eqm are fitted by two Gaussian distributions. Modulation of the folding conditions from those that stabilize the intermediate to those that destabilize the intermediate enabled the distribution of lower P value to be assigned to the population of the unfolded ensemble in equilibrium with the intermediate state.

The reduced stability of the I eqm variants allowed analysis of the effect of denaturant concentration on the compaction and breadth of the unfolded state ensemble to be quantified from 0 to 6 M urea. Significant compaction is observed as the concentration of urea is decreased in both the presence and absence of sodium sulfate, as previously reported for a variety of proteins. In the presence of Na 2 SO 4 in 0 M urea, the P value of the unfolded state ensemble approaches that of the native state.

Concurrent with compaction, the ensemble displays increased peak width of P values, possibly reflecting a reduction in the rate of conformational exchange among iso-energetic unfolded, but compact conformations. The results provide new insights into the initial stages of folding of Im 7 and suggest that the unfolded state is highly conformationally constrained at the outset of folding. Erstmals werden 45 stratifiziert aufgesammelte Individuen von Euproops untersucht.

Einige Details der Morphologie sowie eine dichte Behaarung werden beschrieben. Auf der Basis dieser Merkmale sowie der Verteilung juveniler und adulter Individuen im geologischen Profil wird eine Deutung des Lebensraumes der Euproopiden versucht. In this paper 45 individuals of the genus Euproops, sampled from particular levels in the profile, are reported on for the first time.

Analysis of the fossil material reveals new morphological details — especially setae densely covering the ventral side — that, combined with the geological setting of the profile, gives novel insights into the palaeoenvironment and to the hypothesis of subaerial activity.

Young individuals of Euproops may have been "litter dwellers" inhabiting forest-litter and partly decayed plant material that had washed ashore. By contrast, adults formed a principal component of the nearshore benthic fauna. They were able to leave the water, but only for short periods. This is proved by the occurence of adults and juveniles in different lithologies.

Notice is hereby given that, on November District, Selbyville, DE; learning. Notice is hereby given that, on December Kunstverlag Josef Fink. IMS Learning Design desde dentro. In the German Literature Archive DLA began to evaluate appropriate deacidification processes for its unique archive and library stock.

International Journal of Health Professions

The article describes the. Heim, P. Klinik und Poliklinik fuer Allgemein-, Viszeral-, und Thoraxchirurgie. Patients and methods: Twenty-two patients with suspected focal liver lesions prospectively underwent a gadolinium-enhanced 3D VIBE. Four T2w sequences HASTE sequence, fast spin-echo-sequence with and without fat-saturation, FLASH 2D gradient echo-sequence after administration of superparamagnetic iron oxide SPIO served as gold standard combined with histological work-up in 17 patients and histological and imaging follow-up in five patients.

The image quality was evaluated and the detectability of intrahepatic lesions was rated by the alternative free-response receiver operating characteristic AFROC analysis. In addition, the contrast-to-noise ration was compared. Results: Altogether 49 malignant and 35 benign liver lesions were found.

The fast spin-echo-sequence without fat-saturation demonstrated the highest contrast-to-noise ratio. All sequences showed a comparable certainty in detecting lesion area under the curve 0. Conclusions: Despite the small number of patients, VIBE seems to be a comparable, inexpensive and fast method in diagnosing malignant liver lesions. Sequenzen sowie histologischen und bildgebenden Verlaufs - Untersuchungen in nicht-zirrhotischen Lebern bei 1,5 T. Patienten und Methoden: 22 Patienten mit Verdacht auf maligne. Traces of microbial volatile organic compounds MVOCs can indicate the growth of moulds in the indoor air.

The application of ion mobility spectrometry IMS is a very promising method for the detection of these MVOCs due to its high sensitivity. A mobile IMS device was tested to use this analytical-chemical method for in situ indoor air diagnostics. The first part of this work describes the test gas generation of 14 MVOCs in the laboratory. The test gases were produced by preparation of permeation procedures. In the second part of this manuscript seven different mould species were cultivated on nutrient media and their MVOCs emissions were explored. It was found out, that the MVOCs emissions of moulds have a dependency of species and of their cultivation time.

These results are confirmed by principal component analysis PCA. The MVOCs emissions were explored in the cultivation of mould mixtures on three different building materials. It was possible to find different emission patterns of cultivated moulds on building materials without an identification of the MVOCs inside the emission chamber. It enables provision of resource demanding real-time services and multimedia communication raising new.

Arvustus: Stefan Hartmann. Revaler Handwerker im Spiegel fer Ratsprotokolle von bis In : Ostseeprovinzen, baltische Staaten und das Nationale. Kanuti gildi koondunud ametite organisatsioonist ja struktuurist. Berlin : Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag, Financing and protection provided by Ex- Im Bank includes 1 loans to foreign buyers of U. Arvustus: Umgesiedelt - Vertrieben. Marburg : Verlag Herder-Institut Tagungen zur Ostmitteleuropa-Forschung, The industry-led, international intelligent manufacturing systems IMS program provides a special vehicle for joint research and development between government, industry and academia in the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, and Europe.

Since its beginning in , the IMS program has progressed through a feasibility phase which demonstrated that international legal barriers, trade issues, and intellectual property problems could be overcome. The program is constructed to provide higher quality design, customized products, shorter delivery cycles and lower costs. Interactions between partner companies have led to new business opportunities for mutual profit and some claim to have learned strategic information about their international competitors.

The IMS program is growing through the participation of hundreds of corporate and university partners who share responsibilities in specific projects and jointly reap benefits for their manufacturing products and processes. The logic for choosing or not choosing the IMS mechanisms will be discussed and R and D projects will be identified. MALDI matrix assisted laser desorption ionization Imaging Mass Spectrometry IMS allows molecular analysis of biological materials making possible the identification and localization of molecules in tissues, and has been applied to address many questions on skin pathophysiology, as well as on studies about drug absorption and metabolism.

Sample preparation for MALDI IMS is the most important part of the workflow, comprising specimen collection and preservation, tissue embedding, cryosectioning, washing, and matrix application. These steps must be carefully optimized for specific analytes of interest lipids, proteins, drugs, etc. Murphy, J. R; Rodi, W. L; Johnson, M; Sultanov, J. D; Bennett, T. J; Toksoz, M. N; Ovtchinnikov, V; Barker, B. W; Rosca, A. M; Shchukin, Y. In order to establish a robust nuclear test monitoring capability, it is necessary to calibrate the IMS seismic stations used in monitoring, to account for systematic deviations from the nominal travel time curves Work is continuing on the development of infrasound techniques that can be used to improve detection, location and discrimination capability for atmospheric nuclear explosions at International Monitoring System IMS Arvustus: Feest, David.

Zwangskollektivierung im Baltikum : die Sowjetisierung des estnischen Dorfes Physik im Jahrhundert Essays zum Stand der Physik. Full Text Available In the current networking field many research works are going on regarding the integration of different wireless technologies, with the aim of providing uninterrupted connectivity to the user anywhere, with high data rates due to increased demand. However, the number of objects like smart devices, industrial machines, smart homes, connected by wireless interface is dramatically increasing due to the evolution of cloud computing and internet of things technology.

This Paper begins with the challenges involved in such integrations and then explains the role of different couplings and different architectures. This paper also gives further improvement in the LTE and Wimax integration architectures to provide seamless vertical handover and flexible quality of service for supporting voice, video, multimedia services over IP network and mobility management with the help of IMS networks.

Evaluation of various parameters like handover delay, cost of signalling, packet loss,, is done and the performance of the interworking architecture is analysed from the simulation results. Finally, it concludes that the cross layer scenario is better than the non cross layer scenario. Politik ergibt sich nach Herbart aus einem Konflikt hinsichtlich der Frage, wie das Zusammenleben von Menschen geregelt sein sollte.

E-mail: georgiamode hotmail. The fibrosarcoma is extremely rare in the intestine of animals of this species therefore, little is known about the macroscopic and behavior of this tumor. Given this unusual intestinal disease in dogs, the present study aimed to report a case of intestinal fibrosarcoma in a poodle breed dog, 15 years old, with no apparent clinical signs. The mass was pedunculated, whitish and firm consistency. The diagnosis was made by histopathology.

After four months of surgical excision, there was no recurrence and metastasis. We conclude that the intestinal fibrosarcoma has low aggressiveness, are rare and can present macroscopic pediculated. This Paper argues whether cyber bullying can be understood as violating speach act with reference to Judith Butler by starting with a definition of cyber bullying respectively the term cyber 'mobbing' which is used synonymously in German speaking countries and an outline of Butler's theory.

After that, the question of a new or different understanding of cyber bullying and its consequences is discussed. Habitusformen von Eltern im Kontext der Computerspielnutzung ihrer Kinder. Die Ergebnisse zeigen u. This article shows parental points of view on computer game habits of children and the educational acting of parents concerning computer games. The results are product of the research project "Parental views on children and adolescents playing computer games" of the Faculty of Educational Science of Bielefeld University.

The empirical study from includes 28 qualitative interviews with both parents. The results show among other things that the media-related habitus of parents influences their media-educational habitus. This means e. Buchwerbung in Deutschland im Der Buchhandel entwickelte im Laufe des Im diesem Projekt wurde eine funktionale Biblio Light-weight internet protocol multimedia subsystem IMS client: development for smart mobile devices.

Wenngleich dabei auch in der Stiftung und ihrem Umfeld die Meinungen auseinandergehen Dieses Kapitel diskutiert die Problematik existenzieller Bedrohung durch radikale Innovationen. On obtaining of the Alexander Graham Bell a patent for invention of the telephone in , the communication system consistently has gone through several evolutionary stages: from analog lines and manual switches to video telephony and IMS architecture. Each of the stages can be described by specific switching systems, data transmission systems and types of transmitted information.

After implementation of such solution, it is possible to create a number of access nodes in the Operators IMS -ne Army Research Institute of Environmental. Das leitende Forschungsinteresse der Arbeit besteht darin, zu eruieren, inwiewe Robust stator resistance identification of an IM drive using model reference adaptive system. The MRAS is formed with a semi-active power quantity.

The proposed identification method can be achieved with on-line tuning of the stator resistance with robustness against rotor resistance variations. Stable and efficient estimation of IM speed at low region will be guaranteed by simultaneous identification of IM speed and stator resistance. Simulation and experimental results are given to highlight the feasibility, the simplicity, and the robustness of the proposed method.

A critical analysis of Sorrell v. IMS Health, Inc. Sorrell v. In , Vermont enacted Act 80, The Confidentiality of Prescription Information Act, prohibiting the sale, disclosure, and use of pharmacy records. This article examines the legal arguments of IMS Health and Act 80 and analyzes why IMS Health stands out for potentially challenging the traditional doctrine of commercial speech and the resulting legal implications. After reviewing the Supreme Court's reasoning, the article concludes that, although the Supreme Court reached the appropriate outcome, it did so by unjustifiably departing from the established legal doctrine of commercial speech and the American tradition of consumer protection.

At best, IMS Health's reasoning opens a legal Pandora's Box potentially leading to an onset of new commercial speech challenges; at worst, it manufactured a Trojan Horse aimed at eroding the traditional regulatory safeguards that maintain a balance between the needs of consumers and corporations alike. The Interpersonal Measure of Psychopathy IM -P is a psychometric instrument comprised of 21 items, designed to be applied in association with other instruments that also evaluate psychopaths.

It focuses specifically on interpersonal and non-verbal behaviors that become evident during the interaction between the interviewer and individuals. The prototype was built based on IM standards, integrated into two test aircraft, and then flown in real-world conditions to determine if the goals of improving aircraft efficiency and airport throughput during high-density arrival operations could be met. The ATD-1 concept of operation integrates advanced arrival scheduling, controller decision support tools, and the IM avionics to enable multiple time-based arrival streams into a high-density terminal airspace.

IM contributes by calculating airspeeds that enable an aircraft to achieve a spacing interval behind the preceding aircraft. The IM avionics uses its data route of flight, position, etc. The flight test demonstrated that the IM avionics prototype met the spacing accuracy design goal for three of the four IM operation types tested.

The primary issue requiring attention for future IM work is the high rate of IM speed commands and speed reversals. In total, during this flight test, the IM avionics prototype showed significant promise in contributing to the goals of improving aircraft efficiency and airport throughput.

Freie Lerninhalte im Internet mit Studierenden recherchieren, kommentieren und kompilieren. Zur Gestaltung der online-Selbstlernangebote im hr-Funkkolleg Philosophie. Der zweite Abschnitt skizziert das didaktische Design zusammen mit dem Projektstrukturplan eines produktorientierten kollaborativen Lernsettings mit Wiki-Einsatz. Im dritten Abschnitt werden der Lernerfolg bei den Studierenden sowie einige Herausforderungen benannt, die u.

Mit dem Bericht wird somit u. Being stressed and active!? An analysis of different aspects of the relationship between physical activity, individual perceived stress, and individual health. Der Tatort im studienbegleitenden Deutschunterricht ab B2. Der vorliegende Beitrag stellt ein solches Konzept vor.

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The course debuted this past fall. Proceed to Basket. Ideal Coaching. Michael Albrecht, Rainer Striebel, Univ. Vehicle examinations in FTP75 confirm the existing potential for satisfying EZEV standards discussed in California even with vehicles of the upper midsize category by using optimised natural gas engines. Diese findet im Rahmen des Bachelorstudiums Gesundheits- und Krankenpflege statt.

Ausgehend von der Arbeit am Tatort werden drei Lernbereiche vorgestellt, die neben der Arbeit am Film auch die Arbeit an angrenzenden Themen und Texten sowie darauf aufbauend die Entwicklung studienbegleitender kommunikativer Handlungskompetenz vorsehen. Current discussions on teaching German alongside the core subjects at university show the necessity to consider both institutional requirements and the students' individual goals when establishing teaching objectives. Flexible concepts are needed which serve as a framework and which can be realized with texts and tasks focusing on what is required by a specific learning context.

This paper presents such an approach, using the German feature film Tatort. Besides ideas for working with the audiovisual material we will present opportunities that come along with the various texts and discussions in media and social networks arising around the film as well as ways for combining these aspects with developing language skills for the academic context. Ferner wurde die prognostische Bedeutung von disseminierten Tumorzellen im Knochenmark und die prognostische Bedeutung von CD31 evaluiert.

Little is known about the associations of previous standardized examination scores with scores on subsequent standardized examinations used to assess medical knowledge in internal medicine residencies. To examine associations of previous standardized test scores on subsequent standardized test scores. Retrospective cohort study. One hundred ninety-five internal medicine residents. Trotz des gleichzeitigen Vorkommens spannungsaktivierter Instant Messenger IM has becoming a new form of social relations tool in which people interact, dialogue, collaborate and exchange information.

Many organizations and companies have adapted their management strategies with the utilization of IM applications, both internally or externally. The popularity of IM in local organizational management in such a way that government agencies, companies, universities, colleges and schools. The use of applications such as wechat, whatsApp messenger Improved detection of Mycobacterium bovis infection in bovine lymph node tissue using immunomagnetic separation IMS -based methods.

This study describes application of these novel IMS -based methods to test for M. Their performance was evaluated relative to culture. Overall, Twelve 6. However, an additional 79 M. When low numbers of viable M. In contrast, IMS specifically captures whole M. During this study only 2. Results clearly demonstrate that not only are the IMS -based methods more rapid but they have greater detection sensitivity than the culture approach currently used for the detection of M.

Adoption of the IMS -based methods for lymph node testing would have the potential to improve M. Tandem N-methylpyrrole-N-methylimidazole Py- Im polyamides with good sequence-specific DNA-alkylating activities have been designed and synthesized. All three conjugates displayed high reactivities for the target sequence. The tandem Py- Im polyamide conjugates displayed greater sequence-specific DNA alkylation than conventional hairpin Py- Im polyamide conjugates 4 and 5. For further research, the design of tandem Py- Im polyamide conjugates could play an important role in targeting specific gene sequences.

Also immer. Als habe nicht jeder Glaubenssatz seine Blutgeschichte! In einigen lateinamerikanischen Staaten offizielle Religion: der Katholizismus wird die Garotte noch immer als Folterinstrument eingesetzt. Alles bekannt? Der sogenannte Hexenwahn war eine technische Abfolge von durch und durch rational organisierten Verbrechen.

Das Instrumentarium der Folter? Nicht selten sind die Namen dem christlichen Fundus entlehnt. Sie gaben ihr die Form maschineller Produktion. Das von ihnen definierte System hat hierarchischen Charakter: Es legt von oben her das Oben wie das Unten und die entsprechenden Mittelwerte fest Bauanleitung der Maschine. Eine durchorganisierte Religion lebt nicht vom Wort allein. In der Maschine wird das Wort Fleisch; hier nimmt es Gestalt an. Die Methode des Anschauenlassens ist erprobt; auch aus den Folterkellern der Gegen wart wird von ihr berichtet.

Vor mir liegt ein Ausstellungskatalog. Keine mittelalterliche Tafelmalerei, kein impressionistisches Werk. Etwa drei Viertel der Maschinen waren Originale, die aus dem sechzehnten bis achtzehnten Jahrhundert des Abendlandes stammen. Gregor XIII. Paul IV. Kein Mensch schien vor dem Blutrausch der Christen sicher. Vieler Worte bedurfte es gar nicht. Ein eiserner Block, auf der Innenseite eines Rings angebracht, wurde in den Mund geschoben, die Schnalle hinten am Ring geschlossen.

Ein Loch sicherte die Luftzufuhr, doch konnte es vom Folterer zugehalten werden, und das Opfer rang um Luft. Giordano Bruno, den die Inquisition mitten in der Stadt des Papstes verbrannte, starb mit einer solchen Eisensperre im Mund. Auch Knieschrauben tun ihren einfachen Dienst; sie werden an Knien und Ellbogen angesetzt, deren Gelenke sie nachhaltig verletzen.

Nicht ohne Grund: Zum einen sah die Epoche, in der W. Doch wirkte es bis in die letzten Amtsstuben der Monarchie hinein, nicht zuletzt aufgrund seiner beispiellosen Akribie, mit der die Methoden der Marter — vor allem ihre schrittweise vorzunehmende Steigerung - beschrieben waren. Die erste Exekution mit diesem Instrument ist auf den Sie wurden vor allem an Nasen, Fingern, Zehen und Brustwarzen angesetzt.

Der Tod trat — langsam! Nur die Bezeichnung dieses Folterwerkzeugs ist nicht mehr in Gebrauch. Er kann sein Opfer auch schaukeln oder mehrmals hintereinander auf die Spitze fallen lassen. Mittlerweile ist sie modernisiert: Die Tragegurte sind ebenso wie die Spitze der Pyramide elektrifiziert.

Abstracts des Gerontologie und Geriatrie Kongresses 2016

Dieser wird an der Taille der Gefolterten angelegt. Da ist die Rede davon, wie Frauen lebendig begraben wurden. Solche Substanzen hatte jeder zu Hause. Denselben Zweck verfolgt die orale Birne, ein kunstvoll gefertigter und verzierter Eisenknebel, dessen zugespitztes Ende das Aufschlitzen der Kehle erleichtert. Ihre Gewalt wirkte zumindest indirekt gegen die Frauen. Gab es keine Christenverfolgungen? Wurden allein Christen schuldig? Waren sie nicht selbst Opfer? Daher verschweigen — auch dies eine Frage der angemahnten Redlichkeit - so gut wie alle Dokumente, Katechismen, Enzykliken, Hirtenbriefe noch immer die Tatsachen.

Die Antwort auf die gestellten Fragen setzt sich aus verschiedenen Teilen zusammen. Doch auch in bezug auf die Folter neigt sich die Waage nicht zugunsten der Christenheit. Dieses doppelsinnige Vorgehen stellt einen weiteren frommen Betrug in der Geschichte des Christentums dar. Dumme und grausame Priester! Wem gebietet ihr denn das Fasten? Etwa den Reichen? Etwa den Armen? Mai , gegeben zu Versailles, verurteilte sakrilegische Soldaten zur Durchbohrung ihrer Zunge. Sakrilegisch waren die Profanierung heiliger Bilder und Reliquien sowie die Brandschatzung geweihter Kirchen wie Kapellen.

Das war keine leere Drohung. Doch so lange wollten sie nicht warten: Von Juden grenzten Christen sich schon auf Erden ab. Erst eine Ohnmacht hindert die Fortsetzung der Prozedur. Seine Tendenz blieb dieselbe. Allgemein wurden die Juden, die es dort zahlreich gab, der Tat beschuldigt.

Ihr barbarischen Verfolger, sucht diese Dinge nur in euren Annalen Die sich gegen jede Toleranz zur Wehr setzte und ein tolerantes Verhalten erst — als eigene Erfindung! Liegen die Zeiten der Straffolter hinter uns? Welchen Wert weist jene unter Christen weitverbreitete Sittlichkeit auf, die sich der Verlockung durch himmlischen Lohn verdankt? Die Evangelien schildern vergleichsweise behutsam, was er ihrer Meinung nach erlitt.

Und die unschuldigen Opfer des Christenhasses? Das entlastet die Herren der Streckbank. Foucault wartet noch auf seine Darstellung. Also versucht sich der Kleriker als Lustgreis, und blutlose Theologie lebt ihre Phantasien aus. Schamhaare verbergen den Satan, und daher wird gesucht, mit Nadeln und Stiletten gestochen, rasiert, geschabt, versengt, mit Schwefel die behaarte Stelle freigebrannt. Wird gefunden, ist der Tod sicher. Und weshalb sollte nicht gefunden werden? Dann brannte er die Frau mit Schwefelfedern unter den Achseln und am Hals.

Darauf wurde sie erneut gestreckt, diesmal mit schweren Gewichten auf den einzelnen Zehen. Dann kam sie auf die Streckbank. Dann schraubte man ihre Waden so fest in spanische Stiefel, bis das Blut aus den Zehen kam. Und wieder das Streckbett, wieder die Streckleiter. Dann der Schraubstock, sechs Stunden. Die Praxis der Verfolgung von Andersdenkenden nennt sich legal; sie ist Normen unterworfen.

Folter und Tod geschehen streng nach dem Gesetz derer, die von ihnen profitieren. Das Oben wie das Unten sind festgeschrieben. Lockert sich das Band, kommt erneut die Gewalt derer da oben zum Zuge. Darin besteht der Herrschaftswert der Folter. Ihnen war gesagt worden, die Untersuchung solle die Wirkung von Strafen auf das Lernverhalten messen. Ist die Folter eine universale und ewige Institution? Hielt das Christentum den Blutdurst nicht nur nicht in Schach, sondern wollte es ihn erst gar nicht stillen?

Wurde die Folter abgeschafft? Verweisen Juristen allerdings auf die zunehmende Individualisierung der Person und die daraus folgende Festlegung des Schuldgedankens, so wird man kaum fehlgehen, wenn man diese Entwicklungen nicht dem Guthabenkonto des Christentums und seiner Kirchen gutschreibt. Die Gegenwart freigesprochen?

Sie belegt die Inhumanen mit einem wissenschaftlichen Namen, als seien sie seltene Insekten, die in eine Vitrine abwandern. Da liegen sie, die Rigoristen und Grobianisten christlicher Geschichte. Sex and Crime mit Religion, mit christlicher Religion, gar mit christlichen Kirchen2 in Verbindung zu bringen ist noch immer gewagt. Denn das kirchliche Christentum hat anderes anzubieten: eine Geschichte und Gegenwart der Gewalt und der Geschlechtlichkeit, gegen die das Blut eines Kaninchens und ein Koitus von zwei Jugendlichen gering zu veranschlagen sind.

Doch die Wirklichkeit des Abendlandes, das in den Reden von Politikern und Kirchenleuten so oft vorkommt, sieht anders aus: ein Bodensatz der Schmerzen zuerst, darauf ein blutig-harter Basalt quer durch Europa gelegt. Diese Suppe aus verrottendem Blut, aus zerquetschten Gebeinen, aus verfaulenden Kadavern riecht nicht gut. Doch sie gibt den wahren Geruch der Geschichte ab.

Mitten unter uns. Beim Waschen der Talare trocken bleiben? Die Frechheit der Leute mit dem Alles-halb-soschlimm-Gesicht bittet nicht. Andernfalls drohen Christen — im Volksgerichtshofton! Mitleid, das sie verweigern, sei ihnen versagt. Alles andere bricht den Leserinnen die Treue. Entsprechend simpel sind jedenfalls die Sanktionen. Wie inhuman die Gewichte kirchlicher Moral verteilt sind?

Das ist ein Fehler. Es ist auch eine Kampfansage gegen Milliarden Menschen. Diese asketische Gegenwelt ist nicht nur in der Praxis gescheitert, sondern auch in ihrer Ideologie des Selbsthasses29 grausam falsch. Sie sahen sich als Lehrer der Welt, zumindest auf dem Terrain ihrer Moral, und rotteten jede Kenntnis der Liebe und der Liebeskunst aus, die Menschen sich erobert hatten. Wer kann lachen in einer christlichen Welt!

Sie macht nicht nur die Befallenen krank. Von den Folterern zu schweigen. Ich konnte diese Erscheinung bei bissigen alten Jungfrauen und asketischen Moralisten sehen. Und brutal mit allen anderen. Alacoque, verstorben und heiliggesprochen, schnitt sich ein Jesus-Monogramm in die Brust und brannte es aus, als es zu schnell heilte. Wer es fassen kann, fasse es Mt 19,12! Asketisch disziplinierte Sprache ist stets Abwehrsprache. Also keine Flucht ins Mittelalter! Und geschlagen? Habe ich mich in der Kirche unartig betragen? Gott verspricht den guten Kindern seinen Schutz und Segen und die Seligkeit.

In seinem 9.

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Die Nonnen waren es doch, die uns zur Beichte zwangen Die Nonnen waren es, die in die Kirche gingen, beteten, den Rosenkranz schwangen und uns Gottesbotschaften einbleuten. Clemenceau die ihnen anvertrauten Kinder mit Ruten und Brennesseln schlugen, ihnen befahlen, Waschwasser, Schmutz, den Auswurf von Tuberkulosekranken zu sich zu nehmen. Immer wieder finden sich — wenn genau nachgeschaut wird, auch bei sich selbst! Ich schaute in viele Gesichter. Doch ich fand keins, wie ich es suchte. Eine Erziehung der unmittelbar angewandten Art.

Weltanschauungen und Verhaltensweisen werden von Menschen gelebt und von Menschen vermittelt. Das mag bei denen so sein, deren Lust sich am Blut der Opfer der eigenen Religion erregt. Niemandem steht es frei, Christ zu werden.


Wie geht es noch mal —? Warum als ob? Nichts schadet einem Politiker mehr als ein solcher Verdacht. Auf der Waage der Puritanerinnen wiegen andere Laster, politische Gewalttat inbegriffen, weniger schwer. In Michigan wird eine Frau zusammen mit einem Skelett eingeschlossen. Ihre Saat geht auf. Daher sind sie erprobt praktikabel. Selbst in der eigenen Wohnung darf - ! Dieser radikal zu begegnen ist damit eine hochstehende sittliche Forderung.

Doch wer profitiert von der gewaltbetonten Moral? Denn jeder, der eine Frau begehrlich anschaut, hat in seinem Herzen schon die Ehe mit ihr gebrochen Mt 5, Zeitbedingter Rigorismus? Papst Johannes Paul II. Warum ich mich mit Christentum und Kirche befasse? Es gibt in der Tat lohnendere, weiter in die Zukunft weisende Themen. Eros und Thanatos gehen in der Liebesreligion eine eigene Ehe ein. Fast bin ich versucht, hier den alten Satz zu zitieren, nach dem der Mensch des Menschen Wolf ist.

Am Noch immer scheuen sich manche, der Wirklichkeit die Ehre zu geben und von Folter und Mord zu sprechen. Ist sie Folter? Er kann es sich bequem machen und die Allmacht des Sehens nutzen. Konfessionslose machen eine verschwindend geringe Minderheit aus. In Uruguay, gut christlich, wurden die Tupamaros M.

Rosencrof und R. Sendic in mehr als zehn Jahren Einzelhaft gefoltert, in winzigen Zellen gehalten, als Geiseln benutzt. Die Regierung tut nichts. Kaum war Brasilien in die Geheimnisse eingeweiht, ging der Lehrer nach Uruguay und setzte dort den praktischen Unterricht fort. Andere lateinamerikanische Repressionsapparate fol terten und ermordeten mehr Menschen, aber keiner handhabte Folter und Mord so reibungslos wie diese Organisation. Oder eine Katze unters Hemd gesteckt, die unter Strom gesetzt wird und den mitgefolterten Menschen zerkratzt.

Hier fanden sich zwei Ideologien, deren Kollaboration offenbar nichts im Wege stand. Laghi unternahm nichts. Was war unter der Amtszeit Laghis und mit seinem Segen geschehen? Das Gegenteil ist wahr. Folter und Mord blieben nahezu folgenlos. Parallelen zu mittelalterlichen Foltermethoden finden sich zuhauf. Das Schaupublikum nimmt Platz, kommentiert, trinkt Bier, raucht, und die Folter setzt ein. Der wiederholte alles noch ein paarmal, dann begann er, mir die Brustwarze anzubrennen. Lassen Sie sich keinen Sand in die Augen streuen!

Es sind fast ausnahmslos die Oberhirten der christlichen Kirchen, die zur menscbenverachtenden Vergangenheit ihrer Religion schweigen! Vielmehr sind auch Christen gegen Christen am Werk! Die Geschichte des Menschen steht erst am Beginn. Herrmann, Der Anti-Katechismus. Herrmann, Vaterliebe. Ich will ja nur dein Bestes Reinbek , S. Holl, Im Keller des Heiligtums. Geschlecht und Gewalt in der Religion Stuttgart , S. Mynarek, Denkverbot. Dahl Hrsg. Fundamentalkritik am Christentum Hamburg , S. Aber in Nordirland ist das noch der Fall. Deschner, Opus Diaboli. Dedijer, Jasenovac — das jugoslawische Auschwitz und der Vatikan Freiburg i.

Fricke, Standrechtlich gekreuzigt.

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