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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Laugh Until The Devil Wakes Up file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with Laugh Until The Devil Wakes Up book. Happy reading Laugh Until The Devil Wakes Up Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF Laugh Until The Devil Wakes Up at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF Laugh Until The Devil Wakes Up Pocket Guide. He must be allowing this for some reason. It can be devastating when an attack happens and then for the next few days, if it gives me a break. I feel like a freak of nature at times and no one to talk too. No one that hasn't been through this can understand. Because when we die its too late, I'm 46 and still terrified and I am so sick of it, not feeling safe. I saw a couple of them before. One time it stood there as plain as plain, looked solid like a real peson but it was bizzarr loking with big blue liquid looking eyes with shark teeth and a cloak and spikes for hair, like someone ironed its friggin hair and clothes.

It never spoke to me just looked at me like we knew each other. This is ectremely hard to handle so to my fellow sufferers I sympathize and love each and every one of you for being a witness to such phenominon and fright. I hope when I pass away i am going to heaven I don't think I did anything to deserve this. OMG ps:who i michelle?!! Here are my most present occurences. I had a demon try to put me in a sexual position.

It pressed hard on my thighs pushing them apart. It held my arms down and it breathed from my chest to neck and smelled me. Then once I was stuck under a steel sheet of medal. It pressed so hard on my chest I thought I was going to stop breathing. I couldn't move anything, not even my head. Then last night, I had a demon try to break my ribs by squeezing so hard like a hug but it was very painful.

I thought my ribs were being broken. I have felt hands on my chest and everything. I am scared and I believe in God and Jesus and pray every night. I do not eat or drink a lot of sugar and that has nothing to do with it. I have constantly asked Jesus to forgive my sins, but it is becoming more frequent.

My RIBS were almost broken last night. I am scared So for about three or four years from when I was like five to eight, I had this horrible experience with demons. See my Uncle Charlie had just moved in, and I was kind of upset with that cause he was weird, which I think that negative thinking caused the demon to show up. The Demon took the form of my Uncle Charlie, obviously playing off my negative emotions, and he would turn me over onto my chest and pin me down by my neck, choking me.

It was then I would see intensely bright flashes of light and this whirling shuttering noise and what I heard to be the voice of my father, telling me to be strong and take it. I assumed this to be a spiritual representation of The Lord Jesus. Well, then the demon would pull down my long johns, and it was weird how they really you know It almost feels like you're being penetrated in some kind of manner.

But anyways, I took the voice of my father to heart, being strong and believing in him to get through the event, and soon the demon who looked an awful like my Uncle Charlie would be done pillaging me. This happened off and on for the three years he lived with us, until the police took him away for some reason. To this day, thanks to the voice of my father, I still believe in the lord that stood by and protected me while a demon assaulted me in a profoundly physical manner. It comes to me while I am sleeping and it drags me out of bed. I can't move or speak.

I am afraid and I pretend nothing happened and that I was just dreaming it all up. Sometimes I don't know if it was just a dream or real and then I find bruises. I feel like I am going crazy.

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I am actually smiling writing this! Good to know that there are folks who have experienced some of my experiences. It's am and I just decided to google 'demonic attacks', because I am about to engage in spritual warfare and needed some motivation. I have read all of your comments, and they all pale in comparison to my 'story'.

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But after 15 years of demonic assaults, I have learned from my experiences. Two of your most powerful defences are, 'the name of Jesus' and the blood of Jesus'. The blood of Jesus is a potent weapon that has worked for me over and over and it is still working. For folks with numerous other demonic attacks, plead the blood of Jesus in your mind while paralyzed and against the enemy and command them to leave in the name of Jesus. Before you engage in any warfare, please come into repentence for any areas of sins and ask Jesus to come in and be your Lord and Savior and wash you in his blood.

Often, our sin opens the door for demonic stronghold. Before going to bed at night, you can just walk though the house and say 'the blood of Jesus prevails' repeatedly, if you sense evil presence and command them out in the name of Jesus. Just worshipping God during these attacks puts the enemy to flight as well. I dont normally believe in stuff like this but I believe, the reason to which these Demons appear to you in your sleep is due to your sin of course, but my belief is that the portal in which they pass through has to do with MIRRORS.

I have a lot of mirrors in my room and I think it has something to with the "trigger" affect of being capable enough to pass through with enough sin in one individual's life whom does not repent on a regular basis.. It carries on with them spiritually, internally and is the "fuel" to make an attack on their predator who is sinful and lacks repent from Christ. Do not provoke or look into these mirrors when filled with sin.

Also, do not sleep in total darkness. If there is no light around.. He said that it was the demons trying to scare me into starting to yell at my mother again.. He also told me that if this ever happens again to to and fight back try to repuke the demon Okay sooo now.. Idont know what to think of that but if any of you have anything like this happeneing to you You have to ask God for guidence for he is always the answer and he will help Saying a "Now I lay me down to sleep" and a "Guardian angel" prayer before you sleep does work also. There is a lot of people who don't believe that demons attack you in your sleep.

They call you crazy and a fear monger for even mentioning it. Society has been dumbed down so much through TV and by so called specialists that they refuse to believe anything anymore. They want proof and even after having proof they still don't believe. Video tape or voice record yourself while you sleep for proof. It may scare you though. For those who aren't religious and are being attacked then you really do need Jesus in your life.

Just be warned that when you accept Jesus the attacks might get worse simply because they don't want to lose your soul. Think of it this way. Every soul that the devil or demons can pervert and take from God is another pain in God's heart. Why was Jesus sent to us? To save us from the devil and the sins we have made because of us not knowing what was going on around us.

God is trying to save us. All we have to do is accept Jesus with all our hearts. Just remember, you may not believe in good and evil but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Now for all those who experience this and are religious. I want to let you know that you're not alone. The closer you are to God and Jesus, the more evil you will experience in your life.

Why is this? Because they're trying to separate you from God. The only way they can hurt him is by taking us from him. Why does this hurt God? It hurts him because he loves us. He loved us so much that he gave his only begotten son to us. Jesus loved us so much that he suffered for us. He was innocent with a pure heart and he suffered for us. He suffered for all generations because he loves us that much.


The devil knows he's going to lose which is why he going to do what he can to hurt God. Don't give him what he needs to hurt God. Next time you're attacked Just call out to Jesus with all your heart. Resist the temptations and make your ears deaf to their threats. In Jesus I trust now begone foul demon. If your eyes are open to everything going on then tell others.

I hope the best for you and pray for all. God bless you all. Call upon God and the Blood of Christ when a demon attacks. An underused weapon of spiritual warfare is discussed in my link. Powerful word; I so agree with this. I believe that the attacks can have a lot to do with "lifestyle living". I so agree. God Bless. Contact info tyreek. If you experience these then please don't think your mad. I have them. They attack me a lot like almost every other day. God gives me more strength each time to get through them but what I can't stand is the physical pain I feel in them.

They like to claw, bite you, stick their claws into your flesh, sometimes they sexually attack you. These have been happening since and get worse each time and I don't understand why God lets them happen but I pray to have more strength and faith in that he knows what he is doing and that he will help me not to fear! This happens to me like every other week. I had a dream 2 yrs back that I was in the restroom in front of the mirror, then all of a sudden an invisible being turned the lights out on me.

I tried to run out of the restroom but it pulled be back in and attacked me in the dark. It kept making me fly up and bang my head on the ceiling as if it was trying to kill me. As I kept trying to escape it would keep pulling me back in, this thing was so strong. It sound like this "oh J help me, G-- help me". By my mouth being silenced when I said their names made me realize that it was something evil like a demon that didnt want to hear God or Jesus name.

Fear is the devils fuel. Fancy TX,. All everyone has to do is to start to praise god. Then God will inhabit the praises and the demons have to flee. If you can't get into the spirit, then fast for a day or so and praise God. As you offer God praises, he will come near and the demons will run away. Yesterday I woke up about am watched some t. It's weird how quickly I had fallen asleep being as though I wasn't tired. As soon as I started dreaming it was like my body never rested but any how soon as I started dreaming I seen the devils horns then the face of the demon.

It was huge it stood about 7feet tall and had to be to pounds in weight. It stood across from me and looked at me for a longtime awhile im trying to wake up but couldn't. It's really crazy cause luckily I woke up before he could get his hands on me. The demon looks really fucken powerful I never seen nothing like that before. How do I know it's a demon his faced was burned badily and his body was burned bad too. I really don't know what to do cause the size of the thing is intimidating. I believe in God but im not stupid and im not a fool im gonna have to deal with it. I seem to be having ''something' wake me up and its beginning to become quite frequent I have been depressed all my life and overcome my self harm and have a loving life now.

I have a 5mth old baby and am scared something will happen to him. I'm 10 and I have had this for about 3 years. I lived in CT when it all started. Then we moved. It stopped. Then again, we moved to GA. I was fine for this first year until last night I was sleeping, then I felt something scratch me. And it said:" Scratch Scratch Scratch"! I was freaked out. Thank goodness it was over very quickly. If you read this, please help me. First of all, not everyone that believes themselves to be a Christian, is actually a Christian. Read Matthew Ch The fair question can be asked, which is: Do I have an ongoing and increasing desire to be obedient to everything and anything that is commanded of us in the Bible.

Scripture states that even Satan and his demons believe the Bible, but they cannot and willnot obey anything it has to say. As you grow in the Lord, as I have for over 41 years , many temptations should not cause you to decide to give in to them. If you find it harder and harder to resist temptation, then very likely, you have not yet been saved.

Only God can save you. You have absolutely no choice in the matter. Since the Bible teaches that we are spiritually dead, we cannot make a choice for or against Christ. God makes that for us. You must be a member of the invisible eternal church, and not the corporate external church, which is the local congregations that exist today, and back to May 21, , when the Church age was over, and God withdrew Himself, in the form of the Holy Spirit, from all chruches worldwide. Both the saved and unsaved, are subject to demonic attack, but only those who are true elect believers have any help to be free from those attacks.

God Himself, is the one that is allowing, for His purposes, these attacks while asleep, in order to test the committment of true believers, as to whether they are paying lip service to their desire to be obedient to the Lord. The Bible says to make your calling and election sure. Sometimes, even a true believer opens a doorway to demonic attack, because that believer has continued in a sin, either consciously or subconseiously. If you break the hedge of Gods protection, then a serpent Satan or demon will bite you attack.

In over 41 years of being a true believer, I have had more than a few attacks, last night being probably the most severe. A weight was on my body, on top of me, and I heard myself saying--be gone in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. After that, I felt like I was being enclosed in a vacuum, and then I stated to scream for help. After this, I thankfully woke up from a very deep sleep. The remainder of the night, I did not forget to pray before I went back to sleep, which was more than once.

I am 61 years old, and I have an incontinence problem, which wakes me up alomst evey 2 hours. Satan and the demons are trying to use this weakness to defeat me from my steadfastnest in Christ, after all these years. Read I Corinthians , to learn more about this. Also Read in an overall sense Exodus , which teaches that God does directly all the things mentioned in that verse. Satan and the demons know, because they believe the Bible, that their time is very short, and they again by Gods allowance are ramping up for the final showdown, which they cannot win!

Also read Psalm ;91, which say that all are thy servants. Become a true believer today by pleading, begging, and imploring the Lord to save you, and if you are one of His elect, he will do it, because He cannot break His own rules. Remember, Satan and the demons will suffer the same fate as all those who are not saved, by being eternally destroyed, which means that they will never again for eternity which is time without end experience conscious existence.

The dead praise not the Lord, they go to silence which is hell, which is the grave. Hell is not eternal fire as has been misintrepreted. Gods mercy is way beyong our human mercy of which we have none Good bye. I hope this info has helped anyone reading this.

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Those under attack might want to try getting deliverance, you might want to try www. Holy father; help me to help them. I know the truth and i love them because i love you. My first encounter with the devil was when I was 2 or 3 years old. Its eyes will paralyze your body. It will follow you everywhere. Then I moved to a house that turned out to haunted. While living in that house I was pregnant and did not know.

I kept hearing word Lilith everyday and had an abortion. I pray I am forgiven even though the devil fooled me. We sold the house and left. Horrific events took place there. They will haunt me for life.

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I changed how I live and the only weapon is faith. Fear God and pray. Remember God everyday. Do everything in the name of God. The devil will never have power over you. If it attacks you please remember to declare your faith and it will let you go. Keep fighting for your soul. God is more merciful than a mother they say. Please do not be scared. Realize God is with you in the darkest moments and will come to your rescue when you call His name. Fear God only. Do not be focused on the forces of evil but be focused on Christ and His promises, his grace, and the forgiveness of sins that is found in Him.

The emphasis should be on Christ not on the devil. The devil is more powerful than man. But Christ is more powerful than the devil. Be simple unto that which is evil and wise unto that which is good. Keep a pure mind, renew a pure mind, read the Bible and remember the great things God has done and His promises. The grace of Christ through His shed blood on the cross if you repent of your sins and trust in him is the victory which overcometh this world. God does not speak to man in an audible voice. The angels of God do not reveal themselves unto men in a visible fashion.

Any spiritual beings that reveal themselves to you are not angels of light but fallen angels. The devil can transform himself into an angel of light. The devil roams about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. He is the father of lies, the temper, the deceiver; he was a murderer from the beginning. I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. If you are not saved they will try to keep you from trusting Christ.

If you are saved they will attempt to entice you to sin so that they can then attempt to make you think that you either are not saved or that you have been delivered over to the devil because of being an unrepentant Christian. Salvation is by grace through faith in Christ and not of works. The evil forces of this world do not have the power over your flesh unless you willing give yourself over to them.

There is human technology that can be used by evil man in cooperation with evil forces to make you think that the evil forces have power over you when it is really physical technology used to manipulate your mind and body and physical emotions. Please read carefully these words of scripture and make sure that you have turned from your sins to Jesus Christ as your Savior. This means that the time is drawing nigh for the Rapture when Jesus Christ who died on the cross years ago for the sins of the world and rose again the 3rd day will gather his believers from off the earth.

This also means that the time is drawing nigh when the anti-christ shall appear. The spiritual warfare of this life is fought by believing the promises of God, the Bible. Man is but dust. Of himself He is not stronger than the forces of evil. To overcome the forces of evil believe in the promises of God. Take God at His Word regardless of what all the theologians and supposed experts say. It is about faith, the faith of a child. Believe the promises of God. For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called: But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty.

God is Holy. The word virgin in the Hebrew means a young woman. Young woman is a way of saying virgin. That is how the word is used to say virgin in the Hebrew. Jesus lived a life without sin. He perfectly fulfilled the law something which no other man could do because Jesus is God. Jehovah or Yahweh means I am that I am, the eternally existent one.

He was buried and he rose again the 3rd. You cannot lose your salvation because it is not based on your ability to keep the law of God because all men have failed and sinned. Salvation is based on the grace of Christ because he paid it all when he died on the cross for the sins of the world and became sin for us. Ephesians says, "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.

There is a resurrection. The resurrection is very important to think about. Not only this but when he was received up into glory there were over witnesses which beheld this event. The resurrection is true. The rapture of the believers is coming. The rapture is part of the resurrection. These are the last days in which we live. Even now there are many anti-Christs. He is anti-christ, that denieth the Father and the Son. The mystery of iniquity is at work in the world. Angels and God will not appear to you in a visible nor an audible way.

If these things occur obviously it is the forces of evil because in this life it is about faith in the promises of God. The only reason such situations of manipulation occur is because the evil men of this world in cooperation with the spiritual forces of darkness are attempting to destroy faith in Christ and deceive men into rejecting Jesus as Savior. Anyone on this earth claiming to be Christ is an anti-Christ.

Jesus is not going to speak to you in an audible voice neither are his angels. The Christian life is one of faith not of sight. Salvation comes by hearing the word of God and repenting of your sins to Jesus. Be sure to turn to Jesus Christ for salvation from your sins.

These are the last days. There is probably a great amount of suffering and persecution that is coming for those who trust in Jesus. Get prepared for it. Make sure that you understand the grace of Jesus Christ and the amazing tender mercies and loving kindness of God. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Wait patiently on Christ. Continue faithfully in the little things for He that is faithful in little is faithful in much. We are but weak sinners who rely on Jesus to forgive us for our sins. When the evil forces of the world attack you endure as best you can and think about the promises of God. There is no sin to great that Christ will not forgive you of. The devil cannot of himself read your mind. Because such technology is used by the forces of evil their ability to tempt and entice men to sin and attempt to destroy the faith of man in the word of God is going to be much worse.

The devil is called the accuser of the brethren. In the last days before Christ returns because the devil is cast out of heaven he, knowing his time is short is going to come with great wrath upon the world. It is time to repent of sins and trust in Jesus Christ and to hope fervently in the return of Christ.

Recently I had my church sit with me for 9 hours and walk through a "demonization" thing not sure what it's called. There were 2 pastors and 1 witness taking notes. The reason why I had to do this is the attacks went from the outside to internal.

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The pastor's had the demons tell us why they were now in me and when they came. The demons had to tell the truth when asked if what they say will be true before the White Throne of Judgement. Apparently they entered me when I was in my mother's womb.. I felt them leave, because they made me scream and jerk around They told me to live my life by the Gospel.

Well, they still do stuff I repent as often as possible even during the day , so not sure why they won't leave. One thing I do notice, I have always been able to sense evil and the opposite I read your comment about the growling -emons. I've had attacks many times before and the most recent one was this morning. I felt suffocated and this energy was trying to overcome me and posses me, and a ringing in my ears would grow with intensity with each attack as it would come in bursts of intensity, and I was doing all this things in the spirit, like I was physically doing them in my mind and was very real.

I was convulsing and choking and then wrestling with these strong hands and I was squeezing the hands really tight and trying to overcome it, but then it was strange, it felt like I was waking up and I thought I woke up and I saw and the person I was wrestling with was my friends girlfriend I was sleeping in their loungeroom and I was hurting her hands and I realized I must be waking up and she's just trying to help me, I suddenly tried to stop but I couldn't and it was like it was forcing me to keep squeezing her hands, then she sort of just vanished and it was just the entity or whatever and it tried to posses me and I was struggling so hard to speak out, because I wanted to say Jesus but it wouldn't let me.

And then in the spirit, I got up and my friend was up and trying to help me and I was trying so hard to get away from the entity but it easily controlled me and directed my movements, almost like a puppet, and I felt powerless and everything was blurry and strange, but I finally got enough energy together and managed with difficulty since it wasn't allowing me to speak to yell out, JESUS HELP ME When I woke up to my friend making breakfast I didn't mention a word and just got on with the day.

It's something that most people would dismiss as a nightmare if they hadn't experienced it themselves. I think it's impossible to really understand unless you experience it. I went to close my eyes and not a few minutes later I started breathing weird and then I realized I couldn't stop breathing weird.. So then I tried to correct it and realized that I couldHn't open my eyes. And I knew what was happening.

Something wasn't letting me breathe or open my eyes. When all I really want to do at this point is scream. But I cant. I'm paralyzed and helpless. I lay lifeless on my bed for minutes struggling with this thing. Trying to "wake up" trying to get it off of me. Away from me. Minutes go by and all I see is black. All I know what to do is pray. So I pray and I pray and I begin the lords prayer in hopes that it leaves. And after a while it does And I can breath again. But now I'm awake and crying and shaking.

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Who wouldn't be after something like that happened? After reading some of your comments, I don't feel so alone and scared. I got attacked by a demon in my sleep this morning. I was so scared. I was dreaming of me dreaming. As soon as I woke of from me dreaming I was dreaming, there he sat on the corner of my bed like an Imp and as soon as I tried to wake up again, he pinned my legs and arms down to prevent me from pulling the covers over my head and putting my hands together to pray.

It was like he was more than a shadow but that he reflected the sky like water that would sparkle. He had long claws, sharp teeth and these dark red eyes. He was small but really strong. He seemed to want to torture me like he wanted to play with me but he wanted more to harm me. I panicked and then thought about Jesus and the Cross and I just started reciting my hail mary and the prayer you say before you go to bed.

He started to let go slowly, enough for me to grab the covers and clap my hands together. Then I woke up finally. I felt uneasy in my room and went to sleep with my sister. I have never had this happen to me. I don't want to be attacked anymore. I seem to have a male presence that visits me every couple years I will be snoring away and suddenly my sleep becomes restless and I start having crazy dreams I was much younger I am now 28 and just yesterday night started tossing and turning My mind immediatly went to the previous incident and I was freaked that I would see him again but it didnt happen, I just had that same terror as if he was in my room No its real I just moved into an apartment and three times i have awoken now with always three scratch marks on either shoulder blade.

My roommate and i also hear sometimes bumping noises in the apartment. Larry Genik, you aqre doing all the wrong things my friend. What you mentioned in your post is exactly what opens portals and keeps them open. Have you read any of the other posts here. Its about Jesus my friend. He is the only way that your sin can be removed and close the doors or portals. Spirit guides are demons for goodness sake.

Casting spells is an abomination to God and He made it clear in the Bible that the things you are doing will bring torment. Read the other post here, God sent Jesus and sacrificed Him so that we would not have to go through this stuff. You must surrender your will to His though. For those Christians who are still being afflicted, it has been mentioned several times in these post that if the torment still comnes back you need to listen to your own prayers. Are you asking God the Father in Jesus name to forgive you of all your sins before all the other stuff you are asking for?

Are you turning from those sins and at least attempting not to act on those temptations? Jesus did not die for us to become our exterminator to get rid of all our pests until we ourselves bring more dirt back into our lives. The Bible tells us that if we contionue in sin, He will turn us over to whatever it is that we love mopre than Him. Maybe that is what is happening in these cases. It happens to me all the time and its no sleep problem or mental thing their Demons I've had it for 13 years I'm 30 now and to prove it every time it happend I would turn on the light wen it was gone and the light used to go very very dim My resolution to stop this chocking feeling is to sleep on yur side n stay away from and occult,witchcraft n anything that can open doors to the spiritual world!!!

Everytime I had been chocked I have senen a number of Demons theirs millions! The reason I state sleeping on yur side is because wen I was in hospital in happend to me their also and I got that suppressing feeling and saw an evil nurse pulling my bed and pushing me fast to operating theatre it was scarey The next day I told a Islamic women in the bed across from me and she told me they can only get u wen yur on yur back!! Works for me try it! Wen I tried to say get the freak away from me it jumped straight into my mouth and I turned into it, I had lines goin down my cheeks my body contorted n my voice turned into sum ancient demonic language it was horrible I was crying lying their helplessly Eventually it jumped out n that's wen I ran n told my mum n lights began to dim out A priest came to bless the house and I forgot to mention this happend not long afta I did a death spell on sum1 who bashed me Anyhow I nearly died not long afta due to 3 times 3 karma I won't go into it but just stay away from any occult!!!

Their just devils trying to suk u And do try to follow Jesus and live a Christian life!!! It still happens to me but not wen I have a lamp on n sleep on my side The Islamic religon also burry their deseased on their sides I now no why!!!! Take care n rember rebuke in the name of Jesus n follow thee!!!!!!! Gluk guys xx. To the person who asked Who is God and what is Jesus and why does he allow demonic attacks.

Read John , then John chapter 1 and continue, focus on John , then read Genesis. If you are a living soul, you were created by God. Jesus, is the only name that gives you power over all the power of the enemy. Luke , and for those who believe in his name Mark Satan is. This is why they are no longer in heaven; and now roam the earth seeking whom they may devour. The life we lead and the false religions we dabble in; mixing truth with error opens demonic doors to you.

And yes they are generational. John All other gimmicks, paraphranelia, and "holy rituals" adds "fuel to their fire. Hosea Accepting and Believing in Jesus saves your soul, Romans cleansing your soul requires Deliverance from not only these attacks and others that will follow I know because I have been there and now help others be Set Free. I been havin sleep paralysis since i was in middle school. I been having dreams of my past lately same location same event and sometimes it would change alittle.

But these dreams were so clear that i can still remember everythin in my dreams. Nothing would speak to me but i would have this feelin something tried to get inside of me and i feel this powerful intense feeling. I would fight back andd it would continue or stopped. I tried openin my eyes waking myself up and i literally force myself. I can even feel my eyes moving. Its like as im still dreamin but i feel as if im awake also. Later on those dreams would fade away. But sometimes it would randomly come back. And it gotten worse. Last night i had the lights on and tv on..

But the weirdest part was i can feel the things when im sleepin. As if my body and mind was awake.

My two year old daughter wakes up every night laughing and rocking....

Its hard to explain but i just need some explanation. Something tried killing me while i was asleep but i felt it real while i was asleep. I felt it tried to come inside my body.. I can feel whatever it is get on my bed. One part i felt like i was never gonna wake up no matter how hard i tried and last night i thought i died. Im goin to pray to god. I havent prayed in awhile but i never stop havin faith. Maybe its a sign but iif anyone has this same unexplainable things that happen to u like this please help me out my email is apotisan gmail.

For any of you who have trouble sleeping at night and prayers don't work, try sleeping with a necklace of the cross. It helps me at night. I hadn't had a demonic attack in over a year. Usually a demonic attack occurred nightly for me. But not any more. Something super natural attacks us all. But I know that Christ protects me. I can't sleep without it.

I was Attacked on May 5th by a demon who throw me around my room leaving huge bruises on my arms one that looked like fingers or claws. I am a Christian, saved and Baptized in I believe satan knows he's running out of time and now he is attacking Christians.

I have been deep in my Bible and other studies about my Lord and his return for the last 2 months. I believe that is why I was attacked. It also put a dent and bent the sides of a 2 and a half ft floor vase of mine made of steel. Demons are real. As of right now I no longer sleep in the dark. Demons are real and I've been physically attack by one. I am a Christian. Saved and Baptized in This demon throw me around my room at night leaving bruises and fingerprint bruises on my arms. It also left a dent and folded over side of a 2 and a half ft floor vase made of steel.

I have not been able to sleep in the dark since this happened.

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I have researched this and to set my mind at ease im going to my Pastor. I believe that satan knows he's running out of time so he's attacking Christians. Please Pray for me. I have had these types of dreams many times throughout my life. The past two nights I feel like many things are holding onto me and touching me in not so great ways.

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At around the age of 3, I used to get up and run round and round the lounge in circles crying. Waking up early means you have more daylight hours to enjoy. I asked him if he wanted his potty chair, which is in the room next to the beds, or if he wanted the toilet. Or, I would sleepily type away at my computer trying to get my side hustles done. While different things work for different people, having a regular sleep schedule tends to improve the quality of your sleep. Also, the hyperactive squirrel, Nutty. She does this in cutscenes in a very creepy manner and at a certain stage of insanity while chasing you.

I have even felt like my hand was inside of a mouth. When i try to break free i cant even though im trying to wake up. Once i start to pray it stops. I pray many times throughout the day and i believe in god. I have experienced more then one can ever conceive while asleep trying to sleep n even more disturbing awake Gabrielle or Raphael n pray for all souls to be given mercy n accepted into heaven n to pray for our worse enemies.. N to command the wicked snares of the devi out of every human beings mind body soul spirit thoughts words m actions back to hell in the name of Jesus Christ Their is one war only going on n its Satan distracting us from the only thing god ask alot all day everyday to god The more prayer on rosary you give n do the more mercy u will be given when u die There for you..

There are times when I sleep and all the sudden I feel Vibrations over my head. Such as angel wings fluttering. I try and call out to the Lord. At first i cant. But Once I do the vibration lifts and I call on God to protection and send his war angels. Seems to occur every so often. Always 2 to 4 am time wise. Do not believe any remedies or "spells" that you have to do to get rid of these demons and realize the power that the name of Jesus Christ has on these demons.

Hey there. Iam writing now iam 29 years of age and have been a born again Christian for almost six years. Its been an amazing experience being part of Gods Kingdom and to be able to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Before I had accepted the Lord into my life, demons would come to visit on occasion while iam asleep and never understood that feeling until I knew that they are only searching for your help!

Now I last night I didn't spend time reading my bible or praying like I normally do. Excuses are wrong but I sat up late doing work. After dozing off for a good five minutes. I could sense a demon attacking me. Sitting on my chest and funny but this time around I could actually see the devil. It was a black dark shadow screaming and yelling at me. For some other reason I knew it was because of my past sins. The devil hates it when we succeed in our life and walk righteously with the Lord. I stayed there laying down not even trying to fight the demon.

All I used was the weapon of shield God gave us and prayed. During the attack the demon shuts all power so u become useless. You cannot speak or move. I said out loud in my own spirit that I command you to leave right now in the name of Jesus! The demon also sat in between my legs and opened them. After a minute of torture he flew back off my body.

This is a awful experience. No one needs to feel this but remember when you die if you don't go to heaven your soul can remain here on earth and can be used for destruction by the enemy. These demons need to lay rest and find a place of peace. I know that I haven't been baptism as a born again Christian so praying for the transition to come. God bless you all and sleep well with the holy cross around you. I'm being attacked daily now. Have been for a while now. Trust me i hear spirits talking n no I'm not some crazy person who hears his own thoughts.

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I hear them mostly when a fan is running or water running. I'm Ok w it one moment n freaked the next. Help me figure out what to do. My name is Anthony cell I don't want money or anything. Its true people I promise this is happening to me. Okay listen im really stupid and called out for an incubis because im lonely.. I didn't expect anything to happen.. Anyway 30 mins later I got a drink of water and layed in my bed I wasn't asleep.. I was about to be until something sat on me pinning me down.

I felt like it was taking my energy.. I couldn't move and it was on top of me and all I could see was lights.. Now I still feel it touching me.. Hey my name is Rhi. Having dreams like this has just become a way of life. I am 26 now with two children and a husband. When I was around 15 my friends annd I used a ouji board up in my room. I lived in a 2 story home that was so old it literally had no record of when it was built.

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