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Life After Death
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In addition, we definitely believe that humanity is capable of being considered righteous in G-d's eyes, or at least good enough to merit paradise after a suitable period of purification. Do non-Jews have a place in Olam Ha-Ba? Although there are a few statements to the contrary in the Talmud , the predominant view of Judaism is that the righteous of all nations have a share in the Olam Ha-Ba. Statements to the contrary were not based on the notion that membership in Judaism was required to get into Olam Ha-Ba, but were grounded in the observation that non-Jews were not righteous people.

If you consider the behavior of the surrounding peoples at the time that the Talmud was written, you can understand the rabbis' attitudes. By the time of Rambam , the belief was firmly entrenched that the righteous of all nations have a share in the Olam Ha-Ba. This is not the same place where Adam and Eve were; it is a place of spiritual perfection. Specific descriptions of it vary widely from one source to another. One source says that the peace that one feels when one experiences Shabbat properly is merely one-sixtieth of the pleasure of the afterlife.

Other sources compare the bliss of the afterlife to the joy of sex or the warmth of a sunny day. Ultimately, though, the living can no more understand the nature of this place than the blind can understand color. Only the very righteous go directly to Gan Eden. According to one mystical view, every sin we commit creates an angel of destruction a demon , and after we die we are punished by the very demons that we created. Some views see Gehinnom as one of severe punishment, a bit like the Christian Hell of fire and brimstone. Other sources merely see it as a time when we can see the actions of our lives objectively, see the harm that we have done and the opportunities we missed, and experience remorse for our actions.

The period of time in Gehinnom does not exceed 12 months, and then ascends to take his place on Olam Ha-Ba. Only the utterly wicked do not ascend at the end of this period; their souls are punished for the entire 12 months. Sources differ on what happens at the end of those 12 months: some say that the wicked soul is utterly destroyed and ceases to exist while others say that the soul continues to exist in a state of consciousness of remorse.

This month limit is repeated in many places in the Talmud , and it is connected to the mourning cycles and the recitation of Kaddish.

What happens when we die?

This is called the second death. They laid so much emphasis on the belief in life after death that even a slight doubt in it meant denying God and made all other beliefs meaningless. Morality and the Self. Jews, if not Judaism, regard death as a great injustice. The Linguistics of Name Calling. The Los Angeles Times knew. That smile is the beginning of Heaven.

See Life, Death and Mourning. It discusses the various levels of existence, the angels and demons that are created by our actions, the concept of reincarnation, and many other subjects of interest. Gillman is a Conservative rabbi and a professor of Jewish philosophy at the Jewish Theological Seminary a most important school for Conservative rabbis. For information about the wide variety of Jewish views on what happens after death, see Simcha Paull Raphael's book, Jewish Views of the Afterlife.

After Life

Hardcover Paperback Raphael, a Reconstructionist rabbi, takes a historical approach to life-after-death theories, exploring the views that predominated in each era of Jewish history. I can't correct my mistakes or add new material if it's on your site. It is a good coverage of the issue of communication by thought, as also the technique of materializing and transferring thoughts to mediums.

This book can be downloaded as a pdf: The Blue Island. It was published in A hard copy of this book can be purchased here. It is now available in Kindle ebook form. This book is based predominantly on the Astral Plane, and the spirit also touches on a number of curious things that I have verified elsewhere, such as sleeping survivors and the issue of eating. But the Astral Plane is rather different to the Spirit Spheres and unless one is aware of this, one would find some things quite contradictory to other spirit experiences.

I have created a pdf copy of the portions of this text which are in the public domain in other words - the original publication of Here is the pdf: Letters from a living dead man. I have also made an extract of the chapter on Sleeping Survivors: Sleeping survivors. Quite a recent book, published in and is the communications of Frances Banks. For 25 years she was a teaching nun, based in South Africa.

But her ever inquiring mind led her out of the Anglican order, and into more general psychology and spirituality. This story is at its best when she tells exactly what she is experiencing, and far less so when she repeats that which she formulated on earth. She too believes in reincarnation, but this topic does not form a large part of this book. She describes the Healing Hospital, or Station where she initially woke after death, and subsequently served. This book does not have as much detail on the after life as many of the books I have recommended, but for all that it is interesting.

As the copyright is still in force, there are no pdfs of this book. This book, published in is an extensive coverage of the dark spheres, but not quite as extensive as Gone West. The same topics are covered in the Padgett Messages, but here we have an entire book devoted to the subject. Franchezzo passes into darkness, and details his extensive journey back to the light, and later, back to help others in the dark. Some of the descriptions of cities ruled by dreadful ex-mortals are quite terrifying.

In fact I would recommend against reading this book, unless you already have a clear idea of the wonderful places in the next realm. There are descriptions in this book of low levels of consciousness that I would think might be called Thought Forms. But for me the most important material was a very good description of the Astral Plane. It seems that our definitions of earth bound spirits may in many cases be inaccurate, as it appears there are also a significant number of astral shells which once housed a mortal, but no longer do, as also thought forms some of which can attain a degree of independence.

Probably these are the classic ghosts that no one seems to be able to help. I also wonder how many of the attachments that Dr Irene Hickman and Dr Carl Wickland described may fall into some of the categories described in this chapter. I have created a pdf of this book: A Wanderer in Spirit Lands.

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A Kindle ebook version is available. After over fifteen years research, I feel able to comment on pretty much any aspect of reincarnation that one might raise as proof. In this book I look at curious aspects like the Dalai Lama, why regression delivers past life information that so closely parallels the current life, even the participants of this life involved in the drama and sometimes things like birth marks. In sixteen chapters and pages, I also look at spirits who try to reincarnate, and those who think they have reincarnated but are merely obsessing a living human.

I cover:. Eastern beliefs. The Bible. Where is the mind? Past Life Memories. The Law of Attraction. Trying to Reincarnate. The soul and the spirit body. Sleeping Survivors. Non-survivors of death. Getting out of Hell. Progress in spirit.

Judaism Olam Ha-Ba: The Afterlife

Hearing from famous spirits. Indwelling Spirits - the perfect Guide. What really happens after death? This is really a tour through many sources of spiritualist literature that have been published in the last years. Those pro and those against reincarnation. But as far as I can see, there are solid arguments against any aspect that one might review.

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LIFE HERE AND HEREAFTER: Kathopanishad [Swami Rama] on * FREE* shipping What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?. The very first book listed here, I wrote, based on many of those listed, plus the Padgett material on this site. Many books on life after death have also been.

And the more one studies these things, the more curious it is that so many others have not. This book is now available in e-book format at Amazon. This book has now been revised, as of October It is distinguished by the newly designed cover, shown here. Its not in print any longer, and unfortunately still under copyright That means copies can be expensive, and also means its probably not a book many people have read. The more is the pity. I am absolutely blown away by the information in this book on the topic of thoughtforms - a subject that is very rarely even mentioned, and I have never found discussed.

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It is also in my view, very sound on the subject of reincarnation, and in this it introduces an approach also not often found. It also discusses possession by those so determined to reincarnate that they attach themselves to a physical body and deprive the real incarnate of a life experience.

I truly wish I could share this book as a pdf. But her mother, Jeanne, who was very concerned about proving that the communications were genuine, takes up a lot of the book with that aspect. These copies can be many hundreds of dollars secondhand as this newer edition is also out of print. I have included both reviews here, as the books are very similar. For one thing it becomes very clear that thoughtforms created by discarnates are effective in our material world. That strangely was left unsaid in the earlier book.

There is far less emphasis given in this later book to all the proof that Jeanne understandably required. And the later book has some few pages covering what transpired in the following 20 years.

Books on Life After Death

Here are free epub and Kindle versions of this book. This is the first volume of a five volume set received in the period on, and first published in I value it because the spirits here acknowledge the existence of the Christ Spheres, which to my mind is probably the single most important fact one can learn about life after death. The second most important fact is how to become a Christ Spirit, but this series does not teach that. I have added myself as editor because I have removed most of the archaic words and adjusted sentences that were not clear, as our language has changed over time.

I have also added numerous footnotes, and a chapter on recommended reading which is similar in nature to this volume. The content of these volumes is not quite as fact-packed as for example the works by Anthony Borgia, but they have a unique style. In a way that is hard to describe, its almost as if you are accompanying each spirit as they go about their day. This conveys their life in a way not found in any other source. The facts conveyed are much the same as a great many other spirit communications, but it is this sense of being there that is different.

This particular volume has a large number of messages from his mother and describe her duties associated with helping people coming out of the hells. I also have a Kindle version at Amazon. There are now print copies available in Amazon and Lulu , being both hard cover and soft cover. This is the second volume of a five volume set received in the period on, and first published in This particular volume is recited by Zabdiel, a spirit residing in what we would call the Fifth Sphere, but which in this series is called the Tenth.

But why are we limiting this only to humans and to the planet earth. In my opinion that can be applied to life per se and since the univers is so vast geting reborn just on earth as a human is not the right way to look at it. I think life itself follows something that you are describing here and we are only one steping stone in an endless ocean of soul progression. This is not true. Choose to help the world in a different way. You have to come back down here. Kabbalah theory seems to match closely with Vedas.

What happens after the resurrection?

Bible also talk about spirit, which is same as soul. But you have not discussed about destiny, which is included in both Bible and Vedas. Destiny guides everything in our life, we do not have any freewill. How a soul will progress in one life is already predefined and nobody can change it. Life can be precisely predicted moment by moment and also for long term by any high level yogi. I am wondering why we have to consider this as religion, when everything about soul, reincarnation, destiny, yogic power, etc.

These things should be considered as real and true science. At the least it is a less than suboptomal alternative, and one could penalize or do permanent damage to ones soul. A human being when he analysis and come to conscious of thoughts he do. He can act in better way. The truth, purity,unselfish all these things helps to feel the existence of soul. The idea presented here that there is a part of us, deep inside, that creates a yearning to figure out the source of our existence is comforting and mind-blowing at the same time. To me it makes perfect sense that the Creator would instill such a thing in us.

Otherwise, why exist? I grew up in a religion that held over our heads descriptions of our post-death eternal states—either heavenly bliss or the horror of being burned forever. What is suggested here, however, is that these states do not await us, but exist throughout our lives. To know that I can achieve the state of eternal connection with the Creator during this lifetime is so reassuring and heartening. Death then becomes achievement of that sublime connection or an exit and re-entry into corporeal life so that I can continue my quest.

Thank you for this beautiful and informative series of articles. Lots of new and very unusual information. Not easy to absorb it all at once. Will have to come back and go over it again. Very interesting though… Keep it up please! Looks like we have to hurry and reach the sensation of the spiritual world while we are still living in this body….

Physical death. This is a scary thought when you just sit and think about it. I am born into a family, start a new family, go to school to find a job that might give me some satisfaction, make money, be kind, be respected, come to understand mind blowing intellectual pursuits, do the right thing, have fun. All of this inside the body. I feel pleasure with all of this inside the body. But the body dies. All of this pleasure felt inside this body and it dies. So, now what?

Scientists Prove That There Is Life After Death

I found the escape route out of the body or as they call it in Kabbalah, exiting Egypt. Sound familiar? Come study Kabbalah and found out what escaping Egypt is all about. The sages of Kabbalah promise you, if you escape Egypt, it will be like taking off your shirt when your body dies. Come and see!!! This topic is THE topic.

It is the thing that we all hurtle towards whether we want it or not. We do take life for granted. Overlooking the fact that life, like death we do not create. Personally, I have many patterns in my mind that could be interpreted in line with reincarnation however the other illusionary qualities of this life make me reticent to rely on those thoughts. But the acquiring of sensations and relationships between us all is undeniable.

Is There Life After Death? Jewish Thinking on the Afterlife

And when we move toward each other in particular fashions particular results are displayed. No doubt about that. If all my love for peoples is nothing………I chose it anyway because without love, life is meaningless. If love IS the underlying form of life that all the better……..

So I choose life, Right now I just view my body as a thermometer. That helps me feel the whole common soul of humanity. And the more I can integrate with that than the more life I feel. Perhaps this is what is refered to in these articles. And if these relationships I am sewing now last,…… past my body….. WOW, that is awesome! If you feel like a thermometer , then that is what you are here to do, intuit and guide lessor souls.

So interesting! I will be bookmarking this site so I can come back to this site time and time again! Just to be born, struggle, and die without any reason does not match the finely tuned complexity on any level of this Universe. There must be more to to this short life we live than just die and nothing. Thanks for this site that dears to bring up the subject with thought provoking questions and answers.

Definitely it is worth looking more into it. The death of my 8 year old sister when I was 19 left me devastated. I was left asking what is the point and purpose of life? Why would a loving God do this? It was a moment that changed the course of my life, I can see now that it actually saved me from the self-destructive path I was on. As much as I tried to fill my emptiness with the usual distractions of this world, still these questions kept persisting inside me, what I am supposed to be doing here? What is my purpose? To realize that everything that happens to us…everything we think, feel, desire, is coming from a loving force guiding us towards finding the answers and true fulfillment we are seeking.

Studying Kabbalah has changed my life completely. I have so much gratitude and I wish I could share it with everyone who is seeking to learn their true purpose in life. Explaining why we live and what happens after death is well done here.