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Rupert and his unicorn travel in and beyond the oppressive darkness and barely make it out alive.

Blue Moon Rising (Forest Kingdom, #1) by Simon R. Green

After finding the dragon, he learns that the dragon is a peaceful creature who has a princess under his care. A princess who has been tormenting the dragon for a while. After 'saving' Princess Julia from the dragon, and finding out he can't kill so noble a creature, the group travel back to the Forest Kingdom and his father. During the trip back through the Darkwood, things don't go well for the group and they barely makes it out alive.

Upon returning to his home, Rupert learns that the demons from the Darkwood are attacking the Forest Lands and the kingdoms only hope lies with an exiled Warlock. To make things worse, Julia finds out that Rupert's brother, Harald, is who she was to marry. As war looms over the land, Rupert is sent out to bring back the Warlock and travel, once again, through the Darkwood. When he returns, things are not looking good. There barely seemed to be anything that was unique or new. What should I start with? How about the story. I know it's hard to write a new and fresh story, but this was just too basic.

How bad is it when a story is just basically about good vs. Sure, there were a few 'twists' but that's the whole premise. This wasn't very horrible, but it grated on my nerves. Speaking of twists, this story had them and guess what? They were terrible. The biggest twist comes after we find out who the Demon Prince is talking to in a scene around the middle of the book. We don't know who they are but it soon becomes obvious, and that's pathetic.

I don't want to give it away, but I will say this. Harald would have made a lot more sense and would have felt justified. I will give the story this though, it was hard to believe it wasn't Harald. Even when we do find out who it was, it didn't come as a shock at all. The twists were way to obvious. Finally we have the characters. Almost all the characters we meet are just basic and stock. There is really nothing unique about them.

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Rupert is as boring as they come. He does have his moments though, but for the most part, he has to be one of the blandest and annoying main characters I've ever read about. He just isn't likable. The Warlock is the stock old man who has great power but can go a minute without drinking. While this character wasn't totally awful, I just found him annoying. He's every stories impossibly strong warrior who is stoic and unmoving. There just wasn't enough to make me actually care about these people. They were just two-dimensional and unrealistic that I could barely stand them.


That being said, I loathed Julia. When we first met her, she seemed okay and great. As the story wore on, my opinion barely changed. She was decent and somewhat likable. But all that changed in a blink of an eye. After Rupert leaves to find the Warlock, Julia is left alone at the castle. The whole time we see her there she's thinking about Rupert and missing him.

It seems like she might love him. Ever since she found out who Harald was, she would always try to hurt or avoid him. Yet, what happens when Rupert returns? It seems like she totally forgot about him. Going so far as trying to make Rupert jealous with Harald. She turns into this petty person and that the worst thing. She basically becomes a high schooler in how she acts. Sure seven months is a long time, but it seems like she just started to realize that Rupert wouldn't be coming back at about month four or five.

Then after a few pages, she's suddenly back with Rupert.

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Did she suddenly realize that she loves Rupert, well yes she does. But it just seemed so wishy-washy and was just plain poor character development that I can't help but hate her. I think the biggest problem with the story is character relationships. They just don't ever seem to form. In the case of Rupert and Julia, we are told that they love each other by page one hundred.

There was no building up the relationship, there barely was anything. All we were told is that a few months pass and Julia and Rupert seemed to like each other. That's it. Then we have Rupert and the dragon. It's the same case as Julia, but for friendship. We're just told that they are friends. Yet for about three-quarters of the story, the dragon isn't in it. So when he finally returns, it's suddenly like Rupert and the dragon are buddies.

Seriously there doesn't seem to be any friendship that developed other than being told that they were. It's lazy. Praise: 1 Humor. The story was really funny. It reads more like a parody than a serious fantasy novel, and it actually works. The jokes and situations that the characters get into are really humorous. However, it felt like only half the story was a parody while the other half was serious. It didn't help that the humor and seriousness meshed together in the same paragraph. I just felt wrong. But I can forgive that because I really did enjoy most of the humor.

These were the only characters that seemed to have some depth to them. King John was by far the best. He was the most complex and interesting. From his friendship with the court Astrologer we see a deep and insightful character. There were times when he came off as swallow and unlikable, but these were times when the story actually needed him to be.

As for Harald, he was just plain interesting. The way that Harald teased Rupert was great and the fact that he hides his loyalty to his father and land so well just made him memorable. I really enjoyed the last quarter. It did have its problems Julia, obvious twists, and poor showing of relationships , but it was exciting and fun.

The action scenes were confusing, but it felt right. The desperation that the characters felt, I felt. I couldn't keep the book down for too long during this time. It was a fun ride to the finish. Side Notes: 1 Scenes. Why was it that we would have three paragraphs with one persons view-point and suddenly switch to another? It was kind of jarring at first, but easily adaptable. I know that there are a few different versions, but the one I'm going to be talking about is the one above. It's pathetic and boring. Sure the unicorn and dragon look great.

Rupert and Julia are laughably bad. But what bothers me is the white. It's just too lazy and boring. The characters were pathetic. They were so underdeveloped and unlikable that the only people I enjoyed were the king and Harald. At least they had some substance. The other major problem was that I never believed the relationships between these characters were there.

I don't like being told they are friends, I want to see it unfold. It's just lazy otherwise. All in all, I have to say that Blue Moon Rising is a decent read. It's exciting at points, boring at others but it does its job. If you like parodies, definitely pick it up. Otherwise, use your judgment. Sep 10, JennaL rated it it was amazing Shelves: swords-sorcery-swashbuckling. And they are what got me hooked. The Reasons to Read The Series?

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Both characters are strong in their own rights - but together they are amazing. SG has created one of the best pairings I've found, and I wish to hell he'd write more.

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They aren't perfect, but they don't try to be. The rest of the world can and often does go to hell around them, but they face everything together It's rare to find an actual duo, let alone a married couple. The villains are over the top, but instead of using tommy guns in violin cases it's spell bombs.

A princess that refuses to be saved, a prince who just wants out, a sarcastic dragon Shelves: fantasy , favorites , books-in I wouldn't call Green's books outright comedic fantasy, because they're not, but he does have a wonderful kind of wit and his books don't take themselves too seriously. Then again, if you've read the book summary, you can probably tell. A princess with a mean left hook?

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Prince (Blue Moon Rising Trilogy Book 2) - Kindle edition by Bonnie Watson. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Prince (Blue Moon Rising Trilogy) (Volume 2) [Ms Bonnie Watson, Ms. Bonnie Watson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After uncovering .

Obviously not your traditional fantasy. I actually read the books out of order, but I would never change that, because I already knew Julia's character from previous books. When I finally picked up this book and met her character I wouldn't call Green's books outright comedic fantasy, because they're not, but he does have a wonderful kind of wit and his books don't take themselves too seriously. When I finally picked up this book and met her character, I had one of those rare and very amusing "WTF???

So, you know, if you read this, after you've finished it and you've gotten to know Julia's character. It's quite amusing in retrospect, I promise. Anyway, yes, the book. This just happens to be something I love in fantasy books. I also love the way Green's characters are so good. And no, I don't mean, "I'm Julia and I love cute fluffy animals and I never step on flowers and I don't drink and I abstain from boys" good either. I'm talking about characters who are just. Sure, they're human and they have their flaws, but they're also honorable. Jan 11, Ithlilian rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy.

Blue Moon Rising starts out as a stereotypical knee slapping style story as it goes though everything the jacket mentions. There is a sarcastic unicorn, wise dragon, and feisty princess. Not to mention the dark woods and demons. After the first pages though, the story completely changes. What you thought was going to be simple quest based fantasy becomes character driven, and thoroughly entertaining.

We get intrigue at the castle and multiple traitors, as well as funny goblins and an angry p Blue Moon Rising starts out as a stereotypical knee slapping style story as it goes though everything the jacket mentions. We get intrigue at the castle and multiple traitors, as well as funny goblins and an angry princess.

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I promised the unspeakable to save Lucius from Clarius. We got one tough cookie in this one. I don't know that I've read much high fantasy, but I would consider this in the vein of high fantasy, but with a sense of humor and lots of action that keeps it readable and moving along at a rapid pace. Don't miss the start of Miles Morales' adventures in the Marvel Universe! The Written. In a time when coming of age stories were incredibly popular, L'Engle's books stood above the rest in their refusal to conform. I was so wrong.

The story behind the south tower, the high warlock, and the champion are all interesting, and every character in this story is realistic and believable. Blue Moon Rising was setting up to be a great story for me until it started to drag at around page The final big fight was a bit uninteresting to me and overly detailed, but that could be explained by my taste. I'm not a fan of 10 page long battle scenes. If you take the last battle out, then I'd give the novel 4 stars. Don't judge this book by the cover or jacket, it is more in depth and multidimensional than it seems.

There is just the right amount of humor, drama, quests, and character development to make this a well balanced, well developed fantasy. Dec 28, Shane Moore rated it it was ok Shelves: fiction , fantasy , male-author. I liked it a lot. A Prince is sent off to slay a dragon, mostly in hopes that he will get killed and remove himself from the line of Royal succession.

He rides a sarcastic and cowardly unicorn, and faces danger with wit and practicality. Within a few chapters, the humor has become more sparse. The fighting is increasingly detailed and more gory. Things get serious. The story never stops flirting with stereotypes, though, which leaves it a bit odd. The long section of Medieval court politicking is the slowest and least enjoyable part of the story.

The last third of the book is nearly unrelentingly serious. There are intense examinations of bitterness, betrayal, a sour unrequited love, and a few flavors of disappointment. At times there are deep ideas, but ultimately the climax of the story plays out in the most shallow and predictable way it possibly could.

There's a twist which was telegraphed halfway through, and the payoff at the end just isn't very satisfying. Aug 29, Courtney rated it it was amazing. This was the first book of Mr.

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Green's I picked up, way back in High School. Inside there was a small forward explaining what this book was about it said: " In those days there were heroes and villains, and darkness walked the earth. There were dragons to be slain captured Princesses to be saved, and mighty deeds were accomplished by knights in shining armor. Many tales are told of that time, tales of steadfast bravery and derring-do.

This isn't one of them. Since reading that firs This was the first book of Mr. Since reading that first book I've read everything of Mr. Green's that he has published. I love the sense of humor and sarcasm he uses, the way he writes his characters, the way he takes different mythology's and religions and puts them to good use. Not to mention the twists and turns found in his pages. I highly recommend him to anyone that loves fantasy and sci-fi and is looking for something a little different. Sep 23, Kim Luu rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy.

This is the first book I ever read by Simon Green and it made me a fan. I laughed out loud at the opening of a handsome young prince heading out for adventure to prove himself. The catch is that his horse is a unicorn since he's still a virgin. The horse is mouthy and preachy but the prince is stuck with him. His travails are made worse when the beautiful princess he plans to rescue wants nothing to do with him as she's perfectly happy being a non princess. Simon writes very well and some of his This is the first book I ever read by Simon Green and it made me a fan. Simon writes very well and some of his phrasing are downright poetical.

His characters are very well drawn out. I haven't been disappointed with anything so far. Feb 11, MarsianMan rated it really liked it.

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Great book, much better than the Nightside series. There is nothing special about the main character, who is the second son and Prince of a realms that has no need for him. He is sent a Quest that he is either supposed to die on or serve as his exile. The beginning of this book made me think it was going to be over-the-top Terry Pratchett style, but after the debacle of saving the dragon from the princess, it got a lot better.

I really got to like the main character. I guess he strikes a chord w Great book, much better than the Nightside series. I guess he strikes a chord with me, that John Taylor's confident bluffing never did. Too bad there aren't many more in this series. I really want to give this 4. Wrede fans, Tamora Pierce fans. Shelves: paranormal , , reviewed , not-manga , high-fantasy , title-b , make-hubby-read , 5-stars. I had never heard of this series until I had stumbled across it on Goodreads.

It has been fairly amusing adventure that I enjoyed thoroughly. I thought that the princess was hysterical, and her plight was very complex. I most certainly wasn't expecting a dragon in the mix of things. The princes and king are a riot, though I doesn't seem a very traditional outlook on court intrigue. The demon prince, who is the enemy, doesn't seem to be the worst big baddie; but I think he will play a much bigger I had never heard of this series until I had stumbled across it on Goodreads.

The demon prince, who is the enemy, doesn't seem to be the worst big baddie; but I think he will play a much bigger part in future books in the series. If you've been searching for just an adventure then look no further. This was a good one. Cheers and Happy Reading! Jun 05, Sydney rated it it was amazing Shelves: sci-fi-fantasy.

I had to buy this book just because of the opening line. And it was completely worth it. It's fantasy, but it's also a story that mocks fantasy. Plus there's a talking unicorn. What more could you ask for? Dec 17, Anna rated it it was amazing Shelves: science-fiction-fantasy. If I could pick only 10 books to read for the rest of my life, this would be one of them. I've worn out 4 paperback copies of "Blue Moon Rising", and have read it at least thirty times.

A must read! I liked, and I didn't like, hence the 3 star rating.

It took a long time for the characters to grow on me and I didn't really become invested in the story until then. My favourite character was Unicorn followed by Julia. On the whole an entertaining read but a bit of a mission to read. I didn't quite finish it but I did enjoy it as it was funny in places. Jun 23, Eh? Possibly my favorite book ever, except for all the other ones I like a lot.

Good character development and a great fantasy universe to immerse yourself in. Nov 03, Stephanie rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy , read-and-gave-away , here-there-be-dragons. I read the first or so pages of this while on a trip, then waited nearly 3 weeks to finish reading it. All told, I think I preferred the first pages the most and therefore sped joyfully through those, though there were still some very good moments scattered throughout the rest of the book. Overall, this is a realistic-leaning heroic adventure story, rife with intense battles against the Dark, shady political dealings and back-stabbings, as well as a healthful dose of wry humor and outright hilarity.

While not the greatest example, it is the first one that pops into mind: where Rupert briefly wonders what an aardvark is after the High Warlock threatens to turn him into one. Or something like that. It made for a refreshing read, and something a little different than what I am normally used to in my fantasy tales. Side note: I have an entire section below for the typos I found while reading this softcover edition — which was far more than I like to see even in a book of this length.

I hope that any subsequent editions had these things corrected In the end, I enjoyed the beginning of the story the most, was entertained throughout the rest of it, and it came to an ending tied up nicely in a pretty jewel-encrusted bow. A little too neatly, in my honest opinion but then, I also just came off of finishing the Animorphs series, and that sets a pretty darn high bar for any ending It seems that this book is the first in a sort of series — while the world intrigues me, and I had fun in this book, I do not see myself making a point to revisit the world in future books.

I like it as a one-off, and am content in having read it as a one-off. Please, come with me to the Court and meet my father. He had a war to wage, and with the darkness pressing closer all the time he could no longer afford to be choosy over which weapons he used. I was quite happy there, changing gold into lead. I have about as much feeling for you as I have for what they shovel out of the stables every morning. Got it? In a royal marriage, duty is more important than love. Just by being born into royalty, you and I took on responsibilities along with our privileges.

We get the best of everything because we have the hardest work to do. We live in luxury because we give up everything else that matters. We weigh ourselves down with duty so that others can be free. You have come back to us out of the very darkness itself; come to save us all! What a song I shall make of this! He started backing away and [sic] when Rupert drew his sword, and then turned and ran as Rupert advanced on him with murder in his eyes. Rupert gave up after a few steps, but the minstrel had the good sense to keep running. Please; no. In the summer there are fish and birds and insects, and I hear their voices, hear their songs.

The wind and the rain and the Forest are a part of me now, and I am a part of them. I can feel the seasons change, and the world turn, and the slow steady pulse of the living. To being only human. But I really like this little passage, the honesty of it, the emotion of it. His logical, rational mind will be the death of magic yet. Magic has its own structure and logic, but even those tend to be contracts of agreement rather than natural laws. Every year there are less and less people who can bend their minds enough to control magic.

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