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The remedies are now quite clear, it is a question of finding the resources to put them into practice: continuing to recruit permanent staff and contractors; speeding up administrative procedures with ever more up-to-date technology; supporting the work of Honorary Consuls, as I have constantly tried to do in recent years. The solicitations of our fellow countrymen lead us, then, not to neglect the theme of the regaining of citizenship. There is a great deal of resistance, and it is feared that the new citizens will place an unbearable burden on the Consulates.

But rights cannot be traded for administrative and financial constraints. Let us also take one step at a time, perhaps beginning to recognize citizenship to women who have lost it by marriage to a foreigner, and to their descendants. The essential thing is that we move forward on this issue, too. We the Italians pays particular attention to the attacks in America that now almost permanently happen against Christopher Columbus. What is your thought on the matter, and what do you think can be done?

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History is full of conquerors and conquered: it is the history of the world. Winners always become heroes and the story of losers is often erased from the history of the world. I find it pointless to fight against the brutality of one's ancestors. We are referring to events of hundreds and hundreds of years ago. However, it is not a question of a controversy against Italianity. America loves Italy and Italians. Columbus has taken a fundamental step in the history of mankind, but he certainly cannot be made responsible for the actions that have followed his enterprise.

Christopher Columbus challenged the Pillars of Hercules, alone, believing in his ideas. Nothing can be challenged to this genius; vice versa, Columbus Day is an act due to those who, for their ideas, have sacrificed everything. For us Italians it represents a strong element of cultural identity. Identity and history that have contributed to making the United States, the country that today feels proud to be. That is why I have fought for the preservation of Columbus' memory.

As the only member of parliament living in the United States for 29 years, after what happened in Los Angeles, where the City Council cancelled Columbus Day, I was concerned to act on an institutional level, presenting a motion in the Montecitorio Hall, so that the Italian Government could take political and diplomatic action to "safeguard the Italian cultural heritage in the U. Columbus Day is the expression of a cultural heritage that is part of American history and which does not detract from the cultural heritage of other ethnic groups such as the Native Americans.

America should enhance the traditions of each one and Columbus embodies the figure of a man who binds America not only to Italy but to all of Europe and without Columbus there would be no America as it is today. So we must defend what belongs to us but, at the same time, is a "heritage of humanity", and oppose with the force of reason all these attempts, sometimes violent, to remove the figure of Columbus from American history. In this sense, I believe that by safeguarding Columbus Day we must also support the right of indigenous peoples to have their own day of celebration; but I repeat, a day of celebration in which we can also participate and not a day that sweeps away Columbus Day!

You do not build by destroying, you build by adding! And this not because I have the slightest doubt about the judgment to be expressed on the genocides of the natives and the profound distortions that colonization has determined on the environmental, social and ethnic balances of the Americas. There is nothing further from my liberal formation and my sympathetic nature. I already previously said that the controversial role of Columbus as "colonizer" should be entrusted to historians who have yet to give us a documented and argued version of the events referred to.

At the same time, it is necessary to reaffirm an incontrovertible truth, namely that the "myth" of Columbus is linked to the idea of discovery, evolution and affirmation of a society that has managed to act as an essential reference of the modern world. We must not hesitate, therefore, to defend this contribution and the driving role that in this sense the "myth" of Columbus had. For the benefit of all. What to do?

To support the cultural and civil confrontation with an open face, strong of our good reasons and of the positivity of our historical presence. It's a long drawn-out battle, but we have to do it with conviction and serenity, helped by the Italian American intellectuals who have been strengthening the reasons for their and our identity for years. There has been talk for some time of a structural reform of the entire system of the representation of Italians abroad, which today sees the overlapping of members of the Parliament elected abroad, members of the CGIE and those of the COMITES.

What do you think about this? For many years I have interviewed and listened to many of those who are part of it: people who strongly believe in their mission. These institutions play an important role, allowing us to have a complete picture of the issues of Italians in the world. Any reform must start from what already exists: to trace the future of this system of representation we must draw from the past.

In the good practices of the past we can find the roots of the future. Moreover, I think it is crucial that the younger generations, who are almost completely unaware of these institutions, intervene and are adequately involved in this debate. In fact, the numbers of Italians leaving our country show that it is mainly young people who leave: more than a third of the total, in the last year.

If anything, it would be necessary to activate good practices in order to implement more synergistic actions for the good of the Italian Community abroad. Having said that, it is normal to reform the rules of representation to meet the changed situation of society and consequently also of the contexts of emigration. Therefore, I hope that the debate that will start will take into account the changes that have taken place, in particular the great Italian youth reality that lives abroad.

Today, the problem is how to reform voting abroad, how to better involve Italians abroad in parliamentary and non-parliamentary representation and make voting safe also by introducing new technologies. Instead, at a time when the number of Italian citizens abroad is increasing, there are those who want to reduce the number of the members of Parliament representing them, who already today are not in proportion to the large number of AIRE members. So if you don't want to increase them, don't even decrease them, otherwise you won't be able to do a minimum of parliamentary work that is an expression of the territory.

The problem, therefore, today, is how to review the forms of participation in the vote of Italians abroad making sure that they participate in a widespread way.

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Perhaps the use of new technologies and adequate information could help to increase participation. The voting system we have used so far has been sufficiently tested to understand that there is a need to renew and innovate it, but to do this requires a deep reflection on the role and function of the Foreign Electoral Colleges in the light of the changes taking place.

I would like to remind that, on the basis of our Constitution, each member of the Parliament represents the Italian people "without any mandate", even if, of course, my attention and my commitment are directed above all to the service of my fellow countrymen of the electoral college where I was elected. The COMITES, as basic bodies for the protection and promotion of our communities, would need a priority reform: to have the resources and autonomy necessary to fully carry out the tasks assigned to them by law.

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If you are viewing this job posting on any website other than CUNYfirst, please follow the instructions below:. Full view. A new beginning in the history of humanity? It is the place of dreams, where the tension of opposit are hold through symbols. EXIT focuses on training spontaneity, enhancing movement, imagination, engagement, connection, here and now, safety and responsibility. Stressful experiences caused by maltreatment, abuse, long term neglect or loss of important relations require specific emotional processing capacities and have an emotionally high impact.

That is why, last year, with our amendment, we were able to double the contributions, while this year this improvement does not appear in the budget proposal. The members of the Italian Parliament, it should be remembered, have the right to speak directly with the Government and to monitor its actions, both through questions, motions, etc..


They also have the opportunity to submit proposals for legislation on issues of primary sensitivity of Italians abroad, such as citizenship, language and culture, consular services and more. In short, it seems to me that the field is already well covered by the existing instruments and regulations. The real problem is that the Italians abroad, if compared to the importance they have and to their potential, through their representatives still have little impact.

So I would see the remedy more in a unitary commitment of these different bodies and in the elaboration of coordinated and incisive programs. What should Italy do to better promote itself to Italian Americans and better recognize their status as important resources for our country? It is a resource with great value, which can draw from a pool of millions of people, not only in the United States but throughout the world: a potential audience of about eighty million Italians abroad and their descendants.

The ENIT - National Tourism Agency estimates that this phenomenon, only from the American continent, could bring about six hundred and seventy thousand arrivals a year in our country, generating a turnover of around six hundred and fifty million euros. Every year many of our fellow countrymen return to Italy moved by attachment and belonging.

Here they rediscover their roots and their affections. The tourism originated by Italians abroad favors possible investments in the places of origin and represents a possible solution to the problem of depopulation of small communities. Moreover, only those who know the colorful world of the associationism of our fellow countrymen across the border, which I have often told on Rai International in the past, understand how precious this is for Italy.

The reality of associationism designs like a second Italy that reproduces authentic and pure Italy; it is like a splendid postcard of our country that moves through the streets of the United States and around the world. The blood of Italy, its vital organs, are and remain the immense cultural, artistic and historical heritage that Italian people have left throughout the peninsula and, very often, not only there.

We must push our children or those who today are grandchildren, the great-grandchildren of the first migrants, to return home. To discover, thus also creating virtuous tourist flows, their origins that - visiting the country — they will see clear in front of their eyes. For the year of birth Eugenio Mercorio the winner is Daniele Cortesi. The official website FeliceGimondi.


Solidarity record: in 13 years, the Felice Gimondi race and G. The Felice Gimondi race meets the art of Tiziano Finazzi, an artist from Bergamo who exhibits his works at the Expo-Gimondi during the event. Another bronze sculpture by artist Antonino Rando is the award to winners of the International Felice Gimondi granfondo.

A work that represents a life on two wheels. A life made of challenges, winnings and sprints. This year, there are 56 faithful cyclists: those who have never missed an edition of the Felice Gimondi race. Postponed to April 24 th the presentation of the 17 th Felice Gimondi race in remembrance of Piermario Morosini, player in the Livorno soccer team, formerly with Atlanta, who had died on field a few days earlier due to a heart attack. Roads full of potholes, safety is scarce and the Felice Gimondi race has to change routes. Two itineraries Medium and Short even more spectacular and with breath-taking panoramas.

They come from Australia, Canada and most of Europe. Swiss and English are the most numerous. Cold and bad weather do not stop the celebrations of the Felice Gimondi. Andrea Volpi and Carolina Rossi win the short one. The organization offers 50 solidarity registrations. The Gimondi GF respects the environment. Initiatives are being planned to incentivate the participation of women for St.

The partnership continues between the Granfondo and the artists from Bergamo who are presented every year to the cycling world. The Organizing Committee chooses painter Zaccaria Cremaschi for the edition. A new collaboration begins between the GF and Fondazione Creberg focused on exhibitions and cultural activities. There are 48 faithful cyclists who have completed all the Gimondi editions. Bianchi becomes title sponsor of the Granfondo. The Dossena climb is added to the itinerary along with Bracca and Santuario di Cornabusa sections.

Despite a harsh fall the day before the Granfondo race, Felice Gimondi still manages to reach the arrival point of his race. Roberto Cunico wins the long itinerary. The first winner of the medium itinerary is Antonio Camozzi, while the short one is won by a representative of the Bianchi Factory Team, Daniele Gualemi. Great enthusiasm for Gimondi at Gand. The Granfondo achieves popularity also in Belgium. Bianchi celebrates the th anniversary with GF Gimondi. Belgium once again for the Granfondo! The organisers and Felice Gimondi fly to Velofollies. Another warm welcome for Gimondi and his Granfondo.

This Granfondo will be marked by the yellow colour. The commemorative jersey of the 50th anniversary from the victory of Gimondi at the Tour de France was presented, embellished with custom-details that recall to cycling enthusiasts, the most significant legs of the most important race of the career of the Italian cycling legend in his first year as professional cyclist. At Gimondi, art and sport speak the same language.

The works of Mariella Bettineschi exhibited in view of the 19th edition. The hand of Maestro Rando on the trophy of the 19th Gimondi edition. Dedicated to Eugenio Mercorio, the uphill time trial will depart from the inhabited centre of Nembro and will end after And once again the white of the 22 destination towns that fades in the memory, summarising the deeds of each day with cute mini-cyclists lined up with the original jersey of according to the order of arrival of each leg.

Giorgio Viotto and Serena Gazzini win the short itinerary. Antonio Camozzi and Erica Magnaldi win the medium-range itinerary. Mattia Casse, Italian alpine ski racer, and the Superbike superstar Leon Haslam take part at the race.


Bianchi gathers the world around the event: about guests of the Italian brand lived a special experience at GF Gimondi. The Granfondo Gimondi-Bianchi is increasingly social phenomenon with online users reached with Facebook thanks to an accurate communication strategy. The contest is open either to professional or amateur photographers under the organization of G. Dario Giovine and his teammate Manuela Sonzogni were the overall winners in a crowded twenty-first edition kissed by a sunny day.

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