The Worst Weather On Earth

World Record Wind
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Mount Washington: Home of the World's Worst Weather

Washington, the highest in the northeast at just feet, lass then half what the high peaks of Colorado reach, a third of the height of Kilimanjaro, less than a fourth of Everest. Yet because of its unusual position in the jet stream, and ebbing taller than anything around it, weather here runs amuck, and the non-profit Mt.

Weather Channel Worlds Weirdest Weather

There are many reasons for the claim, including the fact that hapless hikers have died of hypothermia on the little mountain, which takes less than three hours to summit, every single month of the year, even in the dog days of summer. Hurricane force winds hit the peak more than days annually, along with year round snow, freezing rain, sleet and fog that rolls in without warning.

Meanwhile, almost exactly on the other side of the planet, Australia is best known for beaches, surfing, shark attacks, cute accents, beer and most of all, great golf.

The Worst Weather in the World

That is the same Royal Melbourne that is now famous for being the last place Tiger Woods played — and of course won — before disappearing of the face of the earth. Scott Henley, executive director of the Mt.

Marquette, Michigan

But it could be worse. It is at the observatory that the highest wind ever observed by man, miles per hour, was recorded on April 12, In addition to high wind, the observatory sees lots of precipitation: This is all fine, but how can a relatively benign location on the globe lay claim to the worst weather?

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The website WEATHERWISE has produced a list of 'The 10 Worst Weather Places in the World' The village of Oymyakon, which has a population of just people, experiences extreme cold during the winter. From December through to February, the daily low drops below −50F on average. We all love a good moan about the weather, but compared to some places in the world, Australia's cities have got it pretty good.

After all, the summit of Mt. Washington is only 6, feet above sea level.

Mount Washington: Home of the World's Worst Weather

Located in New England, its latitude is on a par with Spain. Surely, there are other sites with worse weather. I went from Eureka to the Pole, stopping to converse with a man who operates a supply station at 85 degrees north.

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He spoke with me at length about the weather during the many winters he has camped on the ice, selling supplies to polar expeditions. In terms of precipitation, the North Pole is a desert. Eureka experiences average annual snowfall of 53 cm vs.

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It is colder at the pole than the minimum recorded at Eureka C , and the minimum at Mt. Washington is a comparatively balmy C. Ken Jones seen above in the only photo he has of himself at the North Pole has an engineering background and is a retired high-tech executive. A resident of Amherst, New Hampshire, he divides his time between there and a home on Lake Winnisquam.

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He has traveled extensively and has been to both the North Pole and Antarctica. Washington gets centimeters. Once again, a polar desert!

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Get stories like this one in your inbox each morning. Another desert, with average water equivalent precipitation of just Additional giveaways are planned. In addition, extreme katabatic wind is also a factor. This isn't so terrible. Send me travel related news. The nutshell for the Midwest is depending on the direction of the wind, the temperature can swing from one extreme to the other, but this also means if you don't like the weather, just wait a few days.

In general, Antarctica is colder than Mt. The world-record low was recorded at Vostok Station on July 21, , which was a whopping To compare, the record cold at the observatory is Another desert, with average water equivalent precipitation of just The wind at McMurdo blows in and lifts snow from the surface.