What Shall I Pretend to be Today

The Best Job Search Advice I Ever Received: Pretend You’re Fired Today
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Telling the truth, what does that mean? I can coach people to tell the truth in front of the camera or on stage, and no amount of conversation will prevent that from being true. So what does it mean? To act is to do, to be in the process of doing is acting, to be acting is to be taking action, those that take action are actors.

DO is the important word there.

A solution for the cult of busyness

Because doing is done through the body and acting is a physical craft, like a sport and doing is truthful because the body is uncapable of lying. If you raise your arm, you raise your arm. Truthful acting is made up, not of a string of faked emotional states, or emotional states that are real that have been conned from yourself through emotional blackmail, but from a string of tiny moments of psycho-physical actives.

One of the biggest obstacles to a successful acting career is the inner critic, the voice in your head, but there are many more. Hi Lolly! Like Karen this brought something else to mind — Act As If! I like the word Pretend for this concept. We are more than we give ourselves credit for…. We are more than we allow ourselves to be… We are more than we believe we are….

Wayne McEvilly. Thanks for the post, Lolly, you are always a rich resource of practical wisdom. Mike Maynard. I read about the Dunning-Kruger effect of cognitive bias earlier. I gave it some thought. I never seem to think what I do is very good, even though others do. If I lead, I do so by example. I think I prefer to underestimate rather than over estimate my abilities. I take risks, but always consider the consequences. Garren Fagaragan.

The question that arose for me as I finished reading all of the insightful comments was a practical one. I was wondering how some of the great people…great leaders here in this community have settled into their authentic self. Simon Harvey. What a great post. Such important points as well.

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We are like a parcel in the old game of Pass the parcel. Starting off with little idea of what is inside, or even knowing how many layers there are. And just when you think you have it, there, another wrapping appears. Do we pretend as we uncover a new wrapper that this is the final part and then want to prolong the inevitable end of the game. Are we pretending because we are frightened to tear that wrapping off and expose this to the world, or are we just sampling the layer with intrigue. Look at all the makeup, and body art we adorn ourselves in, for what, a cry to say, I am me, look.

Pretend You're Fired Today

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But then how many of us stand up and applaud in a cinema full of seated people when we felt the pull. Or cry openly, or laugh when perhaps others were sad because we say something someone else did not. So is pretending part of an old survival instinct that as we evolved has got relabeled and put back up on the shelf to be used as dressing. To grow and blossom a little more.

Here's why we fake it in a connected world

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Or on the other side, we might feel that what we see we are not ready for, or can not see beauty within it.. Then some will try to put an old wrapper back on, pull it tight and try to conceal the folds and crinkles for a while longer. Stacie Walker. You are simply amazing! I really enjoy reading all of your content, so I decided to leave a comment expressing my appreciation for your hard work and dedication to show us the way.

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Thanks for positing this,. People can only pretend for a short time. It should be noted however that there is a difference between pretending and changing. Again, it will not take long before you know the difference. What matters the most is reconnect with all heart. We are more than you believe! It is better to be up front about your capabilities and so that there is no faking on the job. People need to make choices about strengths and weaknesses every day. Working with fakers makes it difficult to properly address a problem or issue … or simply get the job done when you need it done.

They will squirm their way out of the job if given the chance. Because they are disingenuous. Psychologically, it is easier to build up your best traits than it is to try to change your worst ones.

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Maxmoer blog. Toggle navigation Lolly Daskal. Search for:. How to apply ourselves instead of pretending to ourselves? To many of us are not living our reality because we are living pretended lives. Perfection is not the journey, our destination is authenticity.

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Oct, Lolly, Leading from your source is essential, so we need to ensure we know our source and then develop it. Thanks Jon for making it clear! So grateful you stopped by. Martina Oct, Well-said, Lolly. Oct, Martina, Yes we must honor ourselves in order to honor our lives.

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Dreaming is good as you say, pretending is not. So happy to see you here! Hopefully I will see you on leadfromwithin tonight Lolly. Karin Hurt Oct, I watch my son with all his confidence. Oct, What I love about what you say Karin, is that you are not advising him to pretend, you are encouraging him to grow in his strengths.

Paul Ladd Oct, Great stuff, Lolly! Thanks for sharing!

The myth of the ideal worker

Kem Foley Oct, Karin, Such a great point. I love this post. Oct, If only we could take the gems of our youth and make them work for us as adults. Thanks Kem for stopping by — it is always great to see you. See you tonight at leadfromwithin. Back Magazine. The New Science of Sleep Experts suggest ways to correct the habits that keep us from resting well. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. Why Bilinguals Experience the World Differently. Creativity in Bipolar Disorder: Fabulous or Fatal? Jeremy E Sherman Ph. Follow me on Twitter. Friend me on Faceook. Connect with me on LinkedIn. Some of the current right-wing trinkets: For bravery: Defending the second amendment.

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