Crusade of the Restless Nights: In the Shadow

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He had four grandchildren. The film attracted some belated notoriety and attention in Australia, when it became the first and only feature film for actress Marcia Hathaway. She was killed by a shark January 29th , in Sydney Harbour, a rare enough event, but with sharks and the harbour always guaranteeing headlines and a slot on the front page.

She had become a born again Christian during the Graham crusade. If you happen to be a shark attack fetishist, the Sydney Morning Herald re-visited the story here in , and the original January 29th Sydney Morning Herald story is available via Google newspapers here.

My Mountaintop Moment

Guy Mason did some excellent research on the film which was published at the rmit bonza film resource site. Unfortunately this seems to have gone off line, and it isn't possible to link to it. However the information Mason received from the Australian writer John Ford about working on the film is worth preserving online:. John Ford started as a journalist, working on papers in the country and then Sydney, and then ended writing up features for the British "Guardian," where he lived for some of his years in the 's.

John Ford has spent most his time writing radio plays and documentaries for the ABC network. He also wrote some T. V plays and three novels.

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When the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association approached Cinesound for supply of a crew and equipment for the film they planned to make in Australia at the time of the forthcoming crusade, he was asked to meet with director Dick Ross and develop a story. In a letter from John Ford I received recently he outlined the development of his ideas and his experience with the film:. I went away, and came up with an idea which I then developed into a synopsis and then into a page treatment. Briefly, 40 years ago the US like most countries I suspect was pretty redneck and intolerant has anything changed?

Also at the time US 'ranch companies' were buying up Australian properties stations and my story had this happening to a station previously owned for generations by one family, and then forced to sell for family reasons. This long occupation of the property had seen the development of a quite benevolent regime as far as the local station blacks and their relationships with the family generations of owners were concerned.

John Buchan

All this changed when the son of the new American owner arrived with his wife to take charge and run the place. They need to be reminded of their 'place'. And so it went. This was accepted very gladly, as I recollect by Dick Ross, who had marked time in Sydney to see what I came up with. Cleverly, he left negotiations on price to Cinesound, who were the subcontractors, so to speak, and who would be required by World Wide to operate within an agreed budget. As it happened I was talking to Jon Cleary, and asked him how much he thought I should ask.

Given that quid was made much more than the average male annual wage, that seemed Ok by me, and I put it to Cinesound. I had them in a bit of a bind, actually, not that I exploited it, because by then Ross, having taken up the story and synopsis, was off around the country looking for locations, hiring cast, etc.

So Cinesound, their GM looking a bit startled at this 'huge' amount, agreed and coughed up the initial pounds for the script. Script done, and roneoed, I went off with Ross to help him finally choose the locations, and then sent in my bill for the other for the script. I waited, and still more silence. If you can have 'more' of nothing. Finally I overcome my natural shyness and asked Cinesound, 'whaffor? Answer: we can't pay. Question: Why not? Answer: No money left in budget. Question: Surely you factored in the amount in your costings?

Answer: Yes, but we over-ran in other areas. Question: So are you saying I'm not going to get the rest of my money?

Answer : Fraid not. We just don't have it.

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Decoded, Cinesound was going to preserve at least part of its profit by diddling me. I spoke to Dick Ross, who, displaying all the Christian charity so renowned of the Graham group, said 'so sorry but that has to be strictly between you and Cinesound, Jahn'. I'm no longer bitter and twisted: too long to worry about it, although sometimes I try to calculate that quid in money would be worth in today's dollars. Mason talked with other key players involved in the making of the film but the information he received from Dick Ross was mainly a set of pious sentiments about Marcia Hathaway's death by shark, and from Georgeia Lee how much she loved filming in Australia as did Dick Jones, who also promised further information that never arrived.

An interview with Jimmy Little also produced few insights, apart from Little explaining how the experience was educational and enjoyable.

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While the story of Ford being stiffed - a typical experience in the film game, no matter whether secular or Christian - is by far the best, it is a pity this valuable resource with a Christian bias seems to ave disappeared from online viewing at its original home. Lyrics for this end song:. Plenty of Billy Graham Crusade at the MCG moments, and in colour rather than the newsreels of the time, which were black and white.

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Georgia Lee and Jimmy Little with a major set of joey moments, as she tends the motherless creature. Perhaps the strangest image of all in the film, with the congregation gathered to listen to Billy Graham over a speaker at the front of the church. Click here. Shadow of the Boomerang drama religion aborigines. Still brother and sister are reconciled through Christ, and all end's well, as they wrap up the show riding along, singing of salvation, suggesting Johnny didn't die in vain … Key cast:.

Dick Ross. Golden Chook. Dick Ross , John Ford. Mark McDonald , James B. Production Designers:. Dennis Gentle. The harmony solo in "Fast As A Shark" was a huge influence on Helloween and early melodic speed metal. That is very evident. Nice review too. I thught you would remember that line-up don't make me destroy you though to be honest i've never actually listened to Trance or Vandenberg.

Cuca Beludo Account deleted. Balls to the Walls was ten times better. Written by Guest on I find this album a bt overrated 'cause it has one of accept's most influential song, Fast as a Shark. My problem with the production on Balls is that is too slick, they lost the raw edge it had. As or variety, I would say both are as varied as each other. Quote: I find this album a bt overrated 'cause it has one of accept's most influential song, Fast as a Shark.

And what about the track "Don't go stealing my soul away"?? Terrible as "London Leatherboys", right??

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And hm Its production is even slick than Balls to the wall, by the way. I rate Metal Heart lower than Balls to the Wall as well. Posts: From: Norway. Hear a bass, well its ahrd to hera in every single metal genre unless its jazz infuelnced, or bass solo, or Lemmy band. Hits total: This month: Are you sure? OK Cancel. Imperial Triumphant. Full Of Hell. Emma Ruth Rundle. Consummation The Great Solar Hunter. Darkthrone Old Star. Rammstein Rammstein. Musicians' birthdays:. Death Angel Humanicide.

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