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If expats were allowed to vote in regional elections, this survey suggests they would change the balance of power in favour of the status quo. Expats choose to live in Catalonia because of its high quality of life, so they struggle to relate to the historical grievances and nationalist emotions of the independence movement.

Here are the results of the survey so far responses , with comments from respondents for and against the Catalan independence drive at the bottom.

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Mark, This is fantastic data! Congratulations for a well planned survey.


The results are quite interesting. Regardless, the results are interesting. Good job and again, congratulations! Thanks Gary. It was a lot of work. You must be logged in to post a comment.


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Remember Me. Forgot password? Click here to reset. The Estelada flag of Catalan separatists. Log in to Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply You must be logged in to post a comment. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. If you continue to use the website you agree to our use of cookies. You can find out more here. New User? Click here to register. Have 2 Catalan small children, have lived here 4 years and have 2 properties, actively fully support independence.

The actions of Spain here over the last 7 years are unacceptable. Better to divorce than live unhappily. Both sides highly polarised, difficult to reconcile now. Madrid made too many mistakes to go back now 2 Years ago salvageable. Unfortunately I suspect most ex-pats, unless married to Catalans, have little or no idea of the issues at stake. In the end, the crisis shows that there is a lack of democracy in Spain, or rather than each EU country has their own form of democracy. Imho Madrid needs to consider granting Catalans the same autonomy that the Basques have.

Right now, Madrid is looking a lot like Franco in the 30s. My partner is Andaluz and as firmly pro-independence as myself. I believe Catalonia will be better off as a smaller, more manageable republic. No matter how much I support the Catalan cause, I feel its leaders were hasty and jumped the gun, which might be a huge setback for the independence movement, as well as the Catalan language and society as a whole.

I find your whole article insulting. I fully support leaving behind a protege of Fascism and entering an enlightened country. Another upside, is vultures like yourself will get up and leave. When the Government of Spain has already broken European and International treaty laws and no one is stepping up to support Catalunya on this then the Central government are capable of doing anything and as EU citizens we can be included therefore personally I would feel safer if Catalonia who are far further advanced in their knowledge and capabilities and looking towards Europe instead of the south I would be happier if they broke away from Spain.

The catalan pro independence movement is progressive and pursues separation as a means for achieving a more fair and free society, with a project for a more direct democracy. Catalonia is now a colony of Spain, Spain rules the country with authoritarian ways. It is not a nationalist movement it is a movement away from Spanish suffocating nationalism. It is a movement of denationalization. Catalunya has been my home for the last 30 years and I will doubtlessly die here, I would love to see the dream of so many come true and will become Catalan as soon as I can.

Unfortunately, the way things seem to be moving, I will then be a citizen of the only two European countries out of Europe. Having said that, and seen the attitude of Europe towards my adopted country, that might not be such a bad thing, we need a shake up! Visca Catalunya lliure! If Rajoy had not cut the statute or had allowed the referendum, we would not be in this mess.

I really believe in democracy and I think the vast differences between the ideology of the Catalans and the ruling Spanish government cannot be reconciled. Add to that the lack of dialogue, corruption of the ruling P. I tolerate different opinions and ideas and think it was dangerous to accept the referendum as legally binding, but the right to self determination by the Catalan people must come before the Spanish constitution. I am uncertain if the December elections will be just and free, especially if the Catalan politicians remain in jail.

Ramón Emeterio Betances Alacán

The lack of press freedom, the inability to engage in dialogue and the generally heavy handed approach that Rajoy has employed shows that Spain is not a democracy. Lack of separation of powers, criticism of the education system accusing teachers of indoctrination, closure of websites, arrests of elected political leaders — these actions are those of a fearful, repressive state.

How the Spanish socialist party can stand alongside the P. Independence would be complex and may well bring more problems, certainly with Europe, but I want a better place than Spain is meaning the government of Spain, not the Spanish people for the future and for my children, both of whom hold Spanish nationality.

I am married with a Catalan man and I have 2 catalans daughters. I really love this country and I am really sad for the injustice against Catalan people. Independencia como unica via de romper con una pseudodemocracia que actualmente mostra abiertamente su cara totalitaria! Catalunya es un gran pueblo, su gente es muy conciente de lo que esta pasando, son solidarios y pacificos, Catalunya merece su independencia. I want to vote.

Se encuentra usted aquí

I think that the first question is too simplistic. Above all I think it will be decided by the Catalan electorate. I ask for human right and democracy. I did not found it in my country. I supposed to find it here in Europe. What a shame in 21 century to have political prisoners.

I consider that M. Rajoy and the PP has created this situation which has lead to a radicalization of the positions in Catalonia. Uncertainty is always an undesirable environmental condition for a rational, risk adverse business person. The Separtist Bloc have demonstrated a real ability to generate significant and consistent amounts of social disruption, without reservations or a foreseeable end.

Given the Federal position and their limited ability to change course quickly, it seems reasonable to envision that the political situation continues for some time. In Quebec, it has been over 50 years of crisis with peaks and troughs. Not good. Sad to live among so much anti-social behavior and dis-harmony. A fiscal and physical move has been hastily planned and feels inevitable. When will the politics of the Indignados subside?

Is the ruin for catalunya and the ones that have invested here. Is going back to the past, closing more the region, be more close minded, we will need to learn the language mandatory. For me is scary, they hate spanish, south americans, turist and foreigners.

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I dont want to rejected by the society more, i already feel after 10 years living here that they dont accept me for several reasons one of then not speaking catalan, and might be even for my origin. Catalan independists do not know what they are getting into when supporting independence.

The EU will not accept an independent Catalunya and the Spanish government cannot allow Catalunya to separate from Spain. He said nothing other than we are being picked on, in a seemingly low self esteem style rant. We love Catalonia and its distinct culture, but believe it can thrive within Spain. Madrid, for its part, should be more open and show flexibility — both sides are stronger together than apart. Crazy situation and with the Taxes we pay we should have a say!

Independene attempt was ill concieved, illegal, illogical, undemocratic and counterproductive for all concerned. When the NVA came to power in Belgium as part of the government, we decided to leave the country, as their views are very nationalistic and myopic in our view. They cleverly did, so far, not pursue the independence of Flanders as did the Catalans, but ultimately it is their goal, as stated in their official party statutes. We are European and global citizens and and do not believe in this nationalistic approach.

So if the situation will continue as is here in Barcelona, we will look at our Plan B, be it either move to Valencia or further abroad in the world. It would be with pain in our hart, but something has touched the BCN vibe, and definitively not for the better.


For full disclosure purpose, we do not work here and are economically independent. The separatists are fanatics who have been indoctrinating children in schools for years and care nothing about the well-being of their citizens. The independence movement is seeking to impose the same kind of dictatorship under which they suffered badly from the s to s.

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I was in Ottawa in and I witness thet effect of Quebecquois separatism in a city such as Montreal. I would very sad to see Barcelona go down the drain as a consequence of the economic and social effects of Catalan separatism legitimate and in part understandable but, in my opinion- close-minded, irrational and socially and politically retrograde. Nationalism is destructive and poisonous.

We all need to work together. I feel European more than anything. Catalonia is being compared to Scotland. Wrong — its more like London seeking independence from the UK. It would be catastophic for the the rest of the UK. It seems as if 40 years in, Spain is still struggling with how to manage democracy both sides and this is concerning.

It would also be interesting to hear how people have changed their spending since this situation. Opinions are interesting, but people ultimately vote with their wallets. Does this influence your decision to invest in Catalonia? Do you own or rent? Have you taken money in or out of Catalonia? The complete lack of a plan for the day after the declaration of independence makes Brexit look like a model of organisation!

However the PP have a lot to answer for in their complete denial of there being an issue in Catalonia over the last few years, then hiding behind the law when they themselves are implicated in so many corruption scandals, somehow managing to evade the law. The entire process has been illegal from start to finish, an attempted coup by a minority, and entirely undemocratic.

The movement has been led by corrupt politicians Mas and the population is being manipulated by propaganda and brainwashing financed illegally by the Generalitat, the ANC and the OC. Prison is the best place for the to prevent them doing further damage. The sooner Puigedemont joins them there, the better.

The whole independence issue has created a toxic atmosphere and divided society. Expressing anti-independence sentiment in public is, sadly, not an option which makes daily life pretty uncomfortable. Do I want my kids to grow up in this kind of environment? They completely and utterly have been allow that freedom but they just have to go through the right processes to change it. I have lived in Catalunya for 19 years, paid taxes for 18, plan to stay here forever and think its crazy that I cannot vote. Very worried, the region has lost credit, and sympathy.

Sad, as most of the people are still great here. This is a waste of time, money and energy for all foreigners, who cannot even vote during these events. I agree with the reason behind the independence movement, which was basicaly to renegociate outdated terms and agreements between Spain and Catalonia, but the independence movement has gone too far, specially as nobody explains and speaks about what it will actually mean to be independent and how it will affect every day life.

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