Deadly Skies (True Combat)

Deadly Sky: The American Combat Airman in World War II (Paperback)
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One bomb hit the Japanese carrier Akagi amidships, ripping through the hangar deck and exploding amidst the stored torpedoes,… Meer. At dawn, they saw her masts on the horizon and immediately prepared for battle. They were up against a formidable foe; the… Meer. His childhood dream of blood-drenched crucifixes possessed him as he drank his first victim's blood.

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His prison experiments with… Meer. It was the drugs that made him murder. He liked to experiment with fatal dosages to see how much they could take.

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Just after hours, the mission's leader Wing Commander Guy Gibson gave the signal. The red light went on and the Merlin engines of the thirteen Lancaster . Read "Deadly Skies (True Combat)" by Nigel Cawthorne available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Just after hours.

Fascinated with… Meer. In the ruined houses, streets and sewers of Stalingrad there raged a ferocious hand-to-hand battle. The advancing Panzers proved… Meer.


Three days later a Japanese force landed at night. They ambushed a man patrol, cutting the Marines down with hidden machine… Meer. The bullets in her skull had been fired from three different directions, as if he had used her for target practice. Her brassiere… Meer.

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Sign up for price alert. Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock. This insightful chronicle takes readers inside the experiences of America's fighter pilots and bomber crews, an incredible assortment of men who, in nearly four years of warfare all over the globe, suffered over , casualties with over 40, killed. Their stories span the earth into every corner of the combat theaters in both Europe and the Pacific.

Such Men as These: The Story of the Navy Pilots Who Flew the Deadly Skies Over Korea by David Sears

And the aircraft explored are as varied, tough, and legendary as the men who flew them-from the indomitable heavy-duty warhorse that was the B Flying Fortress to the sleek, lethal P Mustang fighter. Meticulously detailed jets zip across the sky, weaving among beautiful, craggy mountain ranges and bursting through cloud cover. As you fly perilously close to a cliff, you can see patches of grass and small discrete rocks on its face. It is not unlike looking out the window in an actual plane.

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And, of course, that detail adds to the spectacle in combat: When you fly through the smoke and flame of a just-destroyed fighter you can see pieces of shrapnel shooting every which way. Sometimes, explosions are their own reward.

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As was a trend among many games like Forza Horizon 4 and Just Cause 4, the signature feature of Ace Combat 7 which was at one point intended to come out last year is an emphasis on detailed weather conditions. Weather also adds mechanical challenges that make these events feel like a real hazard rather than just window dressing: High winds can change your heading and lightning can strike you, disabling your weapons when you need them most.

Speaking of which, considering how good its planes look, I would have expected to see a more robust hangar mode in which to admire them up close. Even when you do, it feels like there should be more: The skins are mostly limited to variants from the story, which are almost all shades of gray with slightly different accent colors.

Deadly Skies - The Battle for Castalia Sea

Instead of relying solely on its good gameplay and art design to draw you in, Ace Combat 7 leans heavily on its nonsensical story to move you through its campaign. Despite that description, which sounds like a perfectly light and breezy excuse to get you in the air, the story is poorly explained despite being overwritten and overwrought.


You might be able to piece together a cohesive thesis from its bits about conscripted prisoners, the interplay between politics and war, and obsessive hand-wringing over drone fighter jets, but to do so would be giving Ace Combat 7 more credit than it deserves. The descriptions of mission objectives are often defined broadly — protect an ally, take down the enemy bombers, etc. You can eventually master missions through repetition, learning where enemies come from and honing your response, but that kind of trial and error grinds the flow of most missions to a halt.

In one mission where you and your squad must protect a group of fellow pilots you are constantly fed chatter about how different protectees need help, but nothing to tell which pilot, specifically, is calling for help at a given moment save for a temporary blue outline that can only be seen if the pilot is already directly in front of you.

It adds an element of randomness that the mission does not allow for, since a single downed ally forces you to start over.