Hiding Places

15 Secret Hiding Places That Will Fool Even the Smartest Burglar
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see url Well, you can make your own and it is really easy to do. Via: Vividplease. If you have a tub that is encased, you can use the encasement to create hidden storage. No burglar would ever think to look under or around your bathtub for valuables and this is a great way to keep things organized as well. You just create little storage areas in the wooden base of the tub. Via: Bornrich.

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Whether you have a small landing on your staircase or not, you can use a step or the landing to create a hidden storage compartment that is perfect for storing safes or just about anything you need to hide. Depending on where you choose to build your storage, you may have room to hide larger items in this one. Via: Imgfave. There is a great hollow keyboard that allows you to store things underneath. Jewelry and extra cash will fit perfectly inside. Via: Geekologie.

Okay, we have all seen these cute little fake outlets that act as safes so you just know that a burglar has seen them, too. Of course, no burglar is going to go around and check every single wall outlet so they do offer a bit of protection. You can keep smaller items like jewelry and cash in them and they install very easily into the wall. Via: Misdefenseproducts.

You can create hidden storage in your bathroom by simply remove a tile or two and making a hole. You then replace the tile and you have the perfect place to hide valuables that no burglar would ever think about looking in. You just have to remember which tile is the secret hiding place.

Via: Dornob. This is awesome, I love the hollow picture frame idea. I could find a container to bury it in a flower pot. Buy some cheap flagstones or path stones and make a path to your door, under one of them that only you will know dig a hole and put a glass mason jar they can be as cheap as a dollar in it with the key. You may have to dig a little but its well worth it to have a key when you need it and it wont look so obvious like those fake rocks.

Another idea is to have a hook under the steps to your house and hang an extra key there. Uh, yeah. A black widow, a scorpion, a snake? Wise idea, Rebecca. My commendations!

How to Solve the ‘Hiding Place’ Photo Puzzle in Resident Evil 2

Too easy for a thief to smash in or pry open with a serious tool like a sledge hammer or pry bar. The tile used for safes should hv something to only be identified by the one who installed or planned 2 use it. I recall seeing a show on HGTV about an old house. A wallet sized hiding space! What a great idea!

The Best Places to Hide Valuables in Your House

I intalled an electical breaker box in the garage with no breaker in it and use it as a valubles storage area. Metsl detector?! In Canada we build houses with nails in the wood, and rebar in cement. Metal junction boxes etc…beep…beep, beep…beep. You just made me laugh, Mohammed. It is snowing, cold, and 0 degrees.

Bored and nothing to do. Good Joke. I have a friend who buries his money in the yard in Mason Jars. Sometimes he forgets where he buried them! Great job! Please do bite my eye if I ever share publicly my home security tricks with anybody. Or the PINcode of my credit card. Really you two are that uptight…. How many thieves are really on this site reading??? Debbie or Dick Downer!!!!!!

Agreed Denise!! Geez DeeBella, get a life! When the authorities arrived, they discovered that there was indeed something strange about the suitcase: It was warm to the touch and soaked with sweat.

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Either someone was hiding inside the bag, or they had just stumbled upon the world's first leftover-meatloaf smuggling ring. Getty Why can't it ever be both? They opened the suitcase to find a Polish man curled up " like a contortionist " and making the world's most pathetic attempt to look all innocent. When questioned, he claimed to have been too broke to afford the fare.

Getty "Yes, this costume was necessary. The cops thought it was unusual for a man short on change to be wearing a head lamp and carrying a special tool for opening zippers and locks, as well as a bag of stolen valuables, so they brought him and his strong-backed accomplice in for theft and criminal misuse of a circus routine.

Daily Mail Officers described the smell of the sweat-crusted luggage as "Lovecraftian.

Step 1: Hide Cash or Information in the Body of Any Opaque Pen

When asked about the crime, a police spokesman said , "I believe this is what the British call an open-and-shut case," before whipping on his sunglasses as Roger Daltrey screamed in the background. Jeffrey Manchester earned the nickname "Roofman" following his string of at least 40 crimes in which he drilled holes in the roofs of fast-food joints and then dropped down inside to burglarize them, Mission: Impossible -style.

But after becoming the first person to ever escape from Brown Creek Correctional Institution in Polkton, North Carolina, by clinging to the underside of a delivery truck -- a move so cliche that even '70s action movies tsk and shake their heads when they see it -- Roofman decided that earning a nickname that sounds like the lamest superhero ever wasn't quite enough of a legacy for him.

You Are My Hiding Place ( With Lyrics )

So he decided to turn over a new leaf and leave his life of crime behind him. He took on the new persona of "John," a generous churchgoing volunteer who was always giving toys to kids and even developed a healthy relationship with a new girlfriend. Only, wait a minute -- Roofman hadn't turned over a new leaf at all, because all those toys he was giving to needy children were stolen from the Toys R Us he was living in by night.

Getty And they were all Jabba and Jar Jar toys, the monster. Yep, you read that right: The guy just decided to set up shop in the place he was stealing from.

22 Clever Hiding Places To Stash Your Stuff

He even had everything there that he needed to sustain himself, because he ate stolen baby food. OK, maybe that last part wasn't quite so awesome. When Roofman's dream home became too crowded during the holiday shopping season, he built a secret passageway into the abandoned Circuit City next door, where he constructed the ultimate man-boy cave, complete with posters, action figures, a toy basketball hoop and a DVD player to watch superhero movies while wishing for a cooler nickname.

Getty "Maybe I could be Spider-Man without the hyphen. Like Dr. Ralf Spiderman. That could work.

Space, Place, and Privacy: Preschool Children's Secret Hiding Places

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I really liked this book a lot! It is the beauty within Kate and her Great Grandmother Pearl that brings this book full circle. Capcom even threw in an Achievement or Trophy for you, too. She has stated that gospel had been an influence on her since childhood in an interview with Idolator: "I grew up on gospel music, I grew up singing it and a lot of what makes up gospel music is a huge influence in my own music.

He had everything an ethically challenged man-boy could possibly wish for, right? Apparently not, because his ultimate plan was to rob the Toys R Us. So Roofman used a baby monitor to watch over the store's employees from his secret lair, and on the day after Christmas, he burst into the store with a gun he had stolen from a pawn shop and attempted a takeover-style robbery. Getty "Man, old habits die hard. I get less time for this, right? Scrap-metal thieves do big business in times like these, with metal prices on the rise. A trio of them in New Jersey set their sights on the basement of a restaurant in South Brunswick, New Jersey, that was full of copper pipe.

Also, apparently all metal thieves in South Brunswick were separated at birth. Not long after Christian, Israel and Richard up there got their Sawzall party started in the basement of Big Ed's Restaurant, the shindig got crashed by the cops, who had noticed their vehicle illegally parked behind the establishment. The three crooks scattered. Christian was nabbed right away; Richard turned up at a cheap motel about an hour later. But Israel was nowhere to be seen. Getty "I'm gonna live it up ridin' the copper train!

After a couple of hours of fruitless searching in the area, the police decided to return to the scene of the crime to survey the damage. When they went to the basement, where the thieves had done thousands of dollars' worth of damage ripping copper pipes out of the restaurant equipment, they heard an ungodly sound coming from the top of a refrigeration unit.

Apparently in all the excitement of the police bursting in and the ensuing piss-your-pants-and-run confusion, the thieves had left one of their saws running.

Secret Drawer In Window Sill

Try anyone of these 50 clever ways to hide valuables from all but the smartest thief's. Pick your See three more bonus hiding places in your home in this video. Got some cash or valuables to hide? Try one of these clever, simple ways to hide those items from all but the smartest thieves.

And there you have it; the mystery has been solved and you gained some valuable firepower for all your detective work. Capcom even threw in an Achievement or Trophy for you, too. What more could you want? I mean apart from a helicopter ride out of Raccoon City, obviously. Facebook Twitter. Read Next Guides May 2, Guides February 22, Features February 8, Guides February 1, Features January 31, May 2, February 22, February 8,