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Set Me Free (The Kinks song)
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Set Me Free Spiritual Direction & Discernment of Spirits / Brian Gallagher MSC This is my last goodbye I wake up every morning to fight the same demons That left me so tired the night before Every day feels like walking through fire I'm so tired of this life, I can't take it anymore Feels like I'm stuck inside a shell That hides the pain I know so well In this heart of sin does my hell begin When nothing's left, we're everything We are more frightened than hurt We suffer more from visions than reality I ask myself: How long can I keep up with this fight?

My world is drowning in the twilight, where the sun doesn't rise This nightmare has turned myself into an enemy The world I'm living in, is the world I have to leave Feels like I'm stuck inside a shell That hides the pain I know so well In this heart of sin does my hell begin When nothing's left, we're everything.

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Set Me Free may refer to: Contents. 1 Music. Albums; Songs. 2 Film; 3 Literature; 4 See also. Music[edit]. Albums[edit]. Set Me Free (Jennifer Knapp. "Set Me Free" is a song by Ray Davies, released first by The Kinks in Along with "Tired of Waiting for You", it is one of band's first attempts at a softer, more.

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