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Grades can be boosted by doing various forms of activities during free time. These include studying from books, completing tasks, and raising skills. Sims will get homework after school days, and failing to complete them generally results in bad grades. They vary from sleeping in classes, working harder than usual, or just gaining more friends. Other forms education alongside normal schools exist for children and teenagers to attend. In The Sims , children whose grades linger at F for several consecutive days are first given a warning, then banished to military school.

In The Sims 2 , Sims can attend private school if they have a minimum grade of C. In The Sims 3: Generations , children and teens can be sent to a boarding school and take a class after school. In all games, the outdoor temperature has an effect on a Sim's internal temperature; if Sims become too hot, they can cool down by going swimming or grabbing a cold drink, while Sims who are getting too cold can warm up by changing into outerwear. In all cases, going indoors will help them cool off or warm up. Sims that get too hot may faint from heatstroke or get sunburned , while Sims that get too cold may freeze and collapse.

The outdoor temperature also a has a profound effect on Sims' lives. Colder temperatures will produce visible frost and cause bodies of water to freeze over, and precipitation will come in the form of snow if it is cold enough. Warmer temperatures will produce much more violent thunderstorms and hail, and heat hazes may become visible.

In The Sims 2 and The Sims 4 , real-world temperature units are not used to determine the temperature, and instead a scale ranging from to —with the former being the coldest and the latter being the hottest—is used. The Sims 3 is the only game to use real-world temperature units like Celsius and Fahrenheit. It introduces apartments and penthouses , and allows Sims to live in and explore the city world of San Myshuno. It is a spiritual successor to The Sims 2: Apartment Life and The Sims 3: Late Night , and borrows objects or other elements from several other expansion packs.

The Sims 4: City Living was officially announced on September 12, The console version was released on November 17, City Living features a new city world named San Myshuno, which is heavily based on a variety of modern cities from around the world like Tokyo, San Francisco, and New York City, and also features elements of Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Moroccan culture throughout the city.

In San Myshuno, there are a total of 21 apartment units available, which are the main feature of the pack. Apartments offer new gameplay compared to normal residential lots, such as landlords , paying rent, various types of pests and close quarter neighbors. A total three penthouses are also found in San Myshuno. They are placed on top of decorative buildings that do not have any limitations beyond their lot size, so they can be demolished and rebuilt, much like other buildings on a normal lot. Other new activities in San Myshuno include visiting festivals , raising up in new careers, and more.

The Goth family in The Sims. The Goth family is a prominent family in The Sims series , originally consisting of just Mortimer , Bella and Cassandra , appearing as one of the starting families in the original The Sims. Other branches of the family appear or are featured in the histories of other areas, including Moonlight Falls , Lunar Lakes , and Sugar Maple Coast. The original tome was found in the Gothique Library , a library built by the very first Goths that settled in Sunset Valley.

Magical ability is a common trait shared by many Goths; it is shown in several games that Bella Goth is capable of magic, and her mother-in-law Cornelia Goth was often used in promotional images dealing with magic things such as spell books and the Cowplant. Sims can plant plants on their lot , in bare earth or in flower pots.

Sims need to tend plants regularly to keep them alive and healthy. Plants that are well-tended and remain healthy eventually increase in quality. As plant quality increases, the needs of the plant increase; higher-quality plants may need to be weeded or sprayed for bugs to keep them healthy. Plants produce harvestables which can be sold, eaten, or used in cooking or herbal recipes.

The quality of the harvestable depends on the quality of the plant. Higher-quality harvestables can be re-planted, and the plant that grows from the harvestable will start at that higher level. As Sims develop their gardening skill, they obtain new abilities, such as the ability to talk to plants, fertilize gardens, and graft plants together. More advanced gardeners can graft cuttings of multiple plants onto a single plant, allowing that plant to produce multiple types of harvestables at the same time; some rare harvestables can only be obtained by grafting certain plants together.

The Sims 4 base game features 33 different types of plants that can be collected and grown; other content packs increase the total number of available plants to Two toddlers in The Sims 4. It is the second life stage for Sims following infancy , and the youngest life stage that can be chosen in Create a Sim. Toddlers grow up into children. Toddlers gain a measure of independence from infancy, but still require active parenting. Toddlers, like babies, can be held and carried by Sims, teenaged or older, and need to be carried up and down stairs.

Toddlers are unable to use certain objects accessible to older Sims, and are generally only able to take care of their most basic needs. During this stage, acquiring toddler skills is an important focus. Toddlers are able to learn how to speak, how to walk, and to be potty trained. Passing these milestones give toddlers additional self-sufficiency, and may affect whether the toddler grows up well. Toddlers are also able to develop other skills for the first time through the use of toys and games.

Ghosts are the remaining entities of a dead Sim , and appear in all main series games, either as non-playable characters or as a playable life state.

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Ghosts possess a number of unique abilities. They are able to pass through walls and solid objects. In many cases, ghosts can manipulate objects around them, causing them to levitate or else possessing them in some way. Ghosts can often become angry, and haunt or scare living Sims, especially if their gravestone or urn is mistreated or a particular Sim does something to anger the ghost.

Agnes Crumplebottom , also known as Miss Crumplebottom , is a well-known and notorious pre-made Sim. She first appears as a non-playable character in The Sims: Hot Date.

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Miss Crumplebottom detests public displays of romance, and will promptly scold, smack, or beat with her purse, any Sims engaged in public displays of affection. She appears in The Sims 2 as well, though in that game she is deceased, and the job of opposing public romance is taken up by a distant relative with a similar name. In The Sims 3 , which occurs first in the original timeline of The Sims games , Agnes is a young and bitter widow, haunted by the ghost of her husband who died on their honeymoon. Lucky Palms is a world for The Sims 3. It was announced on June 18, and released on June 28 of the same year.

It is the fifth world released for The Sims 3 Store.

Lucky Palms is set in a desert setting with small pockets of green scattered throughout the world. There are 50 residents and 5 unborn babies , making Lucky Palms the same size population-wise as Bridgeport , Hidden Springs , and Riverview. It is available in a Standard and Gold edition. The Gold edition contains The Lucky Simoleon Casino, as well as several extra objects, including the blackjack table and the slot machine. Teens have more freedom than their younger counterparts, and are able to do more things. They can develop and build all available skills , pay bills , get a part-time job , drive cars , cook meals, and sneak out.

In The Sims 2: University , teens may also go to college , where they will automatically age up to young adult. A notable difference between teenagers and children is that teenagers able to pursue romantic relationships. They can perform all romantic interactions, but cannot WooHoo or get married ; teens in The Sims 4 , however, can "Mess Around" and exchange promise rings.

Teens may want to have their first kiss or go steady with another Sim. Teens can only date other teens, and cannot perform romantic interactions with a Sim in any other life stage. In The Sims 2 , the romantic bond between two teens will be broken if one teen ages up and the other does not.

Teens can live on their own without the aid of older Sims in the house. They cannot be taken away by the social worker , and can even run away from home if their relationships with the rest of the family drops too low. In The Sims 3: World Adventures , teens can travel abroad on their own. Teens in The Sims 3 , however, have a curfew , and may be arrested and brought home by the police if they are caught violating it. Teens in The Sims 2 may sneak out of the house at night, but will be brought home by the police if they are caught.

When a child becomes a teenager, the player may select their aspiration [ TS2 ] [ TS4 ] and chemistry. Barnacle Bay shares a deep and rich connection with the ocean, being first settled by pirates. It has since grown into a vacation destination, populated with beaches, parks, and a modern downtown area. Sims can explore the pirate ship , go fishing , or tour the abandoned piers by the beach. The world is well known for being the home of the Caliente sisters , who moved to Barnacle Bay following the events of Pleasantview.

The plumbob in The Sims 3. The Plumbob is an iconic feature of The Sims series. It is used in most titles to identify the currently selected character, and to show the mood of playable Sims. The plumbob has become an important and easily recognizable symbol of the franchise, and is featured in countless game covers, logos, posters, and other products.

In The Sims , the plumbob's color depends entirely on the Sim's current motives, which determines the Sim's overall mood. The plumbob will be green if the Sim is in a good mood, white if the Sim is "neutral", and red if the Sim is in a bad mood. A deeper and darker shade of green or red indicates the severity of the mood. In The Sims 2 , the plumbob will be white if the Sim is in platinum aspiration , which raises the Sim's mood to maximum regardless of the Sim's motives.

Otherwise, the plumbob will be green if the Sim is in a good mood, yellow if the Sim is in a mediocre mood, and red if the Sim is unhappy. The plumbob in The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 functions similarly to that of The Sims 2 , although there is no platinum mood. This plumbob reflects their mood in Hot Date depending on the shade of blue, although this is not the case in Nightlife. In Open for Business , employees will have a spherical plumbob over their heads that reflects their mood, much like the normal plumbob does; players should keep a close eye on this plumbob in order to give them breaks appropriately, or they may quit when their motives get too low.

The appearance of the plumbob has changed throughout the series, but it has always generally resembled the shape of a hexagonal bipyramid , making it a dodecahedron. It has 12 isosceles triangles, 18 edges, and 8 vertices. SimBots have the same motives as normals Sims except for hygiene.

Unlike Servos, SimBots cannot recharge themselves in any way other than by sleeping or getting electrocuted. SimBots can eat food, although they prefer scrap, and one piece of scrap is usually enough to satisfy their "Scrap Reserves" motive. SimBots are hydrophobic, and will short-circuit when told to take a shower or play in a sprinkler. However, they have no trouble simply being sprayed by a sprinkler, and can mop up puddles of water. SimBots are not affected by fire , allowing them to detonate objects without fear of getting burned or singed.

SimBots have special jets in their feet, allowing them to hover from place to place. They are used as a substitution for running, and for navigating between lots. Children cannot grow up in The Sims ; in later games, they grow up into teenagers. Children have much more freedom than the previous life stages, although there are still some limitations. In The Sims 2 , children can't stay home alone without an older Sim present.

In The Sims 3 , children have a curfew that they cannot violate. Children in The Sims and The Sims 4 do not require an older Sim present to live alone and do not have curfews; however, the range of skills they can learn is limited. Children will also need to attend school in order to maintain good grades and avoid being taken to military school , [ TS ] being confiscated by the social worker , [ TS2 ] or being forced to select a random fourth trait.

Seasons introduced the Riverblossom Hills neighborhood, as well as the concept of weather and seasonal cycles. Sims must now be mindful of what to wear outdoors depending on the season, and monitor both outdoor and internal temperature in order to stay comfortable. Gardening was also enhanced, and fishing was introduced to the game, allowing Sims to grow and catch their own food. Sims that use too many pesticides whilst gardening may become a PlantSim. Unicorns generally resemble horses, though with some notable differences, including different tails and facial hair on male unicorns.

Unicorns give off a glittering light or trail of light when they appear, disappear, or gallop, and emit rainbows from their horns while standing still, eating or drinking. Unicorns seem to have a close relationship with plants and with nature, and will often autonomously bless plants or cause small plants to grow. Despite this, unicorns, like horses, will often choose to eat garden plants and so must be kept separated from them. If a toddler forms a close enough bond with the doll, the Imaginary Friend will transform into a life-size living creature.

Its age will always correspond to the age of its owner. Imaginary Friends are visible only to their owners, and to other Sims who own an Imaginary Friend. Once real, the Imaginary Friend is visible to everyone and can be interacted with like any other Sim. It can engage in WooHoo and, though it is not biologically a Sim, it can produce offspring.

Once received, it cannot be sold or deleted without the use of cheats , though it can be given away or kept away from the toddler in order to prevent it from forming a bond. Painting is a skill in The Sims 3. The skill is augmented by the Artistic trait , and the Extra Creative lifetime reward. Prior to The Sims 3 , painting skill was part of a broader "creativity" skill which was also earned through playing instruments, writing novels, or using certain reward objects.

Sims in The Sims 4 have more emotional depth than in any previous game in the series. A Sims' emotional state affects which actions they perform and how the actions are performed. One Sim's emotions can affect other Sims around them. Sims in extreme emotional states can even be killed by their emotions. The emotions that a Sim can or will experience are affected by their moodlets , traits , and life stage.

Create a Sim is revitalized, making it more intuitive and flexible than in previous games. Sims' physical features are customized by clicking-and-dragging on different parts of the body. There is also a "detail mode," which allows more precise modification of a Sim's facial features. The game's build mode has also been overhauled to be more powerful and intuitive than ever before. Players can now adjust the height of a building's walls and its foundation, and can move, turn, expand or contract entire rooms with a few clicks. The Sims 4 also features a brand-new Gallery system; an integrated online content browser.

Sims, families, and houses can be added to the Gallery and downloaded by other players. Other players' works can also be downloaded, added to the game, and be played immediately. Some expansion packs include more varieties of plant collections. Some of the plants can be used as ingredients for Nectar Making and Mixology , with the key ingredients for Nectar Making being the grapes from Champs Les Sims.

With Ambitions , Sims can register as a self-employed Gardener. Gardening can be profitable by selling the harvested produce from the inventory, supermarket , or consignment store. Only teens and older can tend the garden. Children cannot learn the Gardening skill, but they can learn the Child Gardening hidden skill.

Once a child grows up into a teenager, they will earn Gardening skills at the same level of their Child Gardening and Scouting hidden skills. Nightlife allows players to explore the new Downtown subneighborhood, featuring many locations dedicated to fun and romance, including restaurants, clubs, parks, and bowling alleys.

Sims can go on dates with one another, and the success of those dates is determined by a dating mini-game. Chemistry was introduced in Nightlife , creating a new depth and complexity in Sim relationships. Nightlife also allowed Sims to own their own vehicles for the first time in the series. A Sim may get a job by reading a newspaper or using a computer ; in The Sims 3 , a Sim can also visit that career's appropriate rabbit hole building to get a job.

In The Sims 2 and later, jobs obtained through the computer are usually at a higher level than those obtained through the newspaper, with the career level determined by the Sim's skills and number of friends. There are also opportunities for Sims to change careers without starting at the beginning of a new career track. Vampires have a pale, slightly glowing layer on top of their normal skin tone, as well as glowing eyes, fangs, and a distinctive 'V'-shaped mark on their necks. A vampire's motives are the same as a non-vampire, except hunger , which is replaced with thirst.

Thirst can be alleviated by consuming plasma , in the form of plasma fruit or plasma packs, or from biting a Sim's neck. A Sim can be changed into a vampire by befriending a vampire, then asking to be bitten by or accepting a bite from the vampire. Vampirism can be cured through a potion from the science lab. Vampires have several distinctive powers. They have a lifespan five times longer than non-vampires from the Young Adult life stage onwards. Vampires can read the minds of other Sims to learn about the target's personality, career, relationship status, or other information.

Vampires are very strong and fast, and learn skills faster than normal Sims. He is secretly in love with his neighbor and friend, Cassandra Goth , but she is engaged to the town Casanova, Don Lothario , whom he considers an enemy. Darren enjoys painting and wants to be a full-time artist, despite his severe lack of funds. Players can create mermaids by having normal Sims eat mermadic kelp, which the Sim can obtain by befriending a mermaid, or by purchasing a lifetime reward. Mermaids cannot be created in create a Sim.

Chemistry is a game mechanic for The Sims 2 , first introduced in the Nightlife expansion pack.

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Chemistry overhauled the in-game romantic attraction mechanic between Sims, making it easier or more difficult to foster romantic relationships between Sims. Chemistry measures multiple aspects of a Sims' personality to determine how easily Sims can be attracted to one another. Certain pairings of aspirations can result in greater or lesser chemistry.

Some zodiac signs share a strong attraction or repulsion to other signs. Similarity in Sim personality points can improve attraction. Sims possess turn-ons and a turn-off, which are specific traits that the Sim finds especially attractive or repulsive. These factors are considered together, and the combined score determines the level of chemistry, demonstrated in-game by a number of "bolts" present in the relationships panel.

The greater the number of bolts, the stronger the attraction between two Sims. Strongly attracted Sims are more easily able to form relationships, and are more likely to have positive interactions with each other. A complex chemistry mechanic does not appear in The Sims or The Sims 3. Simlish is the language used by Sims in all games in The Sims series.

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Dialog between Sims in the game is an important part of the experience, but having the Sims speak in a real language would be too repetitive and would be too expensive when translating dialog between languages. The Navajo language was considered for usage, but ultimately it was decided to construct a new language, while leaving the meaning of the words themselves up to the player's imagination.

Many real-life songs have been performed in Simlish , to be featured in various games or expansion packs. There have been multiple attempts to try and translate Simlish phrases into real languages, to varying levels of success. It was first revealed to the public in January as an untitled expansion pack; it was released on October 22nd, Into the Future allows Sims to participate directly in events in the future, for the very first time in the entire The Sims series.

Future visitors travel in time to the neighborhood of Oasis Landing , which can be altered in various ways by the actions of Sims visiting it or of Sims in the "present day. The actions of the Sims affect which future ultimately occurs. Into the Future introduces futuristic redesigns of modern-day objects, as well as all new forms of transportation, recreation and fashion.

Sims are also able to build Plumbots - advanced robots, and spiritual successors to SimBots and Servos. Money trees, from The Sims 3. The value of simoleons varies between titles, and doesn't consistently reflect any real-life currency. Some cheaper objects, including food, appear to be much more expensive than real-life examples, while expensive objects and houses are often much less expensive than their counterparts in reality. Generally, better-quality items are higher priced, as is often true in real life. Simoleons are primarily used to purchase objects , build or remodel a house , pay bills , and buy food for Sims.

They are earned primarily through careers. However, simoleons can be earned through many other ventures , or can be obtained through cheating. Death is closely associated with the Grim Reaper , who comes to collect the souls of departed Sims and other creatures. Living Sims can sometimes plead with the Grim Reaper to spare a Sim from death, the success of which varies depending on the relationship between the two Sims though there is always a chance that it will fail regardless of the relationship level.

In real life, death is a permanent and irreversible condition. In The Sims series , however, there are multiple methods to prevent death or to bring back those who have died. Dead Sims and some other life states take the form of ghosts ; in some games in the series, these ghosts can be interacted with.

There are several methods, both legitimate and illegitimate cheating , to return ghost Sims to their corporeal form. Island Paradise introduced several new features to The Sims series for the first time, including boating , diving, and resort ownership. Diver Sims may encounter sharks or mermaids , all while finding valuable sunken treasures. Sims can own and drive boats around open water, and can discover unexplored islands which can then be claimed by the Sim. Sims can start and manage their own resorts , and work towards increasing the resort quality and its profitability.

A new world, Isla Paradiso , was introduced with the pack, and it showcases the new features in the pack. Sims from other neighborhoods cannot visit Isla Paradiso as tourists, though they can relocate there as of Patch The Sims and The Sims 2 had a limited variety of books available to read, and they varied depending on the intended use. Books could be read to increase mechanical and cooking skills in The Sims , while books could teach cleaning and eventually several other skills in The Sims 2.

Children in The Sims can use books to study and improve their grades; this use is not present for children or teens in The Sims 2 , though college students can read books to study and improve their class performance. Books are overhauled in The Sims 3 , and can be individually purchased from the bookstore , and can be kept in a Sims' inventory. Books are often given as part of an opportunity. Books written by a Sim are kept by the Sim, and can be read by other Sims. A pregnant woman, in The Sims 3. Pregnancy was introduced as a game feature to The Sims 2 and has appeared in each subsequent game.

Prior to The Sims 2 , kissing or playing in the " Vibromatic Heart Bed " were the only ways for two Sims to have children - in these cases, a baby would be born immediately after the completion of the action, forgoing any pregnancy period. Under normal circumstances, only female Sims can become pregnant. However, male Sims can be impregnated as well, either through Alien abduction or by the use of Cheats. A Sim reading a skill book to learn a skill, in The Sims 3. A Skill is a specific talent that Sims and in some games, pets and other creatures can acquire. Skills can be learned in many ways, such as through reading certain books, using skill-building objects or Career rewards , learning them from other Sims, or through Chance cards.

Skills are relatively simplistic and generalized in The Sims and The Sims 2 ; for instance, playing the piano and painting pictures on an easel both use and build up the same skill. In The Sims 3 , there has been a tendency to create more specific skill sets. Additionally, all games feature certain hidden skills , which are developed and improved without appearing in the game interface. Learning skills allows Sims to become more proficient in certain activities, like cooking or repairing broken objects.

Learning skills in these situations has a practical benefit, by decreasing the likelihood of Sims creating dangerous situations due to ineptitude, and by increasing the quality of work performed or of the items produced through the Sim's labor. Skill building is also central to promotions in a Sim's chosen career. In order to be promoted, a Sim must improve their skills to a certain level; those skills which must be improved are usually related to the career they are working in. A pair of aliens, from The Sims 3: Seasons. Male abductees are typically shown to have been impregnated by a Pollination Technician , though it is unknown what purpose aliens have in impregnating Sims.

Aliens in The Sims 2 have no special powers, but possess a "perfect personality" that can often be passed along through multiple generations of offspring. Aliens are endowed with certain special powers, such as the ability to instantly repair broken objects with their minds, or to take control of another Sim. These powers are diluted in future generations until the hybrids are less than half alien, at which the powers are lost.

A Sim's inventory with items, from The Sims 3. The inventory is a feature that allows Sims to hold and carry a number of items. The inventory can be a space-saving feature, as it allows items to be stored until they are needed, without taking up space on the lot. Most games do not limit the number of items that can be placed in inventory.

Inventories in earlier games are often limited in what is able to be added or removed.

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In The Sims expansion packs, for example, players are not able to manually remove items from the inventory. By The Sims 3 , nearly all items can be manually added to or taken from the Sims' inventory. The Sims 3 also introduces a 'family inventory'. The family inventory is able to store more types of items than the regular Sim inventory.

The family inventory is used to store and transport household objects when a household moves to a different lot. The family inventory is accessed through Buy mode. Sentinel Apartments, in Belladonna Cove. Apartments are a multi-household lot type, featured in The Sims 2: Apartment Life expansion pack. Apartments operate in a similar manner as dormitories and hotels did in previous expansions, but are unique in that they allow multiple households up to four to live on the same lot simultaneously. Neighbors can have more regular interaction with the active household, and Sims in the active household can even visit the neighbors for the first time in the history of the series.

Apartment units not filled by player-created households are automatically filled by "Social group townies," which fall into a particular 'class' depending on the class of the lot Low, Medium or High. Sims can search for a roommate to help pay for a portion of the rent; roommates are not playable and act on their own free will.

Although multiple households share the same lot, each household remains independent, functioning as they do on normal residential lots. Changes made on the lot in one household's saved game are not shown in the other saved games. Sims in other player-made households continue to observe their daily schedules even while not played, but no changes occur. Werewolves appear and, to a degree, act like normal Sims during the day. However, at night they can and in The Sims 2: Pets , they always change into a wolf-like creature.

These creatures tend to frighten other Sims nearby. At the end of the night, werewolves change in appearance, back into regular Sims. Werewolves in The Sims 2: Pets gradually undergo personality and body changes the longer they are 'infected' with the condition. The condition is originally received from a pack leader , and can then be transferred to other Sims teen or older through the 'Savage' interaction. Werewolves in The Sims 3: Supernatural experience longer lives than non-werewolf Sims, and gain athletic skill faster than regular Sims.

They can be transformed at-will during most nights, but will automatically transform during a full moon , when their mood drops too low, or when they are angry with another Sim. Werewolves are cured using the Potent Cure Elixir or through an opportunity presented by their romantic interest. The pack's main feature is the reintroduction of weather to the series, not seen since The Sims 2: Seasons.

The length, order and occurrence of particular seasons can be adjusted by the player in each saved game. As seasons change, the weather gradually changes, resulting in warmer or colder temperatures and variations in precipitation; rain, snow and hail. Each new season brings with it a special festival, which occurs on the last Friday of the season or on the last day of the season, possibly. Love Day, a festival based on Valentine's Day , takes place in the spring; Leisure Day occurs in the summer; Spooky Day, a play off of Halloween happens in Fall, and Snowflake Day, a generic winter holiday in lieu of a specific holiday like Christmas , which takes place in winter.

Dina Caliente, as she appears in The Sims 3. Dina is alive in all the games she is present in. Dina is an Alien -Sim hybrid , and so is Nina, because their grandfather was abducted and impregnated by Pollination Technician 7. Dina was married to a much older Michael Bachelor , and it is implied that she married him for his money; she received an inheritance from him when he died.

She had an affair with Don Lothario , but she did not WooHoo with him, according to her memories. At the beginning of the game, she has a want to marry Mortimer Goth , another wealthy and elderly Sim.

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Nina is alive in all the games she is present in. Nina is an Alien -Sim hybrid , and so is Dina, because their grandfather was abducted and impregnated by Pollination Technician 7. The expansion pack also introduces Moonlight Falls , a new spooky-themed neighborhood designed for the exploration of all things eerie and odd. The neighborhood features all of the creatures introduced in the pack. Mysterious Mr. Gnome can sometimes interact with objects it teleports to. If it appears near a television or a stereo, it may turn the object on. Sims at level 10 in the Science career can perform experiments on these gnomes.

Gunther Goth as an adult, in The Sims 3. Gunther lives a long and varied life, starting out in Sunset Valley as a successful businessman. He, along with his family, live in the oldest house in the town. By the time of The Sims , Mortimer has grown up and moved out, and Gunther has moved to a new home and a new career, now becoming a dean in the Education career track.

Gunther dies before the events of The Sims 2 , and is buried alongside his wife and other members of his family, in the graveyard by the Goth home. PlantSims can have PlantSim children through 'spawning;' that offspring will posses the same skills, talent badges, and personality of its parent; subsequent generations of PlantSims will also develop more elf-like physical characteristics.

PlantSims can reproduce sexually with other Sims as well, but the offspring of that relationship will not be a PlantSim at birth, even if both its parents are. Once a Sim has become a PlantSim, they can return to normal by purchasing a cure from the Gypsy Matchmaker , by a witch 's spell, or by receiving help from a member of the Garden Club. Some Sims, from The Sims 3.

Sims as featured in The Sims series are a bipedal humanoid species. It is unclear how intelligent Sims are; although they have the ability to use tools and create works of technology, they lack direction and often require a guiding hand, that of the player, to manage some of the simplest of tasks. Sims tend to be social creatures, and can hallucinate if left alone for too long.

Sims can be modified into a variety of life states , and can even become a blend of two or more life states , though Sims themselves cannot be 'blended' with other life states.

Smiley Riley and the New Neighbor

Sims are the default life state for all games in The Sims series, and are the only state that can be created in Create a Sim unless cheating. He is a teen in The Sims 3 due to the chronology of the series living with his parents, Jocasta and Simis Bachelor and sister Bella in a house in Sunset Valley. By the beginning of The Sims , Michael has graduated from Sim State University according to his biography and is in the family bin waiting to be moved into the neighborhood.

His familial relationship to Bella Goth is not acknowledged in The Sims and he does not know her at all until introduced by the player. Although there is speculation that Dina was responsible for Michael's death, various factors seem to indicate that Dina's love for him was genuine and that his death was due simply to old age.

One of the versions of the Landgraab family tree. Malcolm Landgraab from The Sims for console. The Landgraab family is one of the wealthiest, biggest, and the most well-known family that appears in almost every series in The Sims. This family empire possesses a number of businesses and enterprises , but most of them are only mentioned, showing the possible richness of the Landgraabs. Most Landgraabs are known to live in luxurious mansions, and one of them is a chateau that contains ancient treasuries which belonged to the ruthless Admiral Landgraab , who set numerous traps to keep raiders from stealing them.

Malcolm Landgraab is an infamous member of the Landgraab family who appears the most with similar name. He is a business tycoon who collects debts from everyone who owes him in SimValley. Another Malcolm also appears in The Sims 3 , and unlike them, he appears to be the nicest Malcolms of all, having a Good trait. However, he reappears in the console version of The Sims 3 , who turns to be a snobby man.

Bridgeport is a neighborhood, introduced in The Sims 3: Late Night expansion pack. It is the first urban neighborhood in the main series; all previous main neighborhoods were rural or suburban. Bridgeport is designed to highlight many nightlife-oriented activities introduced in the Late Night expansion. Bridgeport consists of two main parts centered around a large bay and suspension bridge. One part is built-up with tall buildings, complete with penthouses where Sims can live. Most of the city's rabbit holes are located here, as well as many clubs and hangout spots.

Across the bay is a lower-density suburban area, complete with many expensive houses and mansions. The arrival of new residents from the city, and the money they bring with, is causing a change in the atmosphere of the town. The neighbors can't live without their pets, and many are sociable towards nearly everyone. Know about stores. Products of this store will be shipped directly from the US to your country. Products of this store will be shipped directly from the UK to your country. Products of this store will be shipped directly from China to your country.

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