Tequila Sunset (A Last Call Story)

Presenting Margarita, all jazzed up!
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It hit the American ground running, was fitted with a host of modifications Roland had planned, and just in time for its first showing in a city all too familiar with tequila sunrises, Las Vegas and the aforementioned SEMA Show. The first thing anyone notices about the RS 3 is its unique color. Depending on the light conditions, the paint runs the spectrum from an orange hued sunrise to a golden forest at full autumnal tilt.

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There is no doubt that the orange pearl color is the most attention-grabbing part of the car. In order to maintain a square fitment and fit the RS 3 chassis, this meant going with four each of the R8 front-wheels only.

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Other Editions 2. The writing style was good and the editing clean. The train experience has proven to be so popular that Jose Cuervo and Patron have both organizing their own versions of the Tequila Express. A biking tour can be a great way to add to your ridemiles total, experiencing new places and View 1 comment.

Visually, the car continues with its direction of handsome subtlety. The end result is a balance of poise and performance.

Leaving well enough alone, the RS 3 retains its stock engine output and transmission while benefiting from the suspension and wheel and tire package for more spirited drives. Lorain, OH.

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The last time anyone would see him, period. Back to Paradise Alley. And nobody knew why.

Except me. I raised my hands and pretended to snap a picture …. No one knew what to make of it but they knew they loved this cocktail bar that seemed to spring up like some sort of ….

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Tommy Kirk stood outside of the window, peering in. What the hell was in that cocktail the bartender had given him?

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The Ginger Bread? The Red Ginger?