The Mystery of Kaddish: Understanding the Mourners Kaddish

Understanding the Kaddish, the Jewish Mourner's Prayer
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Walfish does not see herself as a pioneer or a revolutionary. But she sensitively discusses what it means to be the lone woman reciting Kaddish in an Orthodox service that is very male-centred. It would be difficult to claim that this book has finally solved the riddle of Kaddish. But it contains thoughtful essays by knowledgeable Jews who have struggled to find meaning in the prayer itself or in the experience of reciting it.

The essays are a useful resource for Jews to add meaning to their experience of mourning or to their thinking about that experience , and to help in the process of consolation. Gaza arson balloons cause 20 fires in one-day blitz. Canada adds neo-Nazi, Iran-backed groups to terrorist watch list.

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Troy: In Quebec, can the Poutine Police be far behind? Hard feelings over precious wedding ring.

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The Jewish Prayer of Kaddish and What it Means

Prints of illuminated haftarah scroll on display. HBO series about events leading to Gaza War to premiere. The CJN Prize Jewish Music Week Contest Closed. Eifman Ballet Contest Closed. Tribute to Israel. Home Living. Passover Greetings. I led us in a traditional service, but with a great difference. Although my ideological preference is for egalitarian prayer, this circle of men was so strong, so safe and so comforting. Such power and depth.

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Sear the brisket for ten minutes on each side and then remove to a plate. No Thanks. But the rest looks like gibberish. Email me when new comments are posted. As the tree is judged by its fruit, and the artisan by his product, so a parent achieves personal significance by the moral success of his child.

From this masculine ritual came the invitation to share whatever I wanted to share about my dad as a way to honor both of us. My heart was strong and open and true words flowed with tears and laughter that gave permission for others to share their stories it felt as if we were an ancient tribe connected through the mountains, the sounds and the tradition calling to us through our ancestors.

That Green Mountain kaddish opened our hearts. My dad loved the mountains and the sea; sailing and skiing were his favorite outdoor activities and he taught me both.

Dad was 82 when he skied for the last time and appalled that Vail Resorts barely gave him a discount on a lift ticket! My parents had a few vacations in Breckenridge and loved both the mountain and the town.

One Monday in February, I was skiing with various friends in Breck and had access to a beautiful penthouse condo with a massive balcony overlooking the mountain. I knew that there were plenty of Jews out on the slopes that day, including good friends, and was determined to end the ski day with a minyan and a kaddish; I sent lots of text messages to make it happen.

The Mystery Of The Mourner's Kaddish

One of the participants was my good friend Dave, who happens to own an amazing brewery Broken Compass and supplied plenty of lovely craft beer to go along with the Breckenridge Bourbon. So, we gathered outside in the freezing air looking out over the runs we had skied, and I spoke about my dad and I led a diverse group of Jews in a mincha service and got to say kaddish in this place that he loved.

I felt so grateful that people made such an effort to show up and be a part of this, but soon realized that they were grateful to me too, thanking me profusely for allowing them to participate. This was an important lesson for me; a reminder that usually when we ask someone to help us perform a mitzvah, we are helping them too, and we all grow through connections that give meaning, especially when we share authentically with each other. That is where the true power of community comes alive.

The Thursday night before, his parents hosted all of us who had come in from overseas for a dinner on the beach. My parents always did just that whenever they could. Others shared memories of him too and far from taking anything away from the joyful Bar Mitzvah weekend, this minyan for kaddish actually added a richness and depth in a way that ritual can. Dad loved the sea, the water, possibly even more than the mountains, so minyan by the Med brought his seafaring soul to presence. There were other extraordinary kaddish moments that punctuated these mourning months, out in the wilderness, on the trail, in classrooms and halls and basements.

Yet, some of my daily practices, less by choice than by circumstance at first, were done completely alone in my living room. When I found the text of a special kaddish to be said when you cannot get a minyan, something shifted, giving me permission for a different and sweet daily remembrance that did not require community.

Please remember all of the loving kindness and goodness that he did in the world of the living. Grant him peaceful rest under the wings of the Shechinah and bind his soul to the eternal bond of life. May the One who makes peace on high, make peace for us and for all Israel and let us say Amen. My father was a self-defined agnostic and he may have found some of the effort I went to say kaddish a bit ridiculous, but I feel sure that that he would have loved some of them too.

For the Solitary Mourner: A Prayer of Godly Praise

I am not sure what it means that I no longer have the official status of a mourner, now that the year on the Hebrew calendar is complete, and kaddish turns from a daily ritual to an annual one. I do know that the integration of these three different ways of saying kaddish; in the various established synagogues, minyanim in extraordinary places and moments of memory alone, framed my year and gave me strength. Marc Soloway.

The Function of the Kaddish

Editorial Reviews. From the Inside Flap. Eventually, all souls get to Gan Eden. Any experience of torment along the way is not meant as a 'punishment', rather as. The Mystery of Kaddish is an in-depth and Kabbalistic exploration into the The Mystery of Kaddish: Understanding the Mourner's Kaddish and millions of other.

Shtieblach, Meah Shearim, Jerusalem. Green Mountain Minyan, Boulder, Colorado.