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http://krasnoyarsk.chistka-skvazhin.ru/includes/bosque/3147.php On Monday, they took a major step in making good on that promise as Sara Gideon, the speaker of Maine's state House, announced her candidacy. In the video, Gideon hits Collins for voting for President Donald Trump's tax cuts and for Kavanaugh, and even features footage of the President thanking Collins. So you know where Gideon is headed in this campaign: Collins likes to say she's a moderate but when she's in Washington she votes like a Trump conservative.

That argument -- minus the "Trump" part -- has been tried before against Collins. In and , Democrats ran serious, well-funded candidates against her. And attacked Collins as less moderate -- and less in line with Maine's values -- than she tried to paint herself. Collins is an able campaigner -- and she'll have as much money as she needs from Washington Republicans. That said, there's reason to believe that the race -- now that Gideon is in -- will be Collins' toughest since she won the open seat of retiring Sen.

William Cohen in Here's why:.

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In past campaigns, Democratic strategists always struggled to prove -- beyond any reasonable doubt -- that Collins was more aligned with national Republicans than she let on. But they could never find that singular vote -- until Collins voted to confirm Kavanaugh.

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MT Webmaster Jun 14, The others on the list will then have to hold their breath and not do anything silly -- such as support Anwar Ibrahim if he makes his move against Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad via a vote of no confidence…. Raja Petra Kamarudin Jun 22, Raja Petra Kamarudin Jun 19, Raja Petra Kamarudin Jun 18, Raja Petra Kamarudin Jun 17, Raja Petra Kamarudin Jun 24, Mahathir says the allegation against Azmin Ali is a lie and is a political conspiracy.

That can only mean…. Raja Petra Kamarudin Jun 20, MT Webmaster Jun 23, MT Webmaster May 23, MT Webmaster May 15,