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But when I do it, I still have to do it. I basically based my character on Michael Bay! You recently directed Woody Allen in Fading Gigolo. He very rarely acts for other directors — what was he like to work with? Once I got past his merciless criticism of the different drafts of my script, I loved working with him. Woody held the screen in a humorous way, a romantic way. He has weight. I thought we would play well together. When Joe Pesci was with De Niro it was brutal and it was funny. They were really good together. Al Pacino and John Cazale, they had done these plays together.

Gandolfini was always good when he acted with a woman. People have camps. I think Boyhood and Birdman have good interesting directors. I really like the Dardennes brothers. I think Two Days, One Night is an important movie. I liked A Most Violent Year. Your hands shake for hours afterward. This what I want you to consider when the discussion moves toward Rep. Members of the military and police spend hours, days and weeks at a time training with their weapons. They train on close quarter tactics with partners, teams, squads and platoons. Safety and awareness is ingrained in you from day one.

Dry runs are the norm. You practice and train methodically, going door by door, hallway to hallway, communicating and marking cleared rooms as you pass. You do this over, and over and over. Because no two professions better understand the devastation of a gun when things go wrong. No two professions better understand the actual stress of being shot at and the absolute need to remember and implement the months and years of training for these exact types of situations.

The margin for error in close quarters combat, such as a school environment, is razor thin. The only responsibility a teacher should have during a school shooting is ensuring the safety of the students in their classroom. Further, Rep. Pittman totally disregards that a person or teacher with a gun, even with the best intentions, can create a tragedy on their own. There are what ifs on top of what ifs. What if during the chaos of an active shooter situation a teacher shoots a n innocent student?

Are we willing to accept this as a society? What if the teacher is shot a very likely scenario? What if the shooter knows exactly who the armed teachers on campus are? What if on a regular day a teacher goes to break up a fight in the hallway and the firearm is accidentally discharged? According to an FBI study about active shooter situations , police officers who engaged the shooter were wounded or killed in The potential collateral damage is not worth it. There are just too many possible negative outcomes and risks that so severely outweigh the small chance that they stop an active shooter threat , where most of the death and destruction is carried out in the first few minutes.

This piece is not meant as a knock against teachers , nor am I by any means questioning their bravery in these situations. God knows our country has seen example after example of teachers and students shielding others from gunfire. My goal here is to bring the reality of the situation to the forefront. Matt Martin, thank you for your for your service. You are a brave soldier and you make Americans proud. We understand war is hell and each person will respond to the horrors differently. However, not knowing how our soldiers will respond does not deter us from training, preparing and deploying.

I for one would rather have a fighting chance whether I took it or not than not have any chance at all. Gun free zones are target rich environments. Schools, movie theaters, military compounds military compounds! Put a gun somewhere in a school, in the hand of a teacher, a law enforcement officer, etc, and you will do much to DETER the coward.

What the author is missing is that the simple knowledge that teachers may be armed, could be enough deterrent in itself. Their Security carries a walkie-talkie and pepper-spray. A Security Guard or two, even armed, is not a deterrent in a large venue. The thought that there are dozens of possible armed people — IS! They plan to die so more guns is no detergent. Learn about the motive and prevent the means and this will stop! May not be a deterrent. But more likely the assailant goes out in a body bag and lives are saved.

And this scenario has played out just like that many a time… not that the media has any interest in covering those stories. Then arm all of the schools. Why are you all so against teachers protecting themselves and their students. Why all the hate? Your sick gun obsession has nothing to do with protecting kids! If, god forbid, there was an active shooter situation at my school, my job is to stay with my kids, not run off trying to be Rambo! What if the person breaking the door open is SWAT? In an active shooter situation, anyone with a gun is going to immediately be perceived as a threat.

No matter how responsible people are, they tend to slip up eventually. The more comfortable a teacher gets with taking their weapon to work, and the more time passes without incident, the more complacent they are likely to get. In Idaho, a professor shot himself in the foot during class with his concealed carry weapon. In Utah, another teacher accidentally shot herself in the leg while using the school bathroom.

And you want to take that situation and replicate it across thousands of classrooms all over the country? The problems are not gun free zones. There are problems with law, crime, culture and mentally unhealthy people. Also, maybe armed maybe not doesny mean squat to most people willing to open fire in a school. They got screws loose that just dont give a hoot. Armed teaches do open the door to extra risk.

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Shots fired in the hallway, someone comes barging through the door seeking safety and gets shot because someone in that room is armed and scared shitless. There are a whole slew of issues that simply make it risky. Is it worth it? I have a hard time accepting that risk across thousands of schools. But, that makes no sense! At least having the ability to defend themselves from someone with a gun is better than just hiding and taking the bullet without a choice!! Several of the last shooters explicitly writing about targeting poorly-defended locations is a pretty hard contradiction for this.

On top of this all except 2 successful public mass shootings in the last 30 years have been in gun-free zones. If you could provide your sources for the shooters writing explicitly about targeting gun free zones. As for your other comment that all but 2 public shootings over the last 30 years were in gun free zones.

A Stanford database on mass shootings defined as three or more shooting victims injured or killed, not including the shooter. Shootings that are gang- or drug-related are not included. The dataset includes incidents going back to the beginning of Of the 54 incidents that fit the criteria, the shooter chose locations where guns were banned 37 times. Shootings occurred where guns were legally allowed 17 times.

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So that refutes your statement. But both said.


The numbers change when you use the the more standard definition of mass shootings. All these school shooters are on suicidal vendettas and expect to die, either at the hands of law enforcement or by killing themselves. This is not true. Some shooters, like the FL shooter, have no intention of dying.

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He shot the place up very quickly and then he ran. Would the shooter have even entered the building? A deterrent assumes the behavior of a rational response from a person acting in their own self-interest. These people intend to die, not survive. Please state your references. Carjackings in those states dropped to zero or near-zero overnight. Not every mass shooter is on a suicide mission, and the possibility of an armed victim universally leads them to a softer target. Even a shooter who is on a suicide mission will choose a target where they can do more damage before they die.

Car-jackers are stealing and hoping to get away with their prize and get some money or something out of it. He was armed, and he was right outside the building, and maybe he could have stopped the shooter. He has been suspended, and now resigned. Experienced military veteran?

Uh, I guess, technically. But stil just a kid… and green. He was what, 19? Colin Powell is an experienced military veteran. The 40something private contractors hired by the military to do what those in uniform often lack courage to, are also experienced military veterans. Meanwhile the teachers could be fighting for their very lives, and the lives of the students they value over their own.

In fact they often commit suicide as part of the massacre. They want to die and they want to take a bunch of innocent people with them. Read the article again with an open mind, instead of the NRA-fueled knee jerk reaction you just had. Prepare accordingly. Many mass murderers take their own lives before capture. So, NOT a deterrent, by my way of thinking. The key is to respond quickly and minimize the killing.

People with mental deficiencies will find ways to stir up trouble, regardless if it comes at the cost of their own lives. What we need is dialogue to help those with mental illness cope and to end the stigma. Pushing people away will only serve to drive them to these acts which will only perpetuate the need for even a further need for guns. In other developed countries, there are mental illness patients as well. Yet, the U.

In other words, gun control laws. No people required. When I hear THE MAIN solution to mass shooting is to arm teachers, that tells me you are expecting, and accepting, that mass shootings will continue to happen. That is NOT an acceptable solution! An unmodified AR can fire on average what? Suddenly I hear gunshots. By the time I am able to even process what is happening, lots of people will already be dead. If my room is the first target, I might be dead before realizing what is going on. Can we escape safely? If so protocol says we should escape. Do I, the teacher with a gun, go with my students to make sure they get away safely or do I stay behind with my little handgun and try to engage the shooter, who has an assault rifle?

But just addressing the school environment; The solution needs to make sure that guns, and assault rifles, and high capacity magazines never reach a classroom where a teacher needs to fire a gun. Anything less than that is just simply unacceptable. Exactly this. I love teaching, but I would quit before I would ever agree to carry a gun in a classroom full of kids everyday! They will continue to happen. The deadliest school shooting was done with pistols and restricted magazines. The next best thing is to stop thinking that signs will keep schools from being soft targets.

Is letting teachers who wish to, be armed, the solution you want? Please cite your sources that arming teachers is the only solution to deterring school shootings? Maybe it has to do with the number of armed law enforcement that patrol in and around the building. Do you think Congress would go for a situation where the Capital has one resource officer and then all congressmen and congresswomen can carry a firearm? Maybe we need more law enforcement at schools?

The argument has been made that banks are more secure than schools. Is it because the tellers are armed or because they have an armed guard in the building? Remember, the size of a bank is much smaller than a school and the ratio of armed guard to people in the building is quite different between a school and a bank. So we really have to stop the narrative that there is only one solution.

There are many potential solutions and ALL should be tried. I think people like you with cowboy mentalities are out of touch with reality. Since the vast majority of mass shootings do not even take place in gun free zones, your argument is clearly hogwash. After all, who is more armed and trained than military personnel? NRA rules our country, not democracy. James Bush and others who see nothing wrong with arming teachers etc. Please at least try to know the facts when making statements about something.. Point made, 1 armed person on campus.

He should have had backup. And had the option to flee. But they have plenty of time and incentive to change their mind about using a gun in the lockbox on the wall if they had the option. All teachers get training, all classrooms have a weapon lockbox… The cost? He also refused to go into the school during the entire incident which is why you might as well have said they had no armed security there.

He has been relieved of his duties. The deputy stood there and did nothing during the first minutes of the shooting spree. He has since resign. He has now requested protection for his family and self due to death threats. Exactly why every teacher should have one. Like a fire extinguisher, would you just have one in the building or one in every room? Who will those teachers be? A bunch of psychos who want to turn schools into armed camps. You folks are loony tunes longing for an American dystopia.

He stood outside while the shooter was still in the school. He never entered the school. He resigned from his job immediately as he was being questioned about his actions, or lack of. You would be surprised by how many people forget there are extinguishers available, misuse them or simply too afraid to get close enough for the extinguisher to be effective. Have you ever been in an emergency and how serious and fast things can happen.

Do you really believe that if a shooter came into the school that someone will grab a fire extinguisher and stop the shooter? What experiences have you had??? We all ran outside as fast as we could. The streets were filled with people. A house with a fire extinguisher is generally safer than a house without.

A house with a gun is measurably less safe than one without.

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And kill… I believe all teachers should be trained either in weapons or guerrilla tactics for defense i. The only person or persons in danger is anyone who comes through my door wishing to do harm… the notion that my house is any more dangerous because it has guns, than a house without guns for that reason alone is asanine. But the statistics are quite clear. Having guns in your house makes you and yours more, not less, likely to die of a gunshot than the average household. Dave, I know the surveys you are talking about, and they include households with members engaged in criminal activity, and in suicides.

One can judge, on an individual basis, if there is risk of either of these in a house. But what does that even say? Life is risk management. Or, more drastically, if no one owns any firearms then no one will be killed or injured. That is like claiming your car airbags are useless because they did not deploy in an accident.

Nice try; no cigar. Three in ten soldiers return fire. How many half trained teachers would manage? How many school shooters leave in a bodybag now? Most of them. The bulk do not expect to survive. Your deterrent turns out to be part of the challenge. Half trained is not the recommendation-trained volunteers and yes you would get them. It would only take one effective pull of the trigger to stop the slaughter. Yep Kandahar ambushes are exactly like an active shooter situation in a school. The class is scouting through shrub land and the shooter jumps out and…oh wait…no the shooter assaults the school kicks in doors or pulls a fire alarm and starts shooting.

More than none. Perhaps because he does not know the situations in schools. He suggested that a teacher breaking up a fight in the hallway could have his gun taken away from him by a student and used. That is ludicrous! Well you still got in a car accident and may have died, i wonder if it was because someone who shouldnt have been driving was. Maybe they should have had a more rigorous driving test or had their license revoked because of past driving habits. Maybe the air bag should have tested and inspected more thoroughly? Regardless of having armed protection people are still going to die especially if the one shooting has anything like an assault rifle.

The airbag DID deploy, in the form of an armed guard doing exactly what they should have been doing. A human will, no matter how well trained. What is next Sparta, Greece as the culture we live in? The safety of airbags has been tested and proven through hundreds of thousands of hours of controlled testing at car manufacturers. There is no empirical evidence that having an armed Samaritan nearby will impact the casualty rate of these mass shooting events.

Not to mention the fact that there is a pretty clear distinction between an airbag deploying and expecting someone whose profession is to teach small children how to read to hunt down and incapacitate an assailant armed with an AR They have had two shootings since then , both ended with a teacher killing the shooter.

Phirc86 Israel is has compulsory military service and strict gun control. The US is not comparable to Israel. We have 3. Oh, and even with 3. Good luck forcing teachers to carry guns. And armed guards might not react the way you think they should or are supposed to. What if a student gets hold of one of those guns?

What if a teacher forgets where they left it and a student picks it up? There are sooo many variables in any given situation, and it is simply not possible to prepare for all contingencies. Given a change of circumstances, maybe the armed guard could have been helpful. But under the circumstances as they played out, he was not. To imply anything else is overly simplistic and ludicrous. No cigar for you, either. Go away. One armed guard for that enormous campus was ludicrous lack of coverage.

And I believe that concerned teachers will go through the training on their own time, and the NRA will provide the training at little or no cost to the school district under their National School Shield program. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different outcome. That epitomizes the call for gun bans and gun-free zones. You want tax cuts rather than educating our children, but you and every other American, I suppose can pony up to have a squad of soldiers patrolling every school. I assume you will include sharpshooters.

How about serpentine wire and mnes? The NRA donation is true. Why should any school need an armed guard? Yet somehow we seem to have less gun crime in our schools than the USA. Can any of you guess why that may be? I agree with you Andrew. So the NRA pays to train and retrain teachers. Because the profession of arms is a perishable one. But who insures the school and the teachers? What if during a shooter situation a teacher misses and hits another child. What if they are unable to act? When these teachers deal with the psychological fallout of killing a child, who supports them medically?

We hardly pay our teachers now. Expecting them to just volunteer is silly, as this training and retraining will take a lot of time and commitment, if we suddenly expect them to be public defenders should they not receive compensation related to their new position? If they remain a volunteer it would be hard to maintain accountability. Just a few of the thoughts that come to mind. But this is way to simple of a solution to propose without diving into the deeper details.

The NRA, sponsored by gun manufacturers, who benefit from fear, offers to help schools buy guns from those gun manufacturers. In every school in the USA. The additional benefits of making Americans even more afraid of each other and more likely to buy more guns and kill each other more and buy more guns. They had a police resource officer. Now, they have that. The Parkland armed guard was nowhere near an entry point to the building.

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They could have had a tank but it too would have been useless if it was in the garage. From the news not even close and the officer on duty was not even on the premise. So no cigar comrade. Unlike before now they seem to be putting real security in place. Also their advance security was foiled by the shooter just pulling on the fire alarm complete failure at every level.

Only reason to arm teachers is because they want the teacher to take even more responsibility they should not need to take. Also the armed guard happened to not even be around when the shooting started, so yeah. That way if the killer targets security first, they have less of a chance of succeeding. School resource deputy Scot Peterson was placed under investigation by Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel but then decided to resign his post after a review found he sat outside for four minutes during the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 dead.

Israel said Thursday surveillance footage captured Peterson responding to the building where the shooting was unfolding. He said the deputy got there within a minute and a half of when the gunfire started. He positioned himself outside the building but never went in, Israel said. The Parkland school deputy, Scott Peterson was useless because he was derelict in his duties and has been suspended without pay pending an internal investigation.

And since this cowardly s. He failed to perform his duty and hid outside. If eh had been a soldier he would have up on charges. Sorry, he was a coward as were 3 other deputies that were on the scene, they refused to enjoin the battle! It is unbelievable to think that it is better to let an armed person kick in the door of your classroom and riddle you and your students with bullets rather than protecting yourself with a gun.

Getting mistaken for an active shooter or having to shoot one of your students is a weak argument for not protecting yourself and your students. Why do some people believe that is wrong? It is the moral and right thing to do. HE was useless—a coward, who had taken an oath to serve and protect, up to and including it being in peril of his own life.

That goes to show you, that training for situations like this is not the only answer. I really like why the school in Indiana has done. We might not be able to go all the way, like they have done but in between. We already have cameras in hallways, so being able to see the intruder and smoking him out is a smart way to go.

At the same time be able to lock the doors in the area he is in to trap him. We have students and parents that volunteers in the school office everyday, so when can have a room with live cameras so they can see the intruder and push the alarm for active stranger in building, lock doors. Right away call for backup. And if they notice a gun be able to seal the person in the area and release a gas so he can not see. Teacher who already know, are well trained already and know how to use weapons should be allowed to carry their own weapon.

Arming teachers for the sake of arming, that are not trained, have no knowledge of proper use, gone to no practice ranges nor grew up on a farm should NOT be given a weapon. Look what happened to the deputy that was trained! That way if there is a 65 year old teacher grew up on a farm, that goes to the practice range regularly, she can carry without drawing attention to herself.

I guess it appeared so. Who knows if it was even loaded.? U should maintain a defensive position nearby, try to interpret everything you hear n see to Dispatch and wait for the Calvary to arrive. So is their Sheriff and that is why imbedded armed individuals are needed. If you were in a classroom with 25 students and no place to hide when the shooter breaks down the door would you want to be armed with a chance to defend the students or be at the mercy of a crazed shooter?

Aaron Fries, one of the teachers killed in the shooting, was that security guard. However, since Parkland is a gun free zone, he was not allowed to be armed. Had he been allowed to carry a firearm, which most security guards do, there would be a completely different outcome. The AR Armalite rifle model 15 , which is the model used in this shooting, is not an assault rifle.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Nelle Frances, born in Gayndah Queensland in , Ben, His Helmet and the Teacher Switch (Ben and his Helmet Book 5) Kindle Edition. by Nelle Frances (Author). The 'Ben and His Helmet' series are helping children on the Autistic Spectrum learn Ben, His Helmet and the Teacher Switch and millions of other books are .

Your article is well written and I want to reiterate; I mean no disrespect to you, Mr. Stanfield, but some of your information is incorrect. I am terrified that our Second Amendment rights are in jeopardy, and your article seems to indicate you may be in favor of reform. If I am wrong, please accept my sincere apology. I am the child of a Vietnam vet, so I have an idea of what you suffer.

I also value my freedom and never want to see my constitutional rights taken away, or tampered with in any way. That said, I think you underestimate our teachers. I say arm them, our children deserve to be safe. Oh, you mean the 4 coward cops. Yes, that guard was useless. As he stood outside and had a smoke while the gunman was killing people inside. If you have a gun you will almost certainly be killed. You all think you are little Rambos. The reality is that you would pee in your pants, hesitate, be shaking too much to hit a bus. Are you out of your liberal mind. Do you think he went into that school to shoot armed people.

He went there to shoot unarmed people. Fucn people!!

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So instead of having a chance at defending yourself and your students,you would rather just watch him shoot you and them down? Maybe left alone??? Good grief, I want to at least have the opportunity to be ablr to defend myself and those around me! There are That means 0. You want to armed teachers in every single school in America for something that happens to less than 1 in students. I wonder if you would have the same opinion if YOUR child was among the victims? Shame on you! While deployed in the Middle East, we frequently used rapid access safes in countries that did not want open carry by US personnel.

First, Thank you sincerely for your service to this country. Secondly, what is your solution? Would it be the answer to leave our children as sitting ducks? There are many questions to be asked and we must seek to find the right answers. Did you read the artical? That being said by a person with months or years of experience. Do you really want kids to be around a shooter and an untrained civilian with a gun? But their advantage over you is the element of surprise. I have a nephew who was gunned down after returning to his residence after mid-term exams at Ohio State.

His shooter was never caught. The gun was stolen from a resident on another street. Even IF my nephew had a gun on him, a shooter sneaking up on him in the dark had the definite advantage. Ban guns? Be the first to write a review About this product. Show More Show Less. New New. No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review.

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