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Get Your Head Out Of The Clouds! How To Deal With Cloud Computing Issues
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BI Cloud Services can mitigate these concerns. It is important to note BI Cloud Services is not the same as a traditional hosted solution.

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Organizations from sales teams to football teams are using the cloud to make their operations and offerings more accessible, efficient, and responsive. Since cloud systems are accessible anytime and anywhere, managers can make informed decisions in real time, instead of reacting to things that happened yesterday. Knowing that my male counterparts are more ready to take the jump, I am beginning to consider doing the same. Skip to content. Did you grow up with someone older telling you to "get your head out of the clouds? Overall, I was pleased with the two site visits today and feel very blessed to have been able to visit such wonderful companies.

Further, while data needs to be moved from the desired source systems to the BI Cloud Services, moving your data to the BI Cloud environment is handled through a manual upload or packaged automation. The extraction of the data from the source systems and uploading to the BI cloud environment may fall to the IT organization. One of the most prevalent requests in a BI deployment is for users to build their own analysis and work with their own data.

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In a more typical BI deployment, users are limited to working with data in corporate standard environments; leveraging the data models the IT or business systems teams have created. This often runs counter to the needs of a custom analytic application. With BI Cloud Services, the user community has the ability to integrate both standard corporate data and external drives that they deem relevant to the analysis for example, commodity prices. This can be done by leveraging enterprise class technology the Oracle database and Oracle Business Intelligence without relying on IT to alter the more standardized reports used across the business.

Even though the user community has the freedom of self-service analysis, it does not mean that leveraging BI Cloud Services needs to violate, or run counter to corporate standards. If you are an Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition client, both the modeling and the data models used in the BI Cloud Service can be moved from the cloud to on-premise deployments.

Creating a Value Proposition

If a user or department creates a piece of analysis that would benefit the larger organization, it can be migrated and released to a wider audience. The motivation for moving to cloud services will differ based on the needs and nature of the organization as a whole. Smaller organizations will likely, and should, look to BI Cloud Services as a means to leverage a true enterprise-scale, analytic toolset at a fraction of the cost of an on-premise deployment.

Smaller organizations will benefit from:. Medium-sized businesses will benefit most from speed to value. In order to adapt and keep growing, smaller businesses are often integrating data from other cloud services and altering models to react to changing market trends. The BI Cloud Services environment can become a high-quality, adaptable data mart for key analytics.

Getting Your Head Out of the Clouds: Understanding Business Intelligence Cloud Services

Larger organizations should look to BI Cloud Services to augment and extend their analytic framework. These organizations likely have BI standards and on-premise deployments in place. Where these organizations often struggle is providing users with adaptable self-service analysis such as integrating external data sets. Also, as larger organizations invest in purpose-built systems such as Hyperion Planning and HFM , BI Cloud Services becomes a way to quickly create analytic data marts and provide unified, thin-client reporting.

So often with BI tools, people try to apply them beyond their capability or intended use. It is not a global data warehousing strategy. It does, however, provide a series of robust capabilities that can serve clients of various sizes and needs. BI Cloud Services can:. All in all, Oracle BI Cloud Services and similar technologies represent the future direction of corporate business intelligence.

They should become part of the strategy, but as functionality expands, direct integration increases, and performance meets the standards of on-premise systems, organizations should look to these systems as the primary arbiter of analytic data. This is the future companies should be planning for today. There are various vendors that offer cloud solutions: Drop Box Salesforce Apple iCloud Each of these vendors starts with a storage mechanism for your data and then applies an application paradigm across the top of it. Oracle BI Cloud Services generally provide: Savings for the technical infrastructure and personnel Freedom for personalized analytics Control of analytics and data standards At first glance, some of these values seem contradictory.

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Do Your Research Cloud computing is like any purchase — it requires planning. Go Private One feature that confuses firms is the public aspect. Keep Sensitive Data Offline Sadly, the cloud is never one hundred percent foolproof, and anyone that says otherwise is a liar.

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Get Your Head Out of the Clouds, This is Business is a no nonsense business book that will help business owners with understanding the importance of. Get Your Head Out of the Clouds, This is Business - Kindle edition by Ivy McQuain. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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Ok Privacy policy. This means that companies utilizing SharePoint in the Cloud can now experience the same feel, capabilities, and functions as the on-premise version of SharePoint. This is the premise of the Cloud. So what does this mean for companies using SharePoint and what should they consider before moving SharePoint to the Cloud? Once SharePoint has been implemented in the Cloud, companies do realize the benefits associated with the change decreased management responsibilities for your IT team, increased flexibility in terms of scalability, infrastructure disaster recovery, and more cost effective licensing models but first you need to decide if you should and can indeed complete the implementation of this program.

You need to evaluate your resources and decide if your IT staff can complete this in-house or if it will be wiser and more cost effective to outsource it, or perhaps a little bit of both?

Get your head out of the clouds! A statement of the past?

A smooth transition is crucial for business operations to remain on point, unaffected by the decision to move to the Cloud. Keeping up with the hardware and software of SharePoint can be a difficult task for many organizations. Maintaining the infrastructure takes time and money. The time and money spent on the challenges to start-up and maintain SharePoint can be reduced, and maybe even eliminated by hosting SharePoint on the Cloud.

Be aware though, that the SharePoint provider will not take care of everything. Search requirements need to be discussed as they can be one of the most important functions for SharePoint users, and not all SharePoint providers allows full functionality of the search function.