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She lived in a wooden hut like the rest of her neighbors in the lower burrell. In spite of the struggles of being a poor single year old woman, Crystaline was generally in good spirits. She was giving and very helpful to those around her. Crystaline was known around the destitute portion for her big, bright, beautiful, smile…her long, thick, coarse hair…her smooth honey brown skin People often wondered how Crystaline maintained a full figure while everyone in the lower burrell barely had enough to eat.

They knew she was just as poor as they were and yet she had such a healthy stature. She was also very tall for a female, so many male suitors wanted her. But Crystaline was widowed and expecting a child, so finding a new companion was the furthest thing from her mind.

The secret of her healthy stature was one that she was not yet ready to reveal. Though life for the impoverished living in the lower burrell was tough, it was about to get a lot tougher. Because they were seen as insignificant, all of the lower burrell citizens were captured and forced into slavery for Kalos and the Savage Kingdom. The first four years of captivity was hard. The newly enslaved people were treated terribly. They were branded.

This made it easy to identify them as the Savage Kingdom's captives. The slaves were often beaten, ridiculed, severely punished and starved. When they were given food to eat, they were served potatoes, mashed and mixed with peanut butter paste. The only reason this meal was given to them was to give them energy to continue to work each day.

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If ever defiant, the slaves, both adults and children, were stripped naked and beaten with leather whips that had been fashioned with metal hook tassels. The ultimate punishment to the rebellious was being smashed by the Boulder Guillotine. But with the type of fear that Kalos the Emperor had instilled in them, the Boulder Guillotine was never needed. This imprisonment was especially hard for Crystaline.

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Set in a fantasy world that is both harsh and beautiful, Grandelyn follows the journey to freedom of an enslaved group of people. Oppressed by an evil dictator . Compre o livro Grandelyn na confira as ofertas para livros em inglês e importados.

Crystaline was a very defiant slave. She tried many times to escape but was often caught and severely beaten. Because of her big stature, sometimes her captors would isolate and starve her. By the time she could join the slaves again she was skinny, all except her pregnant belly. Crystaline had the war wounds to prove her defiance.

Her once flawless, smooth brown skin was now scarred and bruised from lashes and other beatings. But none of those things killed her spirit; instead she grew stronger and more determined. Crystaline knew that she was too far along in her final trimester to attempt another escape. One day while she was out in the vineyard, she went into labor. Crystaline had too much dignity and refused to bring her child into the world like a wounded dog.

We have to get you inside. She resisted. My friends, I want you to share this joy with me. The contractions were getting closer and more severe as Vanka instructed Crystaline on how to breathe. Toplin and Mr. Toplin looked to the tower again to find that the two soldiers were mounting their horses and making their way to the vineyard. He nodded to Mr. Crowesh, who lifted his head long enough to see the same sight. And with that Crystaline gave a final hard push and a loud scream. The circle was filled with the angelic cries of the baby.

Vanka gave a reassuring look to the new mother. The baby looked very healthy and surprisingly chubby given that Crystaline was being starved by her captors. The infant was truly a beauty. She had creamy caramel brown skin, smooth and shiny jet black hair, pretty oval eyes that were puffy and wet with tears, and pouty pink lips.

Crystaline kissed the baby on the forehead and instantly she stopped crying. There was an instant connection between the two. The moment of joy was interrupted with the kick of dust into their faces by the horses that stopped abruptly before the slaves. They looked up to find Zodner and Semp looking down on them from horseback.

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His metal mask was lopsided and his long messy blonde hair covered his eyes. The Emperor is not going to like that you soiled his precious vineyard with your mess. The two minions did not like that they were being ignored. Give us the baby. Crystaline grasped her baby tightly. You cannot have my child. Zodner was flabbergasted at the audacity of her defiance. You need to get back to work. The Wall was another torturous punishment for the rebellious.

The defiant slave would be chained to the Wall face first, arms up. In this position, the slave was pelted in the back with rocks and half-bricks. Crystaline knew this punishment all too well. The polka-dotted scars on her back showed she was a constant victim of the Wall. As Crystaline continued to lie in the grass and holding her daughter, Sarah observed from the vineyard. Sarah was a slave who sometimes worked in the baby cages to take care of the infants or toddlers. Oppressed by an evil dictator, the slaves appear doomed to a lifetime of torture and servitude. But an unlikely leader rises among them and offers a chance for freedom.

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Ariyah, the beautiful young daughter of a rebellious slave, grows to become Set in a fantasy world that is both harsh and beautiful, Grandelyn follows the journey to freedom of an enslaved group of people. Ariyah, the beautiful young daughter of a rebellious slave, grows to become a fierce warrior and a reluctant leader in the eyes of the people. Ariyah attempts to lead the slaves out of bondage and into a new life - in a beautiful yet mysterious land called Grandelyn.

After years of pain and suffering, Ariyah and her people find that Grandelyn offers the potential for peace and happiness.

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Hannah's Garden Event Place Brgy. Party Authority Bilogbilog, Tanauan. If it is added to AbeBooks by one of our member booksellers, we will notify you! Dionne Lee Nelson. Happy 70th bday ate dioning In regards to love they like to have varied and new experiences if possible. Friend Reviews.

But Grandelyn has dark secrets that are about to be revealed. Those secrets, and a dictator who is unwilling to relinquish his grip, threaten everything that Ariyah and the others have fought so hard to attain. In effect, Grandelyn is the story of two journeys, and two transformations. One is the journey of an enslaved people struggling to transform themselves to a free people.

The other is the journey of a young girl struggling to quickly transform from a child slave to a leader. Both journeys have unexpected and dangerous consequences. All journeys must end. Will both of these journeys end in the peace and prosperity of Grandelyn, or in a dark new world? Get A Copy.

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Jan 13, Angela Moxon rated it it was amazing.

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