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Vor allem in der Jugend- und in der Werbesprache gebe es viele Anglizismen. In vielen anderen Bereichen sei die Frequenz weitaus geringer, in der Rechtssprache seien englische Begriffe kaum zu finden. Gerade in der Jugendsprache dienten Anglizismen auch dazu, sich von der erwachsenen Generation abzugrenzen. Dieses Sprachverhalten gebe sich aber meistens, wenn die Jugendlichen erwachsen werden. Ist Deutsch noch zu retten? Immer wieder machen besorgte Geister den Vorschlag, Deutsch als Landessprache in der Verfassung zu verankern.

Englisch tritt an seine Stelle. Zeitgenossen mit geringem sprachlichen Sensorium kommen damit leichter zurecht als jene, die Deutsch nicht allein zu Zwecken der Mitteilung benutzen, sondern als Form des Denkens und Dichtens. Betrachten wir erstens die Wissenschaft. Aber auch in Deutschland anglifiziert sie sich immer mehr.

Auch hier gilt, dass der Prozess in den Naturwissenschaften und in der Medizin am weitesten fortgeschritten ist, gefolgt von den Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften. Dass zweitens die Wirtschaft Englisch spricht, versteht sich von selbst. Als Thomas Middelhoff , seinerzeit Chef von Bertelsmann, die mehrheitlich deutschen Mitarbeiter dazu anhielt, englisch miteinander zu reden, erntete er hier und da noch Irritationen.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. On November 25, , three Dominican sisters, political activists known as the Hermanas Mirabal, were brutally assassinated for opposing the Trujillo dictatorship. Who were the Mirabal Sisters? All 3 sisters were natives of the Dominican Republic and were fevently opposed to the cruel dictatorship of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo. She did not have an active role in working against the dictator, Trujillo.

The tale of the Mirabal sisters is an ongoing legacy of bravery and compassion in order to save the lives of many many people in the Dominican Republic. They defied the flow of conformity and stood out as National Heroines. The Mirabal sisters grew up in an affluent family and were will cultured and educated women at a time when most women did not receive a good education.

It is important to recognize what the Mirabal sisters did for their country and how their past actions still affect and influence people today in the Dominican Republic. Don Enrique was a successful farmer and merchant who was born in one of the small towns in Santiago called Tamboril. He owned his own farm, shop, cofee mill, meat market and rice factory. His wife Dona Chea was also from a middle class family in Ojo de Agua. Patria means fatherland. Patria had an affinity with painting and art and at the age of fourteen she was sent to the Colegio Inmaculada Concepcion in La Vega, a Catholic Boarding School.

Her sisters Dede and Minerva also went. Patria supported her sister Minerva in her anti-government efforts and opposed the dicatator Trujillo and in their attempts to overthrow Trujillo had all their property and home seized by the government. Minerva born March 12th showed signs of her great intelligence from a very early age. By the time she was just 7 yrs old she could recite the verses of French poets.

Like her sister Patria, she too appreciated and enjoyed art especially that of Pablo Picasso, her main love was of writing and reading poetry and favoured that of Juan Pablo Neruda. They married on November 20 and moved to Montte Cristi where they had 2 children, Minu and Manolito. In , she was taken to the capital and slong with her mother Dona Chea, placed under house arrest, meanwhile her father DonEnrique was being held in the Fortaleza Ozama.

The youngest of the Mirabal sisters, Maria Teresa was born on October 15 , and she also attended Inmaculada Concepcion with her sisters. On February 14 she married Leandro Guzman an engineer and one year later on February 17 she gave birth to their daughter named Jaqueline. She looked up to her sister Minerva and admired her actions and later became involved in her sisters political activities.

On January 20 , she was detained at a military base in her home town of Salcedo but later freed the same day. Two days later however she and her sister Miverva were arrested and taken to La Cuarenta. La Cuarenta was the infamous torture prison, they were later transferred La Victoria prison.

Spanglish - Ein Beispiel F r Spanisch-Englisches Code-Switching?

This sentence was eventually reduced to 3 yrs on appeal and the sisters were freed on August 18, The Murder and Assassination of the Mirabal Sisters. The Butterflies posed a huge threat to Trujillo and his regime as their popularity amongst their fellow countrymen was at an all time high especailly after their recent release from jail. He thought if the sisters disappeared then so would their actions and beliefs from their followers.

No matter how many times he had thrown them in and out of prison, no matter what he took away from them, as during their persecution Trujillo had stolen their property, land, houses, left their families with nothing, the three sisters Minerva, Maria and Patria refused to give up their fight for deomcracy and civil liberties to everyone on the island. In fact the more he took, the greater strength they gained. Trujillo had many weaknesses and one of them was young women. He had built many houses and mansions through out the Dominican Republic and in each one he had a mistress. When he had first met Minerva way back in , he had set his sights upon her and now all these years later, her spurning of him still angered him bitterly.

He had planned to seduce her during the famous party where her whole family left in San Cristobol many years ago. With this in mind, and even the Catholic Chruch opposing him he decided that he would assassinate the three women, with his reign faltering what else was there for him to do? Trujillo planned their deaths meticulously and carefully chose who he would use to carry out the murders. He had to choose men who he could ask to commit such a crime and also men who had the stomach to commit such a crime.

Minerva, Maria and Patria were all returning from Puerto Plata on a heavily raining evening after visiting their spouses in jail. They had travelled from their home town of Salcedo with their driver Rufino de la Cruz. It was November 25 As they drove back home along the main highway between Puerto Plata and Santiago their Jeep was stopped by the secret police as planned by Trujillo.

There is no way of knowing exactly what happened that night however a narrative still exists from Ciriaco de la Rosa, one of the henchmen. He says.. After stopping them we led them to a spot near the chasm where I ordered Rojas to pick up some sticks and take one of the girls, he obeyed the order and took one of them, the one with the long braids, that was Maria.

I ordered each one of them to go to a sugar cane grove on the edge of the road, each one seperated so that the victims would not sense the execution of one another, I ordered Perez Terrero to stay and see if any one was coming who could find out about the situation. That is the truth of the situation. I do not want to deceive justice or the state.

I tried to prevent the disaster, but I could not because if I had he, Trujillo, would have killed us all…. It was in this manner that the Mirabal sisters and their driver Rufino de la Cruz were clubbed, beaten and then strangled to death alongside a mountain road between Puerto Plata and Santiago. After they were killed their bodies were then put back into their Jeep, the Jeep was then pushed over the side of the cliff at La Cumbre to make it appear like an accident had taken place in the bad weather.

Everyone knew it was Trujillo though that had ordered the murders. This act had far reaching consequences for Trujillo and was the last straw for the majority of Dominican people. It was now the beginning of the end for Trujillo. Englisch in der deutschen Sprache. There is a general opinion not carried out through scientific research that the German language is full of English. From having studied the German language and culture for ten years, including living there for prolonged periods of time, I would not agree with the notion that the German language is overrun with English words.

On the flip side, this shows the fluidity and flexibility of language. With this influence of English words into the German language, it is not difficult to imagine that people may become put off from learning languages. I would, for the most part with exceptions argue that learning the language could place someone in a better position. Yes, there may be words with English influence or be just English words, but it is the bundle of advantages that comes from the learning.

It is the case that there is the word handy in the English language, but the meaning is that of being useful. Far different from a mobile. It is clear that there is influence in the German language from English, but that is a universal situation, and not retrained to German.

beispiel fr spanisch Ebook

Aska, Florence, pp Crucially, counter-directionality is observed, not for the same morpheme, but rather between different source morphemes across different languages, which lend support to the argument that there is also an important sometimes socio-psychological or cultural role for linguistic relativism in language change. While in these first stages of language acquisition children mostly rely on prosodic prompts, in later stages, once children have acquired more syntactic, semantic and pragmatic competence, intonation becomes subconscious and automatic to the message cf. Data was collected through questionnaires from over pre-paid subscribers in Accra. A balancing act that maintains ones own language in the mode of continuous flux, English as the language of globalization and a mental pattern that creates the space for contact among the two will make it possible to realize that the argument which declares the world society a thinly veiled version of colonialism and English as the symbolic army of imperialism is little else than the certification of the new global societys existence turned upside down.

Je mehr man lernt, desto erfolgreicher man wird. When I arrived in Germany about 15 years ago, German was largely free of outside influence but this has changed dramatically in recent years. It has become riddled with English imports. In some fields, this is not so surprising. For example, the internet revolution started in America and many of the terms have inevitably found their way into German, e.

However, some English computer terms are used at the expense of perfectly good German alternatives. Chatten instead of plaudern , downloaden instead of herunterladen , even the word Computer itself instead of Rechner. This has also led to some bizarre-sounding German; no-one seems to know how to conjugate downloaden , for example. On chat sites, I have seen the following forms used:. English words have not only found their way into the field of computing, however.

Embárcate en el maravilloso viaje de las lenguas

They are prevalent in the field of advertising, particularly so in the advertising of luxury items. No manufacturer sells a car these days without reference to airbags and cockpits , limousines and caravans , spoilers and Styling. The following is a listing of some of the English used in advertising slogans in one edition of Der Spiegel , a weekly news magazine. English is ubiquitous not only in magazine advertising but also in TV commercials.

The following are two examples from investment banks. Interestingly, the words are spoken with a clearly German accent. They have not used a native English speaker or a German with perfect English to say them. In general, it can be said that the English used in the adverts is readily understood, and is used to convey the impression of a global player another English German expression!

Here there has been no attempt to choose an expression that native English speakers are likely to understand. A very interesting group of words that has entered the German language are those that are based on English words but not used by native English speakers. The most obvious recent one is the Handy for mobile or cell phone. Other such words are twen , meaning a person between the ages of 20 and 30, and pullunder for what the English would call a tank top.

Bilingual child age 3 English German code switching

The influence of English has become so strong that most Germans now sing Happy Birthday to each other in English! Sprechen Sie Denglish?

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Germany is undergoing one of its periodic bouts of angst over the seemingly unstoppable spread of Denglish , an Anglicized hybrid that purists believe is corrupting the national language. Like the better known Franglais , it is characterized by extensive borrowings of English words for which, in many cases, there are perfectly good native equivalents. Deutsche Bahn, the national rail network, reignited the debate this week by starting a campaign against the inflationary spread of English and pseudo-English terms among its employees.

It issued staff a booklet of German words and phrases that should henceforth be used in preference to the corresponding Anglicisms. English borrowings are sometimes seen as adding a touch of cool to the otherwise mundane.

But the spate of more modern borrowings is sometimes viewed as indicative of a sinister cultural imperialism on the part of the so-called Anglo-Saxon world. The British Council, which promotes English-language study abroad, perhaps enhanced that perception when it mischievously asked its German Twitter followers on Wednesday to name their favorite Denglish word. The results of past efforts to rid the language of foreign words had mixed results. All languages are enriched by foreign borrowings and none is more of a jackdaw than English, a happy jumble of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Old French to which hundreds of words have been added from around the world.

Native English speakers tend to be more relaxed than others about adopting foreign words, which they learn naturally from an early age, even before they get to kindergarten. Denglisch — Denglish — Neudeutsch. But here are five different definitions for Denglisch or Denglish :. Language Cross-Pollination. Historically, both English and German have borrowed heavily from Greek, Latin , French , and other languages. But in recent years, particularly following the Second World War, German has intensified its borrowings from English.

As English has become the dominant world language for science and technology areas that German itself once dominated and business, German, more than any other European language, has adopted even more English vocabulary. Although some people object to this, most German-speakers do not. Unlike the French and Franglais , very few German-speakers seem to perceive the invasion of English as a threat to their own language. Even in France, such objections seem to have done little to stop English words like le weekend from creeping into French.

True, there are several small language organizations in Germany that see themselves as guardians of the German language and try to wage war against English — with little success to date. English Influences on German. It is in the areas of business and technology in particular that the invasion of English is most pervasive.

At their Job der many people work am Computer der and visit das Internet by going online. A rare exception is the German word for computer, der Rechner , which enjoys parity with der Computer first invented by the German Conrad Zuse. But other areas beside business and technology advertising, entertainment, movies and television, pop music, teen slang, etc. Denglisch — The German language under attack?

Languages have always had to change. It is this that keeps them. New words have been and continue to be developed to allow for the expression of new concepts and ideas and cross-cultural interaction often results in the adoption of words from other languages. With modern transport and globalisation, this historically slow process has been rapidly accelerated. Some people argue that the use of English words in German, such as sale, meeting, company, lifestyle, etc is simply not necessary as there are already equivalents for these words in German Schlussverkauf, Besprechung, Firma and Lebensstil respectively.

Others argue that the use of such words gives a sense of international openness and that this is important for German business. English is also important to many young Germans who support international openness, but also feel that English words often allow themselves to more effectively express themselves. Broadly speaking, younger Germans have at least some understanding of English words and they are regularly bombarded with English media, which they have been able to understand and to some extent assimilate.

This is not the case for the older German generation. Their grasp of English is often very limited and the use of English words in retail and media leaves many feeling excluded and angry.

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So there is a generational divide, but it is important to note that younger generations have often used slang words which cannot be understood by the older generation and the whole point of this has been to create a kind of linguistic space which belongs to them and cannot be penetrated by older generations. This revolution also helps to keep languages alive — the invention of new concepts and the expression of new nuances should ultimately lead to the enrichment of a language.

The difference here is that the lingustic generational divide is maintained not by young Germans revolting against the older generations, but by German businesses and government who wish to prosper in a globalised economy in which English is the dominant language. This can leave old people behind and many feel it will ultimately alienate younger Germans from their cultural and linguistic roots. Another issue is that the Denglish phenomenon does not only involve the use of loan English words, but also to German interpretations of originally English words.

These so-called pseudo-anglicisms often lead to confusion, particularly when it comes to translation. For example, the word Parking in German does not refer to the act of somebody parking a vehicle, but instead refers to a car park or place where someone would park a vehicle.

Another example is the word Smoking — in German this has nothing to do with the action of smoking something, but instead means dinner jacket or tuxedo. These false friends can be problematic, but most reputable companies that provide translation services keep track of these words and can ensure there are no crossed wires — a relief to any German company hoping for success in any English-speaking market! So what is to become of the German Language? It is spoken by over million people worldwide, so is there really a chance it could, as some argue, become so flooded with English words that it will become no more than a mere dialect of English?

This is the key question in the Denglisch debate, but the answer is not a simple one. English is likely to continue to dominate as the lingua franca and will continue to influence the German language. The amount of influence English will have, although currently heavily influenced by a globalised economy and both economic and political ambitions, will ultimately be decided by the people that speak German and use it to express themselves.

If German can be enriched by some English words, it can only be a positive thing — as long as a healthy balance is maintained. Anatol Stefanowitsch, an English linguistics professor at the Free University of Berlin, says it makes sense that many German businesses have adopted that word. Language experts here say English is the main foreign language that has influenced German over the past six decades. This cultural infusion is pervasive, with English used by journalists, by scientists and even at the highest levels of government.

Even purely domestic enterprises like the German rail system are getting into the English game. To some language experts, like Holger Klatte, the widespread Americanization of German is problematic. Klatte is the spokesman for the German Language Society, which has 36, members worldwide.

Stefanowitsch believes this linguistic angst — a word that migrated from German to English — is overblown. He says a quarter of all German words are borrowed from other languages. He says the danger to such made-up words is that Germans could end up using them when trying to speak actual English. Mind your language: German linguists oppose influx of English words. It is the mother tongue of Goethe, Schiller and Brecht, a language still spoken by more than million people worldwide.

Each month the VDS updates its Anglicism Index, which reports new English words which have crept into common parlance and then suggests home grown alternatives. The VDS has more than 33, paying members and is growing. The German word for marketing, incidentally, is das Marketing. German public radio should be obliged to play a higher percentage of German-language music, said Klatte, and the government should introduce a law forcing manufacturers to include German information on product labels.

Not everyone in Germany sees English as a threat. But she admitted that many Germans were unhappy with the anglicisation of their mother tongue. Despite the onslaught of English, some attempts are being made to stem the tide. In January, Siemens announced it would use fewer anglicisms in future. Germans hit at English invasion. The German language is under threat. The debate is an on-going one. But many German language critics would welcome the move.

While they say they have no problem with the natural absorption of English vocabulary in the same way as Latin or French words have been absorbed over centuries, they object to the exaggerated way in which English has been embraced in all areas of public life. The Federation of German Consumer Organisations specifically attacked advertisers at a recent debate, pointing to the use of English or Denglish advertising slogans which many consumers fail to understand. But a change to the constitution may take a while in coming.

No further discussions within the party or in parliament have been scheduled and the Social Democrats and Greens are opposed — any law would need a two thirds majority in parliament. Autumn in New York, why does it seem so inviting? Autumn in New York.

Meaning of "Codeswitching" in the German dictionary

Autumn in New York, they even wrote a song about it that was a great hit sixty years ago. Last weekend the sky was awash in blue, Manhattan at its best, with Central Park gleaming in green and only the crowds marring the views. New York has changed dramatically these last fifty years, but what city has not? The place has gotten richer, but not better as far as the quality of life is concerned.

That ghastly Bloomberg midget sold the place to the highest bidders, so developers are singing his praises, not unlike bootleggers paying homage to Al Capone. Manhattan was always chic in the upper east and west sides, but bohemian and gritty and artistic downtown. No longer. The place has been airbrushed for good, a playground for Indian and Chinese billionaires, Russian molls, Arab crooks, as well as American and European money managers, corporate lawyers and international jetsetters.

In other words, the place stinks with new and unacceptable money and manners. Developers are king, long live funny money. The luxurious downtown loft spaces that used to be cheap artist studios in the Fifties and Sixties, were once failed factories and warehouses during the Forties. Economic and cultural evolution is a constant in many cities, but more so in the city that never sleeps. In fact, it is impossible to sleep when drilling begins at 7. Cranes are everywhere, new high rise condos sprout like weeds, a horror to end all horrors stands over Madison Avenue in midtown, like an undulating middle finger to good taste, built by a horrible man called Macklowe that I had the bad luck to go to prep school with.

Empty apartments sit by the thousands, owned by zillionaires hedging their bets in case the regimes that enabled them to make their money get their comeuppance. No siree! Still, memories of a beautiful woman die hard, and that also goes for cities or towns. The location of the diner has never been established, although folklore has it that it was on Greenwich Avenue and 11th Street. So where was the most famous diner in the world situated? The mystery was solved some years ago by one Jeremiah Moss, a Manhattan enthusiast, who envisioned the island as a Hopper painting filled with golden, melancholy light.

A bit like the poor little Greek boy. He discovered an interview in which Hopper himself admitted that there was no such diner, just an all-night coffee shop on Greenwich Avenue that he enlarged and simplified and thus painted the loneliness of a large city. Great stuff. Well, all that loneliness has gone the way of high button shoes, with bakeries and curved windows and dark bricks that loom in the background all disappearing, all tumbling down to make room for glass office towers and ritzy condos. Thank God the great Hopper is not here to see the destruction.

They say that the longer one has lived in Manhattan, the more one loves the vanished city, and no one loved the city more than Hopper or yours truly. And, of course, the great E. Oh yes, I almost forgot. What about those dark red brick four story houses that lined the avenues with their wrought iron fire escapes standing guard?

So called sophisticates called the fire escapes architectural eyesores, but when was the last time any so called sophisticate got it right? Poor people slept on them during the hot nights of August, and Holly Golighty sang Moon River on one. All around them trees explode with autumn color. Birds sing. Their path is dappled with leafy shadow. At first glance he has the proud glow of a hedonist who in the war against time has been the undisputed victor. Only a closer look hints at the toll of battle.

His shoulders strain under the weight of so much repetition. His eyes are touched by regret. The lines in his face reveal an emerging disenchantment not so much with the world as with himself. Her name is unimportant because so many have come before her and, if the past prevails, so many will come after. No, I see how you could feel this way. Of course I do. I mean, we just met. Feelings change. The minute I laid eyes on you. You know people so quickly. She laughs. Then he stops. He hears something. She stops. She hears it, too. He casually turns and looks, squinting into the sun.

She wears an eccentric hat and a vintage dress. Her bearing is upright, her gaze warm and intelligent, her voice rich with emotion —. I told her I loved her and I begged her not to leave me. And then one night… she was in really bad pain… I stopped thinking about myself for a second and I thought about her. I said goodbye. And in less than an hour Ella was gone. But Wills ignores her. He watches Charlotte with keen interest, touched by the depth and sincerity of her emotion. She looks out at the group, many of whom are crying.

A tear runs down her cheek. She smiles and wipes it away. So what do you know about her? He knows a great deal. Or at least he thinks he does.