Talking Points: Marange Diamond Mining Operations Under ZCDC
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Four years on, impoverished locals are still waiting.

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Even in winter, areas surrounding the Marange diamond fields in Zimbabwe can be very hot. Characterized by sparely populated acacia and Mopani trees, Marange and its environs used to carry the very aura of death.

Botswana Diamonds delighted with study on Marange Diamond Fields concession

But the discovery of diamonds has changed the whole area, bringing it to the attention of the international community, mostly amid controversies and heated debates. According to the international human rights watchdog, Human Rights Watch, more than illegal miners were brutally killed.

Zimbabwe resumes Marange diamond sales - BBC News

By early formal mining began with local communities gleefully anticipating the benefits from such rich diamond resources. But four years on, impoverished villagers are still watching as diamonds are shunted out with little or no benefit to the area.

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The much hyped Zimunya-Marange Community Ownership Scheme which was launched by President Robert Mugabe last year has not benefited the local communities either. Instead the communities have complained of the discharge of toxic waste into the rivers by the diamond companies. And the locals depend on the rivers for water, both for domestic use and for their livestock.

Hundreds of livestock have died since the start of formal mining in the area with villagers alleging that the deaths have been a result of drinking polluted water. Even people who come into contact with the polluted water were developing skin ailments. The organization commissioned scientific research which confirmed that the water was highly polluted by toxic waste. But the case is yet to be heard at the High Court. Even villagers who were displaced to make way for formal diamond mining have not received adequate compensation from the diamond companies.

And the outgoing Finance Minister Tendai Biti from the Movement of Democratic Change revealed that very little revenue from diamonds was going to government coffers.

Who's behind the ‘dark money’ bankrolling our politics?

Accordingly, visual observations of graphite grain size, along with FTIR and Raman spectroscopy to detect methane, are required to distinguish natural from heat-treated Marange graphitic diamonds. References 1.

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Ardon, T. Gems and Gemology, 49 4 , Lab Notes. Diamond and Related Materials, 71, Session No. Black colour in diamond can have both natural and treated origins.

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For simila Mugabe: Government will now own all Zimbabwe's diamonds. President says move needed to prevent swindling and smuggling by private companies that "rob" country of wealth.

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Dripping with blood: the Marange diamond fields Make a donation. The river provided fish, drinking water for both humans and livestock and domestic chores such as laundry. Inside Marange diamond mines — Three plants of Marange Resources produce a minimum of , carats every month, according to its mining manager. He is not happy as the diamonds are not benefiting the people in the province. Villagers also bathed in the Save river which also acted as one of the few recreational facilities for young boys and girls who flocked the mighty river for swimming escapades. Botswana Proposes Lucara Investment.

In Zimbabwe's High Court ruled that the government could sell Marange diamonds. International pressure group Global Witness warned Zimbabwe against selling diamonds until the government complied with plans agreed with diamond monitors, the Kimberley Process to reform mining at Marange. Now critics are alleging the government is failing to stop mining-waste pollution that is sickening livestock and local villagers.

Panies Mining Diamonds In Marange

But by any ordinary definition, it should be. The diamonds …. The country received KP certification in order to sell Marange diamonds in March , despite contestations among other KP members. Grasping strong production capability, advanced research strength and excellent service, we create the value and bring values to all of customers. Diamond mining in Zimbabwe: A story of the people fighting Marange Diamond — Vast Resources Just outside the eastern edge of the property is the closest known diamond mine within the Marange Diamond Fields. Zimbabwe shuts 7 diamond companies IOL News Harare — The Zimbabwe government has ordered seven diamond companies in the Marange area of eastern Zimbabwe to immediately stop all mining activities, a month after complaining about their