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Season 2 Note : This section is a stub. You can help 13 Reasons Why Wiki by expanding it. Tony is shown to be a kind, caring, and loyal person. He is shown to be a good friend to Clay and was also a good friend to Hannah and was apparently one of the only boys at Liberty High who did not ridicule her or sexually harass her. While he claims that Hannah was a friend, Tony himself admits that she was a bit too much to deal with and on the day she killed herself he wanted to avoid her drama for once and did not answer the door and just let her walk away after she arrived to give him the tapes and as such let her walk away to her death.

Tony is shown to extremely remorseful for what he did by ignoring Hannah and as such is shown to be dedicated to fulfilling her final wishes to deliver the tapes to all those on her list that she reveals are the reasons for why she ended her life. He is also very close to Hannah' family and no doubt wants to help them in any way possible. While not on Hannah's list at all, Tony considers himself to be one of the reasons for why she killed herself. He is very comforting as well as he reaches out to Clay during his grief over Hannah's death. However Tony is shown to be a little too dedicated to his mission to follow Hannah's wishes as instead of turning the tapes over to Hannah's parents or the police he instead delivers it to the people on her list as she wanted which has caused many disasters to occur such as Alex becoming suicidal and attempting to kill himself and Tyler being bullied to an extent so great that he seems to be planning a school shooting.

Even though he is well aware of Bryce's crimes, he still refuses to cease following Hannah's rules and expose the tapes to the public as he claims that the word of a dead girl will not be enough to bring Bryce to justice.

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He also disagrees with some of Clay's plans for revenge against some of those on the list such as spreading a humiliating photo of Tyler to the whole school. Tony is shown to be capable of physical aggression as Clay once witnesses him savagely beating up someone along with his brothers. He even lies to Hannah's mother a few times about knowing anything about why she killed herself simply for the purpose of following Hannah's rules.

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By the end of the first season however, and after Clay is able to get a confession from Bryce, Tony finally understands that it is better to think about what Hannah needs rather than what she wanted and gives up copies of her tapes to her parents in the hopes that they will be able to help get justice for Hannah's death. Tony is on the shorter side and has black hair, hazel eyes, and tan skin.

Tony's hair is always gelled back very carefully and he dresses in a style similar to what a greaser in the s might wear, with jeans, a leather jacket, and combat boots making up his outfits. Before committing suicide Hannah gives the tapes to Tony telling him to give them to the people on the list. Hannah and Tony have been shown to be good friends hence her giving the tapes to Tony.

Clay and Tony have been shown to been friends for a long time. Without Clay knowing Tony drops the tapes off to Clay's doorstep. Tony has been there to help Clay understand the tapes but sheds very little light and instead telling Clay to listen to the tapes. Caleb is Tony's boyfriend. Caleb is Tony's boxing coach, and they soon start hanging out outside the training sessions.

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They slightly show interest in each other. Through the second season they become closer and start dating, although they don't make it official. They eventually open up to each other more. Tony doesn't want Caleb to meet his family yet; he says he just needs some time.

After Hannah's suicide he helps Olivia helping her understand more about what Hannah was going through and helps with the investigation. After thinking about whats best for Hannah he then hands over a copy of the tapes to Olivia and Hannah's father at the end of the First Season. Translation: First we eat, then we do everything else. Add an image. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? This article is about the Netflix series character. You may be looking for the book character. Her name was Hannah.

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Do Tom and Jessica ever meet again after their short time knowing each other? Do they become boyfriend and girlfriend? Does Jessica find a miraculous cure for her burn injuries? How will Jeff be punished for the cruel ways he acted toward her?

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The Fourth Son (Big Eye Tony Book 1) eBook: Keith Grayson: Kindle Store. Toni Morrison's novels are known for their epic themes, vivid She worked with her artist son Slade on The Big Box (), The Book of Mean People (), The Ant in the mids and the lyrics for "Four Songs" with composer Andre Now in her 80s, Morrison continues to be one of literature's great.

Some were kind, some logical, some angry, some sad. I loved hearing them. It seemed cruel to me, the sharpness of the break.

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Was there another story there? Ultimately, I told myself no. Not long ago, I saw a boy sitting at a library table, reading. A voice in my head told me instantly that the boy was Jeff Hicks, that he was in trouble, and that he was trying desperately to keep a secret. Jeff takes center stage, narrating what is happening with him.

The Great Jeff appeared on March 19, , after so many years of denial and gestation and, finally, creation. Which is only to say that characters continue. Denis Egan is dead. However, something is standing in his way.

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More Stories. A flair for the dramatic accelerated his rise. Mantonat I had a choice early on too and I chose to get away from the professional kitchen. The book was published on 1 September and within hours of its launch had become the fastest-selling autobiography of all time. It also is about many things, but concerns at its core, the abuse of a young boy. In many cases, from lenders associated with—or recommended by—your local culinary school. Sleep on floors if you have to.

To uncover the truth about what happened that day five years before, Denis returns to his hometown and teams up with Matt. Ages 10— This book is based on a true story, but I am not an expert in treating victims of abuse. I tell this story so that children and adults will know to speak up and get help when faced with any abusive situation. The New York Times published a piece this week about talking to children about sexual abuse. This is a solid and compassionate discussion of what parents know and have a hard-to-impossible time talking to their children about. Its plain and sensible advice about communication and conversation on even the hardest topics is critical.

I found it illuminating: I Was Abused as a Child. There are a number of early reviews from Goodreads readers, and I appreciate the candor and comments and their willingness to read it. Due out Oct ! The final book of the series is now available at an independent bookstore near you! Also available from online booksellers! Boys Read! I am humbled by his enthusiasm to The Copernicus Legacy! In our hearts, The Copernicus Legacy lives on forever!

Awesome Copernicus Legacy readers who won a sweepstakes to join me at the American Museum of Natural History for a scavenger hunt! Writing a new novel is the most wonderful part of this strange career of making up stories. In a craft which is known for countless revisions and endless editing, to be writing something new—without any other voices whispering from the outside—is beyond pleasurable. You can make all kinds of mistakes that you can take back before anyone sees them. It vanished. If you would like your students to discuss the book with me, email me, and I will do everything to try to make that happen.

Good can come from a forgotten book. Now that school is in session, I hope to hear from even more schools that would like for me to visit and talk about reading and writing. See it? My friend took a picture and sent it to me! Can you answer the 4th question? Amazing to me, this is. And strangely validating. Julia Booksellers. Now that we appear to be out of the deep-freeze of winter did I just jinx it? One of the delightful places I visited…. I visited in April last year. But I do have my memories. And that brings us back to spring, since it was perfectly lovely there, as you can see from the photos!

But seriously, the Copernicus world in these books is so much fun and satisfying to create. Another strong influence are the big, fat novels of the 19th century, which have lots and lots of characters and sweeping plots. I love a big universe of people and places, and these sorts of big casts and international locations are very much a part of the Copernicus universe. They can, so readers have told me, make you laugh and make you cry. The books? Holy cow! I just remembered, having handed in these two revisions means that I can start sketching out the next adventures—and the fun begins again!

Both come out next year! Click here for details! On this special family-friendly visit, revel in holiday traditions as we trace the history of Christmas celebrations in the two Dickinson households. A Museum guide will serve as your host for this unique exploration through the Homestead and The Evergreens.

Evocative decorations, seasonal music, and new objects on exhibit will delight your holiday senses, and the words of Emily Dickinson and her family will bring their Christmas experiences to life. All visitors will also receive a holiday token from our Museum family to yours.

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Reservations are recommended. Complete our reservation form on-line at www. Indies First is a year-round campaign begun by the American Booksellers Association to support independent bookstores. It is my firm belief that there is nothing better than a bricks-and-mortar bookstore with helpful booksellers and real books a person can hold and flip through and sniff. The series has gotten a lot of appreciative reviews and readers are finding and enjoying it.

I traveled quite a bit this year to visit schools and booksellers all over the United States including a trip to England for Copernicus research! A number of adult readers have expressed their appreciation of the story, as well.