The Guardians of Mandoria

The Guardians of Mandoria
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The adherents to the "little cause" grew in num- bers, and to such an t-rtent that the hope wa-s strong within them that, with a little api-it j of enterprise"roingled. Picton Turbervill. This vas materially sup- plemented by htlp from other soarces. Prlbe, M. A—is in the happy position 0: II being practically out of debt. The Lord Bishop, Chancellor Smith, aiid the other clergymen who were present at ihe opening service, marched in processico fron the schools to the mission-room, each one clad in bis clerical rcbe.

The route was lined with scores of interested. At the church there was a crowded congregation. Jones, rector of Loughor, read the first lesson, and the Rev. The first I part of the service, which was peculiarly im.

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Bolney, vicar of Sketty, and Bishop Owen offered up special prayers n- vokkng God's blessing, on the new wotk. Price, M. The ser- mon preached by the Lord Bishop was a masterly effort, based on the 11th verse of the 16th chapter cf Paul's epistle to the Hebrews "And we desire everyone to show the same diligence with the full assurance of hops to the end.

He was glad to see that neat ajnd commodious new mission-room, which had been built through the great liberality of people living in the neighbourhood, and he was gratified to I know that the cost of the church had already been defrayed, but there was still room for further liberal help. The opening of "iiit mission-room was another addition to a very striking record of Church progress in that rural deanery. A good general. The bishop concluded his beautiful discourse bv asking two questions "How can we escape if we neglect so great a salvation' and How can we perish if.

Watk ins J ones, vicar of Christ Church afternoon , Rev. Chancellor Smith, and Rev. Hedley Gorseinon in the evening, the latter gentleman preoching in Welsh. The clergymen present and a large number of tile laity accepted an invitation to a luiucheon at. Hendrefoilan, the charming resi- dence of Colonel Turbervill.

After the tables had been cleared,. Peter Potter in reference to the progr-ss of Uburc-h work in the district of Dunvant. Alderman Isaac Evans, of Neath, is so that his condition is regarded as critical. Griffiths, of Swansea, and Dr. Elias met for consultation on: Wednesday afternoon, and it is reported that they agreed in their diagnosis, and considered it desirable, if the patient s condition permits it, that an operation shoui 1 be performed.

It appears that for weetcs I Alderman Evans has suffered from a chromc I internal stoppage, and acute peritonitis on I Wednesday morning asserted itself. It is now I made perfectly clear that the dose which A d. Evans took on Tuesday morning before going to the meeting of the Neath Board of Guar- dians was given under the supervision of Dr. Elias, who says it did not contain any opium. At noon on Thursday DN. Lewis, Elias, mi Harrv performed an operation, which lasted neariv two houra. The cause of the.

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Herman's illness was found to be a chicken bone, which had become embedded in the howels, thus producing a. He lies in a very weak state, but there are some hopes of his ultimate re- covery. A pretty wedding was solemnised at St. Cabr-tei'a Churchy Swansea. Pollock, vicar cf St. Gabriel's Church. The wedding 'jsrty afterwards partook of breakfast at the. At the ordinary meeting of the Board I on Thursday, Mr. Glvnn-Price asked the Swansea Guardians to sup- port the Assessment Committee on the appoint- ment of a valuer to value the steel furances in the district.

Price replied that in the first instance it was so. Glyan Price said not that he was I' aware of. Mil; said it was the cus- tom im most unions to value the works tnen- niaily. He advis-? The appointment of a local man was not desiraWt- The committee wanted, an out- sider. Edwards thought they ought to value the whole of the works in the district. David Jenkins said that he had no animosity against. Edwards, and it was absurd to charge him with such a thing.

Alderman Edwards moved that there be a it? If the Assessmbnt Committer did not do some- thing ill the matter very soon he would go to the Quarter Sessions. Sir John Llewelyn. Glyn-Price said ilie committee had care- fullv considered the question of expenditure, and ;,J. Sir John agked if the committee wou! Glyn-Price said they, w? I' Mr. Davies thought it would bn time enough to make a ra-valuation of the works when an appeal was made. Mill held the opinion that the members of the Assessment Committee could do the work required, said that thev had spent an enormous amount of time on the matter.

Edwards' motion having been second? Perkins, it was put I to the board and lost—nine voting against it.. The Assessment Com- mittee were therefore granted permission to appoint a valuer to value the steel furnaces only. The report of a committee appointed to hf- as to the number of pauper children attending the National Higher Grade Schools, Oxford-strsct, was considered a.

The 'Rev. Had they ever heard of such a thing? He knew of pauper children living next door to a Non- conformist family, who attended the Higher Grade Schools, whilst the children next door could not afiord to go there. He said that the committee of these schools, whoever they were. They could net do anything in tho matter, be- cause the law would not allow them to do so but Miss Broek would move a resolution. Miss Brock said that their national schools were not intended to be higher grade schools. She did not think that the Board in London understood their position, which was a pecu- liar one.

Before the board schools were freed the school fees were 6d.

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Ori has spent her whole life in the Mystical Forest of Regailia, now that she is almost sixteen she must set out on a quest to wake the dragon of Mandoria and. The Guardians of Mandoria [Kim Jobe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Then free education came in and the national schools had a 10s. She moved a resolution asking the Local Government Board to exempt the Guardians from paying fees for pauper children attend- ing the national schools. I Sir John Llewelyn thought tha. The days of paying fees were going by rapidly, and in very few places were fees now paid.

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The voluntary schools I had bad a. He hoped that time would soon come when there would be no more fees paid. He approved of the resolution, and I it would give Lim very great pleasure to take I charge of it.

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The Rev. John Davies wanted to know if the paupers were asked to send their children to the national school because toey "had to struggle. Perkins said that the Guardians paid 4s. Several other members took part in the dis- I' cussion and eventually the resolution was unanimously carried. W illiam Kerry, I M. A vacancy.

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Stephen's Green. David's, viz. William Hewson, D. I The G. Company will attach a saloon ctr-Jsge to the 8. Morns having iiitertBted hia- serf to aeeure this boon. A Swsssea journalist—Mr. Watbn8 , 10 guueas. Whiist Dr. Lloyd, Murray-street, Llan- tily, was cycling in the People s Park on Wednesday afternoon, he came into collision rt-it-h another cyclist. The result was thtH. On Tuesday Mr. John Bourne wired t I H. Ntxt day a reply was received by tiie Mr. Jere- miah Williams, from the Prince sincerely thanking the brethren for their congratula- tions.

At Rhvddings Had of Hops meeting, on Wednesdav evening, a magic-lantern tainment was given, the story presented being "Ten Nights in a Bar-room. Tbere were over 2QO children present, all of whom listened attentively to the interesting and in- structive story referred to. Gardner, the plans of the new schools at Meiincrythau, which had been prepared by Mr.

Rees, had. Hemmings and Co. From what was stated to t. Rowel Thomas, the medical officer of Swansea Gaol, was setn by a representative of this paper on Wednesday evening with ref- encft to the case of the man John Stevens, who conducted himself in an extraordinary manner during his trial for theft at the last Quarter Sessions, and who, it has since been found, is insane. The doctor refused to say anything about the case, but stated that the man was in the best of health, and took his meals regularly. James, only son of the Rev. Thomas James, -a..

Richards, of Panty- a. The ceremony was performed by the pasf", assisted by the father of the bridegroom, the rrde being given away by her father. The bridfgjoom was attended by Mr. Martin R. The honey- moon is being spent in the Isle of Wight, wl. James will ulil. W 0 regret' to record the death of the Rev. Jones, late pastor of Philadelphia Chapel, H. Deceased had been paster of Philadelphia Chapel for a. During the past summer he spent some time ai LIand rind od. Joseph Davies attended the deceased. Several sons of Mr. Jones are in good positions in the town.

The funeral has been arranged to take place on Tuesday next. Phillips i epcrted that the Maiqness of Worcester had appointed as his representative on the board M.. The explanation, the clerk saiti, was that, though Major Lister wai appointed by the Duke of Beaufort, Uie I duks had transferred all his property "o his sm ,he Marquess 01 Worcester.

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The Beaufort interests in SvTtnjsea are not affected by these a1ta-a- t. For instance, tho Court Leet was hold under the ttgis of the Marquess 01 Worcester. It L'i, of ccuifat, assumed that the object of the Duke is to avoid the payment of the heavy death duties instituted by Sir illiam Hd-rcourt s Act. On Wednesday a bazaar was held in the Bethel Conjrgaxsonal Church. Brynmor Jones, Q. He sard he was there hrst of all to express his profound sympathy with the good work that was being done by all the religious bodies in the country. But he had come there still more to emphasise, his own convic- tion that the principles of those who helped I the Free Churches weie best adapted—he said it in no spirit of narrowness—to create a con- tinued supply of noble and capable citizens.

Hear, hear.. The peme was a club gold uentre medtn. Attewell, who was followed home by Trevor Evans and Hedley John. Mr Calvert's Boany Wn. Won I by three rrt5 of a SenfitJj. Dule Tree. Winner trained bv Siserrard.

L 2 Mr Whitefewids Worker byt s. Won hy three quarters ot a lungth. Winner traine i by Collins. Lord Derbyt t 51b. T Lor. Winner trained by Lambtwn. I 10 to 1 amy other. Won in a canter by fifce lengths. I to 1 Labrador 6 t'i 1 h reen lAwn t and. I Owing to the prevailing aenje mist which hung over Aintroo this morninir.

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Knight of Rhodes; Melange. Ford of Fyne. Fiddlestring, St Aichalss, Tatl. The Quack: Tne Husb, Sligo. Bruyero filly. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednef- one o clock on Thursdays, 80 o'clock on Fridays, and 10 o'clock on Saturdays: and also ii they were willing Ii allow their itany. Bkkm ex-Mayor;. Walsh, Chari Jones, and George Lingdi. Thomas Edwards, of Sandfiolds. Geaq White was met by P. Cwmavo: Was found by P. Thomas at S i. Defendant w iinod Is. Supplied oy Messrs. Swansea Gas 7 per cent. U Debenture at par. Prefervam R, Swansea -arbour Stock. Swaaiasa, Benjamin Coi X.

Fuaetai puh on Saturday, 2. Friej accept this iutlmation.

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Jones, late Pas ci Philadelphia Baptist Chapel. Priv: funeral Tuesday next at 1 p. The Compass - Boralus Tavern. The Kindred Spirits Bar Night! Sri-La Spirit Festival. World of Warcraft. All rights reserved. Ilysara Nightstride.

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