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First she was blackmailed into taking it, and then the dragon-slash-business tycoon she stole from tracked her down. Harrison takes the stuff of fairytales and updates it in a delightful way; here are elves and harpies and unicorns and dragons and more, with modern-day politics and economics to complicate it all.

Zander is just as shocked, since he thought Felix died years ago. These two scarred men are both heart-breaking and a joy to read, as they warily attempt to reconnect without hurting themselves all over again. Sunshine by Robin McKinley : This book is not generally categorized as romance, but it is my all-time favorite vampire love story and therefore I have decided it qualifies.

Our heroine Katherine is just trying to do the right thing when she accidentally kills a terrifying parasite from outer space and then gets sucked into a secret organization in which all the very helpful and friendly aliens look like models, have two hearts, and really want to recruit her to help save the world from rogue superbeings.

The West Wing -level banter, lots of opportunities for our heroine to shine, and some very steamy, double-heart-enhanced scenes await you.

The Unleashing by Shelly Laurenston : Kera was a former Marine, a current coffee-shop manager — and then she was dead. But it turns out that resurrection is the easy part — nothing Kera experienced has prepared her for this second life. Luckily, the smitten Viking is still around and wants nothing more than to help her, ahem, adjust. The Crows were my favorite part of this novel: a group of women from all backgrounds, races, and religions, gifted with rage and charged with ass-kicking missions?

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Julian has had thousands of years to perfect his wickedness, and is the ultimate demonic power in Los Angeles, while Serena has only recently joined the angelic ranks and is still developing her powers. Can a good heart defeat pure evil?

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Hung paid, and Milo poured the drinks and slammed them on the counter. Giovanni gulped down his drink before Zander could properly thank Hung. Stay here.

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For readers who: enjoy a good dose of humor injected into their paranormal romance reads. Allie is the "go-to" girl for anything energy related: OBE astral, dream. While Merit previously spent her days pouring over textbooks to write her thesis, she now spends her time learning how to be a vampire, and trying to fit in with her new undead peers at Hyde Park mansion. That's the easy part. Jason was the star quarterback, prom king, and leading man in all her fantasies. This book was a "growth book" for all intents and purposes, and a lot of lessons were learned by both old and new Chanku. It seems there might be a bit more to BabyJon than meets the eye.

He was gone before Zander could object. Zander turned toward Milo, who was giving him a sympathetic smile. He would take either at this point. Zander reached into his pocket to find that the stone was even hotter. So hot, in fact, that it was starting to burn his leg. He reached up to the bar, grabbed a few napkins, wrapped the ruby necklace several times, and stuffed it back in his pocket. He took a sip of his cocktail and was pleasantly surprised at how the smooth potion warmed him up and lowered his inhibitions. He stood with his back to the bar, occasionally smiling at admirers and trying to make sense of Club Arcane.

The dance floor was shaped like a large square with pairs of male and female strippers dancing in cages in each of the four corners. Several platforms at different heights peppered the floor for dancers who wanted to see and be seen. To the left was the black curtain through which they had entered, and to the right was a series of numbered doors that were being patrolled by other security guards dressed like Ooba. The music changed into something with more of a reggae feel.

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Zander looked back toward the dance floor to find Giovanni and Hung now up on one of the platforms swinging and swaying to the beat. Zander swallowed his entire drink and allowed the warm feeling to ease through his body. He grabbed the second drink and took a small sip before turning his attention back toward Giovanni, Hung, and the undulating crowd.

He could feel the Hennessy and hemlock opening him up. He studied Giovanni and imagined himself doing those same moves.

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Zander took the second drink and gulped it down. He turned to find himself staring into a very broad and well-formed chest. Zander looked up into a pair of light brown eyes and was speechless. Shadrach Octavio Walker, a. Shad O. Walker, has always been an avid fan of all things science fiction, fantasy and paranormal. This epic tale features main character Zander Borealis Knight and spans several installments with villainous vampires, sexy shape shifters, wild warlocks, fierce fairies, great sex, and the kind of drama only found in the very best urban literature.