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Don Smith :: Chapter 7: The Wisdom and Power of God (Job 9:1-31)
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get link How should you tie off the greatest story ever told? After walking through the grand reasons behind God's rescuing love for rebel sinners, only a doxology will do. So with a heart that is full and a mind on fire, Paul intones the words of Rom. Notice the in last phrases of the entire book of Romans, Paul emphasizes one attribute of God - His wisdom.

Verse "to the only wise God, through Jesus Christ, be glory forever! And particularly this morning, my goal is to display before you the wisdom of God, so that you see it more clearly and admire Him more intensely and trust Him more firmly and therefore obey Him more consistently and joyfully.

II. One life-altering implication of God's wisdom

Advanced Wisdom (Finding God Book 5) eBook: A. Cercatore: Kindle Store. Finding God in the Body and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. . Finding God in the Body draws from the wisdom of the world's.

One main statement will dominate the next several minutes in my speaking. I call you to let it take hold in your thoughts first, and then, by the Holy Spirit's enabling, in your heart as well.

1. See God’s guiding Hand in your life

If we fulfil the conditions for finding God's will, then guidance invariably becomes a simple matter. David exhorts us no doubt from his own experience , to commit our way to the Lord, trusting in Him and waiting patiently for His time and we are assured that He will not let us down Psalms , 7. He became a teacher in a Bible School, but could never forget that this was only God's second-best. But he learned to control his emotions and to use them well. Decisions such as the choice of a career and a life-partner affect our entire future. Thank you for sharing your timeless wisdom and inspiring me to keep climbing higher!! This field is required.

The statement is simple and deep: God is infinitely wise. I want to unpack that for a moment and then we will see that flowing from that truth is a perspective-shaping, comfort-giving, anxiety-killing, prayer-inducing implication that will revolutionize your life if you will take it as you own. Let me start with a definition: "Wisdom," in the Bible, "is knowing the greatest goal in any situation, and the best way to achieve that goal.

Wisdom is different from knowledge. You can have knowledge without wisdom. There are a lot of brilliant fools. But you cannot have wisdom without knowledge, because in order to discern the best way to achieve a goal, you have to be able to integrate, to fuse together all kinds of factors from various sources of knowledge and experience. Now, take up this attribute and think about God. And while you're connecting those dots, listen to the psalmist say of God, "His understanding is infinite" Ps.

Listen to Jeremiah pray to the "great and mighty God whose name is the Lord of Hosts, the One great in counsel and mighty in deed, whose eyes are on all the ways of the sons of men in order to give to each person according to his ways and the result of his deeds. When Daniel described God's wisdom, he wrote, "He changes the times and seasons; He removes kings and establishes kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.

He reveals the deep and hidden things; He knows what is in the darkness, and light dwells with Him. He is never puzzled or confused or uncertain. Paul tries to talk about the wisdom of God, and when he does, it moves to praise: "Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and the knowledge of God! How unsearchable His judgments and untraceable His ways!

For who has known the mind of the Lord? Or who has been His counselor? Or who has ever first given to Him, and has to be repaid? For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. What the apostle is saying is that God's wisdom is very deep - so deep that His judgments are unsearchable. I can't get there from here; it's beyond me.

God's Plan is the Best

God's wisdom is so deep that His ways are untraceable. I can't follow what He's doing without being hopelessly over my head. It is so deep that no one has been or could be His counselor, ever. In fact, the wisdom of God is so deep and so expansive that He does not and cannot increase in wisdom. The only way He could increase in wisdom is for something to come into God's mind that has not already come out of God's mind.

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But Romans insists that this cannot be done: for from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. So God's actions are always perfectly wise. There are no upgrades to His wisdom that are needed or even available. Think about this: God is constantly synthesizing billions and billions of strands of data, drawn from all possible fields of knowledge and realms of experience, so that He holds every relevant factor in every situation with total and perfect knowledge.

He constantly weighs the facts, implications, costs, consequences, and how it fits into His purposes with flawless skill, so that what He does or wills is always the best possible move that can be made. And God does this all the time, without the least strain and without crashing a hard drive. Does anybody on earth understand this? No way. He is totally out of our league. Do we trust Him more because of it? Well, let's see. I'm going to draw a massive implication from the wisdom of God that is challenging to consider.

Are you ready? Let's say that out loud and weigh the words as they pass through our mouths.

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Now run that around the block in your present experience. Take that home with you and see how it works. What this implication from God's wisdom means is that whatever your life is like right now, God is wisely and sovereignly ordering your circumstances to do something in you, through you, in your marriage, in your family, in your work, in your witness, and in your worship that could not be accomplished any other way. If there was a better way to accomplish these purposes, then you would be experiencing those other circumstances instead of what you are right now.

If there was a kinder, faster, more expedient way, God would be using it. So the circumstances you are in right now are exactly what you need for this period in your life.

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Let me ask you something: Would it change things for you if you firmly believed that the problem in your life that is pressing and difficult - the one you don't understand, that you chafe against, that makes you feel overwhelmed and ready to give up - was orchestrated or allowed by an all-wise, loving Father to bring about the best possible, longest lasting results for His glory and your good? Would it make a difference if you understood that your life is not God's Plan B or Plan C - that it is always and only Plan A, designed specifically for you while you live in this fallen world?

What is everything in your life was a part of His wise plan? He makes Himself known to men through His wonderful works xiii, , and exercises His mercy towards them all [xi, 24 23 , xii, 16; xv, 1], His very enemies included xii, 8 sqq. The central idea of the book is "Wisdom", which appears in the work under two principal aspects. In its relation to man, Wisdom is here, as in the other Sapiential Books, the perfection of knowledge showing itself in action. It is particularly described as resident only in righteous men i, 4, 5 , as a principle soliciting man's will vi, 14, sqq.

Through its power, man triumphs over evil vii, 30 , and through its possession, one may secure for himself the promises of both the present and the future life viii, 16, Wisdom is to be prized above all things vii, ; viii, , and whoever despises it is doomed to unhappiness iii, In direct relation to God , Wisdom is personified, and her nature, attributes, and operation are no less than Divine. She is with God from eternity , the partner of His throne, and the sharer of His thoughts viii, 3; ix, 4, 9. She is an emanation from His glory vii, 25 , the brightness of His everlasting light and the mirror of His power and goodness vii, Wisdom is one, and yet can do everything; although immutable, she makes all things new vii, 27 , with an activity greater than any motion vii, When God formed the world, Wisdom was present ix, 9 , and she gives to men all the virtues which they need in every station and condition of life vii, 27; viii, 21; x, 1, 21; xi.

Wisdom is also identified with the "Word" of God ix, 1; etc. Exalted doctrines such as these stand in a vital connection with the New Testament revelation of the mystery of the Blessed Trinity ; while other passages of the Book of Wisdom ii, 13, ; xviii, find their fulfilment in Christ, the Incarnate "Word", and "the Wisdom of God ". In other aspects too, notably with regard to its eschatological teaching iii-v , the Book of Wisdom presents a wonderful preparation to the New Testament Revelation.

The New Testament writers appear perfectly familiar with this deutero-canonical writing cf. Matthew , with Wisdom ; Romans , with Wisdom ; Ephesians , with Wisdom ; Hebrews , with Wisdom ; etc. It is true that to justify their rejection of the Book of Wisdom from the Canon, many Protestants have claimed that in , its author admits the error of the pre-existence of the human soul. But this incriminated passage, when viewed in the light of its context, yields a perfectly orthodox sense. APA citation. Gigot, F. Book of Wisdom. In The Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton Company.

MLA citation. Gigot, Francis. New York: Robert Appleton Company, This article was transcribed for New Advent by Thomas M. Dedicated to the Christian judges through the ages. Ecclesiastical approbation. Nihil Obstat. October 1, Remy Lafort, S. Well done! May 10, Bryce Van Vleet rated it it was amazing Shelves: great-title , religion , celeb-memoir , memoir , arc , popsugarreading-challenge.

This is a review of an advanced reader's copy. Some portions mentioned may be changed or omitted for the final version. An updated review will be posted of the final product when it is released. Having been to nearly every Tenth Avenue North concert in Colorado since I was about 12, I was obviously going to do whatever it took to read this book as soon as possible. There aren't a ton of surprises in store for those familiar with Mike Donehey.

This book has his signature humor, wisdom, and hear This is a review of an advanced reader's copy. This book has his signature humor, wisdom, and heart. His book is part memoir - both as a person and as a band-member - and part devotional, calling the reader to a reorientation of Christianity and calling. What if, instead of thinking we had something great to offer God, we began to fully live as though God has something great to offer us? Finding God's Life for My Will shuns conventional wisdom of how we think about our life and offers a more holistic way to feel about ourselves.

He addresses not just our calling, but our shame and our secrets, our love and our deepest fears. And, unlike some writers, doesn't just offer a formula, but backs it up with tales from his own life. There are plenty of Easter eggs for Tenth Avenue North fans, secret revelations behind the band's songs, but there's also an abundance of heart and humor for those who have never heard of Mike or the band he sings in. Mike is a delightful, compelling, and original narrator.

Reading his new stories as well as his old is a true gift and treasure. Several stories or thoughts in this book have been discussed in his other texts or in concert, but even the tired ones have new life breathed into them in this edition. Whatever you're looking for in a Christian-life book - marriage advice, vocation, mission-work, theology, Bible stories - there's something in there for you.

I'm hoping that an audiobook will be released so that I can read this again with Mike's voice narrating. Mike Donehey is a gift to all of us, and I'm glad to call him pastor, friend, and favorite artist all in one. Pick this up the day it comes out August 6th, He told me he hoped this book would bless me, and if he happens to read this, I want him to know it did in more ways than he could have hoped.

Love you, brother! I received a complementary copy of this book as a member of the book launch team. Popsugar Reading Challenge: A book written by a musician May 26, Adi rated it it was amazing. I received an advanced reader copy from WaterBook and Multonomah. When I discovered that their lead singer, Mike Donehey, wrote deep and meaningful posts I knew it would be a matter of time before he wrote a book. And boy did he write a book or what!

You guys MUST read this book. So much truth and wisdom written within th I received an advanced reader copy from WaterBook and Multonomah. So much truth and wisdom written within this pages. May 22, Brooke Niarchos rated it it was amazing. So going into this, I had no expectations.

There are so many things about this book. I felt connected, inspired and my faith growing. May 30, David Evans rated it it was amazing. I had to get over the coversational writing style of this book. After doing so, I couldn't help but be drawn into the application Mike's story has to questions we all ask. May 22, Lindsay Ray rated it it was amazing. I received an advanced copy of this book and loved it! I highly recommend that everyone check this book out when it releases on August 6th!

Mike shows great humility and vulnerability as he uses personal stories to highlight spiritual truths. He encourages everyone to stop asking God what his will is for our lives and instead seek to live each day in God's presence. May 18, Abby rated it it was amazing. Mike Donehey, from the band Tenth Avenue North, turns our works-driven minds upside down in this book. It is a reminder to live in the presence of our God, to live because of Him before living for Him, to make our identity that of "child of God" rather than anything else, to give up being the center of attention and just be God's.

Short and sweet, the book is filled with anecdotes from Donehey's life illustrating what he has learn I received an Advanced Reader's Copy from WaterBrook and Multnomah. Short and sweet, the book is filled with anecdotes from Donehey's life illustrating what he has learned about God and life. It is encouraging and convicting, while also being entertaining. Great book overall. May 06, Rachel St. Clair rated it it was amazing. I received an advanced reader copy from WaterBrook and Multnomah and the day it arrived in the mail I dug in and I probably would have finished it that day if it had arrived in the morning!


Mike shares life stories looking back with gospel soaked glasses to reflect on how God worked and is working. He teaches and explains biblical truths from a place of humble honesty. There is much to learn from a man whose treasure lies in Jesus alone. Thanks Mike for being vulnerable, I received an advanced reader copy from WaterBrook and Multnomah and the day it arrived in the mail I dug in and I probably would have finished it that day if it had arrived in the morning!

Thanks Mike for being vulnerable, honest, and seeking Christ. Mar 02, Anna added it. Due to the nature of eARC reviewing, I am unable to provide the exact quote for legal reasons, but this best sums up the explanation. Although the initial publisher blurb may lead you to believe that this book is purely a teaching book.

Although some readers may be surprised by this, this works well for the practicalities of what Donehey is teaching. Instead of it being a three minute transition into a song, however, Donehey is able to expand on these teachings in addition to further explaining the research he has done in this. While he does mention his band periodically, he does so primarily as either explanation or illustration before expounding on teaching principles.

Sermon: The Wisdom of God - Romans 16, 1 Corinthians 1

Overall, if you are a person who reads a lot of Christian non-fiction, this will be right up your alley. If you are a person who seldom reads Christian non-fiction but are a Christian, this is also up your alley as well. Apr 28, Wade rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley , christian-living. Yes, you read that right. In a book that is best described as a mash-up of Christian Living and Band Memoir, he unleashes truth after truth with brutal honesty and introspection with plenty of doses of humor and raw emotion.

I found myself highlighting passage after passage each chapter. He also teaches a lot about not doing things for our ego, glory, or praise; this is important not just to lead singers on stage every night, but for us as well. My only disappointment was the mention of praying the prayer to be saved without any mention of baptism. Other than that, this is a recommended read. Apr 13, Kaitlyn Bouchillon rated it really liked it.

With humor and honest, Mike Donehey shares personal and vulnerable stories from the "behind-the-scenes" of his music career. As the lead singer of Tenth Avenue North, he opens up about how music wasn't originally his dream and it may not even be God's exact will for his life - and yet Donehey believes he is walking in obedience. In other words, Donehey could be doing other things with his musical talent. But in doing so, he feels th With humor and honest, Mike Donehey shares personal and vulnerable stories from the "behind-the-scenes" of his music career. But in doing so, he feels that he is seeking God first and serving Him through obedience.

There is not only one right thing, one exact plan where you can make a mistake and never get back on the path. Instead, Donehey suggests and shares why it's a good thing that God's presence is the plan; it's not really as much about us as we tend to believe. The title is obviously a twist on: "I need to find God's will for my life" or "If I could just figure out God's will for my life What if God is the plan?

I've never read a book with this take before, and it made me pause and think. One of my favorite lines is: "God didn't need me production as much as He wanted my presence. Jun 15, Jennifer Calverley rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed reading quickly through the book the first time. It was like visiting with a friend. It is an easy read.

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Then I reread it and focused on several parts that strongly resonated in my life. My daughter is a senior in high school now. Since she was twelve, she has been hearing she needs to decide her major for high school, think about what college she is going to, and choose a career. Asking a twelve year old to make five and ten year plans is ridiculous but it is happening. The pressur I enjoyed reading quickly through the book the first time.

The pressure on kids to plan out their future is immense. Being a public school, God's will is not considered at all. I found this book reassuring to me as a mom that I am right to let my daughter not decide her life by age I think back to my own life and how differently I imagined it would be. I also remember being paralyzed about decisions because I was not sure I "felt" God telling me to do something. Other times, I let others' expectations and requests decide how I served. I agreed to serve in a ministry for six months that I had no desire to be a part of.