Bath Time Mischief

Baby Hazel: Mischief Time
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go here Endless winter. You get treats for a bath? Better than Cocco though.

Piggy kisses, Katie and Coccolino the mini pig Katie and Coccolino recently posted.. Sucking and sleeping pet pig. Haha — I can just imagine the scene with him running around squealing and you chasing him!! Tee Hee — Mum always gets Dad and he tells me to get up — doh! I tolerate the bath, but make a mess of the bathroom and dry my fur all over the couch.

Love and licks, Cupcake Genevieve recently posted.. Like to ignoring strategy : …. I put my paws on the counter by the jar and get even more!! Rita just goes all limp. Jackie Bouchard recently posted.. Too cute. Donna recently posted.. Love Snoopy and that is how I feel when it is bath time as well. Bryan H. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

  • When Daddy is left alone at bath time. #mischief #daddysgi… | Flickr.

You can also subscribe without commenting. Hi, my name is Snoopy. I thought it would be fun to share my special moments as I grow up, did I mention I like a Little Mischief?! Snoopysdogblog Snoopy's Story. Monday Mischief — Bath Time — Again! March 24, by Snoopy 63 Comments. Oh No, Here comes Mum to take me for a bath!

More fun posts….. Monday Mischief — Pretend to be asleep! Monday Mischief — Did it fall or was it pushed?

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Monday Mischief — Woohoo!! Filed Under: Uncategorized. Comments 2 brown dawgs says:. March 24, at pm. Excellent job Snoopy! Snoopy says:. March 25, at pm. Hi Browndawgs, Pretend? Two French Bulldogs says:. Big wags, Snoops. Jen says:. Hi Jen, Oh Noes indeed!!


February 9, How dancing helps reverse signs of aging in the brain. Poor Snoopy! Return to top of page. What will you buy? First published in , this is the story of eighteenth century Bath, where Beau Nash ruled as uncrowned king for so many years, the fashionable members of English society found a splendid justification for improving their health and enjoying themselves

Hey Sugar, Right now I smell super good, Mum keeps sniffing me and telling me!! Bongo says:. Hi Bongo, Not sure why you think baths are fun buddy, but then maybe you have those spa ones indoors? March 25, at am. Higgins says:. Hi Dogdaz, Sounds like Sofie still needs to work on her bath avoidance, I never used to get it when I was a pup, but I soon learnt the signals as to what they were up to!! Wags to all Snoops. Roxy the traveling dog says:. Oz the Terrier says:.

Haha Oz, Love your tactics — Maybe you should ask for an even bigger crate just to be sure, plus a lock on your front door!! Tee Hee Big wags, Snoops. GizmoGeodog says:. Hi Gizmo, I believe as they get older the humans forget more things, we can live in hope buddy!! Caren Gittleman says:. March 26, at am. Hi Dakota, The groomer is at the vets? Bella says:. Loy Cerf says:. Hi Loy, The best part of baths is the towel rub at the end and the dry off walk, as my buddy Cosmo comes too!! Kroten says:.

Bath time Mischief

Hi Kroten, You have one every day? I thought once a week was bad!! Dawn says:. To Lolita, he was the beginning of her life. His mind recalled the day he found her. It was still somewhat light outside on that day, Loki had decided to take a walk through the palace gardens. He was still quit depressed after she had left. He remembered reminiscing of the woman of earth, she had taught him many things; magics from her world as well as stories. He also remembered the feelings he had for the dark yet pale skinned woman, feelings she had rejected by saying she was tethered to another man from her world.

It had been when he moved to leave that he heard the sound of a small child crying. That was when he found Lolita, clothed in nothing but her nightgown, and sobbing into her knees. She was scared when she first saw Loki, but she told him of how her father had abandoned her, and how her mother had died a few years after she was born. The small story made Loki's heart sink, and he offered to let her live with him, and ever since then she had lived with him.

Always by his side and never letting go of his hand and always smiling or giggling. It was small wonder why she would be so afraid of the idea of being separated from him. Loki looked down at Lolita who rubbed her eyes to keep from crying. He reached over and placed his hand on the crown of Lolita's head. She looked up at him, her bottom lip protruding into a sad little pout.

He gave her a smile, silently assuring her that he would always be there for her, a quiet message that she seemed to understand and smile about. He withdrew his hand and with it, scooped up a handful of bubbles and forming a butterfly. Lita stared in amazement as he blew life into it with his magic and it fluttered around the room, before it landed on the end of her nose.

It sat there for a moment.

Mommy and me Outfits Bath time~ T-shirt

It made Lita giggle sweetly, which in turned cause the dark haired god to let out a small chuckle. He then leaned forward and kissed the tip of her nose where the bubble butterfly recently rested. She let out a squeal of joy. After their bath, Loki dried off wrapping a towel around his waist dried Lolita off with another. He helped her into her evening gown, and into bed. It wasn't long after that she was out like a light, curled up like a cat and her thumb in her mouth. He smiled down at her, thinking back to what she had said earlier about never wanting to be away from him. Eight starters 37 months ago are no longer at the club, along with four more from the replacements.

They had been a poor second at Parc Y Scarlets 14 days earlier, 17 points the margin as the Welsh wrapped up a try bonus point win.

When Daddy is left alone at bath time. #mischief #daddysgirl #crazyhair ❤️❤️❤️

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