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Loves Erica. Hey everyone I was looking for a workout routine. Cant be looking a slouch in those […]. Cassie, When we try to print the calendar, only 5 or the 7 days appear. But to reduce that extra step for your newcomers, you might want to reduce the pdf a bit so it fits on one page. Thanks for all you do! Am I the only one who missed this? What an amazing idea!!! Just finished the month! I did a minimum of 20 minutes of low-impact cardio each workout day in addition to the videos, and did each video of the day one time.

I reduced my calorie intake, ate more fruits and veggies, but still ate my favorite foods most days. I also have lost 2. My clothes already start to fit better, and my posture has improved. Celebrate the little victories. Make realistic short-term goals. You will surely get to where you want to be. I made little changes and got little but great results. I wish you the best of luck! Moving onto the Beginner Calendar now! I love her personality and the wide variety of videos keep it really […].

Yes, you should do all the videos listed on that day. He really liked the idea, and agreed to try the diet plan with me with modifications of meal […]. Asking questions are truly pleasant thing if you are not understanding anything entirely, however this piece of writing gives nice understanding even. I love Cassey! It carries nice information. Behind the Technology The torrent technology is operated with a torrent client sending bits of the torrent file via a torrent protocol. The 2. Just did my very first workout of the beginner calendar!

I have so little strength in my body, I had to keep resting because I was just incapable of holding up my body weight. I am partway through week two and I am not only loving it, but I am also feeling stronger, fitter […]. Just finished day 2 week 1! I am so motivated and thank you so much Cassey. However in […]. Hey Cassey! I really love your videos.

Unfortunately, I got really sick a few days ago and had to stop the workout : I hope I can start again soon. It makes so much fun to work out with you and the best about it is that after a few days I already felt some changes! Thanks so much for doing what you do and keep up your great work!!! I started this calendar recently and take note that I never stick with any type of exercise plan. The first two days made me soooo sore and I could barely do a roll up, but on the third day I was able to do a roll up with my legs kinda lifting up a bit but progress is progress!

Now that most of my friends have […]. I feel like an adolescent valley […]. Could you please make a water drinking challenge? Like a one month challenge to drink x amount of water or like drink this many cups on one day and then the next more and more something like that!

Join the 30 day flat abs challenge! There are cups of water on the calendar to encourage you to drink more water than you usually do! Have fun :D. If you are reasonably fit already is it recommended to start with the beginners calendar, or should one start with the regular calendars? Sedangkan Blogilates baru aja ngeluarin New Beginners Calendar 2. Kalender lamanya ada di sini. Well, ini bukan iklan sih, siapa tahu ada yang pengen sehat bareng, jadi bisa saling menyemangati […].

Hello fellow Popsters! I feel stupid when I am about to began and just put it to the side and never do the workouts. Can someone help me get over this? Any advise? Hi Cassie! I know exactly how you feel. Best of luck! I am just about to print my beginners calendar and I am so excited! Whew, Day 5 was killer! I just finished day 1 … wow … hopefully I get better … my legs were burning during the leg segment!

Hi, i am a girl who has been overweight since young and have been wondering ways to slim down. I came across your blog and was thinking if i should follow your plan. I am about pounds and i totally do not know where to start from, as i am not sure if it suits a person who never really exercise in the first place.. Am i too late to start slimming down when i am already 20 years old? Pls advise! I recommend you start to be interested in kitchen. So I learned step by step to cook easy recipes. I started by breakfasts. They are very simple, just cut some fruits or push a button for mix.

Oatmeal and fruits first, the I go to he second step, go with chicken, meat, with vegetables and little water on a pan and salt. And drink water, add some lemon without sugar and also exercising : I wish this can help you, is the way that works for me : and download Blogilates app, there is so much inspiration and pictures of food that you can use to imitate some meals. Good luck Girl! I am up to day 3, and I feel like doing them once I feel the burn straight after, but nothing much after that.

So, what do you guys do? Is there a proper technique to practice this? Pls let me know. I do this because i have a big belly and it helps me look thinner. Hope this helps! I just started this today, feels so good! Could someone please just give me a short description of them? I have a rough idea but just to be sure. Thank you : X. If you go to her youtube page she has videos for every workout posted on the calendar im pretty sure. A friend introduced it to me. I have really been struggling with my stomach being all bloated like.

Is there anything that you skin suggest anything you suggest that I eat any help would be so useful. Otherwise just keep working out :. Hi everyone! So I am up to week 2 of the Beginners Calendar and I am loving it! They also seem to go so much quicker because they are so fun! I hope everyone else finds it just as fun as I do :.

I lasted about two minutes before I realised I needed to take it back a further step. It was too […]. I just did day 1 of this… wow!! I feel the burn especially in my arms!! I wanted to ask.. No way! Everybody is different. Maybe you should try the beginners calender again : Just keep doing!! You can do the calendar again or try some of the workouts on the monthly calendar with modifications you can use the beginner videos as reference for that!

I am breastfeeding my 3month old preemie, gained soo much during my entire pregnancy and 71 days in NICU…used to workout alot before, jog and dance.. Now I am not sure how to loose while doing these exercises I am on week 2 now…any dvice plz in mind i am breastfeeding :. You are doing exactly what you need to do.

Breastfeeding actually helps everything on the inside get back to its original size much quicker and it helps you get back to pre-baby weight and even more if you eat well and exercise. Drink lots of water and that will help you lose weight and produce more milk for baby. Do not diet by reducing calories. Just eat healthy and exercise. Wear a good sports bra for support. Keep it up.

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Thanks for a marvelous posting! Iquite enjoyed reading it, you happen to be a great author. I will remember to bookmark your blog and will eventually come back later in life. I want to encourage yourself to continue your great work, have a nicce afternoon! Pop pilates for beginners total body workout. Good luck! Where to find each video for the monthly workout? Where do I find monthly ones? I am determined to do this entire thing. What do I like about Blogilates? I really want to be back on track again and face those morning grind by injecting my daily exercise again to my schedule.

That calendar is such a big help for me. Looking forward to an amazing transformation with this blogilates calendar. Is there a calender after the beginners one? And maybe has like protien and whey shots to take before and after the work outs? I have a question, before doing the videos mentioned in the calender, should you stretch and warm up?

Because it specificly says to stretch on day 4, so I am not completely certain. Also before and after videos in general? If it is only a 6 min. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers :. Yes you should always stretch. It will help you avoid injuries. Day 2 and going strong! My problem is the eating. I get too little sleep and spend a lot of time commuting, in lectures, and reading and it seems that every time I sit down I get so sleepy.

I end up eating to stay awake because I have to get the reading done. Any suggestions on other ways to stay awake during lectures and studying? I definitely can relate to that hardcore studying phase so good luck! I had lost 55 pounds in 5 months doing blogilates and eating clean, then I found out I was pregnant!!

I had by baby exactly a month ago. The dr said I can start working out again so I am starting from the very beginning, the beginners workout calendar.

Monthly Calendar with Holidays

I just did day 1 too! Go us! And excited to see my results! I am really enjoying it so far. Hi Cassey, my doctor and my psychologist recommended me to train in the morning to be awake in the morning. Could you advise me a routine to do that is not too long please? First of all: Thank you Cassey for offering your passion and these workouts for free!

As I am starting this calendar for the fourth time now, I wondered if you would consider making a DVD out of the beginner videos? Love him. Is this normal and just part of the process, or is there something I can do to minimize the pressure on my tailbone? I danced a lot growing up, so I dealt with it then. Just wondered if anyone had ideas on how to deal with that, too. Hi Ali. I have the same problem. But this month I have decided that when I miss days, I will just come back to it from where I left off.

I think I did day 1 on the 3rd, day 2 on the 5th and only today on the 8th am I up to day 3. I WILL get to the end of this calendar, even if it takes me 2 months. Perhaps this approach may be helpful for you too as you find a way to work pilates into part of your daily routine? I used to do Pilates years back and it was beneficial for me but I had to stop. Also, I am reviewing for an intense government exam which I will take next year. I intend to do this plan side by side with my review in order to have a balance healthy mind and body. Wish me luck.

I also have a question, I can do the exercise but I am not sure with the meal plan. I used to be a vegan so is it ok if I just watch what I eat and follow your exercise instead? I appreciate your reply Cassie Thanks. Thanks for Everything. I started doing the POP pilates videos about 5 years ago, and for a while was in killer shape because of it. Just the right amount of challenge. I love how the videos are short and I love how Cassey mixes it up with cameo appearances by other instructors. Keeping it fresh is the best way to keep me interested with my short attention span.

I hope I get just as obsessed with pilates this time around. Thanks for the great workout plan, Cassey! Come on guys — we can do this! Hey guys! I started the beginners calendar in mid-october and loved it! Unfortunately, I had a knee injury two weeks ago and put a pause on all workout-related activities. Anyone with me? Totally with you! Decided to start with the beginners calendar for November.

It makes me want to quit :. I currently weigh lbs and would like to lose some weight for my birthday in april. Super fun, easy to follow, and perfect for […]. Hey I started on the 1st of November and am up to Day 4!!! My abs are hurting but besides that I feel great! It is so great: Besides it is always fun to have someone around who is going through the same thing :.

Good morning. I am new to this website and will like to start on the beginners calender. Was wondering if there is a meal plan to go along with the work out. I dont have a yoga mat as yet znd was also wondering if i can start without one still until i buy one and if i can start the work out today sunday. Thanks so much.. This is so helpful. Thank you Cassey for your ability to make a workout calendar.

It saves us the time and trouble trying to create out own. I think the best thing about it is that […]. Just wondering if the 4 week plan is over whist program should we do next? There are heaps of videos in your YouTube channel and I do not know which is the next one! Hope this helps :.

Hey, downloaded the calender and gonna start it tomorrow. Is there videos about em? Search the moves on Google and you should find some demonstrations! Cassey goes through some of those moves in the first few videos, too :. It shows an error in the image. Just start on the days below the calendar.

They have the videos you need to do. Hi guys its my 6th day of my beginners calendar but I should be on my 3week already and unfortunately i didnt do the 9thh day of the my workout because I got tired.. Hi Cassey! I almost finished the beginners workout calendar! Jeej for me! Thanks for your feedback! Dan kan je heel […]. Or should I try and wake up extra early to do them? It is only a couple of days in my week this happens so I am not sure. Thats how i got it :.

Hey cassey : Im 18 years old and I just found out about your website and those programs and Im so excited to make this change! Could you please fix this? I personally drink a ton the night before, another bottle before and then SIPS during. You can totally drink as much as you want after. Hope this helps and good luck! I am having trouble opening the calendar. I get a code screen whenever I click the link. What should I do? Loving how planned out everything is, the calendar for example, the encouraging words, the huge effort put into.

I was just wondering. How long should I wait after a main meal like lunch and dinner before i do pilates? I would suggest to let your body digest the food and workout after, so I think hours? Depends on what you eat. Or should I do the same cassey does to her video? Please help :. How many repetition should I do every workout? Or should I do the same repetition as casey does on her video? Hope you can help me :. I usually add a few stretches, or a little of pilates basics plank for a minute,or the hundreds just to warm me up before I go into the schedule. That being said, you also have to be careful!

My sister went straight into the HIIT workouts and ended up unable to go to work the next day because her thighs were so sore. Am I not doing something right, or is it too easy or? Same here! Not one day of soreness but I definitely feel stronger ;. I hope it made sense and sorry for my bad english! I wish I had the time to do all that but I get up for school at 5 in the morning! I have been watching your videos for a while now and I thought this was pretty cool that you offer a free workout calendar.

It might be a less complicated process if you go on google images.. She lists out not only which exercises you should do each day, but also other tips that will help […]. On her website, you can download the beginners Pilates calendar and do your daily Pilates along with me! We can complain about our sore muscles together on Twitter […]. It is available to everyone to print here. You just need to eat healthy. That is the only good advice I can give. So just eat healthy.

Lean protein lots of vegetables and fruits when craving something sweet and nuts are good too :. I think you should try rest after giving blood for minimum of like days. Thanks :. It also makes you feel hungry, like you have not eaten enough. I would just try to eat healthy, avoid fatty fast food or junk food. Try eat more veggies and fruits and not too many nuts. Eat the right size portions! Hi, Cassey! I run 3 times a week and I was wondering if I should do pilates also the days I run and if so before or after?

I would suggest not doing this at all on your long run days. Your body needs time to recover. Pilates is a nice cross training element to your half marathon training. Good luck on you half!! Can anyone help me or tell me which program to use? Thank you for your help and thank you Cassy for the wonderful job you are doing!!! Love your videos and this homepage!!

I also am not able to open the calendar, but I really want to! Cassey, can you pretty please upload it another way so we can open it? Thank you so much! I appreciate your energy and smiles in all of your videos :. I can open it on Chrome :0? Hope it helps :. Hi cassy , I have been doing a flat belly workout for about 2 month and more. I need your advice.. Waiting a replay …. Hii Akina, I saw your comment and I thought maybe you are gaining muscle? I think this is a logical explenation for the fact that your belly is gaining volume.

I read this is happens a lot of times. First the fat gets burned, and after a certian amount of time your muscles start to grow. Hey Cassie. I pretty much had the same issue and truly the only person yhat can motvate you is yourself. I prefer working out before breakfast, but some peope get dizzy so that s mostly up to you! Hey Guys! This may be a dumb question but do you guys where workout shoes when you do blogilates or do you just go shoeless?

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If you go shoeless do you have trouble with your grip, and find that you sometimes slide? If you wear shoes, do your shoes ruin your yoga mat? Any solutions to fixing as well are greatly appreciated. Thanks for the insight! Hey, guys! I just had my first baby five months ago, and I just now got the inclination to start working out again. I did your first video today and, coupled with the kick boxing, I feel great already!

Is there going to be a fix to this soon? On day 25! Thanks Emily. Your words encouraged me to keep going. I am having the same issue! Anyone have suggestions on what to do?? Or should I do, for example, one after lunch and one after dinner? I think it depends? I like to divide workouts between day and night!

Thank you so much for these videos and your website. On day two.. However, I cannot access the beginners calendar…whenever I press on the link, this huge lists of codes and symbols pop up. I had the same problem but when using Chrome, the problem was solved. Ehm, Hi! Hey Anna! Any help, tips or advice would certainly be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Hey, Kyle! The more whole foods you can incorporate into your diet, the better. Fruits and vegetables are super high in fiber and there are plenty of whole food options when it comes to eating protein.

Try a smoothie with bananas, blueberries, tons of spinach, almond milk, a big scoop of peanut butter, and a tablespoon of chia seeds. I did a lot of it this summer and I loved it but ouch […]. I have one question though: when is it better to workout in order to lose weight? Any tips also on diet? Thank you! Sounds like we have the same body type! If you work out too late in the day, it may keep you up at night, but ultimately do what you like best and what fits your schedule.

When it comes to eating clean, try to prep meals and snacks you can take with you. Stick with the calendar! You can do it! No mater how many times i reload the site or look on mobile, I can not get the calendar for beg. Help… Please. I need advice on eating healthy.

I hate cheese, salad even with the dressing on, soup, cold cuts, lasanga, vegtables, seafood in general, and a whole lot more. Can someone please help. Sit down and write each food group on a piece of paper, then write every single food that you like healthy or not and write that under the correct food group. After that highlight all the healthy foods on the list, these are what you should try to eat as much as possible.

Try to swap one meal a day for a healthier one. Who knows, you might just find something else that you like. In the meantime workout as best you can and drink lots of water every day around 2L. And now I watching you. I loved your exercises. And I will do every day for your beginners calendar. But I am not fat : my weight is I am thin :D and I want to be 50 or But I cant. Do you have any comments for me? It says that it is removed. Hope you can help. Btw I love your youtube videos! Hey Day 3 here wooo But I accidentally did a different workout day 1 instead of the Beginners Day 1…so day 2?

Please and thank you for the advise! Hey there! The videos on the calendar tend to help more with building muscle that losing fat. Definitely continue with the calendar, its been a massive help to me! I really really love this calendar. In order to lose weight, you have to consume calories less than what you need and you can do this by exercising and dieting. Similar to what Cassie said, a toned body is made in the kitchen and not in the gym. I think this calendar really helps with toning your body and getting it into shape for more of the advanced pilates videos.

Hope this helped. Muscle ways more than fat so you could have gained muscle! You are building muscle, which weighs more than fat so though you are getting toned your scale weight may change. Hej Guys Am I supposed to do all the workouts on each day, or can I just choose between them? Thanks for you help! Unlike the majority, what I want to achieve is the reverse transformation: to gain weight. The last time I even had a flat stomach was perhaps 3 years ago. If so, which ones? What else do you suggest?

Any tips? One thing you will find is that you will have more energy from exercising and from eating clean, the amount of protein you eat will help repair your muscles faster and give you more definition. If you feel worried or tired doing things then eat more, listen to your body as it needs the proper fuel to function. Food is energy. You will probably gain scale weight as you get more muscle, but then the muscle will burn away the fat.

You could end up weighing significantly more overall, due to muscle. Scale weight is just a number that represents the force of gravity in relation to your body. I am just wondering about the perfect time to exercise. Morning exercises before breakfast are the best for burning fat. Do how much you can and then again after lunch or dinner to burn calories.

Really its whatever you prefer because either way it is beneficial. Oh my God. The first Day was so hard. I had to take some breaks but I tried so hard. Day 1 complete. I would try doing her muffin top workouts. You can go outside for minutes and just walk. Thank you so much Cassey!! I just started today. The leg circle was very challenging for me but I made it! I really like it that you always kind of telling stories in between, not just counting. That really helps me to get distracted from the tiredness and keep going!

Thank you Cassey! I do the same! I made this calender my desktop wallpaper so I am reminded and motivated all the time. Now Im doing the beegineer calendar again but I m afraid if i do the monthly one again i would give up. What should i do? This daily routine is amazing!

I struggled a bit at the beginning but the results are so encouraging : :. So Good luck to me and to everyone else doing this. Thanks Cassey! I finished the first week! I have to tell you, this exercises are really nice. I struggled an bit on first and second day, but it is becoming easier to do them. The first time I did this it was hard but also great , but how much do you have to do this 1x or more?

Or the meal plan or something? So, is it okay? But does anyone of you guys are the same as me? Exercise needs time to take effect. Good Luck! Hey guys!! I just started this challenge day 3 whoo! I absolutely love love love this calendar! I even did a redesign of the calendar, to help motivate me! Check it out, I would love to hear your thoughts and hopefully Cassey likes it too!

Wow, the colors on the redesigned calendar are so beautiful! Thanks Margaret :. I was blind and lost muscle mass because my desire for my weight to decrease. Currently, I am restarting my blogilates journey and hope to see a healthier me! So, I shall be following the Blogilates work outs again, more specifically the beginner calendar, and I will also be probably be lightly following one of her meal plans of which she has many- […].

I decided that for fun, I would redesign the Blogilates Beginners Calendar. The original is great. I absolutely love the water colour background, but it did take more ink […]. I completed the calendar last september, and went on with the monthly ones for a while. My confidence was boosted, I felt healthier, lost weight, got stronger. Unfortunately, my depression got worse and I stopped it all. Starting to work out with you and learning a healthy lifestyle is the only glimpse of real, reachable hope that I saw for years. Cassey may not get a chance to read this, but we all did.

Depression is a lonely battle. Im glad you are recognizing the importance of exercise in fighting it. You are in my heart, Morgane. Congrats Morgane!!! I really admire your strength and willpower : Keep up the positive attitude and I hope you will one day make it to your goal.

If you want to join me then go ahead! Wish me […]. Oh my godness. Thank so much for do this, Cassey! It was so hard and it really hurts, but worth it. You are truly my inspiration and watching your videos help me because even though your not with me physically, you are mentally helping me. Cassey, thank you SO much for taking your own time and putting all the effort into this! No one has ever done this for so many people. However, after months, it has gotten better and I did two workouts of yours and I feel like myself again!

I love you and thank you so much. Had to modify a few moves and may have screamed in muscle torturing pain a few times but made it through the full workout. Thanks for having this website. Hello, would the beginners calendar be a good way to start loosing weight after having a baby. So do you think this would be a good way or should I go to something more lighter? Would it still work if i do this when i get home at night. Just fit in the workout whenever you have time. Just think about it: working out no matter when it is is better than not working out!

So, go for it! At the end of fifth grade , I was around lbs and felt self conscious and uncomfortable, so I took it seriously and lost about 20 lbs the next year through exercise and smaller meals and went down to my smallest weight, pounds. Since then I had been maintaining a healthy weight of , and then less when I got very sick this spring. In the last three months I started eating at restaurants more often, and spending more time on the couch, and by doing this I gained about 20 pounds. Just wanted to say thank you for helping me get in shape for my wedding!!

People often complain that she is way too peppy for them but I enjoy her. Her antics just make me […]. This is my very first day and I am absolutely new to the fitness world I dont want to lose weight but rather tone up and got interested by pilates as a holistic discipline to reach a healthier lifestyle. So I have absolutely no clue about planks, roll ups, burps etc all the morning exercises , do you know where I can find a blogilates approved lexicon with images if possible? Does anyone have any tips?

So now, I want to get rid of tummy fat and also get smaller hips. I actually have no confidence in wearing clothes that show my tummy even though people reassure me i look fine. Hi Cassey, Absolutely love your site. Just finished my second day. May I make a suggestion. On your workout calenders the time could be noted. So that we know how long the workout will be.

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I do alot of running, weight training and HITT on a stationary bike. Your pop pilates is just what I was missing. Love your energy! If I want lean muscle, do I need to add a cardio workout i. Today was the first day I tried this and wow I feel tired but great! Just trying to get rid of that freshman 15 here. And Casey really takes your mind off of the exercise. This blog has really inspired me to lose weight and get fit before the school starts.

I would really like to hear about your results :. Favourite Hair Accessory Not the best photo, but definitely […]. Omg I feel you im only 13 but I have a really curvy body and I absolutely hate it. Im hoping to drop one cup size by schooltime. But dont feel stressed. It is very tiring sometimes but dont give up.

Once you start youll feel amazing both inside and out. Good luck:. Rabbab, thank you so much, dearie! Good luck for you too! I have been running while watching movies running in place. I feel more energized and even my skin looks better! I just have a question… When is the recommended time to do my workout is better in the morning or afternoon?

I usually hate exercising in the morning, but i definitely think it would be a good idea to do it then. Hope i helped! Good lucky everyone! For everyone out there, I wish you the best of luck! Is this normal or is it something that I do wrong? I feel like I am not getting stronger :. Even you guys out there who want to tone things up a little […]. But I Need somebody to do this with me. Do you want to Start with me. Im an 14 Year Old girl from germany and weigh Ibs 55kg. I want to lose so weigh!

Love Babs.. I am 22 and also weigh around 87kg. Going to start day 1 now :. Hi Barbara! Maybe my heart […].

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Unfortunately, my printer […]. I have decided that I want to start again because it just gave me more energy, I had fun and it just made me happy! I remember feeling better about myself and I was just glowing! Just finished day 3, so far so good! Almost done with week 2! I think I am overweight too and just started this program.

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